PWG Mystery Vortex III

PWG Mystery Vortex III

By Big Red Machine
From June 26, 2015

PWG Mystery Vortex III
PWG Mystery Vortex III (6/26/2015)- Reseda, CA

Ciampa is apparently no longer Sicilian, as he was billed from Milwaukee, Wisconsin instead of Palmero, Sicily, and was called “the Psycho Killer” instead of the “Sicilian Psychopath.” He also appears to have lost his mohawk. I’m not sure if these two things are related or not.
Awesome match. They did a hell of a lot of stuff for an opener, though.

We got a nice moment for the retiring Josh Alexander after the match. Then Ethan Page ruined it because he’s a great heel.

A decent technical match. I marked out for Minoru Suzuki’s finish.

PWG WORLD TITLE MATCH: Roderick Strong(c) vs. Mike Bailey- 9/10
One of the more awesome “underdog challenger” matches you’ll ever see. Roddy’s awesome year continues, and Bailey was a perfect choice of an opponent to make this story work.

They both showed off their strength, with Silver really getting the chance to show off, but it got old well before the match ended, and the finish felt very out of nowhere.

Sabre Jr. twisted Hero’s arm in very uncomfortable ways, which commentator Ethan Page rather accurately described as “[i[Exorcist[/i] sh*t.” Sabre Jr. continued to work the arm the whole match, including working over a particular finger of Hero’s, which was already bleeding going into the match. Hero, for his part, tried to knock Sabre Jr. out, as he normally does. They had an awesome match with a fantastic finish!

ANDREW EVERETT vs. TREVOR LEE- no rating. Stupid, pointless segment.
They tried to cut a pre-match promo but the mic sucked so you couldn’t hear them. The fans wanted to see them wrestle the Young Bucks, so as the match between the two big babyfaces was starting, the fans were all chanting for the heels. Then, when the Bucks finally did come out, everyone cheered them like conquering heroes. The heel Bucks then cut a babyface promo to set up the next match. What a pointless swerve and a f*cking idiotic segment.

PWG WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Andrew Everett & Trevor Lee(c) vs. The Young Bucks- 7/10
There was some crazy stuff in here, but I was also annoyed at the injured Buck constantly forgetting to sell his ankle. The Bucks attack referee Rick Knox to set up Roddy interfering on the behalf to lead to the finish, which was the Bucks regaining the tag titles.

THE BIG SEGMENT AT THE END- oh look! It’s… the same thing they always do!
Joey and Candice showed up to try to get revenge on Roddy for costing them the tag titles last month but the Bucks beat them down. Gargano showed up (and Excalibur acknowledged that he and Candice are dating, totally killing WCTT for me) but he also got superkicked to death.
The heels celebrate together until Rick Knox hit the Bucks with a chair. Roddy goes to destroy Knox on some chairs but the lights go out and Super Dragon returns… and then Russo-swerves us for no reason other than to swerve us. He gives Knox some numbered variation of the Psycho Driver through the chairs, then reveals that he’s got a Mount Rushmore 2.0 shirt on and then he and the rest of the nWo beat up Goldberg and Sting. Other people tried to make the save but they got beaten down because they’re all morons and just come out one-by-one, always walking into a four-on-one attack.
Well… I guess when you only know how to book one angle…

A pretty awesome show from PWG, and considering that it has the beginning of one of PWG’s rare attempts at an actual storyline, I’d say it’s a must-buy.

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