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Cero Reviews SHINE 1

Post by cero2k » Jun 13th, '15, 12:57

July 21, 2012
The Orpheum
Ybor City, FL

Christina Von Eerie promo - good

Mercedes Martinez promo - good, liked the spiderman stuff

Daffney is the master of ceremonies today, with the weirdest hat she could find. Lenny Leonard on commentary.

Veda Scott vs Kimberly - 5/10
One of the many Kimberlys in wrestling. The match didn't have much to it, short and quick stuff. This being the very first SHINE match in history, i would have gone with two girls that would have gone crazy with longer time to get the crowd hyped.

Tina San Antonio vs Santana Garrett - 6.5/10
The match is pretty much the strong and powerful heel Tina vs the fierce babyface Santana. Tina San Antonio actually did a great job making all her offense look really painful and overpowered. Match for the most part was somewhat technical with great looking wrestling, you can tell at this point that Santana is destined for greatness if she keeps it up. Finish works perfectly for the power vs heart fight between these two.

"AK-47" Allysin Kay and Taylor Made vs Su Yung and Tracy Taylor - 6/10
I've met Su Yung before and she's small, here she makes me realize that all these girls are small themselves. While the ref is checking the wrestler's boots, Allysin Kay wins automatically for telling the ref to 'check her cleavage' on Tracy Taylor. The match was a bit botchy when Tracy Taylor was in the ring, but once Kay and Made started controlling the match, it got a whole lot better, they're soo freaking good.

Kay and Made post-match promo - Kay was awesome, Made was good. We just saw the birth of 'Made in Sin" !!

Cherry Bomb vs Christina Von Eerie - 6/10
Match was mostly a brawl, not a lot of wrestling moves, but strikes and kicks. CVE botched a springboard move in the first minutes that looked hard on her knee, or maybe she was selling, because it didn't show in the rest of the match.

Jayme Jameson vs Reby Sky - 5/10
Jameson actually got the fans to chant "Chupacabra" at Sky. Jameson has been wrestling for 3 yrs with little to no name recognition, Sky is literally doing her in ring debut as a wrestler, I think it would be perfectly understandable to lower our standards to rate this match, but the girls actually manage to put on a good match, wrestling wasn't super technical or picture perfect, but they're both really good performers acting-wise.

Jazz Receives 2012 Legacy award - good for what it was. Mercedes Martinez interrupted the ceremony for her match, Daffney talked Jazz out of fighting, but it just made Jazz look a bit bad for not doing anything.

Spider-(Wo)man Leva Bates vs Mercedes Martinez - 6.5/10
Cool Spider-(Wo)man entrance for Leva, but Daffney kinda butchered it. Leva had one of those spider web shooters, and for the times she had a chance to use it, it looked like a good idea. Leva did a great job at being the smaller babyface, but she was facing Mercedes Martinez after all

Rain vs NIkki Roxx - 7.5/10
Awesome match by some of the most veteran wrestlers left in the industry at this point, two girls that should have been champions in more places. Rain was an awesome little heel considering Roxx is somewhat taller than her.

Sara del Rey vs Jazz build up video - a nice touch for an indie promotion.

Sara del Rey vs Jazz - 8/10
Jazz is ripped as fuck. There aren't many dream matches in women's wrestling, but this was definitely one. Did it live up to the hype? Personally yes, the match started a bit slow, but started escalating towards the end that got some great nearfalls. There are two things that I particularly think that hurt the match, the first being that Sara playing the heel took out a lot of the competition that some would want from a dream match like this, because it kinda forces Sara to play more on the crowd and not work Jazz; second, I think that regardless of how good these girls are, there's still a clash of styles just because of the generation and upbringing they had, so I think Sara had to slow down a bit for Jazz. Special kuddos to Jazz for the intensity she applied to every single move/lock, she made them look vicious.

Su Yung and Tracy Taylor promo - ok I guess, I just don't think this actually goes anywhere anyway

CVE and Cheery Bomb promo - Weird, couldn't hear shit, but it looked cute as fuck

Made in Sin promo - Awesome

Jazz promo - great, builds up to SHINE 2

This being the debut show for SHINE, i thought it was a great show, at least a whole lot better than SHIMMER Vol. 1. Some wrestling was botchy, but it's understandable from a first show on the indie scene. SHINE did a good job at booking some up and comers along with some girls that are already veteran of the sport, and topped it off with a legit dream match. Some things that I would change in the future is to change Daffney from introduction duties and add someone to color commentate with Lenny, he's good, but there were a lot of dead silence and having a women there to oppose Lenny would be awesome.

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