WWR Path To Glory

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WWR Path To Glory

Post by Lynas » May 15th, '11, 04:47

*Opening credits roll*

*Camera flies over the entire arena and fans, who cheer and wave at the camera*

*The big screen is shown, with the words'WWR Path To Glory' on view for everyone*

*Camera then shoots over to the announce table*

AJ: "Hello & welcome everyone to the long awaited WWR Path To Glory. I'm AJ Cross along with my broadcast colleagues Mike McGrath & Shane Lynas. Tonight every WWR title will be contested in this mega event that is sure to top our record breaking last PPV!!"

Shane: "Absolutely, both the WWR Dynamics & Tag Team Championships are vacant & will see new champions tonight!"

Mike: "Indeed, and on that subject we will see Johnny Bishop Vade Kruger for the WWR World Title!! Im tellin ya guys this is Bishop's time to shine!!!"

AJ: "That being said Mike, the entire card is full of exciting matches!!"

Lynas: "Due to some travel issues, some members of the roster were unavailable for tonight, for that alone reason, the big battle royal has been cancelled"

AJ: "It's a shame, but the rest of these matches sure as hell make up for it"

Mike: "Sure is, and on that note lets get to the ring for the opening match!!"

Tag Team Match

JD "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the opening contest of Path To Glory, it is a tag team match set for one fall!! Currently in the ring at a total combined weight of five hundred pounds, here are The Berg and Coreno..........Thheee Buttmuncheerrrss!!"

Boos ring out as the two men stand in the ring ready for action

AJ: "Umm, the Buttmunchers here Mike awaiting their opponents"

Mike: <Sniggers>

JD: "Their opponents......."

A strange sound is heard as two men enter the arena wearing shellsuits and walking funny. Both men have odd haircuts and porn star moustaches and seem to be making the strange noises

Mike: "These two guys again? I had no idea they were even on the roster!!"

AJ: "It appears that strange noise is coming from these two!!"

JD: ".......From Liverpool, England at a total combined weight of four hundred and forty six pounds, here are Mike and Tony..........Mersey Shooorrree!!!"

The fans boo again as they enter the ring

AJ: "Dear or dear, what have the booking staff done here?!"

Shane: "Wow, AJ... Kayfabe much!?"

*Bell rings*

The Mersey Shorers seem to be at odds as to who starts, so The Berg charges them both and squashes them in the corner with his fat ass. He yells "I am the best in the Berg at what I do!!" And gets huge boos

Mike: "What an odd couple!!"

AJ: "Which ones?"

Mike: "Both teams!!"

Suddenly 'The Shining' plays and the lights go out

Mike: "Oh shit its Titan Dividion!!"

AJ: "And he looks pissed!!!"

Titan Dividion makes his way to the ring to boos, gets in the ring and chokeslams The Berg to the mat. He turns and grabs both members of Mersey Shore and chokeslams both of them. Coreno has attacked Titan from Behind but he turns around and bitch slaps Corneno across the ring, then as he comes back he lifts him up high in the air and drops him down head first with an inverted piledriver. Titan gets up and rolls out of the ring, grabbing a chair. He slides back into the ring via the bottom rope with the chair and waffles each and every member of both temas. All four guys are split wide open, Titan stands over them and smiles evilly. He drops the bent, blood filled chair and leaves the ring to the sound of 'The Shining'

Mike: "Umm well at least he ended the match for everyone!!"

AJ: "Wow, lets get the umm official word!!"

Shane: "Trampoline?... That's the word right?"

JD: "Ladies and Gentlemen as a result of outside interference, the match never officially began so it is ruled as a no contest!!"

Mike: "Now lets get that crap out of the ring!!"

Lynas: "I didn't employ those guys, honest..."

AJ: "I don't know who did... but I wish they hadn't bothered!"

A camera follows behind a robed figure as it walks down a hallway. The robed figure stops and the camera pans up over the figure's shoulder, focusing on Allanah, who is standing across from the figure. Allanah extends her arm for a handshake

Allanah: "You. Me. Tonight at Path To Glory."

The hooded figure looks down at her hand and nods, extending its hand and shaking her hand

Allanah: "It will be an honor to engage in glorious battle with you again."

Allanah walks off and the hooded figure continues down the hallway as the camera fades

Camera quickly switches to Xander Chapman is waiting with Bobby Anderson

Xander: "Bobby A, you are just a few short moments away from your massive WWR Dynamics title match!! What are your thoughts?"

Bobby: "Well Xander Im confident, Im ready and Im in good shape. Bryan Dean and Viggo Dynamite are top contenders but its my time!"

Xander: "And how do you feel about Shane Lynas? Not forgetting he turned his back on you and be..."

Bobby: "Hold on a sec there pal... Shane Lynas can go to freakin' hell for all I care! He turned his back on me and thought he was teaching me a lesson by attacking me. But look at me, I am DESTINED to win this title tonight!!"

Anderson smiles and then walks away full of confidence

Xander: "Guys, back to you!"

Camera switches back to ringside

AJ: "Well a hugely confident Bobby Anderson seems ready for this one!"

Lynas: "Some would say I created a monster... despite what he said about me... he's a good kid, but he's got bags of confidence... but he can back it up"

Mike: "Yep I just hope hes no over confident!! If he keeps his head and sees the job through then yeah hes got every chance of lifting the gold at the end of it!"

AJ: "Lets get to the ring!"

JD: "Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest, is a triple threat match ladder match for the vacant WWR Dynamics Title!!"

The fans react to the sound of 'Come With Me' in a neutral way as Bryan Dean appears on the ramp, he takes in the atmosphere as he looks to the crowd, then walks towards the ring

JD "Introducing first representing The Exodus............. here is Bryaaaan Deeeaaann!!"

AJ: "One hell of a competitor guys!"

Shane: "Bryan Dean looks in good shape... he's had a few injuries in his time since he faced me for the World Title... but he's back now & looking good..."

Mike: "Yeah, it certainly Looks likes hes trimmed down a little for this one, maybe hes hoping to use his body more rather than striking."

Suddenly Viggo Dynamite runs down and attacks Bryan Dean and throws him against the ring

Lynas: "Dynamite wasting no time here, getting in some offense!"

AJ: "That's great, but the match won't start until Bobby Anderson hits the ring..."

Dynamite continues attacking Dean by throwing him into the ring steps

Bobby Anderson appears on stage and just stands

AJ: "Anderson is here! But he's making no hurry to get to the ring"

Dynamite throws Bryan Dean into the ring and follows in.

Anderson slowly begins walking down the ramp, stopping and chatting to fans on the way.

AJ: "C'mon Bobby..."

Mike: "He's really in no hurry AJ... none whatsoever"

Dynamite now stands Dean up and hits a suplex, before running against the ropes & hitting a running elbow drop

Lynas: "Come on Bobby for God's sake!"

Bobby Anderson still continues hanging around the fans.

Bryan Dean slowly gets to his feet as Dynamite gets distracted by the antics of Anderson

Bryan Dean runs behind Dynamite and hits a roll up


The referee stands and refuses to count.

Anderson stands and laughs at Dean on the outside... Bryan Dean then heads out to get him

AJ: "OH! Bryan Dean has had enough and is going after Bobby Anderson"

Dean & Anderson exchange lefts & rights on the outside of the ring, before Dean throws Anderson in

*bell rings*

Lynas: "Now it's on! LADDER MATCH STYLE!"

Dean rolls in but gets another running elbow from the waiting Dynamite

Dynamite now pounds down on Bobby Anderson & throws him through the ropes to the outside.

Shane Lynas steps from behind the desk begins laying some stomps in on Bobby Anderson...

AJ: "Shane what the hell are you doing!??"

Mike: "Shane Lynas is laying into Bobby Anderson"

AJ: "What the hell are you doing Shane!?"

Lynas: "Just keeping Bobby on his toes"

AJ: "What you just did is wrong Shane... straight up wrong"

Lynas: "Ahhh whatever, just call the damn match"

Dynamite now picks up Dean & hits a DDT.

Bobby Anderson stands on the outside of the ring & shakes off the cobwebs, but before he can get his bearings Lynas steps out again but this time takes a chair & cracks Anderson over the skull with it.


Lynas goes back again & again with that chair on Bobby Anderson

Mike: "Good God, you've gotta believe that Anderson's night is over."

AJ: "He's severely busted open here..."

Lynas takes the chair with him & sits down at the announcer's desk as EMT's come to the ring to assist Bobby Anderson

Dynamite & Dean who had both been distracted by Lynas's attack then realise it's down to two & begin brawling.

AJ: "What the hell were you playing at Shane!?"

Lynas: "Sit down and shut up you big bald fuck, I pay you to call the match... so call the damn match"

AJ: "Ummm... Dynamite now gets the better of Dean"

Dynamite gets in some good offense & Bryan Dean falls to the outside of the ring. Dynamite follows and throws Dean onto the announcers desk.

AJ: "oh... what's going to happen here!?"

Dynamite climbs a nearby ladder.

Mike: "Viggo going high offence! This is very rare!"

Dean lays on the table as Viggo reaches the top of the ladder

Viggo jumps from the ladder at the same time Shane Lynas pushes Bryan Dean off the table & Viggo crashes through the empty announce table!


Mike: "I'm gonna be honest, that looked bad for Dynamite.

Bryan Dean clambers to his feet collapses the ladder & puts it into the ring...

AJ: "No way!?"

Mike: "Yes way... I think Bryan Dean's gonna do it!"

AJ: "It'd be the veterans first WWR gold!"

Dean sets up the ladder and begins the very slow climb to the top... Dynamite begins coming to his senses and clumsily heads into the ring & attempts climbing the other side of the ladder.

AJ: "Maybe it's not over yet, Maybe Shane hasn't screwed Dynamite yet!"

Lynas: "Whatever..."

NNTK comes running down the ramp

Mike: "WHAT NOW!?"

AJ: "That's NNTK, former WWR Dynamics Champion... in fact, he was the one who vacated the gold!"

NNTK pulls Dynamite down from the ladder and hits him with the Lifetaker kick & leaves the ring not looking back for a second

AJ: "WHAT!? I thought these guys were on the same team!?"


Mike: "This is just like TNA all up in here... just dodgy actions everywhere!"

Bryan Dean tentatively takes the Dynamics Title off the hook and stands on top of the ladder holding it high!

AJ: "NNTK has just cost Viggo Dynamite the WWR Dynamics Championship! Why!?"

Mike: "But turn your attention to that man in the ring! He's a veteran! He's been here since near the beginning of this company and finally, at last, he has his first WWR gold...


huge cheers surround the arena...

AJ: "Well, the match was a mess, Shane got involved all too often... but we have crowned a new champion"

Lynas: "Anderson deserved it... and Viggo Dynamite is a no good son of a bitch anyway"...

AJ: "Wow... buckle your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen, because come up next... we will be running the tag team gauntlet!"

The camera shows Tony Bastion in his office when suddenly he hears a knock at the door...

Bastion: C'mon in ...

In walks Gutierrez Fernandez

GF: Hello a Mister Bastion....you remember be me, my NAME...is GUTIERRRRRRREZ FERRRRRNANDEZZZZZ

Bastion: yeah yeah, i remember you, what do you need?? I'm kinda busy right now...

GF: Don't worry, that's not as important as to what i have to say...you see, you may have noticed that i was not present in last week's Vortex....you know why??...you knOW WHY!!??...well, you see, while everyone was in the WWR Arena, I was in the EWA Arena waiting for the fantastic debut of GUTIERRRRRRREZ FERRRRRNANDEZZZZZ at the EWA vs WWR SUPERSHOW EXTRAVAGANZA OF THE NEW MILLENNIUM!!!!

Bastion: that wasn't the name of the....

GF: why Tony!? why was I the only one not informed about the cancellation!?

Bastion: Don't call me Tony, plea...

GF: can't you see it is my destiny to become the world champion of THE WORLD!!!!

Bastion: Gutie....pleasee....please don't shout in my office, ok...

GF: sorry...what? i wasn't listening...

Bastion: god, look, how 'bout you make your in ring debut in tonight's Path to Glory PPV?? will you please leave me alone if i do that for you??

GF: Tonight !?? I uhh..I was kinda thinking of skipping tonight, you see...I was kinda thinkin' about asking this girl Alycia Kruse out on a date, and you, between you and me, with the amazing looks and fantastic charisma of GUUUUTTTIIII

Bastion: SHUT UP!!! Look, I don't care, just go get ready for the match ok...

GF, with a puppy face turns to the door...but suddenly remembers...

GF: aaa....Mister Bastion......??

Bastion: what....?

GF: I forgot my ring gear in my house................ (Bastion just stares at him).....I will go now...

Bastion: Errr... Guti?

GF: Si bossman?

Bastion: Take the night off...

GF leaves Bastion's room, as he does, Tony Bastion opens a drawer, pulls out a bottle of whisky and pours himself a glass...

JD: "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the Tag team gauntlet match in which we will crown the new World Wrestling Revolution Tag Team Champions!!"

Crowd roars with anticipation

JD "Introducing first........................"

As the crowd wait pateintly SwannStarrs music plays out and they appear to a huge ovation

JD: "...................Jake Swann and Kristian Starr, here are SWANNSTARR!!!!"

AJ: "Not the best position to start but hey someone had to start it all off!!"

Lynas: "My favourites for this match, they've got the speed and fitness to keep going through the whole damn thing.."

Mike: "But who will they face first?"

JD: "Their opponents..........................Exodus!!!"

Exodus appear to a mixed reaction as 'Come With Me' bellows out, they hit the ring flying and attempt to ambush SwannStarr but are on the receiving end of a couple of dropkicks which send them outside the ring. The bell rings and were underway

AJ: "Fast start to this one, LOOK AT SWANNSTARR!!"

SwannStarr both leap over the top onto Malone and Griffin, leaving them flat out on the outside, SwannStarr rolls back in the ring to a huge ovation. Swann gets on the apron and Starr readies himself for big Terry Malone who just got back in the ring after a few short moments. They lock up in the middle of the ring, Malone with a knee to the mid section, then he throws Starr back into the corner and follows him in but Starr moves out of the way and tags in Swann, they double team Malone with a double clothesline, then a double hiplock for the oncoming Griffin. Both Exodus members again leave the ring and the fans cheer for SwannStarr as they await Exodus' return to the ring

Mike: "Great tag team wrestling from SwannStarr there AJ, looks like Exodus have a fight on their hands!!


AJ: "Yeah SwannStarr sure are up for this one tonight!!"

Lynas: "Of course they are, this is their first opportunity at the Tag Team Championships... you gotta be pumped for this one.

Malone gets back in the ring but Swann cuts him off with a stomp, however Griffin nails Swann from behind with a huge boot to the back of the head, then he charges over to Starr and knocks him back off the apron and into the guard rail

AJ: "My that didnt last long, now Exodus can slow the pace right down and try to punish SwannStarr!!"

Malone picks up Swann and slams him down with authority. He comes off the ropes and nails a big elbow in the chest of Swann. Malone drags Swann to his feet and whips him to the corner where Griffin is waiting with his boot high, Swann almost gets decapitated with the boot

Mike: "Swann in a lot of trouble already here, as is Starr on the outside. Hes still down AJ, maybe out!!"

AJ: "With the resiliance these two guys have and the desire to finally win the gold here in WWR Im sure theres a bit left in the tank for them to come back with."

Griffin is tagged in, he whips Swann to the other corner, then back to his corner. Swann falls to the mat. Griffin picks him up and lifts him high in the ring with a gorilla press, then drops him down to the mat, Swann cries out in pain as he lands on his back again. Griffin with the cover



Kick out from Swann. Griffin picks him up and punches him in the face, knocking him baxck down again. The tag is made to Malone who comes in and stomps away at Swann who is lying on the mat. Starr has come around on the outside but is still sat on the floor looking out of it. Malone picks up Swann and whips him into the ropes, as Swann comes off he ducks underneath a clothesline, then an elbow, Swann off the ropes for a thrid time gets caught in a huge scoop powerslam. Cover from Malone



Kick out again from swann. Malone applies a reverse chinlock and growls at the crowd who boo, he shouts over to Starr who is now on his feet: "This is your partner!! Look at him you little bitch!!"

AJ: "Malone being highly aggressive here, not sure how much longer Jake Swann can last!!"

Lynas: "Malone is a vicious competitor & if he can ground ya, he'll pound ya"

Swann begins to str and gets to one knee, Malone lets go and knees him in the back. Starr is back on the apron and is calling for the tag but Swann is face down on the mat. Malone walks over to Griffin and makes the tag, but Swann rolls him up



Kick out from Griffin, he leaps up and kicks Swann in the face, busting his nose wide open. Griffin signals for his finisher, picks up Swann and lifts him up for the powerbomb but as he does, Swann goes over the top of Griffin and tags in Starr who flies in the ring with a sunset flip




*Bell rings*

JD: "Exodus have been eliminated!!"

Mike: "Well can you believe that!!"

AJ: "Exodus were odds on to win that one but SwannStarr came through it!! Now lets see whos next!!"

Lynas: "That's why everyone should listen to Lynas's picks..."

Mike: "Its Tokyo Drift!!!"

Lynas: "I hope they're not too "fast" for ya"

Tokyo Drift sprint down the ramp and into the ring, Starr is ready though and nails them both with a double clothesline, he throws Nitro Boy out of the ring and tags in Jake Swann who climbs to the top, Starr lifts up Nitro Dude in a Firemans lift, Swann leaps from the top and catches Nitro Dude with a Blockbuster as Starr falls back, dropping Nitro Dude on his head and neck. Cover by Jake Swann




*Bell rings*

JD: "Tokyo Drift have been eliminated!!"

AJ: "Wow!! SwannStarr really going for it now!!"

Lynas: "That was quick!"

Mike: "Yeah looks like they've hit their stride after toughing it out with Exodus!! Whos next?"

AJ: "Its Booty!!!"

Lynas: "Ugh, these guys"

Mike: "You've had a problem with The Big Bad Booty Daddy since day one, what's the story with you two?"

Lynas: "You know how two people can meet & just hit it off? Well, yeah, we're the opposite... Hate at first sight"

Awesome Booty make their way to the ring to a huge ovation by the fans, they enter and their music stops

AJ: "Now bearing in mind SwannStarr have already wrestled two matches Mike, whos your winner?"

Mike: "Well its gotta be Booty right now, however if both teams were fresh ' go with my good pals SwannStarr!!"

BBBD and Jake Swann hook it up in the ring, BBBD with a side headlock. Swann escapes out the back but BBBD kicks him in the gut and whips him to the corner. Daddy tags in TAO who comes in over the top rope, nailing Swann with a fist to the head, Swann falls back but TAO drags him into the middle of the ring and applies a Boston Crab. Starr comes in manages to break up the submission hold before the ref ushers him out of the ring, as the referees back is turned Booty double team Swann with a double suplex followed by a legdrop/big splash combo. TAO with the cover



~Kick out from Swann. TAO tags in BBBD who grabs Swann and slams him to the mat. Daddy to the second rope and drops an elbow. Cover by BBBD~



Kick out again from Swann

AJ: "Jake Swann is really showing me something tonight. Hes the one taking all the punishment!!"

Lynas: "He's a tough little guy"

Mike: "Absolutely right, but he has GOT to make the tag!!"

BBBD tags TAO back into the ring. They double whip Swann to the ropes and hit a double back drop before BBBD leaves the ring. TAO goes to the top rope, signals to the crowd who cheer, then goes for a 450 splash but lands with a huge smack on the mat as Jake Swann had moved out of the way

Mike: "Nows your chance Jake!! TAG!!"

Swann crawls toward Starr as TAO rolls around in pain, hes dragging himself to make the tag. TAO manages to stop him by grabbing his foot, both men are still down though. Swann kicks TAO off and manages to get the tag to a fresh Kristian Starr who comes in swinging, he nails TAO, then BBBD on the apron. TAO is grabbed by Starr who nails him with a gutwrench suplex, then a high legdrop off the second rope. Starr goes to the top and leaps off onto BBBD outside the ring, he rolls back in and dropkicks TAO in the mouth, then kips up and shouts to the crowd

AJ: "You need to finish it Kris!! Dont give Booty any room to get back into it!!"

Starr nails TAO with a spinning neckbreaker then signals to the top, the fams go crazy. Starr climbs to the top and leaps off, nailing TAO with a huge Superfly splash. Cover by Starr hooking both legs and leaning right back




TAO Kicks out and rolls Starr up with a crucifix pin




Kick out from Starr

Mike: "Oh how close for both teams!! This is unbelievable and we still have two teams to enter this match!!"

Starr gets to his feet and waits for TAO to do the same, he runs off the ropes and hits a flying clothesline on TAO who falls back into his own corner and makes the tag to BBBD who had climbed back up onto the apron. BBBD comes in swinging, Starr gets a clothesline, then another, then another followed by a belly to back suplex. BBBD gets up and receives a huge cheer from the crowd. He picks up Starr and lifts him up high with a gorilla press, then drops him down with a cutter

AJ: "Oh my lord!! Devastating!!"

Mike: "I think that ones called 'The Booty Call' AJ!"

Cover by BBBD




*Bell rings*

AJ: "Awesome Booty end SwannStarrs dream of winning the WWR tag titles."

Lynas: "OH... talk about dream dashing..."

Mike: "Gutted for SS, but they will get another opportunity!"

Awesome Booty help SwannStarr out of the ring and await their next opponents

AJ: "Whos it gonna be?"

The camera shoots to the back where The War Party are laid out on the floor and covered in blood

AJ: "What the hell?!?!"

Mike: "Gotta be The Renegadez!!"

AJ: "Without doubt!! So what now? The Renegadez come out here instead of The War Party? That sucks!"

The Renegadez appear to massive boos and walk down to the ring to the sound of 'Instruments of Destruction' and are accompanied by WWR Champion Vade Kruger and Viggo Dynamite who is out here despite being screwed by Lynas & NNTK in his match.

Mike: "Oh how fitting they come down to ringside with The Renegadez!!"

The Renegadez climb into the ring and receive huge boos from the entire arena. The big screen comes on to show The War Party being put in the back of an ambulance and driven away. The Renegadez look confused, then turn their attention back to Awesome Booty

AJ: "Mike, did you see the look on their faces when they saw the footage?"

Mike: "Sure did AJ, somethings not quite right.............were underway anyway!"

BBBD starts with Taurus, collar and elbow tie up, Taurus gets the upper hand and backs Daddy into the corner. Almost a clean break but Taurus kicks BBBD in the gut and slaps him on the back of the head, then whips him to the other corner where Mercer is waiting with a boot. Daddy falls to the mat and Taurus walks over, then tags in Mercer

AJ: "Mercer gets the tag from Taurus, they sure want the tags titles again!"

Mercer lifts up BBBD and drops him down with a side suplex. Cover



Kick out from BBBD. The fans cheer, but they soon turn to boos as Mercer drags BBBD up by the hair and slams him backwards

Mike: "Vicious!!"

Mercer stomps away and then screams at the crowd "How do ya like that huh? Im gonna fkin kill him!!" but Daddy rolls over and punches Mercer in the leg, he staggers back and winces in pain, BBBD goes fior a takedown but Mercer punches him on the back of the head then tags in Taurus again

AJ: "Daddy has gotta get more offence in otherwise it wont take long for The Renegadez to finish him off!!"

Taurus picks BBBD up and sets him up for a suplex, but BBBD blocks it. Again Taurus tries for the suplex but this time BBBD reverses and hits a suplex of his own, Taurus smacks down on the mat and rolls around in pain

Mike: "Now get up Daddy and make the tag!!!"

BBBD drags himself towards TAO but Taurus stops him by grabbing his leg, Daddy tries to kick him off but Taurus drives his elbow into BBBD's calf muscle

AJ: "OOOOO dead leg there Mike!!"

Mike: "AJ, that s**t is painful, Daddy could have some serious damage right there!!"

Lynas: "That would be such a shame..."

BBBD kicks Taurus in the face as he struggles free, hes almost at TAO but Mercer cuts him off with a running kick. The referee ushers Mercer out of the ring, as his back is turned TAO slingshots into the ring and nails Taurus with a huge clothesline, flattening him. TAO goes out to the apron and urges Daddy on as he starts to crawl over to him again

Mike: "Hes gonna make it AJ!!"


TAO comes in the ring and dropkicks Taurus, then bodyslams him, Mercer comes in but TAO sees him and clotheslines him out of the ring, as he turns around he catches Taurus with a spinebuster and jumps up straight onto the top turnbuckle

Mike: "Moonsault coming!!!"

TAO goes for moonsault and nails it, into the cover



Kick out from Taurus, Viggo Dynamite has gotten onto the apron but TAO sees him off with a right hand, Dynamite tumbles off the apron and lands on WWR Champ Vade Kruger, they both fall in a heap. TAO comes off the ropes and flies out of the ring, landing on both of them. The fans go crazy and show their appreciation for the action in and out of the ring

Mike: "Awesome performance from TAO hes really putting a show on for everyone tonight!!"

TAO gets back in the ring and measures Taurus but Mercer enters the ring and goes for a clothesline but TAO ducks underneath, Daddy pulls the rope down and Mercer goes crashing to the floor. BBBD gets the tag and he grabs Taurus in a powerbomb, lifts him up and slams him down, TAO climbs to the top and leaps, nailing Taurus with a huge legdrop. Cover by BBBD

AJ: "This is it!!"




Kick out from Taurus!! The fans cant believe it

AJ: "Taurus kicked out? Wow thats unbelievable!!"

Mike: "Holy shit AJ!!"

Lynas: "Language! This is a family show!"

Daddy picks up Taurus and looks to the crowd, but Taurus drags the referee in and at the same time nails BBBD with a low blow. The fans boo loudly as Daddy drops to one knee. The referee shouts at Taurus as soon as hes let go

AJ: "Smart move from Taurus. Now he should get outta there, I know Mercer is a little beaten but hes a lot fresher than Taurus!!"

Taurus manages to tag in Mercer who comes in and grabs BBBD, he goes for a powerbomb of his own but BBBD escapes by backdropping Mercer with a thud. He waits fro Mercer to get up and goes to run off the ropes but Vade Kruger is there trying to grab his foot, Daddy kicks him in the face and Kruger's nose is busted open. Mercer nails BBBD with a kick from behind, knocking him to the floor. Viggo Dynamite tries to enter the ring on the other side but the referee stops him

Mike: "What the hell is Dynamite doing??"

AJ: "Suckin the referee right in Mike!!"

As the refs back is turned, mercer holds BBBD as Vade rolls into the ring, he comes off the ropes and swings his title belt towrds BBBD's head but he moves, leaving Mercer at the mercy of the gold. Kruger doesnt have time to stop and he knocks Mercer clean out. Vade looks on but TAO drags him hair first over the top and to the outside

AJ: "Cover him! Cover him!!"

BBBD covers Mercer as the referee turns around




*Bell rings*

AJ: "Theyve done it! Booty are the champions!!!"


The referee grabs the belts and hands them to TAO and BBBD who hold them aloft for all to see. Vade Kruger and Viggo Dynamite walk up the ramp in disgust, leaving The Renegadez staggering far behind them

AJ: "Well this marks the beginning of a new era in WWR Mike, The new tag team champions Awesome Booty will surely hold those titles for a long time!!"

Lynas: "Not for that long..."

AJ: "What gives you that impression?"

Lynas: "Just got a feeling"

As Awesome Booty celebrate in the ring, The Renegadez have reached the top of the ramp and look on, thinking of the 'what if' factor. Suddenly they are attacked from behind by NNTK, beaten savagely to a bloody pulp with barbed wire baseball bats. Vade Kruger re-appears and looks down on Mercer and Taurus evilly, then mouths the word 'Believe' before following NNTK to the back

Viggo Dynamite stands at the bottom of the ramp looking at the Renegadez and back up to the tron... Viggo Dynamite takes a deep breath, looks back at Renegadez and begrudgingly follows NNTK & Kruger backstage.

Mike: "I think The Renegadez have been ex-communicated!"

Lynas: "What the hell was that all about?"

AJ: "We need some help out here for these guys!"

Lynas: "Viggo Dynamite looked a bit miffed at Kruger's decision to follow NNTK backstage... He was stuck between The Renegadez & Kruger"

AJ: "Of course he is, NNTK screwed him earlier!"

Lynas: "But still. he knows who the boss is... & he's followed Kruger"

Mike: "Well, I think one thing we know for usre... We can safely say it was NNTK who attacked The War Party too!!"

Awesome Booty get to the duo first, then the medics arrive with stretchers. A little First Aid is applied to both men, then they are taken out on the stretchers and loaded into a truck. Awesome Booty lift up the belts one more time before they too go to the back


As the show returns from the final ad which is one for 'Dennys' the camera is in the back with Xander Chapman

Xander "Ladies and Gentlemen let me introduce to you, the new WWR Tag Team Champions, AWESOME BOOTYYYYY!!!"

Booty appear holding the belts

BBBD "We told you we'd do it Xander!! Ande here we are finally the champs!!"

Xander "Well congratulations guys, TAO?"

TAO "Thanks Xander, now a lot of people thought we couldnt do it, but we sure as hell did!"

BBBD "Thats right and were gonna be the fighting champions the people wanna see too! Were takin on all comers!!"

Xander "Looks like The War Party were sabotaged, are they in line for a shot?"

TAO "First in line Xander, first!"

Awesome Booty walk away in celebration

Xander "Thanks Booty, back to ringside!!

Ladies Match

JD: "The following match is a BCW-WWR special attraction set for one fall or curfew with a 20 minute time limit!"

"The Blister Exists" blasts to a thunderous pop from the crowd as Allanah heads to the ring greeting fans.

JD: "Introducing first, from Manteca, California, standing 5' 2" and weighing in at 163 pounds, Allanah!"

AJ: "And here comes Allanah, she is a great little competitor & she's definitely not scared of a bigger challenge.

Allanah dashes into the ring, climbs the 2nd turnbuckle and flexes with the crowd still cheering. Then she drops down and kneels in the corner, facing the entrance ramp as the crowd goes silent.

A video plays of a figure walking down the hallway applying green wrist tape. It finishes, stops and tosses the roll away, then the camera pans up and reveals the figure to be Heather Gilchrist, causing the crowd to explode into cheers as "South of Heaven" plays.

Heather: "The Queen Bitch is back!"

Heather gets a slight grin, cracks her knuckles and continues down the hallway. The camera cuts to the entrance ramp, where Heather now appears, causing the crowd to cheer louder than before. She then crouches and then raises to her feet again, letting out a loud yell, like MsChif.

JD: "And her opponent, from County Kildare, Ireland, standing 5' 4" and weighing in at 145 pounds, Heather Gilchrist!"

AJ: "It's Heather Gilchrist!"

Lynas: "Arguably the best female we have in our company... she's a great all rounder, with a great history"

Mike: "You're not wrong there!"

Heather slowly walks down the ramp, stopping at the bottom of the ramp. She briefly wipes her feet then dashes into the ring, slides under the bottom rope and then jumps up to the 2nd rope, letting out another yelling howl.

She then drops down and faces Allanah. As the bell rings, they slowly approach each other and engage in a staredown. After a moment they both grin, laugh and then briefly hug before backing off. They then cautiously circle around the ring. Allanah raises her hand to call for a knuckle lock. Heather slowly moves in and meets her. Allanah then steps up onto Heather's thigh and falls, tossing Heather away with an arm drag. Heather sits up and nods, as if impressed.

AJ: "A bit of respect between the two competitors here"

Lynas: "That's always great to see"

Heather gets back to her feet and Allanah calls for the knuckle lock again. Heather obliges and this time steps up onto Allanah's thigh and drops, tossing Allanah away with an arm drag. Heather smiles at Allanah, who nods as if amused.

Mike: "And again! Very evenly matches so far"

They both get up and engage in a knucle lock once more. They push for a moment, until Heather manages to twist Allanah into a straightjacket hold. Heather then wrenches it in, stepping on Allanah's leg to drop her to her knees. Heather then drops to a seated position with the straightjacket. Allanah slides to the ropes and gets a foot on the bottom to force the break, and Heather immediately lets go and backs away, and the crowd applauds the sportsmanship.

AJ: "A match full of respect so far, very even, I couldn't pick between these two"

Lynas: "No kidding... these ladies are showing us how it's done right here"

They both circle each other cautiously again and lock up collar-and-elbow and Heather utilizes her speed to get a quick hammerlock on Allanah. Allanah catches Heather with a back elbow and reverses into a hammerlock of her own. Heather then hits a mule kick and reverses into a side wristlock. Allanah rolls forward, then back and kips up to reverse the side wristlock. After a brief moment Heather does the same. Allanah throws an open-palm strike and misses but quickly tosses Heather off with an arm drag. Heather sits up and the crowd applauds the technical exchange.

AJ: "Very technical here, still very even"

They both approach and lock up collar-and-elbow and Allanah shoots behind Heather into a waistlock and takes her over with a German suplex. Heather gets to her feet but Allanah maintains the waistlock and hits another German suplex. Heather gets to her feet slower than before and Allanah takes her over with a German suplex, this time bridging for a pin...


Two... Kickout by Heather.

AJ: "Ohh close call there"

As Heather gets up, Allanah charges, but Heather takes her over with a Northern Lights suplex.


Two... Allanah bridges up off the mat.

AJ: "Kick out by Allanah there"

Allanah now turns over the top of Heather, lifts up Heather for a powerbomb, but Heather quickly gets onto Allanah's back, lets out a yelling howl and hits a sunset flip powerbomb! Into a pin



Th-Kickout by Allanah.

Lynas: "Allanah kicks out again there..."

Heather backs up, allowing Allanah to get to her feet. As Allanah gets up Heather charges and uses a headscissors to toss Allanah into the corner, face down over the bottom turnbuckle. Heather then goes to the corner, gets up onto the second rope, and leaps up to hit a double stomp. Heather jumps up again and hits another double stomp. Heather leaps up once more and hits one last double stomp.

Lynas: "Now we're getting down to it"

Heather then turns over Allanah, goes to the opposite corner, lets out another howl and charges to hit a Panic Attack. She pulls Allanah out and makes a cover...



Thr-Kickout by Allanah.

AJ: "Another near fall there for Heather Gilchrist"

Lynas: "Getting that split second closer each time"

Heather sits up and shakes her head. She rolls Allanah onto her front, hooks her arms and flips over into a Cattle Mutilation. Allanah slides around and manages to get a foot on the bottom rope to force the break. Heather briefly hesitates but begrudgingly breaks the hold.

Mike: "Wow, how the psychology has changed, Heather definitely did not want to break that hold at first"

Heather approaches Allanah and grabs her to whip her into the ropes but Allanah stops and, as Heather turns around, connects with a stiff overhand chop that echoes throughout the arena. Heather winces for a moment but then blasts Allanah with a palm strike and then hits an even harder knife-edge chop. Heather then shakes her hand off after the chop.

AJ: "OUCH! Did you hear that!?"

Mike: "That sounded pretty darn painful"

Lynas: "Yeah, you don't see those too often in pro wrestling anymore guys... great knife edge chops there"

Heather grabs Allanah like she's going to whip her again but Allanah shakes free and hits a knife-edge on Heather. Heather then retaliates with an overhand chop. Allanah hits another knife-edge. Heather growls audibly and then hits three overhand chops on Allanah. Allanah then screams and then hits Heather repeatedly with knife-edge chops to back Heather into the corner.

Allanah then grabs onto the top rope and lifts herself up to where she's completely vertical before coming down with a double stomp onto Heather's face. She then rolls away, goes to the next corner, climbs the top turnbuckle.

AJ: "Allanah going up!"

Allanah: "Don't look now!"

Allanah then jumps and blows Heather away with a picture-perfect Van Terminator! This elicits a building chant of "This is awesome!" Allanah slowly gets up, massages her back and pulls Heather by the hair to the middle of the ring.

Allanah: "Here comes the spike!"

Allanah ducks Heather down, lifts her up, and drills her with a Railroad Spike! Allanah slowly rolls on top of Heather for the cover...



Thre- AJ: "Kickout by Heather at the last moment!"

Mike: "WOW! Heather should have been put away right there"

Allanah sits up completely dumbfounded, Heather is holding her head and stomping her feet on the mat, in obvious pain. As Heather slowly gets to her feet, Allanah springboards off looking for a crossboday, but Heather ducks under causing Allanah to miss. Allanah rolls through, and charges but before she can do anything else Heather blasts her with a superkick, stopping her dead in her tracks. Allanah rushes to her feet, but Heather twists her arm, scissors it, lets out a howl and spikes Allanah with a Desecrator! Into a cover...



Thr- Mike: "Allanah just kicks out!"

AJ: "Tables slowly turning now"

Heather jumps up in shock, picks up Allanah, whips her into the ropes and rebounds off the opposite ropes to meet Allanah in the middle of the ring with a spectacular Jawbreaker Lariat! She then rolls Allanah onto her front, ties up the legs and rolls her over into the Dungeon Chains in the middle of the ring!

Lynas: "Oh! It's locked in Dungeon Chains!"

Allanah tries to scoot to the ropes, but Heather applies a body scissors, causing Allanah to stop in her tracks. Allanah's head and arm drop to the mat and the referee checks her. He lifts the arm up and it falls.

AJ: "This could be it right here!"


The ref checks Allanah's arm again and it falls again.


Mike: "Is it over!?"

He lifts her arm up one last time and it starts to fall but it holds up and Allanah balls her hand into a fist and begins pounding onto the mat. The crowd now starts a dueling chant of "Please don't tap!" and "Give it up!" Allanah begins to slowly inch towards the ropes, with the crowd starting to cheer louder as she gets closer. Her arm finally falls... ONTO THE BOTTOM ROPE! Heather now waits until the count of four to break the hold.

AJ: "This is a fantastic technical showing here today... who says women's wrestling will never make it outside of Japan?"

Allanah is shaky to get to her feet, but as she does, Heather lifts her overhead, backs away from the ropes, jumps up and nails Allanah with a Spinal Delight! Heather releases, keels over to catch her breath, then slumps over onto Allanah for a cover...



Thre- AJ: "Allanah gets her foot on the bottom rope to stop the count!"

Lynas: "So many near falls already, how much have these competitors got left?"

Heather now flies into a rage, yelling and pounding the mat. Allanah gets to her feet slower than before and Heather looks to hit her with another but can't lift Allanah up. Allanah suddenly underhooks both arms, lifts Heather completely vertical and falls to her knees with an Allanah Driver 2000! She falls down onto Heather for a cover...



Thre- AJ: "Heather grabs the bottom rope with her free arm!"

Lynas: "Great ring awareness from Heather there, knew right where she was and how to break the pin without using more energy than necessary"

Mike: "Absolutely she's gonna need it to get back in this match"

Allanah falls onto her back and screams before kipping up. She drags Heather to the middle of the ring and quickly ascends to the top turnbuckle.

Lynas: "Allanah going up again! she's going all out for this one"

Allanah: "Game over, Heather!"

AJ: "More trash talking from Allanah"

Allanah leaps, backflips and slams down onto Heather with the Pure Beauty shooting star press! Cover...



Th- The bell rings.

The crowd explodes into cheers and the referee ducks out of the ring over to JD. The crowd now quiets down, realizing something is amiss, and Allanah is sitting in the ring, staring perplexed at them. The referee and JD clear things up and the referee now goes to address Allanah as JD addresses the crowd.

Lynas: "What's going on here? Allanah had the victory surely?"

AJ: "I don't know, but I think we're about to find out!"

JD: "Ladies and gentlemen, the 20 minute time limit has expired! Therefore, this match has been ruled a time-limit draw!"

The crowd gives a mixed reaction and then starts a chant of "Five more minutes!" Allanah is visibly frustrated as Heather is now slowly coming to. The referee helps Heather to her feet and she turns toward Allanah and slowly extends her arm for a handshake. Allanah stares at Heather's hand and then looks up at Heather.

AJ: "Heather extends the hand for a handshake here..."

They stare at each other for a moment before Allanah grabs and hugs Heather, to a tremendous ovation from the crowd. Allanah then raises Heather's arm up and then they slowly get out of the ring and Allanah helps Heather to the back.

Lynas: "Wow... what a match, what great sportsmanship... Allanah was a split second away from the victory, but fair play to the referee he noticed time had expired right on that three count..."

AJ: "An absolute incredible show of talent here from these two competitors"

Mike: "I'm in awe guys. I can only hope that these two hook it up again soon"

Lynas: "Well I don't know how we're topping that, but we're gonna try!"

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Re: WWR Path To Glory

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No count out no DQ Match

A video package begins to show of Ignatius Vade and NNTK from over the last few weeks, ending with the chair shots from Vortex last week followed by Bastions announcement about the matches.

Mike: "As weve just seen there folks NNTK AND Vade's matches tonight live on Path To Glory will both be No DQ No Countout, seeing how they like to cheat so much to get out with the win."

AJ: "Yea and NNTK is going first right now! But this kind of match is still just NNTK's style, no rules or regulations to abide by just kick the s**t out of em"

Suddenly the lights in the arena go all the way out for about fifteen to twenty seconds when out of nowheres flames shoot high into air out of all four corners of the ringposts lighting up the arena, then entire the arena turns red as a bright piercing red light fills the ringside area."The End Of Everything" begins to play and NNTK walks out in the usual all black attire to a roar of boos from all over the crowd.

JD: "From The Netherworld weighing in tonight at 285 pounds.............NNTK!"

AJ: "Man that's hot and whats with this strange red light out here?"

Mike: "Its nearly blinding !"

NNTK walks down the ramp adjusting a wristband,fans in the front row are leaning across giving him middle fingers and thumbs down while they boo,,when suddenly NNTK turns and jumps,connecting square in the face as he smashes a male fan with the "Lifetaker" kick,knocking him out where he stands,,his friends and others around help him to his feet,and NNTK merely turns and keeps going down towards the ring.

AJ: "I cant believe that..completely uncalled for and unnecessary,he just about took that guys damned head off just now!"

Mike: "And he didn't even bat an eye..he destroyed that poor fan like it was nothin!"

Lynas: "No comment"

NNTK gets in the ring and Immediately charges Ignatius,putting him down with a rough lariat,then pulls him up by the neck and goes behind ,locking one arm under the arm of Ignatius with a half nelson,,then grabs the trunks with the other hand,,lifting him into the air,,then midmove NNTK slams him down onto the knee with a sideslam backbreaker,NNTK then goes into a pin.

AJ: "Oh! NNTK waisting no time at all getting started and He nearly broke em in half with that Half Nelson Backbreaker! He might have it here too!"


Ignatius kicks out at one and a half,getting the shoulder up.

Mike: "Man what a move that was,,lets take another look at that here."

A smaller screen in the corner comes up showing NNTK slamming Ignatius down with the Half Nelson Backbreaker again,and back in the ring NNTK jumps up and knee drops Ignatius in the face.

NNTK jumps with another knee in the face again,,and then pulls him up the arm. Ignatius reverses though with an arm twist armbar,,taking NNTK down to the mat.

NNTK struggles in the hold for a few minutes,,before managing to roll over across onto Ignatius,hitting him with a hard right hand.

NNTK lifts him to his feet,Ignatius quickly counters by pulling NNTK's legs out and flipping over into the bridging pin

AJ: "Theres the great technical expertise of Ignatius,being able to counter any move at any moment."


Kickout from NNTK shortly after one,and both men are back up,Ignatius runs forward towards NNTK with a clothesline,taking him all the way over the top out of the ring,rolling over the ropes along with him.

Mike: "Over the top and to the outsid.. I think the pace is about to pick up in this one."

They're immediately back up trading punches rapidly,Ignatius catches NNTK with an armdrag.He lands in a sitting position and Ignatius connects a sharp quick to the back.. then drops down with a low neckbreaker

Ignatius stands him up and drags him to the corner post,,he goes to whip him into the turnbuckle.. but NNTK stops,,overpowering him and turning it around as slings Ignatius face first into the post

As Ignatius turns around NNTK runs forward.. grabbing him,lifting him up and slamming him backfirst into the post,then sets him back on the ground and takes him off his feet with a hard kick in the groin~

The arena fills with boos now at the low blow from NNTK

Mike: "And that shot below the belt is as legal as an elbow drop in this match,remember the stipulation."

AJ: "That's right.. No DQ No Countout."

NNTK now whips Ignatius into the barricade at ringside,then hits him with three right hands in a row,then he grabs him and throws him over the railing into the crowd!~

AJ: "My God they're in the crowd, what a match this is turning out to be!"

NNTK follows over after him,,and hits more punches now.. Ignatius manages to fight back by punching NNTK quickly several times.. then NNTK begins to fight back with punches of his own as they go up the steps through the crowd

They slug it out all the way up the stairs to the top of the stands.. when NNTK hits a heavy right elbow across the face of Ignatius,then lifts him up sideways in his arms.. then carrys him walking through the crowd.

NNTK continues walking til he gets up to the barricade.. then stands up on top of it. He twists Ignatius around in his arms,,then jumps off the rail dropping him on the floor with a massive twisting sideslam.

The crowd begins to chant "Holy sh*t,Holy sh*t!"

AJ: "OH MAN he just destroyed em! He came off that barricade with a sideslam into the floor.. he may be out!"

Mike: "WOW,im just speechless here,Im in awe just like the entire crowd."

NNTK picks him up and rolls him into the ring and quickly follows in after him,,and covers him hooking the leg.



Kickout from Ignatius at two and three quarters to a huge pop from the fans.

AJ: "He kicked out! How?!?"

Both men get up on their feet,Ignatius trys for a dropkick on NNTK.. but hes swatted to the mat as NNTK counters it

Ignatius quickly gets back up and trys again with a dropkick,,but again,its blocked as NNTK shoves him away

NNTK motions to Ignatius telling him to "come on" as they stare down with a little space between them.

AJ: "Come on ignatius,use that skill to get somethin goin,hes got to counter the smashmouth,in your face power game of NNTK here'"

Ignatius steps forward more,,closing the space between him and NNTK,,and reaches out and slaps him

NNTK hits him square in the jaw with a right uppercut,then goes a for a big knee in the gut.

Ignatius however counters,,catching the leg.. and twists it with a dragon whip,throwing NNTK to the mat.

He keeps hold of the leg.. as he twists NNTKs other leg and locks in a figure four leg lock in the middle of the ring.

AJ: "There you go, that's what he needs to be doing..figure four with nowhere to go!"

NNTK trys to lean forward to escape the hold,,but it doesnt work,,Ignatius pulls back further,,NNTK appears to be getting irrtiated as he continues to try to work out of the hold.

Mike: "How do you like that NNTK? Nowhere to go!"

NNTK now turns the hold over, as he rolls onto his stomach.. but still cant get loose as Ignatius keeps it locked in,suddenly.. NNTK stands himself up,using all his weight to pull to a standing position,and he grabs Ignatius's legs who were still twisted around his and locks in a modified sharp shooter,pulling back on the leg as he stands straight up

Mike: "....Well he just made me eat my words there."

AJ: "Hey, Shane, you're quiet over there..."

Lynas: "Lost in thought AJ"

NNTK cranks back on the hold,,Ignatius telling the ref he doesnt wanna quit the whole time.

Ignatius drags across the ring to the ropes,,grabbing them to signal the rope break,,but NNTK refuses to let loose,,instead he grabs the ropes with one hand for leverage as he continues to wrench and torque the hold

The ref trys to get NNTK to break up the hold,but he wont,and the ref is powerless as there is no DQ,so counting him out isnt an option.

The crowd begins to boo extremely loud over NNTK refusing to break the hold and cheating using the rope for more leverage.

AJ: "Come on break the damn hold, and get off the freakin' rope too!"

Mike: "But its all legal in this match..and as you said before this kind of a match where NNTK can do anything he can think of has gotta benefit him more than Ignatius."

AJ: "Some leopards never change their spots..he's just as horrible and rotten as he ever was..since the first time I saw him in this ring."

Lynas: "But don't forget it's that attitude that has won him gold here in the WWR"

NNTK lets off the ropes now and releases the Sharpshooter,,and then steps back and raise both hands into the air,to the anger of the crowd who begins to boo more.

AJ: "Oh NOW we get a clean break from NNTK."

NNTK steps in towards Ignatius,,but hes able to hit several chops across the chest in a row to keep NNTK at bay.Ignatius grabs NNTK and drags him to the rope and jumps.. dropkicking him right through the ropes out of the ring!

The crowd lets on big for this,,and Ignatius approaches the ropes to go through them after NNTK.But unknown to Ignatius.. NNTK has gotten a chair from under the ring and is waiting ducked down with it. When Ignatius comes halfway through the ropes,NNTK cracks him with the steel chair in the face,stopping him in his tracks..leaving him caught up in the ropes.

NNTK drops the chair and goes in and grabs Ignatius,lifting him up face up across his shoulders in a reverse firemans carry,then he spins him around and falls to the mat.. as he drops him with a rack neckbreaker then goes for the pin.

Mike: "Here we go with a cover after that chairshot then that huge move just now thats gotta be it!"

AJ: "One! Two! Thr-oh kickout at the last second by Ignatius how did he do that!?"

The fans are chanting "IG-NAT-IUS! IG-NAT-IUS!" repeatedly ,on their feet trying to get him back in this and NNTK shakes his head a few times to signify its not going to happen

NNTK pulls him up,but Ignatius counters with a standard suplex,then a german suplex... followed by a belly to back as the crowd goes wild

Ignatius goes to the cover on NNTK hooking the leg

AJ:"Did you see all those suplexes?!?"

Mike:"He could have it here,



NNTK gets the shoulder up after two and a half."

AJ: "I gotta be honest Shane, is your mic working!?"

Lynas: "Yup"

Ignatius now grabs NNTk again ,,this time hitting three german suplexs in a row,,the final time he holds NNTK's shoulders to the mat,and flips back over with a bridging pin as well



Again NNTK kicks out after two and a half.

AJ: "Another nearfall!"

NNTK slowly makes it up to his feet,,and Ignatius bounces off the ropes at runs at him and jumps on his shoulders,,going for a hurricanrana,but NNTK holds on,and sits down into a powerbomb along with the pin.

Mike: "Sitdown powerbomb by NNTK!"



Kickout by Ignatius after two as he gets the shoulder up,NNTK stands over ignatius and then lets him get up and then grabs him in a front facelock and ducks behind him then hooks both arms together in a full nelson and lifts him into the air and slams him down over one knee into a backbreaker.

AJ: "What a move that was, Full nelson backbreaker by NNTK,ah thats gotta hurt."

Mike: "Ive faced off against that man before and its every bit as painful as it looks ."

NNTK lets him stand and lifts him on his shoulders then takes him over the top and slams him down gutfirst on the knee with a gutbuster,then turns him around quickly and jumps and slams his face across the shoulder with a stunner.

AJ: "What an explosive series of moves that was!"

NNTK now goes into the pin.



Kickout from Ignatius just before three,NNTK runs at Ignatius with a lariat,,but he ducks under and when NNTK comes back Ignatius grabs on with a guillotine choke and body scissors on the mat.

AJ: "Oh he countered into another hold again! Is NNTK gonna tap ?!?"

NNTK is caught in the middle of the ring,,Ignatius wrenches back hard cutting the air off of NNTK,,after a few minutes tho NNTK is back on his feet as he rises and charges ,and dives through ropes to the outside to the floor,,taking Ignatius with him

Mike: "Man! What an awesome match this is.. such fast paced nonstop action,and its back on the floor again!"

Soon theyre both up again ,,trading shots back and forth,Ignatius ducks a takes NNTK down with a drop toe hold ,then goes to the top and comes off for the diving headbutt.. but NNTK moves away

AJ: "Ouch he hit that floor facefirst"

Mike: "And look AJ theyre right here in front of us,,ive got goosebumps !"

Now NNTK suddenly sits up and rises to his feet,he gets him up and lifts Ignatius over his high head with a press,then turns and tosses him straight through the announce table as Mike and AJ jump out of the way

NNTK stands back over Ignatius,,as AJ and Mike move their chairs back out of the way as the tables in shambles,NNTK pulls him from the wreckage and throws him into the ring and goes in after him

NNTK waits for him to stand,,then grabs him around the neck and lifts him into the air for the chokeslam,but Ignatius counters by grabbing NNTKs arm and brings him down,,twisting into the forgone conclusion,,applying it to NNTK in the middle of the ring!

AJ: "He countered! hes got em! Forgone Conclusion crossface in the middle of the ring hes this has gotta be it finally!"

The fans are going crazy screaming for Ignatius and chanting for NNTK to "tap out tap out!"

NNTK struggles in the hold,,fighting with all hes got,,getting more and frustrated as he cant escape or get to the ropes,when suddenly,,Vade comes running down the aisle with a steel chair

Mike: "Wait that's his team mate Kruger!"

Vade slides in the ring and nails Ignatius with a chair to the face..breaking up the hold as the fans let out a chorus of boos

NNTK gets up as Ignatius lays on the mat.. Vade can be seen saying "It aint happenin like that!" as he screams at Ignatius.

NNTK picks him up and presses him high over head now and turns him around in midair..slamming him way down to the mat as he drives the shoulder to the ribs all the way down with a press lift spearbuster

AJ: "Damnit! He just destroyed him with that move..and if it werent for Vade he would've already won this match!"

Mike: "Well it looks like Tony Bastion's idea of keeping NNTK and Vade from cheating again like on Vortex has backfired, I hate to say it."

NNTK tells Vade hes "got it from here" and Vade then leaves the ring and looks out at the crowd at ringside and raises the chair over his head and smirks as they shower him with boos

NNTK grabs Ignatius by the arm,,pulls him up ,keeping hold of the arm,,then pulls him in and jumps at the exact moment Ignatius gets close.. colliding with the Lifetaker kick ,sending Ignatius crashing to the mat

AJ: "Well god damnit....Lifetaker Kick! Thats it, its over! What a disgrace!!!"

NNTK with the pin... hooking the leg




The bell rings as "The End Of Everything " begins to play and the crowd nearly drowns it out with boos as Vade has rejoined NNTK in the ring,Kruger holds the chair up while NNTK holds both arms in the air

JD: "Here is your winner by pinfall..NNTK!"

Mike: "Just what a hell of a match that was. Insane from the get go, they fought all over the arena."

AJ: "Ignatius had it won! I just can't get over this."

Lynas: "Well I guess you'd better... because there's more to come"

AJ: "Oh wow, I guess you're back then"

Lynas: "What? Whatever..."
Camera cuts to JD, who's standing in the ring.

JD - Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for triple threat match for the Continental championship!

Sign Of Evil comes on over the speakers

JD: "Introducing first from Kildare Ireland, weighing in at 287lbs and standing 6 feet 7 inches, Fergal Kiileey!"

Fergal Kiley begins walking down the ramp.

The crowd rains boos on Kiley as he enters the ring.

AJ: "Not a positive reaction from these fans for Fergal Kiley"

Mike: "Well he's not a well liked guy in the locker room either, AJ. But he's big, he's mean and can get it done in the ring"

Lynas: "No doubt about that... I've never had the pleasure of facing this guy... but you can see it in his eyes... he's always planning his next move... his intensity is probably unrivalled in WWR... maybe his talent too"

Camera cuts back to JD.

A shortened version of Trail Of Tears by ABK plays over the speakers.

JD: "Introducing the next opponent from the Warm Springs Indian Rezervation in Oregon, being accompanied by Locahontas, weighing in at 239lbs and standing 6 feet tall, "The Warrior" Tommy Haawwwk!"

The crowd stands and cheers.

Locahontas comes out first followed by Tommy Hawk. They stand at the top of the entrance for a few seconds and then make they're way down the ramp.

AJ: "The Warrior is in the building!"

Lynas: "A very popular member of the WWR roster, now this guy IS well liked"

Mike: "Yes, but let's see if he can hold his own against the likes of Fergal Kiley and Mr. Rockstar himself, Chris Everlast"

AJ: "He's been toe toe with some the WWR's top guys since he's started. And I can guarantee you that he won't go down without a fight here tonight"

Locahontas and T-Hawk enter the ring to the cheer of the crowd and stand side by side, as they stare down Fergal Kiley. T-Hawk reaches into his pocket and tosses a four leaf clover at Kiley, and tells him, "Good luck she'hapo."

It's So Easy by Guns N Roses comes on over the speakers.

JD: "And introducing from Miami Florida, the Continental Champion, weighing in at 226lbs and standing 6 feet 1 inches. Being accompanied by Terasa Black, Chris Everrrlaassst!"

The crowd boos loudly.

Everlast and Tersea Black come out through the curtain and began walking down the entrance. Everlast with a cocky and self-loving smirk on his face, as Terasa carries the title for him.

Mike: "The WWR's Continental Champion has arrived at Path To Glory! All these people have Everlasting Envy! They're jealous and all want to be Chris Everlast"

AJ: "Not me, he's kind've a douche. He has no respect for nothing or nobody expect himself and that Continental title"

Lynas: "But you cannot deny that it's that precise attitude that's made him the longest reigning WWR Continental Champion ever!"

Everlast and Terasa enter the ring pose for the crowd.

The crowd boos them again.

The music stops as the ref reaches to get the belt from Everlast, who jerks it away and kisses the gold before handing it to the referee. The ref raises the Continental championship above his head for the wrestlers and crowd to see, as camera flashes go off all over the Asylum. The ref hands the title off to the ring announcer and calls for the bell.

#Ding Ding#

Terasa and Locahontas exit the ring and stand at ringside. Everlast walks towards a corner and leans against the turnbuckle. Kiley and T-Hawk circle eachother for a moment then charge at one another. Kiley throws a clothesline as T-Hawk ducks it and hit the ropes. Kiley turns around in time to catch a flying forearm, from T-Hawk, to the head. Kiley rolls out of the ring and to the floor. T-Hawk gets to his feet and runs at the opposite side ropes, bounces off and launches himself over the top rope and lands a suicide plancha onto Kiley. Both men collide with a thud and hit the ground. Everlast rolls his eyes and stays in the corner.

T-Hawk and Kiley pulls themselves up using the ring apron and began trading blows back and forth. Everlast creeps out of the corner charges in and hits a baseball slide on both Kiley and T-Hawk, both men hit the guard rail and fall to the ground. Everlast springs to his feet and raises his hands in the air, Terasa cheers him on.

AJ: "You would've thought Everlast just retained his title with a celebration like that"

Mike" Who's to say that he won't retain. Everlast is the greatest Continental champion of all time"

AJ: "I'm surprised you can breath with your nose so far up Chris Everlast's butt, Mike"

Mike: "What!? I'm not a brown noser, AJ! I just know greatness when I see it"

AJ: "If you say so...."

Then begins the ten count on Kiley and T-Hawk.







Both men are to their feet now.



Kiley and T-Hawk attempt to crawl in the ring, but Everlast goes in for another baseball slide. Kiley and T-Hawk catch him by the ankles and pull him out of the ring. Everlast hits the ground face first.

The crowd cheers loudly.

AJ: "Everlast went to the well once to often that time"

Mike: "It's just a minor set back, AJ"

Lynas: "This is a championship match... you don't get too many "set backs" before you get pinned"

Both T-Hawk and Kiley pull Everlast to his feet and hurl him into the ring post, sending him tumbling over and to the other side of the steps. Everlast rolls over and holds his right knee in pain. Kiley looks at T-Hawk with a devilish grin, T-Hawk spits the War Cry in his face.

The fans cheer.

T-Hawk rolls Kiley into, leaps onto the ring apron and sling shots over the top rope and lands a leg drop across the throat of Kiley. T-Hawk goes for the cover.



THR- Everlast yanks the ref out of the ring by his ankles and quickly slides in himself but gets met by a fist sandwich. Everlast quickly gets up again but is met by another punch, before T-Hawk ends the combo with a lariat. T-Hawk quickly bounces off the ropes but he's tripped by Robert Randall who appears to a large chorus of cheers!

AJ: "It's the Hardkore Gangsta, Robert Randall!"

Mike: "And what does he want?"

Randall quickly lays the smackdown upon T-Hawk, dropping him with an RKO. Randall quickly gets up and sees Fergal Kiley, who gets put down with the 187! Randall gets up after dropping the Irish giant, turning around to be met nose to nose with Chris Everlast, the crowd dualling chants of ''Let's Go Ever-Last'' and ''Robert Randall''. Everlast slowly reaches out a hand to shake.. and Randall accepts to a mixed reaction by the crowd. Everlast grins and falls ontop of Fergal Kiley as the referee has again climbed into the ring, counting slowly.



Randall grabs Everlast by the hair and pulls him off, keeping Everlast kneeling in the center of the ring.

Mike: "What a backstabber that slimy Randall is!"

AJ: "I think Everlast had it coming"

After few moments of waiting, two identical men in almost identical jeans and t-shirts runs down the ramp and slides into the ring, grinning viciously at Randall and grabbing Everlast's arms, keeping him down.

AJ: "That's the twinbrothers Marcus and Evan Jones from BCW!"

Also Leah Luxon and James North gets in the ring, joining up with Randall and grinning at Everlast who rabidly tries to escape the twins' grip. At Randall's signal, Marcus Jones picks Everlast up on his shoulders and Evan grabs his head in a front facelock, before they hit the Gotcha.

Mike: "BRUTAL! What are they trying to prove here?"

Leah Luxon is now on the turnbuckle (to tremendous boos) before she hits the One Night Stand, and James North picks him up for the Headhunter! Then Randall lifts the now limp Everlast up, finishing him off with the 187!

AJ: "Punishment is given to Everlast, but what is the actual foundation for this brutal gang attack?"

Randall grabs T-Hawk and flings him over Everlast, and the referee grudgingly starts to count.



But Kiley charges right in and breaks up the count, but is quickly discarded of by the Jones Brothers. Again Randall tells the referee to count.




JD: "And your winner is.. and the NEW WWR Continental Champion.. TOMMY HAWK!"

Lynas: "What the hell is going on here! What a mess!"

T-Hawk slowly gets up from Everlast in a haze, as he hears his theme music. Locahontas running into the ring with the WWR Continental title to celebrate. Randall and his gang heads up the ramp, verbally insulting the fans that returns the favour.

AJ: "What the hell was all that about?"

Mike: "I have no idea, but I doubt T-Bird minds!"

Lynas: "Well, Chris Everlast's WWR Continental Championship reign has come to its end!"

T-Hawk rolls out of the ring with Locahontas and the title, peering at the gold with a satisfied look as he dissappears behind the curtains

Camera shoots to the back where Xander is standing with Tommy Hawk

Xander: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the NEW Continental Champion!!! Tommy Hawk!!"

Hawk: "Thats right people, youre lookin at the new champ and Im gonna be the fighting champion this organisation needs!! I wont hide or back down from anyone, I will take on all comers!"

Hawk walks away with his belt and Locahontas

Xander: "Thanks T-Bird! Back to the ring"


AJ: "Well theres only one thing left, the main event!"

The fans erupt into boos as 'Cold' by 'Static-X' plays loudly across the arena. Vade Kruger appears from behind the curtain as white sparks consume him for a moment, then he re-appears and fireworks shoot up from the floor. Viggo Dynamite follows behind

Mike: "Well, that new entrance theme aint gonna help you Kruger, not when Johnny Bishop takes away that world title!"

Lynas: "I notice Viggo swallowed his pride and came back out here... BOO! you Asshole!"

AJ: "Shane... it was a combination of you & NNTK that screwed him..."

Lynas: "Don't you compare me to that guy either"

As the two approach the ring, a fan tries to get at Vade but he slaps the fan down

AJ: "Now thats uncalled for he should be fined for that!"

Lynas: "I didn't hear you say that when NNTK took out his friend"

AJ: "Both those guys should be fined"

Kruger gets in the ring and holds the WWR World title up for all to see

Mike: "Enjoy it Vade, its your last time!!"

The music cuts and the fans begin to cheer, suddenly "The Day That Never Comes" by Metallica starts to play and the fans cheer for Johnny Bishop as he appears in the usual black attire, he greets the fans by tagging the fans hands as he walks by, he gets to the ring and stops to look at Viggo Dynamite outside the ring, then walks up the steps and enters the ring. He glares at Kruger, then JD stands in the middle of the ring for the introductions

JD: "ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for the main event of the evening. It is a one fall, no count, no disqualification match for the World Wrestling Revolution Championship!!!"

~Fans cheer~

JD: "Introducing first the challenger, from Sacramento California, weighing 239lbs here is...............JOHNNYYYYY BIIISSSHOOOOP!!"

~Bishop raises his hands to the fans who cheer loudly for him~

Mike: "The fans are behind Bishop and can see hes up for it!"

AJ: "Yeah, but look who hes up against Mike. The best in the business today!!"

JD: "His opponent...."

Boos reverberate around the arena as Kruger steps forward

JD: ".....From Warrington England, weighing 260lbs..here is the WWR World Heavyweight Champiooooon..........'The Instrument of Destruction' VAAAAAAAAAAADE KRUUUUUUUGEEERRRRRRR!!!!"

~Again the fans boo as Kruger lifts up the belt but hides his face underneath his hair. He pushes the belt into the hands of the referee, gives him a cold look then walks back to his corner. He signals to Viggo Dynamite who nods back at him. Viggo walks around the outside of the ring behind Johnny Bishop~

AJ: "Mind games already from Kruger, getting his little stooge to intimidate Bishop"

Mike: "Bishop doesnt look to intimidtaed to me AJ look!!"

Bishop is sat on the middle rope holding it open for Dynamite who declines

*Bell rings*

AJ: "Remember no count outs or DQ's in this one!!"

Mike: "And away we go!"

Vade and Bishop circle the ring, then lock up in the middle. Bishop with a side headlock, Kruger escapes. Vade stares at Bishop who grins at him cheekily. They lock up and again, the rippling muscles of Kruger throw Bishop back into the corner, Vade grins back at Bishop. Bishop comes out of the corner and locks up again, this time he throws Vade to the floor, Kruger rolls out of the ring as the fans cheer for Bishop who is urging Kruger back into the ring

AJ: "So Bishop won that one! Do I detect a little intimidation there as Kruger scurried out of the ring?"

Mike: "Looks that way AJ!"

Vade walks around the side of the ring, then slides back in. Bishop waits patiently for him to get up. vade calls then referee over, then grabs him just as Bishop comes over, behind the referees back he hits Bishop with a low blow, the fans jeer and boo but Vade immediately jumps on Bishop and starts hammering away. Vade gets up and backs off for a moment while Bishop rolls around in pain, still holding his groin. The referee shouts at Vade for putting his hands on him a moment before, Kruger ignores him and charges at Bishop, kicking him right in the groin again

AJ: "The dirty stinking bastard!!! What kind of a man......what kind of a champion does that?!?!"

Mike: "That one. That sick asshole right there!!"

Kruger grabs Bishop and lifts him to his feet, then throws him over the top to the outside. Viggo Dynamnite is waiting and stomps away at Bishop

AJ: "All legal in this one Mike, no DQ's!!"

Dynamite throws Bishop back in the ring. Kruger stares at him coldly again for a moment, the crowd starts to boo again as Vade goes to work on the neck of Bishop, driving his boot to the throat. The camera is close up on Bishops face, capturing the pain and suffering of the star

Mike: "Man, Bishop is hurt early in this one. Kruger really using the no DQ stipulation to his advantage!!"

Kruger lifts up Bishop and grabs him around the waist, the fans boo because they know whats coming. Vade lifts him up and throws him across the ring with a belly to belly overhead release suplex

AJ: "Kruger nails the suplex, perfectly done as ever. Cover form the champion!!"



Kick out form Bishop. Kruger kicks him in the back and grabs him arms back, driving the knee in between the shoulder blades. Bishop manages to power out, flipping Kruger over his shoulder. Vade gets up straight away and goes to nail Bishop with a running knee but Bishop lies flat down, Vade goes past him.....Bishop kips up and nails him with a big forearm, then a clothesline and a drop kick. Bishop is fired up now, he catches Kruger with a bodyslam and a tilt a whirl backbreaker

AJ: "Awesome offence from Bishop, he needed to get some in before kruger really took control of the match!!!"

Bishop comes off the ropes and nails a legdrop on Vade, then he jumps up and climbs to the second rope

Mike: "Bishop ready to nail Kruger again here....."

As Vade gets up holding his back, Bishop jumps off the second rope and hits Vade with a big clothesline. Cover



Kick out from Vade. Bishop picks him up by his hair and goes for a suplex but Vade drops down and again hits him with a low blow. Cover from Kruger



Kick out from Bishop

AJ: "Close!"

Both men are down, Viggo beats the side apron with his hand tryin to get Vade to get up, but Bishop drags himself to his feet via the ropes, still clutching his groin. He sees vade getting up and stalks him

AJ: "Hes measuring Kruger up for a superkick!!"

Bishop connects with the superkick, knocking Vade flat out in the middle of the ring. Cover by Bishop




Vade rolls a shoulder. Some of the fans cheer because they thought it was three. Bishop looks at the ref for a moment, then rolls out of the ring and grabs a table from underneath the ring. He slides it back into the ring and sets it up, then grabs Kruger and sets him on it. Bishop goes to the corner and climbs to the top rope. The fans cheer him on....then Dynamite climbs onto the apron distracting Bishop for a moment. vade begins to move but Bishop leaps anyway.....................Kruger catches him by the head and drives him down into the table with a Vadernator, but the impact took a lot out of vade as both men went through the table

AJ: "OH MY GOD!! That was unbelievable!!"


Both men are flat out on top of what remains of the table. Viggo Dynamite slides in the ring and pulls Krugers arm onto Bishop. The referee looks on and screams at Viggo to get out

Mike: "Hes gotta make the count though!!"

Referee gets into position




AJ: "NO!!!! Bishop kicked out!!!"

Mike: "Man I dont believe that one!!!"

The fans start banging their feet as both Vade and Johnny stir, Vade gets to his knees and punches Bishop in the face. Bishop hits him back, then again and again. Bishop gets up and runs to the ropes, leaping over onto Viggo Dynamite on the outside. The fans roar in delight as Bishop jumps up, a crazed look in his eyes. He gets back in the ring with a steel chair and waits for Vade to get up. He swings the chair and cracks Kruger in the back. Vade winces in pain, then gets another crack in the gut with the edge of the chair. Bishop drops the chair and grabs Vade by the head, signalling for the DDT

AJ: "Nail it Bishop!!"

Viggo Dynamite comes out of nowhere and hits Bishop with yet another low blow, then leaves the ring. Vade manages to stop Bishop from falling to the mat and grabs him in a suplex clutch


AJ: "I think he's goin for it Mike!!"

Kruger growls at the crowd as he lifts up Bishop high in the air and dirves him towrds the mat. Just before impact Bishop manages to escape the clutches of Kruger and lands on his feet. He grabs Vade again the DDT and rams Vades head into the mat

AJ: "That's it!! Snap DDT!"

Cover by Bishop




Vade rolls a shoulder!!

Mike: "I dont believe it!!"

AJ: "He kicked out!!"

Mike: "What a match!!"

AJ: "Shane, you've gone rather quiet again"

Lynas: "Huh? Oh... Y'know. Bad day"

Bishop holds his head in his hands and gets up, looking out to the crowd in disbelief. Vade Kruger immediately stands up and shakes his head, the fans begin to scream at Bishop trying to tell him whats happening, as he turns around Kruger bolts across the ring and nails a huge spear

AJ: "Spear!!! Oh that was devastating!!"

Kruger signals Viggo to get in the ring with the world title belt. Kruger grabs Bishop and pulls him to his feet, then grabs his arms from behind. He tells Viggo to hit Bishop with the belt. Dynamite gets ready to waffle Bishop with the belt, instead he kicks Bishop in the gut, breaking the hold Vade had on him, then he smacks Kruger in the face with the world title belt, busting him wide open. Kruger falls to the mat in a heap. Bishop looks at Viggo who tells him to cover Vade

AJ: "What the hell did we just see?!"

Mike: "I think Viggo has had enough of being Vades bitch!!"

AJ: "Damn thats a wake up call!!"

Lynas: "That may have something to do with Vade's partnership with NNTK..."

AJ: "Could be, of course earlier tonight NNTK cost Viggo Dynamite the WWR Dynamics Championship!"

Viggo leaves the ring, then Bishop comes to his senses, realises whats happened and covers Vade, hooking the leg

Mike: "Wait a minute, wait a minute, the referee has been pulled out of the ring........it's NNTK!!!!"

AJ: "Clearly here to pay Vade Kruger back for his earlier services"

Mike: "This has got to stop!"

NNTK then sprints around the ring & up the ramp and takes out Viggo Dynamite with a baseball bat & begins the assualt throwing Dynamite from barricade to barricade, before hitting a knockout blow to the head with that bat. NNTK then walks back to referee & throws him back into the ring, as Vade is now covering Bishop




AJ: "Again!! He kicked out!! Come on Johnny!!"

Kruger holds his blood soaked head in frustration. He gets up slowly and picks up Bishop.

Bishop hits Kruger with a kick to the stomach and whips him to the corner.

NNTK slides into the ring, but gets met by a dropkick as soon as he gets to his feet & is knocked out of the ring

AJ: "NNTK has been knocked on his ass"

Mike: "Is this Bishop's time!? At last!?"

Kruger, comes to and walks out of the turnbuckle, Bishop & Kruger face down for a second... Kruger gets whipped against the ropes but powers back with a big boot on Bishop.

NNTK slides into the ring

Mike: "Oh he's had it now"

AJ: "What the hell?"

Shane Lynas slides into the ring with a chair & stands in front of Bishop

Mike: "Shane Lynas has come to even the score! Yes! Get 'em Shane!"

Bishop gets to his feet & Shane talks trash to Kruger & NNTK...

Kruger takes a couple of steps toward Lynas but Lynas raises the chair & warns him off...

...Lynas turns and cracks Bishop over the head with the chair


Mike: "Shane Lynas has just turned on Johnny Bishop! NO!"

Kruger walks over & grabs Bishop in a suplex clutch, lifts him up and drops him down with the Krugenator.

Lynas & NNTK stand tall in the ring...

Mike: "Kick out Johnny!! Kick out man!!!"

~Kruger covers, hooking the leg~




*Bell rings*

AJ: "Bullcrap."

JD "The winner of the match and still WWR World Heavyweight Champion.........VAAAAADE KRUUUGEERRR!!!"

Mike: "What a travesty, Bishop had the match won. He should be champion right now!!"

AJ: "That bastard Shane Lynas hit Bishop over the head with the damn chair"

Mike: "The same chair which he screwed Bobby Anderson with no less..."

Lynas & NNTK remain in the ring with the world champion and raise his hands up in victory as 'Cold' plays

Mike "Well that's it, theres no hope for any kind of order in WWR. These three originals joining forces? Never in a million years did I ever think I would see that!!"

AJ: "This can only mean bad things for the WWR!"

Mike: "Wait AJ, look..."

AJ: "What? Where?"

Mike: "There, top of the ramp"

AJ: "It's Alex Bourne!"

Alex Bourne is stood at the top of the ramp... he points at Vade Kruger and performs the cut throat signal before staring down at the three men in the ring.

Mike: "What could this possibly mean?"

AJ: "I don't know! But that's it for us tonight!"


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