WWE The Beast in the East

WWE The Beast in the East

By Big Red Machine
From July 04, 2015

WWE The Beast in the East
WWE The Beast in the East (7/4/2015)- Tokyo, Japan

JoJo is doing the ring announcing in English. Shouldn’t they have someone doing it Japanese, too?
Cole and Saxton are handling the announcing tonight, and aside from one or two pronunciation mistakes by Cole (one of which he made multiple times), I thought they were very good. I don’t understand why people seem to hate Saxton so much.

A very hot crowd, great action, and a good story. A hell of an opener!

WWE DIVAS TITLE MATCH: Nikki Bella(c) vs. Paige vs. Tamina- 6/10
This was one of those “two of us wrestle while the third one sells, then switch it up in turns” three-ways, but it worked fine. I was quite surprised that Nikki retained the title with a just a running forearm. I was really hoping that they would present me with an opportunity to refer to Tamina as Bad Luck F[em]ale, but they didn’t so I have to shoehorn the joke in like this.


POST-MATCH SEGMENT " Brock continues to smash. Big E. and Xavier come out to save Kofi, but Brock smashes them as well.

NXT TITLE MATCH: Kevin Owens(c) vs. Finn Balor- 8.5/10
An awesome match, full of emotion and some very smart spots (like Bloody Sunday) that wouldn’t have worked as false finishes in the US but did in Japan. Great pre-match and post-match stuff, too, to really give this that HUGE feel.

Great tag team stuff with Dolph as Ricky Morton and a REALLY long heat. Probably a little too long, as I started to zone out a bit towards the end, but still a great match.

This was an awesome show from WWE. Almost frustratingly awesome, simply because it shows you what WWE COULD be, if they wanted to. Cut out the damn backstage skits and twenty minute promo segments and just build the show around matches and promos that build up those matches and make us care about the characters involved in those matches. Three-hour Raws often feel like they take forever. Even two-hour Smackdowns can feel that way sometimes. This show was two hours long (with no commercials) and absolutely flew by. If you haven’t been happy with the state of WWE recently, give this show a try. If you have been happy with the state of WWE recently, watch this show anyway because it was awesome.

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