BRM Books ROH After Gabe

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BRM Books ROH After Gabe

Post by Big Red Machine » Jul 21st, '11, 22:48

It is October 26th, 2008, and ROH has just parted ways with one of its founders, Gabe Sapolsky, the only booker the company has ever known. Instead of turning to Adam Pearce, what if they gave the book to BRM?

Where we are now:
Over the past year, ROH has been dominated by a few major feuds: One of them started during Larry Sweeney's attempts to sign people to his faction; Sweet N' Sour Inc. Already having Chris Hero, Sara Del Rey, Eddie Edwards, Go Shiozaki, and Bobby Dempsey (the group's punching bag), Sweeney made a major acquisition in March 2008 at the Take No Prisoners PPV, when Adam Pearce announced that he had folded his own faction, the Hangmen 3 (Pearce, BJ Whitmer, Brent Albright, & Pearce's "manservant" Shane Hagadorn) and merged them into Sweet N' Sour Inc. BJ Whitmer didn't like this idea, though... so SnS injured him grievously with a Spike Pikedriver. In May, Brent Albright objected to the group's abusive treatment of Bobby Dempsey, and left the group with a whole bunch of suplexes all around.

In June, Roderick Strong defeated longtime rival Erick Stevens in a brutal Fight Without Honor. Impressed, Sweeney offered Strong a contract with Sweet N' Sour Inc. Strong turned it down... but was then attacked from behind by his stablemate Davey Richards, who did sign with SnS, and Strong began feuding with Davey.

In July, Erick Stevens and Go Shiozaki wrestled to a 15 minute draw. The crowd wanted five more minutes, but Sweeney wouldn't allow it, which led to a brawl between Stevens and members of SnS. Seeing a common enemy, Albright has been trying to get Stevens and Strong to work together to help take out Sweet N' Sour Inc.

Another major feud has been between The Age of the Fall (Tyler Black, the Necro Butcher, Lacey, and a few random occasional others, with the stable being led by Jimmy Jacobs) and Austin Aries. After courting Lacey for over a year in one of the best angles of all-time, with Lacey at first despising Jimmy, only keeping him around to manipulate him and because he was willing to do her bidding, and finally ending in Jimmy winning Lacey's love, (I really can't do it justice in this small a space) Jimmy Jacobs returned to ROH in the summer of 2007 leading a new stable, the Age of the Fall, debuting by brutally attacking the Briscoes.

Jacobs wanted to recruit Austin Aries into his stable, but Aries didn't want to join, so Jacobs sent Lacey to seduce Aries. Rather than Lacey convincing Aries to join the Age of the Fall, Aries convinced Lacey to leave the stable, and Lacey fell in love with Aries. This led to Jacobs spiraling into some crazy combination of depression and madness. At one point Jacobs was about to murder Aries with his trademark railroad spike, but Lacey begging for Aries' life caused Jimmy to go insane, cutting himself with his own weapon.

Aries and the Briscoes continued to feud with the Age of the Fall, with some major turns along the way. One of which was the following video:


After this, when an interviewer questioned Aries about Lacey, Aries responded: "Because of Jimmy Jacobs... we won't be seeing Lacey in ROH anymore"

Aries was now hungry for revenge, but rather than through violence, Aries used mind-games, and convinced the Necro Butcher to leave the AOTF. For his part, Jacobs took advantage of a vulnerable Delirious, who was depressed over Rhett Titus ruining his chances with his crush, Daizee Haze, and Jacobs manipulated Delirious into joining the AOTF. Jacobs also brought in Brodie Lee to counter the Necro Butcher. Things have not been all nice and perfect within the AOTF, however. Aside from Necro leaving, Jacobs has recently been getting into arguments with Tyler Black, who believes that Jacobs has become too focused on his hatred for Aries and has lost sight of the original goals of the group: to bring about positive social change.

It was recently announced that Aries and Jacobs would settle their feud in a series of three matches (Anything Goes, Dog Collar, & if necessary, and I Quit Match on PPV), the first of which happened on Gabe's last weekend of shows, which Jacobs won.

At this time, the ROH World Tag Team Champions are Kevin Steen and El Generico, who have just won the belts a month ago.
The ROH World Champion, Nigel McGuinness, has held onto the belt for over a year now, and has turned on the fans, becoming the first ROH Champion to do such despicable things as use the ropes for illegal leverage to win an ROH World Title match. Several wrestlers have been chasing McGuinness, including the Age of the Fall's Tyler Black, as well as Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson. Castagnoli, frustrated at being pinned by Danielson so often, turned heel, viciously attacking him. Danielson, for his part, has earned a shot at the ROH World Title on ROH's next PPV.

A lot of the stuff that you will see here are not exactly my own original ideas, but a mixture of things that Gabe actually had planned for the rest of 2008 (as he reveals on the Kayfabe Commentaries DVD Gabe's Book of ROH Secrets) as best I remember it, mixed in with my own stuff. Once we get to 2009, however, it is all me (in a few cases building off of the foundation that Gabe had set):

The Roster:

Bryan Danielson
Kevin Steen (ROH World Tag Team Champion)
El Generico (ROH World Tag Team Champion)
Brent Albright
Roderick Strong
Erick Stevens
Austin Aries
Necro Butcher
Jay Briscoe
Mark Briscoe
Jerry Lynn
Kenny Omega
Daizee Haze
Lacey (see video above for her status)
Grizzly Redwood (ROH Student)
Andy "Right Leg" Ridge (ROH Student)
"Sugarfoot" Alex Payne (ROH Student)
Bobby Dempsey (ROH Student- part of Sweet N' Sour Inc.)

Occasional babyfaces:
The Vulture Squad
Jack Evans

Irish Airborne:
Jake Crist
Dave Crist

Ace Steel

Nigel McGuinness (ROH World Champion)
Claudio Castagnoli
Kenny King
Jason Blade
Rhett Titus
"Dirty" Ernie Osiris (ROH Student)

Sweet N' Sour Inc.
Larry Sweeney (manager)
Adam Pearce
Chris Hero
Davey Richards
Eddie Edwards
Go Shiozaki
Shane Hagadorn
Sara Del Rey

Age of the Fall:
Jimmy Jacobs (leader)
Tyler Black
Brodie Lee
MsChif (SHIMMER Women Athletes Champion)

Occasionally, NOAH and SHIMMER talent will be brought in, and other will be phased in as they were in real life (with me taking one or two liberties with special appearances, but nothing major).
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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

Post by Big Red Machine » Jul 21st, '11, 22:51

These two shows occur exactly as Adam Pearce had booked them (and I'm pretty sure that Pearce just followed Gabe's plan):

The French Connection- Montreal, Quebec 11/7/08
1. Erick Stevens beat Eddie Edwards.
2. Jay & Mark Briscoe beat Kenny Omega & Kenny King. Late in the match Kenny King walked out on Omega leaving him alone to face the Briscoes. Rhett Titus appeared at ringside and left with King.
3. Necro Butcher defeated Brodie Lee by DQ after other members of the Age of the Fall attacked The Butcher.
4. Jerry Lynn beat Delirious.
5. Davey Richards beat Roderick Strong.
6. Bryan Danielson & Austin Aries beat Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black.
7. In a battle of champions elimination match, Nigel McGuinness retained the ROH World Title after defeating Kevin Steen. Earlier eliminations saw Go Shiozaki beat El Generico and Kevin Steen beat Go Shiozaki.

Bound By Hate- Markham, Ontario 11/8/08
1. Davey Richards beat Jerry Lynn.
2. Rhett Titus & Kenny King defeated Delirious & Brodie Lee by countout. Delirious (legal man) chased Titus (not the legal man) to the back.
3. Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens beat Go Shiozaki & Eddie Edwards.
4. Austin Aries beat Jimmy Jacobs in a bloody Dog Collar Match.
5. Grizzley Redwood beat Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne
6. Bryan Danielson defeated Tyler Black & Kenny Omega in a tremendous Three Way Match.
7. Necro Butcher defeated Nigel McGuinness by DQ in an ROH World Title Match after Delirious & Brodie Lee of Age of the Fall interfered. Kevin Steen & El Generico made the save for Necro.
8. Kevin Steen & El Generico defeated Jay & Mark Briscoe to retain the ROH World Tag Team Titles.
9. After the show Erick Stevens was attacked in the lobby of the building by Davey Richards, Go Shiozaki, Eddie Edwards, & Shane Hagadorn.
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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

Post by Big Red Machine » Jul 21st, '11, 22:58

Escalation- Dayton, OH 11/21/08
1. Brent Albright beat Davey Richards
2. Go Shiozaki won a Four Corner Survival that included Grizzly Redwood, Sami Callahan, & Rhett Titus
3. Jay & Mark Briscoe beat Irish Airborne
4. Roderick Strong vs. Chris Hero ended in a no contest.
5. Kevin Steen & El Generico beat Jimmy Jacobs & Delirious to retain the World Tag Team Titles.
6. Bryan Danielson defeated Claudio Castagnoli
7. Tyler Black won a non-title Thee Way Match over Austin Aries and ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness when Tyler pinned Nigel.

After the match, the Age of the Fall came down to the ring to beat down Aries, but Aries managed to escape. Jacobs and Delirious gave chase, but Tyler didn't. Instead, Tyler told Nigel that he was coming after his belt. Nigel replied "You beat me once... if you want to do it again, your welcome to try any time you like." The show ended with Nigel and Tyler shaking hands.
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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

Post by Big Red Machine » Jul 24th, '11, 17:55

Rising Above 2008- Chicago Ridge, IL 11/22/08- (PPV!)
It is announced that starting tonight, ROH will now have a 20 count on the floor
1. ROH World Tag Team Title Match: Kevin Steen & El Generico defeated Jay & Mark Briscoe to retain
2. SHIMMER Title Match: MsChif defeated Sara Del Rey to retain
3. Delirious beat “Addicted to Love” Rhett Titus
4. Four Corner Survival Match: Claudio Castagnoli def. Alex Payne, Silas Young, and Sami Callihan when he pinned Alex Payne.
After the match, Claudio continued to beat Payne down until Bryan Danielson chases him off.
5. Roderick Strong, Brent Albright, and Ace Steel def. Davey Richards, Adam Pearce, & Go Shiozaki
6. I Quit Match: Austin Aries vs. Jimmy Jacobs
The two men beat the living hell out of each other. Brodie Lee, Tyler Black, and Delirious of the Age of the Fall tried to interfere but were chased off by Necro Butcher and the Briscoe Brothers, making it once again just Aries vs. Jacobs. They continued to beat the sh*t out of each other with absolutely everything they had. They got into a "sword fight" with a pair of steel chairs when suddenly someone shouted "STOP!"

Aries and Jacobs both stopped as Lacey jumped the barricade. She grabbed a mic and got into the ring, pleading with both men to stop the fighting. "If one of you really loves me, you'll stop this madness!"

Jacobs falls to his knees and says"I quit."

Aries blasts Jimmy in the back of the head with a chair! He goes for another chairshot, but Lacey dives on top of Jimmy to protect him. She screams at Aries to go to the back, and after a few moments, he does. Lacey calls for a doctor, and Jacobs is stretchered out of the arena

7. ROH World Title Match: Nigel McGuinness def. Bryan Danielson to retain (PPV main event)
- At one point during the match, while Dragon was in the entrance aisle, Claudio Castagnoli sneaked up behind him and hit him in the back of the head with a steel chair. Just when it didn't look like Dragon would be able to make it back to the ring in time to beat the count-out, "Sugarfoot" Alex Payne came out and carried Dragon back to the ring, helping him beat the count. Basically the same match we got in real life (my all-time favorite, too).

8. Samoa Joe defeated Chris Hero (DVD only bonus match [because TNA understandably wouldn't let Joe be on the PPV])
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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

Post by Big Red Machine » Feb 9th, '12, 08:45

Wrestling At The Gateway- Collinsville, IL- 12/5/2008
1. The Briscoes & Kenny Omega beat Kenny King, Sal Rinuaro, & Rhett Titus after Omega pinned Rinuaro.
2. Daizee Haze confronted Rhett Titus about their relationship. Necro Butcher came out and delivered a devastating right hand to Titus and threatened more punishment unless Titus admitted the truth. Titus eventually admitted to everybody that he lied about sleeping with Daizee
3. Delirious beat Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne
4. In a SHIMMER Four Corner Survival, Sara Del Rey beat Daizee Haze, Serena Deeb, & Ashley Lane after Del Rey pinned Lane.
5. Davey Richards def. Brent Albright
6. Erick Stevens def. Necro Butcher
7. Irish Airborne def. Grizzly Redwood & Buchwhacker Luke Williams.
8. Austin Aries cut a promo telling us that he invited Lacey to be in his corner this weekend now that she has returned to ROH, but she refused to answer any of his calls.
9. Tyler comes out and cuts a promo telling us that Jimmy isn't here this weekend because of the injuries he sustained at Aries' hands at Rising Above 2008. Tyler continues to tell us that even without Jimmy here, he will still spread the Age Of The Fall's message this weekend.
10. Tyler Black def. Austin Aries cleanly
11.Bryan Danielson def Claudio Castagnoli in a NO DQ Match.
12. Nigel McGuinness defeated Jerry Lynn to retain the ROH World Title by pinning Lynn with his feet on the ropes

Survival Of The Fittest 2008- Nashville TN- 12/6/2008

1. Survival Of The Fittest Qualifier: Claudio Castagnoli def. Necro Butcher
2. Survival Of The Fittest Qualifier: Kenny King def. Grizzly Redwood
3. Survival Of The Fittest Qualifier: Tyler Black def. Rhett Titus- after the match, Tyler cut a promo about winning the ROH World Title and about creating positive change with the Age of The Fall
4. Survival Of The Fittest Qualifier: Erick Stevens vs. Delirious never got started because Davey jumped Stevens before the match, injuring his leg with a steel chair. Stevens' spot in the tournament is given to Jerry Lynn due to Nigel's cheating to beat Lynn last night
5. Survival Of The Fittest Qualifier: Jerry Lynn def. Delirious
6. Survival Of The Fittest Qualifier: Davey Richards def. Necro Butcher after Rhett distracted Necro
7. Survival Of The Fittest Qualifier: Kenny Omega def Brent Albright when Omega rolled Albright up.
8. The Briscoe Brothers def. Bryan Danielson & Austin Aries (pinning Aries) to earn a match with Kensuke Sasaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima at Final Battle 2008
9. ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness def. Ace Steel in a non-title match
10. Survival Of The Fittest Match: Tyler Black vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Kenny Omega vs. Kenny King vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Davey Richards
- Claudio eliminates Omega with Roaring Swiss Death
- Tyler Black eliminates Davey Richards
---- Claudio dominates all three men, but eventually they work together to bring him down, hitting him with all of there finishers consecutively, with Lynn getting the pin
- Kenny King eliminates Tyler with a roll-up after a distraction by Nigel McGuinness
- Jerry Lynn Eliminates Kenny King to win the Survival Of The Fittest Tournament and earn a shot at the ROH World Title

An edition of the ROH newswire tells us that both Lacey and Jimmy Jacobs will be at Final Battle 2008.
We are also told that Tyler Black will challenge Nigel McGuinness for the ROH World Title, having earned a match by pinning Nigel McGuinness back at Escalation.
Claudio Castagnoli calls out Jerry Lynn, calling Lynn's Survival Of The Fittest win "bogus." Claudio says that he should have won the match, and the only reason he lost is because three guys ganged up on him
Also announced is the Blow-off the to feud between Sweet N' Sour Inc. and Albright, Strong, & Stevens in the form of a 5-on-5 Steel Cage Warfare match. Both groups have until the start of the match to finalize their teams.
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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

Post by Big Red Machine » Mar 30th, '12, 09:32

All-Star Extravaganza IV- Philadelphia, PA- 12/26/2008
1. Jerry Lynn def. Kenny Omega after a hard-fought match. After the match, Lynn offered Omega a handshake and raised his hand as well as a sign of respect.
2. Erick Stevens Stevens def. Chris Hero
3. ROH World Tag Team Champions Kevin Steen & El Generico def. Kensuke Sasaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima to retain the ROH World Tag Team Titles
After the match, Albright, Stevens, and Strong came out and asked Steen & Generico to be on their team for Steel Cage Warfare tomorrow night. Steen said that he is annoyed by the fact that he and Generico don’t even have a match for tomorrow night yet, despite being the tag champs, so they will go for it, just to be in a featured match.
4. Takeshi Morishima beat Go Shiozaki
After intermission, Larry Sweeney, Chris Hero, Sara Del Rey, and Bobby Dempsey come out to the ring. Sweeney gets on the mic and invites Steen & Generico to come out to the ring. They don’t show, so Sweeney says “there is no trap here. Chris Hero and Sara Del Rey are here for my protection. That’s how great you guys are. You strike fear into the heart of a brave man like myself. I don’t want to hurt you guys. Quite the opposite. I want to offer your contracts with Sweet N’ Sour Inc. You’ll have tons of featured matches, make lots of money, and even get your own personal stress ball” (At this point Hero and Del Rey unleash some chops on poor Bobby).
Steen and Generico finally come down the ramp, and the minute that they do, the American Wolves jump them from behind, chop blocking them and going after their knees with chairs. Sweeney says “that’s what happens to people who side against Sweet N’ Sour Larry Sweeney!” (followed by his trademark laugh) Albright, Strong, and Stevens come out, also armed with chairs, to make the save, leading to…
5. The American Wolves (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.) def. Roderick Strong & Brent Albright (w/Erick Stevens)
The Wolves win after an SnS distraction. Strong & Albright couldn’t deal with the numbers game, and when Stevens tried to help out, he accidentally got hit by Roody and stormed off.
6. The Age of the Fall (Tyler Black & Delirious) & Claudio Castagnoli def. The Necro Butcher & The Briscoe Brothers
- before the match, Tyler Black cut a promo preaching the Age Of The Fall’s message of positive change, and even said that he thought that Jimmy, understandably, after all Jimmy has gone through this year, lost sight of the group’s message, and that it got to be too destructive. Tyler tries to talk Claudio into joining the group and using his money to help others, but Claudio turns him down.
- during the match Daizee Haze came to ringside. At one point, when the Briscoes were pounding on Delirious, Daizee got their attention and begged them to stop, leading to Tyler rolling Jay up for the win.
7. ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness wrestled Bryan Danielson to a 30-minute time limit draw. The fans will surely want five more minutes, and Dragon does, too, but Nigel refuses, saying that he doesn’t even understand why ROH even put Dragon in the ring with him again after he beat Dragon in Chicago at Rising Above 2008
8. Naomichi Marufuji defeated Austin Aries
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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

Post by Big Red Machine » May 7th, '13, 20:02

ROH Final Battle 2008 (12/27/2008)- Manhattan, NY:

1. FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL: Jerry Lynn vs. Kenny Omega vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Sal Rinauro-
Claudio hits finishers on both Omega and Rinaruo but then gets rolled up by Jerry Lynn for the pin. Lynn goes to the back, but a furious Claudio grabs a chair and tries to take out Omega and Sal but Jerry Lynn comes back out to make the save.


3. DELIRIOUS (w/Jimmy Jacobs) def. NECRO BUTCHER (w/Daizee Haze)
Daizee tried to talk Delirious into leaving the AOTF but he wouldn't listen. Jacobs interfered during the finish.


5. We get a segment where Austin Aries calls out Lacey. He thanks her for getting Jimmy to quit in their match at Rising Above 2008, but asks her why she protected Jimmy afterwards. Lacey says that she didn't get Jimmy to quit to help Aries win. She did it because she couldn't stand the sight of two men she has loved trying to kill each other over her. Lacey says that she cares deeply about them both, and reveals that, in the Requiem of Lacey Video everyone thought she left Aries and ROH because Jimmy attacked her or threatened to attack her, but what really happened was that Jimmy threatened to kill himself if Lacey didn't leave Aries. As a result, Lacey thought she could end everything by leaving ROH for good... but Aries and Jacobs still tried to kill each other over her, so now she is back and she wants them to get along... so she wants to manage them as the new Lacey's Angels. She wants them to be friends. She says that Jacobs has already agreed to the idea and asks Aries to do the same. She calls Jimmy out, and after a long, intense, staredown... Aries agrees.


7. FIGHT WITHOUT HONOR: Bryan Danielson def. Takeshi Morishima

8. ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Nigel McGuinness(c) vs. Tyler Black. Tyler wins clean. After the match, Jacobs comes out and tells Tyler to destroy the belt because the belt is a symbol of the system and the Age of the Fall want to bring down the system, but Tyler tells him that AOTF was about trying to create a positive change, and he refuses. At a signal from Jacobs, Delirious and Brodie Lee come out and Tyler gets beaten down. Jacobs grabs a sledgehammer and is going to destroy the belt but Dragon, Nigel, Aries, & Morishima all come out to make the save. Jacobs and Aries don't actually touch each other, though.

9. STEEL CAGE WARFARE: Sweet N' Sour Inc. (The American Wolves, Shane Hagadorn, Chris Hero, & Sara Del Rey) (w/Larry Sweeney) vs. Brent Albright, Roderick Strong, Erick Stevens, Kevin Steen, & El Generico
SnS jump Steen & Generico during their entrance and take out Steen's knee. The other three babyfaces come out to make the save, but Steen's injury leaves them one guy short.
Order is restored, and Steen is being helped off by medical personnel. While that is happening, Sweeney orders his guys to chop the sh*t out of Bobby Dempsey, saying "let's see if you can take out another fat, pathetic, good for nothing sack of sh*t." While his guys are tormenting Bobby, Sweeney declares that this will be the fate of anyone who dares to oppose Sweet N' Sour Inc. They will be beaten down to the point where they are nothing but a pathetic little b*tch like Bobby Dempsey." All of a sudden Dempsey flies into a rage and starts to fight back. The babyfaces come over to help him and Dempsey manages to grab Hagadorn and toss him in the cage. While order is restored again on the outside, Bobby says that he is sick and tired of taking sh*t from SnS, and he has decided to join the babyface team tonight!
Anyway, the match progress and everyone is in. First Dempsey eliminates Hagadorn, but then the heels take over, eliminating everyone aside from Strong and Stevens (Eddie makes Generico tap). Stevens and Strong manage to work together and overcome the odds, eliminating all of the heels. They shake hands afterwards.
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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

Post by Big Red Machine » Jan 31st, '16, 17:06

It's back, motherf*ckers!

Our first video wire of the new year contains the following important (or semi-important) segments:
- Tyler Black says he wants to be a fighting champion so he wants to defend his belt on both nights of his first weekend as champion.
- Backstage after Final Battle, Sal Rinauro and Kenny Omega thank Jerry Lynn for saving them from Claudio.
- Backstage after Final Battle, Stevens and Strong celebrate their victory (and Brent Albright is there, too). They thank Brent for bringing them together and announce that the three of them are the new No Remorse Corps.
- The Briscoes cut a promo saying they have bigger things to focus on in 2009, so they want to get this “American Wolves bullsh*t” over and done with as quickly as possible, so they challenge to Wolves to a No DQ’s match at the first show of 2009 on Jan. 16 in Manassas, VA.
- Nigel McGuinness says he doesn’t want to wait to get his title back so he wants his rematch as soon as possible.
- A segment with Lacey trying tell Jacobs and Aries about the matches she as signed them to, and begging them to please cooperate with each other. Jacobs and Aries do nothing but give each other death-glares the entire time.
- Larry Sweeney is angry that Sweet N’ Sour Inc. lost the Steel Cage Warfare match.
- Also, we get a replay of Tyler Black winning the ROH World Title, his segment with Jimmy Jacobs and split from the Age of the Fall, and Jacobs trying to destroy the belt but being stopped for all of the former ROH World Champions in the company.

Tyler Black’s wish to defend the ROH World Title on both nights of his first weekend as champion has been granted. In Manassas he will face Nigel McGuinness, who is cashing in his rematch, and if he gets through Nigel, he will defend the title the next night in Edison, NJ against Jerry Lynn, who is cashing in his Survival of the Fittest victory (and if Nigel beats Tyler, Nigel will defend the belt against Lynn).

Larry Sweeney has accepted the Briscoes’ challenge, and so the main event of ROH’s first show of 2009 will be a No DQ’s match between the Briscoes and the American Wolves to end their feud.
January 16th in Manassas will also see the ROH debut of Bison Smith, who will go one-on-one with the Necro Butcher! On 1/17 in Edison, Necro will face the loser of Friday night’s Black vs. McGuinness ROH World Title match.

ROH’s show on Jan. 30 in Detroit will be called Motor City Madness 2009 because it is sure to be a wild one- including an Honor Rumble which will determine who will challenge for the ROH World Title the next night in Chicago on PPV at Undeniable 2009-, but the main event of Motor City Madness 2009 will feature ROH World Tag Team Champions Kevin Steen & El Generico (who are not booked this weekend because Steen was injured by Sweet N’ Sour Inc. at Final Battle while Generico had personal commitments in his native Mexico) will defend their titles in a Tag Team Four Corner Survival. To determine who the three challengers will be, ROH management has booked many tag matches this weekend in Manassas and Edison, including:
For Manassas:
The No Remorse Corps (Erick Stevens & Roderick Strong) vs. Bryan Danielson & Jerry Lynn
Lacey’s Angels (Jimmy Jacobs & Austin Aries) vs. Chris Escobar & Damien Wayne
The YRR (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) vs. ROH Dojo graduates Andy Ridge & Grizzly Redwood
Kenny Omega & Sal Rinauro vs. The Age of the Fall (Brodie Lee & Delirious)
For Edison:
The Briscoes vs. The Age of the Fall
The American Wolves vs. Kenny Omega & Sal Rinauro
Lacey’s Angels vs. Ridge & Redwood
The No Remorse Corps vs. Ernie Osiris & Sean Denny
The YRR vs. Wayne & Escobar

The three teams that impress ROH management the most will get a shot at the tag titles in Detroit!

ROH Beginnings and Endings (1/16/2009) Manassas, VA

PRE-SHOW MATCH: Bobby Dempsey def. John Kermon

The show opens with Lenny Leonard or Dave Prazak (whoever they want to pay to bring up to Virginia) conducting the traditional interview with a new ROH World Champion to open the first show of his reign. Tyler Black says that he is going to carry on the work of the Age of the Fall by using the ROH World Title as a platform to preach positive change. Creating change takes hard work and dedication, and his ROH World Title victory and title reign will be a symbol to show people that hard work can pay off.
Jimmy Jacobs comes out and declares Tyler to be a traitor to the cause, and says that he will destroy the ROH World Title… and if Tyler wants to stand in the way, he will destroy him, too. They are separated by security before they can start fighting.

ANDY RIDGE & GRIZZLY REDWOOD vs. THE YRR (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) (w/Jason Blade & random hot chicks)-
YRR win clean, but we let Grizz get his sh*t in.

KENNY OMEGA & SAL RINAURO vs. THE AGE OF THE FALL (Brodie Lee & Delirious) (w/Jimmy Jacobs)-
AOTF win after interference from Jacobs lets them get the advantage. The Age of the Fall go for a post-match beat-down, but Jerry Lynn comes out to make the save.

Bison picks up the clean win in his ROH debut.

BRYAN DANIELSON & JERRY LYNN vs. THE NO REMORSE CORPS (Eric Stevens & Roderick Strong) (w/Brent Albright)-
This is your "main event" of the first half with Roddy managing to catch Dragon in a roll-up in the last minute before the time limit expires. Handshakes all around after the match.

SIX MAN SCRAMBLE: Brent Albright vs. Ernie Osiris vs. Sean Denny vs. Bobby Dempsey vs. Shane Hagadorn (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.) vs. Jason Blade (w/the YRR & random hot chicks)-
Dempsey spends the match trying to get his hands on Hagadorn but any time he tries to hit him with something, it is always broken up and Hagadorn escapes. Brent Albright picks up the victory, pinning Ernie Osiris.

LACEY’S ANGELS (Jimmy Jacobs & Austin Aries) (w/Lacey) vs. CHRIS ESCOBAR & DAMIEN WAYNE-
Jacobs & Aries pretty much refuse to tag each other, and it is only pleading from Lacey that stops them from coming to blows multiple times. Despite this, they still manage to pick up the victory when Jacobs hits his big senton but doesn’t realize that Aries made a blind tag while he was climbing the turnbuckle to hit the move, so Aries pretty much steals Jacobs’ pin. Once again it is only intervention by Lacey that prevents them from coming to blows.

ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Tyler Black(c) vs. Nigel McGuinness
They got for about twenty minutes before Jimmy Jacobs shows up and tries to steal the ROH World Title belt. Tyler Black goes to stop him, resulting in them fighting, which causes a DQ. The rest of the Age of the Fall comes out to help Jimmy, but Nigel McGuinness, angry that Jimmy cost him a title match by getting him DQed, starts to fight against them. Bryan Danielson and Austin Aries also come out to fight against the AOTF (though Jacobs and Aries never touch each other) and soon our babyfaces have forced the heels away as once again the former ROH World Champions remaining in the company have prevented Jimmy Jacobs’ plans to destroy the ROH World Title.

NO DISQUALIFICATIONS MATCH: The Briscoes vs. The American Wolves (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
Carnage happens. We get some spot where Hagadorn tries to interfere so Bobby Dempsey comes out and chases him and Sweeney off, leaving the Briscoes and the Wolves alone to finish their match, which is won by the Briscoes.

ROH in Edison, NJ (1/17/2009)- DVD will be named “Dishonorable Conduct

THE BRISCOES vs. THE AGE OF THE FALL (Brodie Lee & Delirious) (w/Jimmy Jacobs)-
Jimmy interferes in the match a bit, but Lacey comes out and asks him to stop, so he stops. The Briscoes eventually pick up the win, pinning Delirious.

NRC squash the jobbers.

Sal & Omega pull of the upset victory when Omega rolls Eddie up. Sweet N’ Sour Inc. start to beat Sal and Kenny down, but Jerry Lynn and Bobby Dempsey come out to make the save.

FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL MATCH: Bison Smith vs. John Kermon vs. “Sugarfoot” Alex Payne vs. Jason Blade (w/the YRR and random hot chicks)-
Bison dominates the match, even when the others all try to team up on him. The finish sees Bison toss blade to the outside onto his YRR cohorts, then powerbomb Kermon over the top rope onto all of them, then hit his finisher on Sugarfoot for the win.

Nigel refuses to shake hands before the match, saying he is upset that his title shot got ruined and that he won’t shake anyone’s hand until he is granted another. Nigel wins clean via London Dungeon and leaves the ring without offering Necro a handshake. Necro sits there for a bit, looking disappointed with his loss (which the announcers will let us know has now made him 0-2 this weekend).

Sweet N’ Sour Inc. come out and Sweeney and Hagadorn cut a promo on Dempsey, saying that they refused to be embarrassed the way they were earlier and demand that Dempsey come out to face Hagadorn right now. Dempsey comes out and accepts the challenge, so we get…

Sweet N’ Sour Inc. shenanigans screws Dempsey in his home market.

CHRIS ESCOBAR & DAMIEN WAYNE vs. THE YRR (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) (w/Jason Blade & random hot chicks)-
Rhett & Kenny win clean in a semi-squash.

LACEY’S ANGELS (Jimmy Jacobs & Austin Aries) (w/Lacey) vs. ANDY RIDGE & GRIZZLY REDWOOD-
The story with Lacey’s Angels is the same as last night, with them refusing to tag each other and Lacey barely preventing them from coming to blows. This time it is Jacobs who steals Aries’ pin and once again they almost fight after the match until Lacey begs them not to.

Dragon def. Albright clean in twenty minutes.

At this point on the DVD, there would be a backstage segment in which the Briscoes yell at Aries for teaming with Jimmy Jacobs after everything the three of them went through together in their way with Jacobs’ Age of the Fall last year.

ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Tyler Black(c) vs. Jerry Lynn-
Much like the Tyler Black vs. Nigel McGuinness world title match that took place on this show in real life, they go for a long time until we get a ref bump. At this point Jimmy Jacobs comes out to once again try to steal the ROH World Title belt, and the rest of the Age of the Fall comes out to help him beat up Lynn and Tyler. The Briscoes come out to fight with AOTF, and Kenny Omega and Sal Rinauro also join the fray, fighting AOTF to protect Jerry Lynn. The presence of Sal & Kenny brings out Sweet N’ Sour Inc. Bobby Dempsey comes out to fight them but gets beaten down as well.

The numbers are now 6-5 in favor of the heels (not counting Lynn and Black, who are so drained from their still-ongoing match that they can’t do much), and so this leaves Jimmy Jacobs free to grab the ROH World Title belt. Jimmy tries to run backstage with the belt but is intercepted by a huge lariat from Nigel McGuinness, who is angry at Jimmy for getting him DQed in his world title match last night. Nigel is then attacked from behind by Necro Butcher, who is angry that Nigel disrespected him earlier by not shaking hands. Necro also starts to beat up Jacobs, though, and eventually gets some chairs or some-such and is about to give Jimmy a Tigerbomb onto a pile of them but Brodie Lee breaks it up and they brawl.

The chaos continues as the schmoz keeps snowballing. At one point Sweet N’ Sour Inc. are going to give Dempsey a spike DR-Driver, so Brent Albright runs out to help Dempsey, soon followed by his No Remorse Corps cohorts. Even the YRR runs in, briefly taking control of the ring as Kenny King shouts that they are here to make their name by taking on the big dogs of ROH.
Finally, there is a moment where the ring is clear of bodies as everyone is brawling on the floor, and in this moment, Bryan Danielson comes out from the back and runs into the ring with a microphone in hand:

Bryan picks the belt up and holds it over his head, yelling at everyone to break this schmoz up right now until he is attack from behind by Jimmy Jacobs. Jimmy goes to retrieve the title belt from where it has fallen (still in the ring), and he find himself face-to-face with Austin Aries, who has just come out from the back. They have a stare-down and a yell at each other. Aries shoves Jacobs! Jacobs shoves Aries!

It’s Lacey, who has come out from the back, desperately trying to get the two men she has loved- and still loves- not to fight each other.
Then Shane Hagadorn runs right by Lacey. Then Bobby Dempsey, who is chasing Hagadorn, runs right smack into Lacey, and she takes a bump.
Jacobs and Aries both let out screams of primal rage! Both charge with suicide dives that smack into Dempsey and knock him down. Then both men start to punch Dempsey in the face. Aries manages to wedge his way in front of Jacobs, so Jacobs grabs Aries from behind and pulls him off so that he can be the one to punish Dempsey for hurting Lacey… but then Aries charges at Jacobs from behind and the two of them start brawling.

Eventually everyone brawls away from ringside, leaving us with just Tyler Black, Jerry Lynn, and the now- groggy referee. After all, there is still an ROH World Title match going on.
Black eventually picks up the win with the Small Package Driver to retain.
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

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Editorial note:
I have decided that in this fantasy universe, ROH will not be getting a TV deal with HDnet. The reason for this is simply that after so much fantasy booking of WWE, TNA, and 2015 ROH, which are all about TV shows building up to a big PPV/iPPV, I wanted to book something in a more indy, “show to show, make each show feel important” (but still have a few select supercards) style because that is the style I feel is most creatively/artistically satisfying (I will still keep my WWE thing going, so I will be doing one of each style). What this means for the schedule is that I will be running regular shows to replace some of the TV tapings, but not all of them. I do still plan on doing Final Battle 2009 as an iPPV and continuing with the iPPVs for certain big shows thereafter.


The Monday after the show, the ROH website announces that the three teams that impressed ROH officials last weekend were The Briscoes, the No Remorse Corps of Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens, the young upstart team of Kenny King and ROH Dojo graduate Rhett Titus, representing the YRR. These three teams will challenge Kevin Steen and El Generico for the ROH World Tag Team Titles in a Four Corner Survival Match on 1/30 in Detroit at Motor City Madness 2009.

On Tuesday, there would be a Videowire containing the following:
- Clips of the various tag teams that are getting the tag title shot picking up their wins
- A promo from Rhett and Kenny talking about how they celebrated YRR-style after their wins over the weekend and now they are going to go out and celebrate some more because they found out that they are in the tag title match in Detroit. They invite all of the fine ladies in Detroit to the massive party the YRR will be throwing at their five star hotel after the show when they win the ROH World Tag Team Titles.
- Clips of Jimmy Jacobs’ confrontation with Tyler Black at the beginning of the Manassas show and interfering in his title defense against Nigel McGuinness later that night.
- Nigel McGuinness cuts a promo saying he wants “vengeance” on Jimmy Jacobs for ruining his title shot (this would be taped in Manassas and also included on the end of that DVD)
- Clips of the big schmoz in the main event in Edison, including the various run-ins and ending with the entirety of Bryan Danielson’s speech (and him getting attacked from behind by Jimmy Jacobs during it)
- Bryan Danielson cuts a promo blaming the Age of the Fall for ruining both world title matches that weekend. He says this sort of thing should not be in ROH, and he wants to stamp it out, so he is going to find two partners who represent what ROH is all about, and he wants to face the Age of the Fall in a six man tag team match on 1/30 in Detroit (this would be taped in Edison and also included on the end of that DVD).
- We get clips of the Aries and Jacobs attempting to team together over the weekend at Lacey’s urging.
- We see the video included on the Edison DVD of the Briscoes yelling at Aries for teaming with Jimmy Jacobs.
- We see the clip of the schmoz containing all of the stuff between Aries, Jacobs, Lacey, and Bobby Dempsey.
- We get three separate short promos, first one by Bobby Dempsey saying that he didn’t mean to hurt Lacey and apologizing for doing so, then one each by Jacobs and Aries swearing make Dempsey pay for hurting Lacey.
- We get a promo by the Briscoes vowing to defeat Steen & Generico and win back the ROH World Tag Team Titles.

Later in the week, we get a newswire that announces the following:
- Not only has Bryan Danielson’s challenge to the Age of the Fall for Detroit been approved by ROH management, but by the next morning, ROH officials had already received calls from two men volunteering to be Danielson’s partners. In Detroit it will be the Age of the Fall facing off against a trio of men whose status in ROH can only be described as iconic: Bryan Danielson, Nigel McGuinness, & Austin Aries!
- Speaking of six man tag team matches, ROH’s shows in Florida next month will be return of Trios Tournament! As with past years, the members of the winning team will each receive the ability to book themselves in one match of their choice at any point in the future!
-As a punishment to the Age of the Fall for ruining the two ROH World Title matches last weekend, they will not be allowed to enter the Honor Rumble.
- The ROH World Tag Team Titles WILL be defended on PPV in Chicago, but because of the four-way for the titles the night before, ROH management will hold off on announcing any possible matches and all matches in Chicago for those four teams will be booked on the day of the show
- due to both the Honor Rumble and the tag title match the preceding night creating a lot of uncertainty about who will be able to be matched up with whom, ROH officials will not be officially announcing any more matches for Chicago’s PPV. What we will, do, however, is release many possible matches that ROH officials are planning on booking, depending on the outcomes the previous night.
- SHIMMER, officials, however, are proud to announce that SHIMMER Champion MsChif will be in Chicago, and she will be defending the SHIMMER Title against the winner of a #1 contendership match in Detroit pitting Neveah against Serena Deeb!
- Also booked for Detroit is a match between two young teams both looking to impress ROH officials: Kenny Omega & Sal Rinauro vs. Irish Airborne.

On Friday, we get a bunch of perspective matches for Chicago including Danielson vs. Edwards, Claudio vs. Davey, Claudio vs. Lynn, Lynn & Danielson vs. The American Wolves, Lynn, Omega, & Rinauro vs. Sweet N’ Sour Inc., Danielson vs. Omega, the NRC vs. Sweet N’ Sour Inc., Jacobs vs. Claudio, Brodie Lee vs. Necro Butcher, etc. etc.

The Monday after the Newswire goes up, there an article is published on the website indicating that Austin Aries has withdrawn from the big six man tag team match because he has changed his mind and doesn’t want to face his current tag team partner Jimmy Jacobs, feeling that doing so would only exacerbate the severe issues between them and make it even harder for them to function as a tag team. Although baffled because this is a complete 180 Aries’ comments to ROH management when he volunteered to be in this match last week, ROH officials has acceded to Aries request, and have also granted his request to for a singles match against Necro Butcher instead.
The article also announces that ROH World Champion Tyler Black has stepped up and volunteered to replace Aries against his former Age of the Fall allies.

On Wednesday, we get a videowire with the following:
- A promo from Steen & Generico about their title defenses that weekend
- A promo from Jerry Lynn about how he would sure love to win the Honor Rumble and get another shot at the ROH World Title because of the big schmoz in his title match
- A promo from Nigel McGuinness about how he feels he is owed a world title match because Jimmy Jacobs caused a DQ in his contractually obligated rematch, but if he has to win the Honor Rumble to get one, then so be it.
- Adam Pearce announces that he is coming to Detroit and Chicago for two reasons: 1) to win the Honor Rumble and the ROH World Title, and 2) to take care of that fat sack of crap Bobby Dempsey once and for all.
- We get a promo from Necro from Necro Butcher talking about how times have been hard for him and his family recently, and to be quite honest, he hasn’t been helping much with his big six-match losing streak recently. In fact, ROH officials have told him that he need to start picking up wins or else they might cut his bookings back. Necro vows not only to win his match with Austin Aries in Detroit, but also to win the Honor Rumble and go on to Chicago and win the ROH World Title so he can provide a good life for his family.
- Bryan Danielson is fine teaming with Tyler Black and says he would have been fine teaming with Austin Aries, but he is apprehensive about teaming with Nigel, both because of their years-long rivalry and because he is looking for people who embody what Ring of Honor stands for… and last year at the Sixth Anniversary Show, Nigel McGuinness sold out those principles and exposed to the world just how dishonorable he can be. Dragon says he’ll be keeping a very close eye on Nigel.
- Most importantly, Austin Aries cuts a promo explaining that he really didn’t want to pull out of the six man tag against the Age of the Fall, but Lacey begged him not to fight Jimmy Jacobs, and Aries’ love for Lacey overcame his hatred for Jimmy. He also says that Lacey was the one who suggested that he ask for a match against Necro Butcher because she thought it would help establish camaraderie between Aries and Jimmy, but Aries says that he hates Jimmy so much that he knows such a thing is impossible, and he knows Jimmy feels the exact same way.

The next day on the ROH website there is an article announcing that, after tough negotiations with Larry Sweeney, two final matches have been signed for Detroit: a six man scramble pitting Sweeney’s client Eddie Edwards against Brent Albright, Jerry Lynn, Silas Young, Jason Blade, & Grizzly Redwood, and a huge singles match pitting Davey Richards against Claudio Castagnoli!

There is also an article announcing that the first team entered into the 2009 Trios Tournament is the returning Vulture Squad, featuring Jack Evans, Ruckus, & Jigsaw.
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

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ROH Motor City Madness 2009 (1/30/2009)- Detroit, MI

BOBBY DEMPSEY vs. ADAM PEARCE (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
The match never gets started because on Dempsey’s way to the ring he is attacked from behind by Jimmy Jacobs. Austin Aries isn’t far behind Jimmy, and just like in Edison, they get in each other’s way of beating up Dempsey and begin to fight. Security quickly breaks it up. Once security is gone. Pearce and Hagadorn take the opportunity to hit the already beaten-down Dempsey with a Spike Piledriver.

SIX MAN MAYHEM: Brent Albright vs. Silas Young vs. Grizzly Redwood vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Eddie Edwards (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.) vs. Jason Blade (w/the YRR & random hot chicks)-
We get some sequences between Edwards and Blade so that the announcers can remind us that Eddie originally broke into ROH as Jason Blade’s tag team partner. Lynn pins Silas in fourteen minutes with the Cradle Piledriver.

Irish Airborne are a lot more aggressive than usual throughout the match. Sal and Kenny win clean in twelve minutes. Irish Airborne jump them after the match, but Jerry Lynn comes out and makes the save. On the DVD, the announcers will note how Lynn is out here making the save, despite having just wrestled in the previous match.

Deeb wins clean in twelve minutes to earn a title shot tomorrow night in Chicago.

Claudio wins clean in eighteen minutes.

The only male wrestlers on this show not in this match are Dempsey (injured from earlier spike piledriver), Tyler Black (current ROH World Champion), The Age of the Fall (being punished for interfering in title matches at the Manassas/Edison shows), and the eight guys in the tag title match (because it has been announced that whoever wins that match will be defending the titles tomorrow night).
There are also two surprise entries: Ace Steel, and Tank Toland
The first two in are Jerry Lynn and Necro Butcher. They go at it for a few minutes until Eddie Edwards comes in. Then Grizzly Redwood is in, but he is quickly eliminated by Eddie. Then Adam Pearce comes in. Then Ace Steel comes in and he brawls with Pearce. Then Sal Rinauro comes. Then Shane Hagadorn.
The next two in (successively) are Jake and Dave Crist, both of whom focus on beating Jerry Lynn down. The next man in after them is Kenny Omega, and Omega and Rinauro save Lynn from Irish Airborne, repaying the favor from earlier.
Next comes Tank Toland. Then Silas Young. Then Davey Richards. With five members of Sweet N’ Sour Inc. now in the match, they start to dominate. They beat down Lynn, Necro, and eliminate everyone else. They try to eliminate Necro, but he does a big ROAR spot and goes nuts and eliminates all of them!
We are once again back down to Lynn and Necro, but the ring soon starts to fill up with more guys: Jason Blade, Brent Albright, Austin Aries, Nigel McGuinness, Bryan Danielson, and finally Claudio Castagnoli.
Claudio goes straight for Jerry Lynn and they brawl. We get a spot where there are four simultaneous elimination teases going on at once. Only one of the men succeeds in eliminating his opponent as Lynn eliminates Claudio… except that there are only three referees and the others are all focused on the other possible eliminations, so Claudio is able to sneak back into the ring and attack Lynn from behind.
People eventually start to get eliminated: Lynn eliminates Jason Blade. Aries eliminates Necro. Lynn eliminates Albright and Aries. Dragon and Nigel do a spot where they eliminate each other when one of Nigel’s lariats sends them both tumbling over the top rope and down to the floor.
We are now down to Lynn vs. Claudio. The whole time we have the announcers saying that it is BS that Claudio is still in as well as praising Lynn’s endurance. He has been in since #1, it is his second match of the show, and he also came out after a different match to save Sal and Kenny from Irish Airborne. For Jerry Lynn, age is just a number.
Claudio manages to get the win, eliminating Jerry Lynn and earning an ROH World Title shot tomorrow night on PPV. The announcers are outraged.

The announcers note Necro being more aggressive and say that this is because after failing to win the Honor Rumble, he knows he REALLY needs to pick up some wins to ensure that he keeps getting booked so he can provide for his family. They also note that Aries was the guy who eliminated him from the Honor Rumble, so Necro is probably angry as well as motivated.
Aries picks up the win in twelve minutes, blocking a Tigerbomb and rolling Necro up with a small package.

Ace Steel comes out and says that he came here to fight, so he is looking for a fight. ROH student Andy “Right Leg” Ridge comes out to answer the challenge, so we get…
Ace wins clean in eight minutes, but shows Ridge respect after the match.

The Age of the Fall come out for their match, with Lacey accompanying Jimmy. Jimmy starts to cut a promo, angry that Bryan Danielson is lecturing him about ideals. He has been fighting for ideals since he got to ROH. First for opportunity, then, when he teamed with BJ Whitmer it was for brotherhood. Then, when met Lacey, he fought for love… and now, with the Age of the Fall, he fights to expose the hypocrisy of society… and Bryan Danielson is one hell of a hypocrite. How could Bryan blame Nigel for doing things Bryan himself was not above doing as ROH World Champion?
Jimmy then starts to talk about the war that will be waged tonight against Danielson- “the hypocrite,” Nigel- “the glutton, who would sell out his beliefs for the fat paycheck that the ROH World Title would earn him,” and the worst of all of them, Tyler Black- the traitor, who is now trying to distort the message of the Age of the Fall.
Austin Aries comes out and interrupts Jimmy. He insists that, if this match is going to be the “war” that Jacobs says it is, then Lacey should come to the back with him where it is safe. Jacobs is unhappy about both not having Lacey at ringside and the thought of her alone with Aries, and starts to object, but Aries smugly asks him if he is willing to put Lacey in danger all for his “cause,” and Jacobs admits that it would be safer for Lacey to go backstage with Aries.

Stuff happens, including tense staredowns between both Dragon and Nigel and Nigel and Tyler. Nigel does wrestle the match completely cleanly, though. Babyfaces win twenty-five hard-fought minutes when Dragon hits Delirious with the MMA Elbows for a while and gets the referee stoppage.
Once the babyfaces have gone to the back, Daizee Haze comes out to check on Delirious, but Jimmy Jacobs yells at her. Daizee accuses him of manipulating Delirious and says that if he really believed in the things he claims to believe in, he wouldn’t do that. Jacobs becomes enraged and is about to sic Brodie Lee on Daizee when Sara Del Rey comes out attacks Daizee from behind and beats her up.
Larry Sweeney cuts a promo about how this proves Sara’s dominance and how she will regain the SHIMMER Title and once again be the top woman in ROH (meanwhile, the Age of the Fall go to the back). Daizee challenges Sara to a match, right here, right now, and Sara and Sweeney, seeing Haze’s injured condition, accept the match.

DAIZEE HAZE vs. SARA DEL REY (w/Larry Sweeney)-
Sara continues to kick the sh*t out of Daizee for about ten minutes before locking her in an elevated Boston Crab (Walls of Jericho). Delirious comes out to ringside to root Daizee on, but Jimmy Jacobs comes out and drags him to back. Daizee holds on for a long time, but eventually taps out.

FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL MATCH FOR THE ROH WORLD TAG TEAM TITLES: Kevin Steen & El Generico(c) vs. The Briscoes vs. The No Remorse Corps (Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens) (w/Brent Albright) vs. The YRR (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) (w/Jason Blade and random hot chicks)-
Steen & Generico win clean to retain, pinning Rhett in thirty minutes, but both the Briscoes and the NRC each get a spot where have one of the champs pinned and would have won the match if someone else hadn’t broken up the pin.

On the DVD, we get a backstage promo by Steen (& Generico) in which he notes that they’ve already beaten the AOTF and the Briscoes, new teams like the NRC and the YRR… they’ve even beaten Kensuke Sasaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima from NOAH… they already feel like they’ve beaten everyone in the company (“the American Wolves don’t count because they keep losing”), so they want even more competition, so they are going to take a page out of Bryan Danielson’s book and send out some open contracts.

ROH Undeniable 2009 (1/31/2009)- Chicago, IL

We get a (hopefully quick) show-opening talking segment to let the fans know the various important things that happened last night that they will need to know to understand tonight’s show:
First Steen & Generico come out and Steen talks about how they retained the titles and talked to ROH management about sending out some open contracts… and they were surprised when ROH management called them back no less than fifteen minutes later saying that the open contract for tonight had already been signed. Steen and Generico say they have no idea who they are facing.
They are interrupted by the Briscoes and Steen and Generico ask if it is the Briscoes. The Briscoes say it isn’t them, but they hope that Steen & Generico retain tonight because they had them beat last night and would have won the titles if it was a regular tag match. The NRC come out and say the same thing. Then Jerry Lynn comes out and tells the Briscoes and the NRC to stop complaining. What happened to them was all within the rules of the match. He got screwed by Claudio who snuck back into the Honor Rumble after Lynn had already eliminated him and now he is getting a title shot that Lynn deserves.
Cary Silken comes out as a representative of ROH Management to make the following announcements:
1. The Briscoes and the NRC do have an interesting point, and because neither team got pinned last night, ROH has signed them to face off in a #1 contendership match later tonight.
2. The team that signed the open contract for tonight’s tag title shot so quickly was Lacey’s Angels.
3. As for Jerry Lynn… ROH is really sorry, but the referee’s decision is final. Jerry is unhappy, but accepts this like an adult.

IRISH AIRBORNE vs. THE AGE OF THE FALL (Brodie Lee & Delirious) (w/Jimmy Jacobs, Lacey, & MsChif)-
Age of the Fall win clean in ten minutes.

SILAS YOUNG vs. JASON BLADE (w/the YRR & random hot chicks)-
Blade wins clean in eleven minutes.

JERRY LYNN, KENNY OMEGA, & SAL RINAURO vs. SWEET N’ SOUR INC. (Davey Richards, Adam Pearce, & Shane Hagadorn) (w/Larry Sweeney, Eddie Edwards, & Sara Del Rey)-
Sweet N’ Sour Inc. win (relatively) cleanly when Davey makes Sal tap to the cloverleaf. Davey leaves the hold locked on longer than necessary, angering Lynn. Once Sweet N’ Sour have left ringside, Irish Airborne show up and attack the babyfaces.

SHIMMER TITLE MATCH: MsChif(c) (w/the Age of the Fall & Lacey) vs. Serena Deeb-
MsChif wins clean in fifteen minutes.

Dragon wins clean. Total time for everything (matches, entrance, and any introductory video packages to the show, including explaining Tyler beating Nigel for the world title and his split with the AOTF) should be twenty minutes.

ACE STEEL & NECRO BUTCHER vs. THE YRR (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) (w/Jason Blade & random hot chicks)-
YRR win clean, pinning Necro. The announcers put them over as an up-and-coming team. Total time (including entrance) should be just under fourteen minutes.

ROH WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Kevin Steen & El Generico(c) vs. Lacey’s Angels (Jimmy Jacobs & Austin Aries)-
We get a video package explaining everything about why Aries and Jacobs are now teaming together even though the last time we saw them on PPV, they were having a bloody I Quit match against each other.
They wrestle for a few minutes, with Jacobs and Aries barely tolerating each other, but they still manage to isolate Generico and get the heat. This ends when Generico avoids one of Jimmy’s spears, resulting in Jimmy spearing Aries. Generico makes the hot tag to Steen who cleans house and pins Aries after a Package Piledriver.
During their celebration, Steen, being Steen, of course has to make some obscene comment or gesture towards Lacey which sends Jacobs into a rage. Jacobs attacks Steen and Generico comes over to pull him off. By this time Aries has recovered and he grabs a chair… but instead of going after Steen, he cracks Jimmy Jacobs in the back of the head with it.
Jacobs is lying face down on the mat, unconscious, but this doesn’t stop Aries from rearing back for another chairshot. Lacey gets between Aries and Jacobs, checking on Jimmy while pleading for Aries to stop. Aries tells her to “Get out of my way, you stupid bitch!”
Lacey keeps begging Aries to stop, so Aries gets angry and grabs her by the hair and pulls her away. He then rears back for another big chairshot at Jacobs, but Lacey dives on top of Jimmy, covering his body with hers like she did at the last PPV. Aries once again tells her to move, but she won’t do it, so Aries says “fine,” and rears back for a chairshot on Lacey instead.
Steen and Generico spring into action to stop Aries (this is a good chance for Lenny Leonard to explain that while Steen is definitely an asshole for saying what he said to Lacey earlier, he’s still a good guy at heart and won’t just stand around while a man beats a woman with a chair). Aries uses his chair to fight them off, but by that point the rest of the babyfaces, Nigel McGuinness, and the Age of the Fall have come out to protect Lacey/Jacobs and restrain Aries.
Total time for this should be 16 minutes.

It is explained that Strong and Stevens aren’t out here with Albright because they are getting ready for their match, which is next. Nigel wins clean with the London Dungeon in a battle of guys going for arm submissions. Total time should be about seventeen minutes.

#1 CONTENDERSHIP MATCH: The Briscoes vs. the No Remorse Corps (w/Brent Albright)-
Briscoes win clean in twenty minutes, pinning Roddy after a Springboard Doomsday Device.

ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Tyler Black(c) vs. Claudio Castagnoli-
They go for a while before we get a ref bump. During this ref bump, Claudio gets an advantage via low blow and then grabs a chair but Jerry Lynn comes out and takes the chair away from him. This gives Tyler time to recover and Tyler makes a comeback and wins in just under thirty minutes.
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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

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We get video promos by Nigel McGuinness, Claudio Castagnoli, & Austin Aries
- Nigel says all he cares about is getting another shot at the ROH World Title
- Claudio rants about how Jerry Lynn stole a victory that should have been his in Survival of the Fittest, then did it again at Final Battle, and now when Claudio finally gets the ROH World Title shot he deserves, Lynn interferes in his match! Claudio says he wants to get his hands on Jerry Lynn.
- Aries cuts a promo talking about how much he hates Jimmy Jacobs. He explains that his hatred for Jimmy overpowered his love for Lacey. Now all Aries wants is to get his hands on Jimmy Jacobs.

A Newswire later in the week reports that the three have decided that the best way to accomplish their goals is to team up and win the Trios Tournament, entitling each of them to book himself into one match of his choice. They will be known as “Team Vengeance.”
The Newswire also announces the following other participating teams (in addition to the previously announced Vulture Squad):
- The No Remorse Corps (Erick Stevens, Roderick Strong, & Brent Albright)
- The Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs, Brodie Lee, & Delirious)
- The YRR (Kenny King, Rhett Titus, & Jason Blade)
- Sweet N’ Sour Inc. (The American Wolves & Adam Pearce)
- Jerry Lynn, Kenny Omega, & Sal Rinauro
- making their ROH debuts: The Dark City Fight Club & D’Lo Brown

As a result of Necro Butcher’s recent losing streak, ROH officials have cut back on his dates and he will not be booked for this weekend’s shows in Florida.

The next day, we get an article about TWO big title matches signed for Night 1 of Trios Tournament 2009:
The first is The Briscoes wasting no time in asking for the tag title shot they earned this past Saturday in Chicago. They will once again renew their rivalry with Kevin Steen & El Generico in Florida!
The second- and the main event of Trios Tournament 2009: Night 1- will be Tyler Black defending the ROH World Title against Bryan Danielson. Not only has Danielson won four of his last five matches, but in the match prior to the start of this streak, he went to a thirty-minute time limit draw against then-ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness at All-Star Extravaganza IV, and has been pinned only once since Rising Above 2008. Additionally, Danielson has a 3-0 lifetime record against current ROH World Champion Tyler Black (matches at Breakout, Southern Navigation, and New Horizons).
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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

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Editorial note #2:
Because the point of this particular fantasy booking is more about ideas (mine vs. Pearce's) than trying to stick to reality, I have decided to ignore various injuries that occurred (in particular, to Nigel, Dragon, Tyler, Quack, Mark Briscoe, and others). Even with the injuries, I think we got a good sense of what Pearce was trying to do with the characters, and, to be frank... I totally forgot about Nigel and Mark's injuries and already had plans set in motion for them which couldn't be recovered, so I really just want to do it this way. Again... it's more about the general ideas than anything else.
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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

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ROH Trios Tournament 2009: Night 1 (2/6/2009)- Coral Springs, FL

The show opens with Jimmy Jacobs cutting a promo saying Lacey isn’t here because she’s so distraught over Aries’ actions in Chicago. Jacobs says he will make Aries pay for upsetting Lacey, but that will have to take a backseat for tonight so the Age of the Fall can focus on winning the Trios Tournament, which will give them three chances to win the ROH World Title so they can destroy it because it is a symbol of the system they have been trying to bring down and thus must be destroyed!

TRIOS TOURNAMENT 2009 QUARTERFINAL MATCH: Jerry Lynn, Kenny Omega, & Sal Rinauro vs. The Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs, Brodie Lee, & Delirious) (w/Rain)-
During the match Daizee comes out to ringside to try to free Delirious from Jimmy Jacobs’ control. Because Delirious is paying attention to Daizee he doesn’t notice Kenny Omega rolling Jacobs up right next to him and thus doesn’t break up a pin that he easily would have broken up if he was paying attention. After the match Jimmy screams at Daizee, who pretty much ignores him. The match should go about fifteen minutes.

TRIOS TOURNAMENT 2009 QUARTERFINAL MATCH: The YRR (Jason Blade, Kenny King, & Rhett Titus) (w/random hot chicks) vs. Team Sweet N’ Sour Inc. (Adam Pearce & the American Wolves) (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
The YRR pull off the upset win in twelve minutes when Jason Blade reverses the Die Hard into a small package to pin his former tag team partner Eddie Edwards. Larry Sweeney yells at SnS after the match.

TRIOS TOURNAMENT 2009 QUARTERFINAL MATCH: Team Vengeance (Austin Aries, Claudio Castagnoli, & Nigel McGuinness) vs. The Vulture Squad (Ruckus, Jigsaw, & Jack Evans)-
Team Vengeance win clean when Nigel pins Jack after lariat.

TRIOS TOURNAMENT 2009 QUARTERFINAL MATCH: D’Lo Brown & The Dark City Fight Club vs. The No Remorse Corps (Roderick Strong, Erick Stevens, & Brent Albright)-
NRC win clean in twenty minutes when Stevens pins D’Lo. The important part here is to show that DCFC are big badasses who can go strike for strike with guys like Roddy and Stevens.

During intermission on the DVD Lenny Leonard informs us that Daizee Haze has been found unconscious backstage and has been taken to a local medical facility.

British Lions win clean in eight minutes. Then Bison Smith shows up and destroys all four of them.

RAIN (w/the Age of the Fall) vs. SARA DEL REY (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
Sara wins clean in ten minutes with the Royal Butterfly. Larry Sweeney cuts a promo putting her over as being on the path to regaining the SHIMMER Title.

ROH WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Kevin Steen & El Generico(c) vs. The Briscoes-
Steen & Generico win clean in twenty-five minutes.

ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Tyler Black(c) vs. Bryan Danielson-
Tyler wins clean in thirty minutes to retain, finally picking up a win over the ROH legend.
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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

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ROH Trios Tournament 2009: Night 2 (2/7/2009)- Orlando, FL
TRIOS TOURNAMENT 2009 SEMIFINAL MATCH: Team Lynn (Jerry Lynn, Kenny Omega, & Sal Rinauro) vs. The YRR (Jason Blade, Kenny King & Rhett Titus) (w/random hot chicks)-
Team Lynn wins clean in thirteen minutes when Omega pins Blade after Kroyt’s Wrath.

TRIOS TOURNAMENT 2009 SEMIFINAL MATCH: The No Remorse Corps (Roderick Strong, Erick Stevens, & Brent Albright) vs. Team Vengeance (Austin Aries, Nigel McGuinness, & Claudio Castagnoli)-
NRC win clean in twenty minutes when Stevens pins Aries after a Doctor Bomb.

The British Lions call out Bison Smith for his attack last night. This results in a…
HANDICAP MATCH: Bison Smith vs. The British Lions-
Bison wins clean in five minutes.

Larry Sweeney brings out his Sweet N’ Sour Inc. contingent for this weekend, minus Adam Pearce, who he claims isn’t feeling well tonight, and brags about having a “secret weapon” in the house tonight that will be SnS unbeatable. He first has Shane Hagadorn call out ROH World Champion Tyler Black, resulting in…
TYLER BLACK vs. SHANE HAGADORN (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
While the match is going on (and Hagadorn is getting his ass kicked), Sweeney grabs a mic and starts to randomly cut a promo on the Briscoes, who come out to confront him. Adam Pearce then comes out from the back and attacks the Briscoes from behind before SnS all run in and attack Tyler for the DQ. While Sweeney laughs about the success of his secret weapon. The Briscoes get up and make the save, so Sweeney challenges them to a match. They accept, so we get…

TYLER BLACK & THE BRISCOES vs. SWEET N’ SOUR INC. (the American Wolves & Adam Pearce) (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
We go for about fifteen minutes before we wind up with a ref bump, and during this ref bump Chris Hero makes his return from Japan, nailing all three babyfaces with a serious of elbows, resulting in Pearce getting a pinfall victory over ROH World Champion Tyler Black. After the match the beat-down continues with the Wolves going after the Briscoes while Hero hits Tyler with repeated elbows to the head until Tyler is KOed.

During intermission we learn that Tyler Black has been taken to the hospital after Chris Hero beat him into unconsciousness earlier.

After intermission, Sweet N’ Sour Inc. come back out and Larry Sweeney issues an open challenge on behalf of Chris Hero to anyone who wants to join Tyler Black and the Briscoes in the hospital. The challenge is answer by…
D’LO BROWN vs. CHRIS HERO (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
Hero wins with the KO elbow in nine minutes.

Daizee Haze comes out and calls out Rain, revealing that Rain was the one who attacked her last night. The Age of the Fall- excluding Delirious) all come out and Rain accepts Daizee’s challenge, so we get…
DAIZEE HAZE vs. RAIN (w/the Age of the Fall)-
A few minutes into the match, Delirious comes out to watch as well. Jimmy starts to yell at Delirious, saying that he told him to stay away from Daizee. Delirious won’t budge so Jimmy decides to let him watch the match. At a key moment Jimmy distracts Delirious and has Rain distract the ref while Brodie Lee runs in and lays Daizee out with a big boot. Rain then gets the pin on Daizee.

After the match Jimmy starts to cut a promo about how people like Tyler Black and Daizee Haze, who can’t see what the movement that is the Age of the Fall represents and how it will benefit everyone- are the biggest problem in ROH today. Bryan Danielson comes out and interrupts, saying that the real problem in ROH today is people like the Age of the Fall who don’t respect the Code of Honor. Dragon is also pissed that Jimmy called him a hypocrite in Detroit, and they wind up having a match against each other, right here, right now…

BRYAN DANIELSON vs. JIMMY JACOBS (w/the Age of the Fall)-
They go about ten minutes before the AOTF run in and attack Dragon for the DQ. Dragon gets beaten down, and Jimmy Jacobs says that Dragon can join ‘the traitor” Tyler Black in the hospital.

SHAWN OSBOURNE & BRAD ATTITUDE vs. THE AGE OF THE FALL (Brodie Lee & Delirious) (w/Jimmy Jacobs & Rain)-
AOTF win clean in seven minutes. Lenny Leonard hammers home that Delirious is still completely unaware that it was Brodie Lee who took out Daizee Haze earlier.

ROH WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Kevin Steen & El Generico(c) vs. Dark City Fight Club-
DCFC have signed one of Steen & Generico’s open contracts. The match goes to a 45-minute time limit draw- the first in the history of the ROH World Tag Team Titles.

TRIOS TOURNAMENT 2009 FINALS: The No Remorse Corps vs. Team Lynn-
Team Lynn wins when Kenny Omega pins Brent Albright in thirty minutes. After the match Team Lynn celebrates, victorious but completely exhausted. Claudio Castagnoli takes advantage of this to jump them from behind and he destroys them with the Trios Tournament trophy!
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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

Post by Big Red Machine » Dec 15th, '16, 23:58

On Monday, we get a VideoWire with the following:
A HUGE spoiler-warning reminder
- Clips of the finish to the Tyler & Briscoes vs. Sweet N’ Sour Inc. match in Orlando, including Hero’s return and the post-match assault.
- Clips of the AOTF beating up Dragon, followed by a promo from Dragon challenging them to a six-man tag.
- Clips of the Claudio assaulting Lynn, Sal, & Omega with the Trios Tournament trophy, followed by a promo from Lynn swearing vengeance.
- A promo by Nigel McGuinness about wanting another shot at the ROH World Title, which he feels he is due because his loss in Manassas was by DQ and not because of anything he himself did or asked to have done.

Also on Monday, the ROH website runs a big article announcing the ROH official debut of Eddie Kingston as a member of the ROH roster (he had previous had one match in ROH as a member of Team CZW) on Sunday in Philly.

As ROH deals with the fallout from Trios Tournament 2009, there will be several individuals who will have to face the consequences of their actions that weekend during our big triple-shot in Danbury and Philly. Chief among them will be Sweet N’ Sour Inc. As a result of their post-match attack on night 2 Orlando, the men they assaulted: ROH World Champion Tyler Black and the Briscoes, have been calling and texting the ROH offices non-stop demanding matches against them. ROH officials contacted Larry Sweeney and signed the following matches for our triple shot: In Danbury, Chris Hero will face Mark Briscoe, on 2/28 in Philly the Briscoes will face the Wolves, and on 3/1 in Philly Hero will face Jay Briscoe.
The reason no singles match was signed between Hero and Tyler Black is that Larry Sweeney insisted that before he would sign any such match, ROH officials first had to give Adam Pearce a shot at the ROH World Title he is owed as a result of pinning ROH World Champion Tyler Black in Orlando. Although upon reviewing the footage Pearce’s victory is clearly the result of interference by Hero, ROH officials have decided to accede to Sweeney’s request and give Pearce a title shot, which will take place in Danbury, in the hopes of speeding up the negotiations for the Black vs. Hero singles match, which ROH officials are hoping to have signed for 2/27 in Philly.
To round out the bookings of the above competitors for the weekend, Jay Briscoe will face Nigel McGuinness on 2/27 while Black will face off against Mark Briscoe in a singles match on 3/1.

After taking ROH World Tag Team Champions Kevin Steen & El Generico to the first-ever time limit draw in the history of the ROH World Tag Team Titles (a forty-five minute affair that must be seen to be believed), ROH management has reach out to the Dark City Fight Club about becoming full-time members of the ROH roster. DCFC will be in action during both of this weekend’s shows in Philadelphia, taking on the No Remorse Corps of Erick Stevens & Brent Albright on 2/27 and the Age of the Fall’s Jimmy Jacobs & Brodie Lee on 3/1.
In news related to both the Age of the Fall and the ROH World Tag Team Titles, the Age of the Fall’s Brodie Lee & Delirious have answered Steen & Generico’s open contract for an ROH World Tag Team Title match that will main event the 2/28 show in Philly.

Bryan Danielson’s request to be booked with two partners against the Age of the Fall in a six-man tag team match has been granted. That match will take place in Danbury. ROH management has been talking with Danielson and we hope to have some announcement as to who his partners will be tomorrow.

Necro Butcher will return to ROH this weekend after not being used last weekend due to his poor win-loss record recently. Necro will face Claudio Castagnoli in Danbury.
Speaking of Castagnoli, he will face Jerry Lynn on 3/1 in Philly, where Lynn will look to make him pay for his heinous assault on Lynn and his Trios Tournament-winning teammates after their big win in Orlando. Lynn’s teammates, Sal Rinauro and Kenny Omega, have been forced to pull out of this weekend’s shows due to the injuries they sustained at Castagnoli’s hands.
Lynn will round out his weekend with a match against Rhett Titus on 2/27 and a Four Corner Survival match on 2/28 against Hero, Danielson, and Kenny King. King & Titus will face the America Wolves on 3/1.
Eddie Kingston’s opponent for his debut as a member of the ROH roster on 3/1 will be none other than former ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness.

Wednesday’s newswire brings a flurry of new match announcements. The big news is that Danielson’s tag team partners against the Age of the Fall in Danbury will be none other than the men who will defend the ROH World Tag Team Titles against the AOTF 24 hours later in Philadelphia: Kevin Steen & El Generico. (We also get a quote from Danielson putting them over as fighting champions, not afraid to face anyone, as evidenced by their willingness to put out open contracts, like Danielson himself did as the ROH World Champion).
Also announced are Necro Butcher’s opponents in Philadelphia: his former Age of the Fall stablemates. He will face Jimmy Jacobs on 2/28 and Delirious on 3/1.
2/27 in Danbury will see the American Wolves face Albright and Stevens, and a Six-Man Mayhem math featuring Austin Aries vs. Bobby Fish vs. Sami Callihan vs. Papadon vs. Kenny King vs. Shane Hagadorn. Aries is also signed for multi-man action on 3/1 when he faces off against Erick Stevens, El Generico, & Adam Pearce. If Pearce should defeat Tyler Black on 2/27 and win the ROH World Title, that title will not be on the line in this match.

On Thursday, Austin Aries posts a video in which he challenges Jimmy Jacobs to a tag team match on 2/28 in Philly.
Soon after Aries’ video is posted, the ROH website puts up a statement that basically says that ROH has no idea who Aries wants to team with as he hasn’t talked to them about it, and saying that Jacobs, who is already wrestling that night, doesn’t have to take the match if he doesn’t want to. ROH apologizes for any confusion that this may have caused, and hopes to have the loose ends of the two shows in Philadelphia finalized in a timely manner so that we can let our fans know the full card in advance.

Editorial Note #3:
Yeah, I know Davey was working for NOAH this weekend, but just pretend I got him permission to come back a few days early by offering to send them guys over at a later date. (Obviously I would have done this well in advance of his trip).
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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

Post by Big Red Machine » Dec 31st, '16, 15:53

ROH Strength in Numbers (2/27/2009)- Danbury, CT
Claudio wins in ten minutes when he hits Necro with a low blow that the referee doesn’t detect and then rolls him up for the win. Realizing Necro is probably going to be angry Claudio high-tails it out of there.

SIX-MAN MAYHEM: Austin Aries vs. Bobby Fish vs. Sami Callihan vs. Papadon vs. Shane Hagadorn vs. Kenny King (w/Rhett Titus & random hot chicks)
Before the match Hagadorn cuts a promo explaining that he is out here alone because the rest of Sweet N’ Sour Inc. is helping Adam Pearce prepare for ROH World Title match tonight against Tyler Black… and just like Pearce is going to beat Tyler tonight, Hagadorn vows that he will be like his mentor and win his match, too.
Unfortunately for Hagadorn, he is… well… Shane Hagadorn, so he doesn’t pick up the win. Aries does, pinning Papadon in eight minutes.

JERRY LYNN vs. RHETT TITUS (w/Kenny King & random hot chicks)-
The match goes about five minutes before Claudio runs in and attacks Lynn for the DQ, laying him out with a bicycle kick. Rhett starts to shove Claudio so Claudio starts to beat on him, too, so Kenny King runs in to make the save.
As security come in to separate everyone, Lynn grabs a mic and says that he doesn’t want to wait until Sunday to get his hands on Claudio. He wants to face him tonight! Rhett Titus then grabs a mic and says that he wants to get his hands on Claudio, too, as Claudio cost him the chance to prove himself by beating the legendary Jerry Lynn. Cary Silken gets a mic and suggests that Claudio find a partner tonight to face Lynn and Rhett. Kenny asks Cary if he can be in on the match, too, so Cary tells Claudio to find two partners. Cary tells Claudio that he has until the end of the show to do so because that match will be our new main event.

MARK BRISCOE (w/Jay Briscoe) vs. CHRIS HERO (w/Shane Hagadorn)
Hero gets the win in fifteen minutes via Rolling Elbow when Mark is briefly distracted the American Wolves and Larry Sweeney showing up at ringside.
After the match, as the Briscoes head to the back, Sweeney starts to cut a promo on them, saying that SnS will be beating them all weekend. Sweeney says that the thought of those upcoming victories over the Briscoes fill him with joy, and not just because Sns will be winning. They also fill him with joy because they will be taking place in Philadelphia, which isn’t in Connecticut, and the thought of being anywhere but this stinky arena fills him with joy. In fact, now that ROH has gone and changed the main event of this show away from being Adam Pearce challenging for the ROH World Title- which they’ll be hearing from his lawyers about to ensure that Mr. Pearce gets his full, main event-level payday-, that means that there is no reason for SnS to stick around in this crap-hole any longer than absolutely necessary, so he wants his guys to have all of their matches in a row, starting now, so that they can go back to their posh, “Meltzer-rated five star hotel” in NYC and put this fifth-rate city behind them.

Sweeney says that the American Wolves are already out here, so he demands that someone go get the No Remorse Corps so they can have their match. While that happens, on the DVD Lenny Leonard sends us over to Tyler Durden interviewing Nigel McGuinness about his match tonight against Jay Briscoe. Nigel talks about how this will be a tough match and he just found out that, with the shuffling of the card, his match has been moved to the semi-main event spot, but he views this as an opportunity to get a big win and convince ROH officials to book the ROH World Title match that everyone knows he deserves after Jimmy Jacobs caused him to be DQed during his title shot in Manassas.
Claudio Castagnoli walks up to Nigel and says that if Nigel wants to get a big win, he should join his team in the main event. Nigel declines, telling him that he can’t possibly prepare for two matches that close together, with opponents of such different styles. Claudio walks off unhappily.

THE NO REMORSE CORPS (Erick Stevens & Brent Albirght) vs. THE AMERICAN WOLVES (w/Larry Sweeney, Shane Hagadorn, & Chris Hero)-
Wolves win clean in twenty minutes.

KIMBERLY KASH vs. SARA DEL REY (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc. minus Adam Pearce)-
Sara wins clean in five minutes.

Sweeney snatches the mic away from Bobby Cruise to give a big, grand, introduction to “the next ROH World Champion, Adam Pearce!”

ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Tyler Black(c) vs. Adam Pearce (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
The story of the match is SnS using their numbers advantage to try to help Pearce win. They distract Tyler or interfere numerous times, but Tyler will not stay down. Eventually the Briscoes come out to be on Tyler’s side, which cuts down on what SnS can do, but they still have a numbers advantage that they manage to use to help Pearce out. Eventually one of the Wolves does something one of the Briscoes really doesn’t like so a brawl starts. The referee tries to restore order and eject everyone from ringside, but while he is focused on the big schmoz on one side of the ring, Shane Hagadorn sneaks around to the other one and is about to slide Pearce a steel chair… when BOBBY DEMPSEY rushes out of the crowd to prevent him from doing so (and Lenny Leonard credits Bobby with possibly saving the title). Their brawling attacks the referee’s attention and they are ejected from ringside as well. Once everyone is gone, Pearce and Tyler go for a few minutes before Tyler picks up the win.

(This is where intermission would be on the show)
Kyle Durden interviews Austin Aries about his challenge tomorrow night to Jimmy Jacobs. He asks Aries if he has chosen a partner yet. Aries admits that he hasn’t, but has a few interesting ideas in mind. Claudio Castagnoli shows up and asks Aries to be on his team in the main event. Aries thinks for a moment and tells Claudio “If you want me to do something for you, then you need to do something for me.” Claudio agrees, and Aries tells Kyle and the cameraman to scram.

Thomas pins Sugarfoot in six minutes

AOTF win in fifteen minutes after a miscue on a double-team attempt results in Bryan accidentally hitting Steen, then Jacobs disposes of Danielson while Brodie nails Steen with a running big boot and gets the pin. After the match, Steen shouts at Dragon, blaming him for the loss.

We go backstage to Kyle Durden interviewing Necro Butcher about his loss to Claudio earlier and his match with Jimmy Jacobs tomorrow. Necro says that he really needs these wins to make money to feed his family and he is in danger of getting dropped by ROH because he keeps losing. By cheating to beat him, Claudio took food out of his children’s mouths.
Suddenly Necro reacts angrily and shouts “what do you want?!” to someone off camera. Claudio shows up and begs Necro to team with him tonight. Necro shouts even more about Claudio taking food away from his family and starts to stalk towards Claudio with his fists clenched. Claudio quickly offers to pay Necro to be on his team, with a promise of even more money if they win. Necro thinks for a moment before accepting the offer, but warns Claudio that there will be hell to pay if he cheats him because his family really needs this money.

They go to a twenty-minute time-limit draw. We get another five minutes which also ends in a draw.

AGE OF THE FALL PROMO- Jimmy Jacobs cuts a promo hyping up their matches tomorrow, where Jacobs will face Necro Butcher and Brodie and Delirious will challenge for the tag titles. Jimmy puts over the importance of winning the tag titles to spreading the Age of the Fall’s message.
Jimmy then starts to address the challenge Austin Aries made to him to face and a partner of his choice in a tag team match tomorrow night in Philly. Jacobs wants to but Lacey begs him not to so he agrees, saying he will focus on his match with Necro and on helping AOTF win the tag titles.

Being the babyface family-man that he is, Jerry wants no part of the hot chicks that Rhett and Kenny offer him. Babyfaces win clean in twenty minutes when Kenny King pins Necro after Rhett & Kenny hit him with their finisher.

ROH Tag Wars 2009 (2/28/2009)- Philadelphia, PA
The show starts off with Bobby Cruise informing the live crowd of the events of last night’s world title match and telling them that because of this, Tyler Black & Bobby Dempsey vs. Adam Pearce & Shane Hagadorn has been added to tonight’s card, and that Bobby Dempsey vs. Brent Albright has been added to tomorrow’s show).
As Bobby Cruise’s announcement is winding down, the Age of the Fall comes out and Jimmy Jacobs grabs the mic away from him. Jimmy cuts a promo about how he wants to destroy that turncoat Necro Butcher tonight, as not only is Necro a traitor to the cause, but he’s also a sell-out, having taken money to team with Claudio Castagnoli last night even after Claudio cheated Necro out of a match… and when he’s done with Necro, he’ll make Bobby Dempsey suffer for hurting Lacey back in January in Edison.
Lacey pleads with Jimmy to forgive Dempsey, telling him that it was an accident and that Bobby apologized to her and she forgave him. Seeing that his greatly distresses Lacey, Jimmy agrees to forgive Dempsey and says that he will not attack him.
Jimmy then answers the other big question heading into tonight’s show, which is whether or not he will accept Austin Aries’ challenge to a tag team match tonight even though he is already scheduled to face Necro Butcher. Lacey begs Jimmy not to take this match. Despite what Aries did to her in Chicago, she still doesn’t want to see him and Jimmy keep hurting each other because of her. Jimmy says that after everything Aries has done to him- and especially after what Aries did to Lacey in Chicago- he can’t let Aries go unpunished. He will wrestle fifty matches on one show if it means he gets to get his hands on Aries. As for who his tag team partner will be…
Jimmy says that there is no one that he trusts more than his fellow members of the Age of the Fall, but he realizes that Brodie and Delirious have a tag title shot tonight, and Jimmy understands that winning the tag titles (and using the power that comes with them to preach their message) is more important than his feud with Aries, so he won’t jeopardize their chances by asking one of them to wrestle twice tonight. Instead he’ll try to find someone else in the locker room who will team with him… and if he can’t find anyone, he’ll face Aries and Claudio on his own.

DARK CITY FIGHT CLUB vs. THE NO REMORSE CORPS (Erick Stevens & Brent Albright)
DCFC win clean in twenty minutes of hard-hitting action.

NECRO BUTCHER vs. JIMMY JACOBS (w/the Age of the Fall)-
Jimmy wins in eleven minutes when Delirious spits his green mist into Necro’s face, which allows Jimmy to lock on the End Times and choke Necro out. To add insult to injury for poor Necro, his struggling on the mat to get out of Jimmy’s guillotine choke has wiped the mist off of his face, so when he tries to appeal to the referee, the referee tells him he doesn’t have any conclusive evidence.

Sami wins clean in eight minutes.

We get a backstage segment with Jimmy Jacobs asking various people around the locker room if they will be his tag partner tonight against Aries and Claudio, but they all reject him because they don’t like the Age of the Fall.

Wolves win mostly cleanly in twenty minutes.

During intermission we get some promos to hype up some matches. During a Steen and Generico promo someone comes and yells for the cameraman to follow them. We find Bobby Dempsey lying unconscious and face down in a large pool of his own blood.

Rhett Titus comes out and says that just because he was in his first ROH main event last night doesn’t mean that he isn’t still proud of his Top of the Class Trophy and he vows to defend it until someone defeats him for it. He issues an open challenge, which is answered by Sugarfoot.
ROH TOP OF THE CLASS TROPHY MATCH: Rhett Titus(c) (w/Kenny King & random hot chicks) vs. “Sugarfoot” Alex Payne-
Rhett wins clean in seven minutes.

We go to a backstage interview where ROH student Grizzly Redwood is letting everyone know that he is excited because he got permission to make an open challenge on tomorrow’s show. He is approached by Jimmy Jacobs, who is now so desperate in his search for a partner that he is down to asking an ROH student. Grizz says that he would normally jump at this opportunity, but he tells Jimmy that there is no way he will team with him “after what you did to Bobby Dempsey!” Jacobs denies all involvement in the assault on Dempsey.

The next scheduled match is the Sweet N’ Sour Inc. vs. Tyler Black & Bobby Dempsey match but Dempsey is obviously in no condition to compete, which Bobby Cruise informs the live crowd SnS deny attacking Dempsey, saying that they wouldn’t waste their time with a fat loser like him.
Larry Sweeney insists that if Tyler Black can’t find a tag team partner, he will have to forfeit the match. Nigel McGuinness comes out and surprisingly offers to be Tyler’s partner in exchange for Tyler lobbying ROH management for Nigel to receive the title shot he is owed because his title shot in Manassas on the first show of the year was ruined by Jimmy Jacobs causing him to get DQed. Tyler agrees, so we get…
TYLER BLACK & NIGEL MCGUINNESS vs. SWEET N’ SOUR INC. (Adam Pearce & Shane Hagadorn) (w/Larry Sweeney & Sara Del Rey)-
Tyler & Nigel win clean in nine minutes when Nigel pins Hagadorn after the Tower of London.

After the match, Nigel cuts a promo then offering to be Jimmy Jacobs’ tag team partner tonight for his match against Austin Aries and Claudio Castagnoli. Claudio comes out and is now angry at Nigel for agreeing to work a second match tonight to help out Jimmy but no doing so for him last night. Nigel tries to explain to Claudio that after his loss last night he really needs wins to make ROH management give him the title shot he deserves. Even after hearing this explanation, Claudio is still angry.
Jimmy Jacobs comes out and accepts Nigel’s offer. Lacey comes running out after him and begs him not to take the match but Jimmy tells her that he has to. Lacey once again pleads with Jimmy not to, but while she is talking to him Jimmy is jumped from behind by Austin Aries (who came out of the crowd). Aries and Jacobs start to brawl so the referee rings the bell while Lacey runs backstage in tears.

Whenever Aries and Jacobs are in there together it is a wild and vicious brawl. When it’s Nigel and Claudio it is certainly vicious, but in a more measured, technical way. When it’s Nigel and Aries or Jimmy and Claudio, things are contrastingly calm. Jacobs & Nigel win clean in seventeen minutes when Jimmy pins Claudio after a Contra Code.

FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL MATCH: Bryan Danielson vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Hero (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.) vs. Kenny King (w/Rhett Titus & random hot chicks)-
I’d imagine we get some amusing interactions between the YRR’s groupies and SnS- particularly Sweeney and Sara. Hero wins clean in twenty minutes, knocking out Kenny. After the match Claudio Castagnoli shows up and he and Jerry Lynn start swinging chairs at each other but Claudio quickly backs down.

ROH WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Kevin Steen & El Generico(c) vs. The Age of the Fall (Brodie Lee & Delirious)-
Both Jimmy Jacobs and Lacey are notably absent from ringside. The announcers wonder where they are. Someone (whoever the new version of Jimmy Bauer is, I suppose) drops into the commentary booth to tell them that Lacey left the building in tears after the beginning of the Aries & Claudio vs. Jimmy & Nigel match, and that, upon hearing this, Jacobs left the building as well, presumably to try to find her.
Steen & Generico win clean in twenty minutes to retain the titles. After the match Steen grabs a mic and says “see… beating these guys isn’t so hard when you don’t have Bryan Danielson running around and screwing things up for you like last night.” This douchebaggery obviously brings out Dragon, who gets into a shouting match with Steen. Steen tries to sucker-punch Dragon but Dragon ducks it and a brawl starts. Generico is reluctant, but he knows where his bread is buttered so when Dragon gets an advantage and starts to lay some good shots in on Steen, Generico grabs Dragon from behind, trying to restrain him. Steen uses this opportunity to take a cheap shot at Dragon and lays him out with a Package Piledriver to end the show.

ROH Facing The Consequences (3/1/2009)- Philadelphia, PA:

We start off with some announcements by Bobby Cruise about changes to the card due to last night’s events.
1. Danielson vs. Steen has been added
2. Necro Butcher vs. Delirious has been added
3. The scheduled Albright vs. Dempsey match has now been changed to Albright vs. Nigel (we are told that Nigel volunteered for the spot)
4. Lacey will not be appearing tonight as advertised

The announcers question the wisdom of Nigel taking this match when he is already scheduled to face a highly-motivated Eddie Kingston tonight in Kingston’s debut as an official member of the ROH roster. Nigel wins clean in thirteen minutes with a lariat.

The Age of the Fall come out for their match, but first Jimmy Jacobs cuts a promo, saying that while he wishes Lacey were here with him tonight, he is 100% focused on fulfilling the AOTF’s goals, which he reminds us includes destroying the ROH World Title belt because it is a symbol of the system, and he plans on fulfilling that goal tonight.

DARK CITY FIGHT CLUB vs. THE AGE OF THE FALL (Jimmy Jacobs & Brodie Lee) (w/Delirious)-
DCFC win clean in ten minutes, pinning Brodie after their finisher. The announcers put over this impressive display of power.

Before the match Claudio grabs a mic and tells Lynn that he wants Lynn to agree that tonight’s match will have “none of your ECW Philadelphia hardcore bullsh*t like last night, okay? Only real wrestling.” The match ends in six minutes when Claudio hits Lynn with a blatant low blow and gets disqualified. He then Ricola Bombs Lynn through a table.

Necro Butcher cuts a backstage promo to hype up his match with Delirious later on. He says that Jimmy Jacobs comments about him last night show that Jimmy and his movement don’t understand what is the most important thing in life: Family. Necro says that he is eager to fight any member of the AOTF any day of the week.

Tyler Black cuts a backstage promo saying that he will fight against Jimmy Jacobs as long as Jimmy is still seeking to destroy the ROH World Title that he has worked so hard for.

Neveah wins clean in six minutes.

FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL MATCH: Erick Stevens vs. El Generico vs. Austin Aries vs. Adam Pearce (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
Aries wins clean in sixteen minutes, pinning Stevens.

Tyler wins clean in fifteen minutes. After the match the AOTF attacks Tyler and tries to steal the ROH World Title belt but Necro Butcher and Austin Aries come help fight them off. Necro grabs the mic and suggests that his match with Delirious start right now. Delirious says yes in Delirious-speak, so we get…

DELIRIOUS (w/the Age of the Fall) vs. NECRO BUTCHER (w/Austin Aries & Tyler Black)-
After about five minutes this devolves into a wild schmoz involving everybody. The official result of the match is a double-DQ.

Cloudy wins clean in five minutes. After the match Cloudy cuts a very douchy promo saying he is disappointed that Lacey isn’t here. He heard she was on the rocks with both Jacobs and Aries so he wanted to get down to business with her the way they used to in their Special K days. Jimmy Jacobs comes out with a murderous look in his eye and completely destroys Cloudy. Cheech tries to help but gets taken down. Jimmy stabs Cloudy with his railroad spike a bunch of times. The announcers make sure to tell us that even in that wild brawl we saw earlier tonight, Jacobs never looked anywhere near this crazy and angry and vicious.

They are about even for ten minutes or so when Nigel starts to wear down, allowing Kingston to land some backfists and start to dominate. Nigel tries to fight back but always gets cut off. Eventually Kingston puts him down with a Backfist to the Future followed by a Backdrop Driver for the clean win in fifteen minutes.

Cheech comes out to cut a promo in which he informs us that Cloudy is on his way to the hospital. He calls out Jimmy Jacobs and vows to avenge his partner. Jimmy comes out and we get..

Jimmy all but squashes Cheech, winning with the End Times. The announcers comment on the change in Jimmy’s demeanor, noting that he is back to the usual Jimmy Jacobs levels of intensity rather than the psycho we saw before against Cloudy.

Grizzly Redwood comes out to make his open challenge, it is answered by… Nigel McGuinness.
The announcers note that this is the third time that Nigel is wrestling tonight, and that he just came off of that match against Eddie Kingston where he lost and took a pounding. They wonder if Nigel is stretching himself too thin in his attempts to impress ROH management and earn a title shot. Their fears are almost validated as Grizzly gets in a lot more offense than one would expect, including several nearfalls, before Nigel manages to lock in the London Dungeon for the submission victory. Nigel plays up how tired and out of breath he is on his way to the back, and we get a backstage promo from him, wheezing, as he points out that he just got another win, so he is coming out tonight at 2-1, and coming out of this weekend at 4-2 (although he would have liked to be the one who scored the actual pinfall in his second match last night ).

THE YRR (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) (w/random hot chicks) vs. THE AMERICAN WOLVES (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
The Wolves win clean in twelve minutes. After the match Eddie Edwards cuts a promo telling Rhett & Kenny to tell their pal, his former tag team partner Jason Blade, that he got lucky when he pinned him in the first round of the Trios Tournament. That win was a fluke and nothing more

JAY BRISCOE (w/Mark Briscoe) vs. CHRIS HERO (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
Hero wins clean via KO Elbow in seventeen minutes. After the match, the Wolves take advantage of the fact that Jay is knocked out in order to attack Mark.

No handshake before the match. Dragon wins clean in twenty-five minutes with Cattle Mutilation. Steen refuses to shake hands afterwards as well, which greatly annoys Dragon.
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

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On the Monday after the big triple-shot, posts an article detailing Nigel’s extremely busy weekend. The article notes how much ROH appreciates Nigel putting his body on the line to impress them to try to earn a title shot and how it shows just how important the ROH World Title is… but they are afraid that Nigel might have risked his health WAY too much this past weekend. They also want Nigel to know that his efforts have been noticed and his voice has been heard, and he will be receiving another shot at the ROH World Title in two weeks when ROH makes its return to Collinsville, IL on Friday March 13th!
The article also tells us to stay tuned for more major championship news about the Collinsville/Indianapolis double-shot coming later this week.

On Tuesday we get a VideoWire (which would also be included on the DVD for Facing The Consequences) featuring the following:
- The Briscoes cut a promo saying they want another match with the American Wolves as revenge for the Wolves attacking them at Facing The Consequences.
- Roderick Strong is back from Pro Wrestling NOAH and he is looking for some wins.
- Nigel cutting a promo about how much that ROH World Title means to him and saying he will fight until he drops if that’s what it takes to get it back.
- Bryan Danielson cuts a promo in which he says that although he beat Kevin Steen at Facing The Consequences, he isn’t done with the tag champs yet. Generico jumped into his brawl with Steen at Tag Wars 2009 so he wants a match with Generico in Collinsville!
- Eddie Kingston cuts a promo about how he has finally made it to ROH and he is looking to make his mark here.
- We get a recap on the whole Bobby Dempsey situation this weekend, then a promo from Grizzly Redwood vowing to track down whoever attacked his good friend Bobby Dempsey. His immediate suspects are the Age of the Fall and Sweet N’ Sour Inc.
- We get clips of the finish of Lynn vs. Claudio from Facing The Consequences and then Claudio cuts a promo bragging about how he has “put the old dog Jerry Lynn down.”
- Austin Aries cuts a promo saying that- unlike Jimmy Jacobs- he has done as Lacey asked and forgiven Bobby Dempsey for hurting Lacey. He vows to get revenge on Jimmy Jacobs and the Age of the Fall for their horrific attack on Bobby Dempsey, and asks to be placed in a match opposite Jacobs this weekend, requesting to team with someone equally committed to opposing Jacobs like the Necro Butcher or Tyler Black.
- A promo by Necro Butcher lamenting that his record over the weekend was 0-3-1. He is very upset because in two of his losses his opponents needed to cheat to beat him, but it still counts as a loss for him and he needs the money to feed his family.

On Wednesday the ROH website announces that Necro Butcher has volunteered to team up with Austin Aries against the Age of the Fall. It notes that ROH was heavily considering not using Necro due to his poor W-L record recently, but Necro did bring up a good point that he was cheated out of two victories last weekend, so ROH management has decided to use him this weekend. In Collinsville he and Aries will team up to face the two men most responsible for cheating him out of a victory at Tag Wars 2009: the Age of the Fall’s Jimmy Jacobs & Delirious. Then, the next night in Indianapolis, Necro and Delirious will pick up where they left off when their match on Sunday at Facing The Consequences ended in a double-DQ, except this time there will be NO DISQUALIFICATIONS!

On Wednesday the ROH website also publishes a statement from Larry Sweeney saying that The American Wolves “have nothing left to prove” to the Briscoes and thus have no interest in facing them, either this weekend or at any point in the future. It also teases big news ahead for Sweet N’ Sour Inc.

Thursday’s NewsWire contains more match announcements for next weekend’s shows:
- Kenny Omega and Sal Rinauro will return to ROH after being injured by Claudio Castagnoli when he attacked them and Jerry Lynn with the very trophy they had just won by winning the 2009 Trios Tournament. They will team with Lynn in an attempt to get some revenge on not only Castagnoli, but also Irish Airborne, who attacked them the last time ROH was in the mid-west.
Omega, for his part, will also get a shot to face Castagnoli one-on-one the next night in Indianapolis. Rinauro will be granted that chance six days later when ROH returns to the Pittsburgh area for the first time in almost six years!
- El Generico has accepted Bryan Danielson’s challenge for a match in Collinsville.
- In Tuesday’s VideoWire Roderick Strong said he was back from Pro Wrestling NOAH looking for some wins, but he will be going up against some VERY stiff competition to get them. In Collinsville he faces Kenny King, while in Indianapolis he will team with his NRC compatriot Brent Albright to face The Briscoes!
- Speaking of the Briscoes, they have told ROH management that they want another shot at the American Wolves so badly that they are not only willing to forfeit their entire share of the purse for the match to Sweet N’ Sour Inc., but also $20,000 of their own money as well.
- We also get a link to an Age of the Fall video saying that they are not responsible for the attack on Bobby Dempsey.
We are once again told to stay tuned for MAJOR news about next weekend’s shows that should break tomorrow.

On Friday the much hinted-at major news about next weekend hits: ROH management has spent all week in negotiations with Larry Sweeney, and as a result, the following championship matches have been signed:
On Friday in Collinsville, SHIMMER Champion MsChif of the Age of the Fall will defend her title against Sweet N’ Sour Inc.’s Sara Del Rey. Then, on Saturday night in Indianapolis, IWC World Heavyweight Champion Raymond Rowe will come in to defend his title against Sweet N’ Sour Inc.’s Adam Pearce, ROH Wrestling Academy student Shane Hagaorn will represent Sweet N’ Sour Inc. when he challenges Rhett Titus for Rhett’s Top of the Class Trophy, the American Wolves will challenge Kevin Steen & El Generico for the ROH World Tag Team Titles, and then Chris Hero will challenge whoever walks out of Friday’s Tyler Black vs. Nigel McGuinness match as champion for the ROH World Title! This could well be the biggest weekend in the history of Sweet N’ Sour Inc. Due to astounding FOUR titles that will be on the line in Indianapolis, that show has officially been named Night of Champions II.

Over the weekend we get a special “Sweet N’ Sour VideoWire” produced by Sweet N’ Sour Inc. in which they all cut promos hyping up their various title matches this weekend. In addition to those, the following comments are made:
- Sweeney announces that Chris Hero will face Silas Young in Collinsville in what he refers to as a “tune-up match.”
- Sweeney denies that SnS attacked Bobby Dempsey, claiming that they wouldn’t waste their time with that fat loser, even if he did stick his big ugly nose in Adam Pearce’s ROH World Title match at Strength In Numbers.
- Sweeney responds to the Briscoes’ latest offer for a match by thanking them for reminding him that while the American Wolves do have nothing left to prove to the Briscoes, there is still one more thing they can take from Mark & Jay: their pride (but that doesn’t mean they won’t take their offer for the money, too). Eddie and Davey then cut a promo saying that they will face the Briscoes again, but they insist that it be in the Briscoes’ specialty: the 2 out of 3 falls match, so that they can thoroughly embarrass Mark and Jay. Sweeney concludes by cockily telling the Briscoes that all they have to do is name the time and place of their embarrassment and the Wolves will be there.

On Monday morning, announced that the Briscoes have responded to SnS and chosen the time and place of their 2 out of 3 falls match: Jay is quoted as saying there is no reason to wait any longer than necessary, so the match will take place this Friday in Collinsville!

Also on Monday, a mysterious video titled “A Warning To Our Enemies” is sent to the ROH offices with instructions for it to be posted online. The video shows a man, dressed all in black stomping the sh*t out of Bobby Dempsey backstage (we join the attack in progress so we don’t get a good sense of the man’s build), then repeatedly stabbing him on the forehead with a railroad spike like the one Jimmy Jacobs often uses.

On Tuesday a pair of Four Corner Survival matches are announced for this coming weekend’s shows: In Collinsville it will be Steen vs. Albright vs. Pearce vs. Rhett, and in Indy it will be Dragon vs. Kenny King vs. Sal Rinauro vs. Bison Smith.

On Tuesday we get also the next VideoWire, which contains the following promos:
- Grizzly Redwood cuts a promo saying that the mysterious video proves that Jimmy Jacobs attacked Bobby Dempsey, noting not only Jimmy’s trademark spike, but also the fact that this sort of video has always been the hallmark of the Age of the Fall’s propaganda. He also points to Jimmy’s behavior against Cheech at Facing The Consequences as evidence that Jimmy is still violently overprotective of Lacey, and that the AOTF did essentially the same thing to Daizee Haze in Florida earlier in the month.
- Larry Sweeney is desperately trying to get the 2 out of 3 Falls match between the American Wolves and the Briscoes moved so that it doesn’t take place the night before the Wolves challenge for the ROH World Tag Team Titles.
- Silas Young cuts a promo warning Chris Hero not to look past him in Collinsville.
- Raymond Rowe talks about what a big deal it is to be defending the IWC World Heavyweight Title in ROH this weekend.
- Kenny King cuts a generic babyface promo about his tough weekend of competition, saying that he looks forward to the challenge.
- Kenny Omega and Sal Rinauro cuts a promo talking about how they are eager to get their revenge on Claudio, both for stealing their moment by attacking them after their victory in the Trios Tournament and also for his assaults on their mentor Jerry Lynn last weekend.
- Necro Butcher vows to win his matches this weekend.

Wednesday’s NewsWire closes out the build for this weekend’s shows with the following:
- Signed for Collinsville we have Bison Smith vs. Sugarfoot, while for Indianapolis we have Austin Aries vs. Jerry Lynn and whoever doesn’t walks out of Collinsville as ROH World Champion will take on Shawn Schultz.
- It also notes that the Briscoes are refusing to let the Wolves out of their 2 out of 3 falls match, saying that they don’t trust Sweeney not to block the negotiations for the new match.
- A link to an AOTF video where Jimmy Jacobs once again insists that the AOTF had nothing to do with the attack on Bobby Dempsey, but if Grizzly Redwood won’t stop lying and saying that they did, Jimmy will have no choice but to beat Grizz so badly in Indianapolis that he won’t be physically capable of telling any more lies.
- Lacey announces that she won’t be at this weekend’s shows, as she refuses to support this war between Aries and Jacobs and she wants them to stop fighting over her.
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

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ROH in Collinsville, IL (3/13/2009)- (DVD will be titled Pushing The Limit)
(obviously this show will be named afterwards)

Hagadorn wins clean.

Grizz wins clean.

RODERICK STRONG vs. KENNY KING (w/Rhett Titus & random hot chicks)-
They go to a fifteen minute time-limit draw. They want five more minutes, so they get it. Still a draw. They want five more minutes. Cary warns them that this is the last extension he can give them because we need to get to the rest of the show. Roddy eventually picks up the win via Death By Roderick into a Sick Kick with about five seconds left in the time limit.

SILAS YOUNG vs. CHRIS HERO (w/Larry Sweeney, Adam Pearce, & Shane Hagadorn)-
Sweeney cuts a quick promo explaining Sara Del Rey and the American Wolves’ absence from ringside by saying that they are backstage working with top strategists he has brought in to help them win their big matches this weekend. Hero wins clean with the rolling elbow in eight minutes.

They brawl for about seven or eight minutes, although they manage to keep it mostly contained to the ring. Then Aries grabs a mic and makes a comment to Jacobs about him not deserving Lacey and how Aries is happy that this attack on Bobby Dempsey has made Lacey leave Jimmy once and for all. Jacobs flies into a rage. He dives onto Aries and beats him up, then goes and pulls his spike out of his cane. Jacobs is about to stab Aries but Necro makes the save. Necro then picks up the spike and contemplates stabbing Jimmy with it but realizes that he can’t afford to get DQed so he throws the spike away. Right afterwards, Delirious swoops in and hits Necro in the back with a steel chair, causing a DQ. Jacobs and Delirious beat Necro down. Aries tries to help but backs off when confronted by a chair-swinging Delirious. Grizzly Redwood comes out from backstage to try to save Necro but he gets taken out as well. Eventually security manages to calm the Age of the Fall down.

Dragon wins clean in fifteen minutes. Unlike Steen in Philly, Generico does shake Dragon’s hand after the match.


SHIMMER TITLE MATCH: MsChif (w/the Age of the Fall) vs. Sara Del Rey (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
Barely a few moments in we get a shouting match between the AOTF and SnS, with Jacobs deriding SnS- and Sweeney in particular- as evil materialists who are the very embodiment of the evils of today’s society, etc. etc. This leads to some shoving, which quickly leads to everyone getting ejected from ringside.
On his way to the back Sweeney yells for Sara to remember the strategy. Whatever their strategy was, it doesn’t work as MsChif goes on to cleanly defeat Sara to retain the title in twenty minutes.

We get a backstage promo from Nigel McGuinness about what the ROH World Title means to him, and how there is nothing he isn’t willing to risk to get it back.

2 OUT OF 3 FALLS MATCH: The Briscoes vs. The American Wolves (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
Sara Del Rey is not at ringside with Sweet N’ Sour Inc. Unlike earlier, Sweeney does not give us an explanation, or even make any mention of it in his pre-match promo. Instead he just focuses on how the Wolves will strip the Briscoes of their pride tonight by beating them in their own specialty match.
The Briscoes win the first fall when Jay catches Davey with a roll-up in just six minutes. Just five minutes later Mark nails Eddie Edwards with the Cut-throat Driver, then takes out all of SnS with a dive to the outside, then scales the turnbuckles so that he can jump off and turn Jay’s Jay-Driller into a Spike Jay-Driller and then pin Eddie, giving the Briscoes an absolutely dominant 2-0 win the likes of which even the 2007 Briscoes who made the 2 out of 3 falls match their specialty with their streak of 2-0 wins would be jealous of.

Flair comes out and wooooos and does other generic Ric Flair things. Larry Sweeney comes out and tries to pal up to him. Ric is having none of it and makes fun of Sweeney for his stable’s big losses tonight. Sweeney reacts surprisingly well to this. In fact, he tells Ric that that is exactly the reason he is out here tonight. As big as tonight was, tomorrow night will be the biggest night in SnS’s history as they challenge for the IWC World Heavyweight Title, ROH Top of the Class Trophy, ROH World Tag Team Titles, and ROH World Title all in one night. Sweeney says that there is no one who knows more about winning championships that Ric Flair, so he wants to bring the Nature Boy on to SnS’s payroll to help his guys win. Flair rejects this offer because Sweeney is a dishonorable scumbag. Sweeney storms off as Flair takes a few more minutes with the fans before he heads to the back as well.

Babyfaces win clean in fourteen minutes when Kenny Omega pins Dave Crist.

FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL MATCH: Kevin Steen vs. Brent Albright vs. Adam Pearce (w/Shane Hagadorn) vs. Rhett Titus (w/Kenny King & random hot chicks)-
The commentators note that it is a bit odd for Sweeney not to be out here for one of his charges’ matches. Steen wins clean in fifteen minutes, pinning Albright after a Package Piledriver. After the match, the American Wolves come out from the crowd and take out Steen’s leg while Hagadorn and Pearce take the opportunity to go after Hagadorn’s opponent tomorrow, Rhett Titus. Sweeney rants about how he doesn’t need Ric Flair or any other hired strategists because he is the greatest mind in professional wrestling and SnS Inc. are the greatest wrestlers in the world, so of course they will win their title matches tomorrow.
Kenny King tries to make the save but is exhausted from his match. A chair-swinging El Generico comes out to aid Kenny, as does Albright’s NRC stable-mate and frequent SnS Inc. opponent Roderick Strong, and the heels are eventually scared away.

ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Tyler Black vs. Nigel McGuinness-
They go to a one hour time-limit draw. The story is that Nigel gets worn down over the course of the match and has trouble following up on his offense. As we approach the fifty-five minute mark it’s clear that he is giving Tyler valuable extra seconds to recover before he can make the cover on his pinfalls. This all builds up to a spot without ten seconds left where Nigel hits the Jawbreaker Lariat and is able to summon all of his strength to rush over to Tyler and make the cover but Tyler just barely manages to kick out, and as the final seconds count down, Nigel is so exhausted he can barely even move. Even so, he wants five more minutes but Cary tells him that for the sake of his health, he won’t sanction another five minutes. Nigel will get another title shot another day.
On the DVD we would then get a promo where Larry Sweeney first tries to claim that the Briscoes victory over the American Wolves tonight was a fluke, then claims that the Wolves “made a strategic decision” to lose so quickly tonight in order to save themselves for tomorrow’s ROH World Tag Team Title match.

ROH Night of Champions II (3/14/2009)- Indianapolis, IN
PRE-SHOW MATCH: Irish Airborne vs. Aaron Scott & Andy “Right Leg” Ridge-
Irish Airborne win clean.

Bobby Cruise informs the crowd Nigel McGuinness collapsing at the end of his 60 minute draw against Tyler Black in last night’s ROH World Title match and that for the sake of his own health, Nigel has been sent home and will not be appearing tonight. He also lets everyone know that, as a result of the draw, it will be Tyler Black defending the ROH World Title against Chris Hero tonight.

Omega wins in thirteen minutes with a roll-up. Claudio attacks him after the match and Irish Airborne come out to join in. Jerry Lynn and Sal Rinauro come out to chase them off.

ROH TOP OF THE CLASS TROPHY MATCH: Rhett Titus(c) (w/Kenny King & random hot chicks) vs. Shane Hagadorn (w/Larry Sweeney & Sara Del Rey)-
Rhett wins clean in seven minutes.

FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL MATCH: Bryan Danielson vs. Sal Rinauro vs. Bison Smith vs. Kenny King (w/Rhett Titus & random hot chicks)-
Bison wins clean in nine minutes, pinning Sal after a Bisontennial from the second rope. Sal is checked on by medical staff as well as Jerry Lynn and Kenny Omega.

NO DISQUALIFICATIONS MATCH: Necro Butcher vs. Delirious-
They do brutal stuff. Jimmy Jacobs comes out to help Delirious. Necro fights valiantly, and even manages to cut it down to one-on-one for a while when he puts Delirious out with some big crazy move involving weapons. Eventually Delirious makes his way back into the fight but he is clearly hurt, which allows Necro a bit of a better chance, but even so, Jacobs and Delirious are able to overwhelm Necro. Jimmy chokes Necro most of the way out with the End Times, then orders Delirious to hit Necro with Shadows Over Hell even though Delirious is clearly hurt. Delirious obeys and hits move, but is hurt enough that he needs Jacobs to pull him onto Necro for the cover.

IWC HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Ray Rowe(c) v. Adam Pearce (w/Larry Sweeney, Shane Hagadorn, & Sara Del Rey)-
Rowe wins clean to retain in eleven minutes.

THE BRISCOES vs. THE NO REMORSE CORPS (Brent Albright & Roderick Strong)-
Briscoes win clean, pinning Albright in seventeen minutes.

During intermission on the DVD we would get promos hyping up our world title and tag title matches. We would also get a segment with Jimmy Jacobs meeting with two civilian members of the Age of the Fall movement, instructing them to take Delirious to a hospital to get checked out. Jimmy then turns to the camera and cuts a promo talking about the compassion and loyalty and love that the members of the Age of the Fall have for each other. He then transitions this into an excoriation of Tyler Black and Necro Butcher for abandoning that loyalty and brotherly love.
He then transitions into a tirade directed at Austin Aries, saying that Aries is a monster, incapable of love. Jimmy says that love is putting the interests and desires of another above your own. He did that five months ago in Chicago at Rising Above 2008 when he quit in their I Quit match because Lacey didn’t want to see them fight, but Aries wouldn’t give up the fight. Then, when ROH returned to Chicago for Undeniable 2009, Aries showed that he was willing to hurt Lacey physically for the chance to hurt Jimmy, thus exposing that Aries’ love for Lacey was never anything but a lie, and for that- for hurting Lacey- Jimmy swears that Aries will suffer.

As we come back from intermission we are told that Sal Rinauro and Delirious have both been taken to a local hospital for examination.
Grizzly Redwood stumbles out from the back with a big gash on his head and demands a mic. He tells everyone that before the Delirious vs. Necro Butcher match, Jimmy Jacobs assaulted him from behind, just like Jimmy did to Bobby Dempsey. Jimmy comes out and takes credit for attacking Grizz tonight so that he wouldn’t interfere in the Delirious vs. Necro match, but vehemently denies that he or the Age of the Fall had anything to do with the attack on Dempsey. Grizzly calls Jacobs a liar so Jacobs charges at Grizz and they start their match early…

Jimmy wins clean in nine minutes with the Contra Code. He dominates most of the match but Grizz gets his sh*t in and gets some good hope spots in. After the match, as Jimmy is walking to the back, Grizz dives on him and they start to brawl all over again. Jimmy gets the advantage and then starts to really beat the sh*t out of Grizz. Then he grabs his railroad spike and starts to stab Grizz in the head, opening up the wound from earlier. Then he locks in the End Times and starts to choke Grizz into unconsciousness as referees try to pull him off. Jimmy won’t give up the hold.
Just then, Lacey (in her winter coat, and out of breath) jumps the guardrail. She calls to Jimmy and asks him to break the hold. He does. He is still staring angrily at Grizz as the referees carry him to the back, but Lacey tries her best to calm Jimmy down. She tells him that when she heard what happened at last night’s show she was worried Jimmy might lose control tonight so she drove ten hours from Minneapolis and arrived just in the nick of time. Taking Lacey’s “out of control” comment as a criticism, Jimmy protests that Grizz had jumped him after their match. Lacey tells Jimmy that she understands and that she wasn’t blaming him. Then she takes his hand and tells him “let’s go home,” and they head to the back (on the DVD we’ll follow them into the locker room as they grab Jimmy’s bags and then go right out to Lacey’s car.

SIX MAN SCRAMBLE: Nate Webb vs. Flash Flanagan vs. Mikey Nichols vs. Silas Young vs. Sigmon vs. Sonny Samson-
Silas wins clean in a ten-minute spotfest, pinning Sigmon. The real purpose of this match is to create a buffer between the Jimmy & Lacey stuff and Aries’ match, so that we have an excuse for why they don’t bump into Aries (either at Gorilla or in the locker room) on their journey through the backstage area and to the car.

Aries wins clean in fifteen minutes with the brainbuster followed by the 450. After the match Claudio comes out to attack Lynn. Omega comes out to make the save but he is ambushed by Irish Airborne, who lay him out with their finisher. Then they help Claudio set up a table for him to once again Ricola Bomb Jerry Lynn through.

ROH WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Kevin Steen & El Generico(c) vs. The American Wolves (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
Steen & Generico win clean in 20-25 minutes to retain their titles.

ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Tyler Black(c) vs. Chris Hero (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
Tyler wins clean in 20-25 minutes to retain the title.

The day after the show (also at the end of the DVD for Night of Champions II) we are treated to another special edition of the Sweet N’ Sour VideoWire, but this one is much different than the last. The jovial tone is gone from Sweeney’s voice. He tells us that the purpose of this “public shaming” is to encourage the shamed ones to do better next time so that he won’t have to humiliate them again like this. Then the camera zooms out and we see that Sweeney has his six wrestlers (Hero, Eddie, Davey, Pearce, Hagadorn, & Del Rey) lined up like an army platoon. He begins to pace back and forth in front of them and begins to yell and scream at them about their failures this weekend, going down the line and poking them each in the chest as he yells about how this weekend’s failure to capture any titles was “UNACCEPTABLE!” He threatens them that if they don’t shape up soon, some changes will have to be made.
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

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- Monday’s newswire focuses on the Friday’s show in Elizabeth, PA which, in addition to being ROH’s return to the Pittsburgh area in nearly six years will see many big names returning to ROH. One of the top matches on the show will feature two of those men squaring off in one-on-one competition for the first time in ROH (and just the third time ever) as Mike Quackenbush takes on COLT CABANA!
- Friday’s main event will see the American Wolves take on the team of Bryan Danielson and another returning name, Danielson’s former rival KENTA in the main event. The reason this match has been booked is because Danielson and KENTA have requested a warm-up match before Saturday night’s 7th Anniversary Show in New York City where they will fulfill a match they signed for via answering one of the open contracts that has been put out by ROH World Tag Team Champions Kevin Steen & El Generico!
- While Cabana, Quackenbush, and KENTA are sure to be receive hero’s welcomes, the fourth man to return to ROH this weekend, while equally talented, will likely receive a much more hostile reception from the Elizabeth crowd, as JIMMY RAVE makes his return to ROH to take on Sterling James Keenan.
- Making his first “return” to ROH this weekend will be D’Lo Brown, who impressed ROH officials in his debut weekend in Florida last month. He will take on the debuting Shiima Xion in Elizabeth before going to face fellow returnee Colt Cabana in New York.
- Another man making a return to ROH action is former ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness, who has been cleared to return to action after collapsing at the end of this one hour time-limit draw with Tyler Black in the ROH World Title match last Friday in Collinsville. Nigel will not have an easy weekend ahead of him as he takes on El Generico in Elizabeth and Mike Quackenbush in NYC.
- Someone else making a perhaps unexpected “return” of sorts is Necro Butcher. Despite being told that he had to win his matches last weekend in order to continue to be booked in ROH and only managing to pick up a disqualification victory, Necro Butcher is being rewarded for his courageous effort having to deal with both Jimmy Jacobs and Delirious in his No Disqualifications match with Delirious in Indianapolis. Necro- along with Austin Aries and Tyler Black- will continue his war with the Age of the Fall on both of ROH’s shows this weekend. First, in Elizabeth, the two sides will collide in a six-man tag team match that will be fought under Relaxed Rules! Then, the next night at the 7th Anniversary Show Necro faces off with the AOTF’s big bruiser Brodie Lee, Aries goes one-on-one with Delirious, and Tyler Black defends the ROH World Title against his former leader Jimmy Jacobs.
And speaking of Austin Aries and the ROH World Title, Aries has not been pinned in his last seven matches and has won four of his last six. If Aries can avoid getting pinned or made to submit this weekend while winning at least one match, ROH officials are prepared to grant him a shot at the ROH World Title on April 4th in Houston at ROH International Showcase. Aries will receive this title shot against the winner of a match the previous night at Supercard of Honor IV in which the winner of Saturday’s Black vs. Jacobs match will defend the title against Japanese sensation Katsuhiko Nakajima.
- While Rhett Titus might have successfully defended the Top of the Class Trophy against Shane Hagadorn at Night of the Champions II on Saturday, he still isn’t finished with Sweet N’ Sour Inc. as he called the ROH office demanding a match against Adam Pearce to make Pearce pay for his part in the post-match attack on Rhett the night before in Collinsville.
- And speaking of unfinished business, that will hopefully be settled this Friday night Daizee Haze looks to get some revenge on the Age of the Fall’s Rain for jumping her backstage during Trios Tournament weekend. While they did have a match on the second night of that weekend it was marred by interference from the Age of the Fall, so for this match everyone will be barred from ringside!

Video Wire
- The Briscoes heard what Sweeney said about their 2-0 win over the American Wolves last weekend was a fluke so they and dare the Wolves to “prove it” in an Iron Team match in Houston.
- Lacey tells Jimmy she won’t be there for the six-man tag in Elizabeth in advance. Jimmy says that he understands, but pleads with her to please be there for him against Tyler in NYC. She asks him for the truth about Dempsey. Jimmy swears on their love that he had nothing to do with it. Lacey says that she believes him, and tells him that she will be there for him in NYC.

On Wednesday there is another newswire. This one notes that Claudio Castagnoli has called ROH management to claim that Kenny Omega’s victory over him in Indianapolis, like Lynn’s victories over him, was a fluke, and demanding a rematch with Omega to set the record straight. This rematch has been signed for the 7th Anniversary Show!
It also notes that instead of the singles match that ROH management wants to sign between Rhett Titus and Adam Pearce, Pearce’s agent Larry Sweeney will only allow them to face off in a tag team match, so in Elizabeth we will see Rhett Titus team up with his usual tag team partner Kenny King to face Adam Pearce and his usual lackey Shane Hagadorn.
- Speaking of Sweeney, he spent most of Tuesday in negotiations with ROH management proposing a very unlikely match: Sweeney has asked for his charge Sara Del Rey to team with her usual rival Daizee Haze to take on the Age of the Fall team of Rain and the SHIMMER Women Athletes Champion MsChif. When contacted, Haze said she was eager for any chance to get in the ring with the SHIMMER Champion, even if she had to team with Del Rey. The leader of the Age of the Fall, Jimmy Jacobs, said that his faction is always happy to fight greedy corporations like Sweeney’s Sweet N’ Sour Inc. With all parties in agreement on the terms, the match has been signed for this Saturday night in at the 7th Anniversary Show.
- Rounding out the card for Elizabeth will be the Briscoes vs. Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens of the No Remorse Corps and a Six-man Scramble featuring Jerry Lynn, Matt Cross, Brent Albright, Grizzly Redwood, Alex “Sugarfoot” Payne, and ROH World Tag Team Champions Kevin Steen.

Thursday also has a newswire, which mostly contains match announcements for WrestleMania weekend:
- Larry Sweeney has accepted the Briscoes challenge on behalf of the American Wolves. An Iron-Team match has been signed for the second of ROH’s two WrestleMania Weekend shows in Houston, International Showcase.
- The reason that that show will be called “International Showcase” because ROH will host a number of international visitors. From our friends at Pro Wrestling NOAH we will see not only KENTA but also but also the return of Japanese prodigy Katsuhiko Nakajima. Nakajima will challenge either Tyler Black or Jimmy Jacobs for the ROH World Title at Supercard of Honor IV. KENTA has been booked to face Roderick Strong at International Showcase.
In addition to these two Japanese superstars, Supercard of Honor IV and International Showcase will also see some Luchadors from AAA making their ROH debut: Those three men will be Magno, Incognito, and the Lucha Libre legend himself, the NWA World Heavyweight Champion Blue Demon Jr., who will be defending his title both nights, against former champion Adam Pearce at Supercard of Honor IV and against Jerry Lynn at International Showcase.
To add to the international flavor of the weekend, AAA will also be sending Russian star Alex Koslov. At International Showcase Koslov will be involved in a special Lucha Rules Four Corner Survival with Magno, Incognito, and ROH’s own luchador El Generico!
- It is also announced that Friday April 10th, ROH will return to Philadelphia to tape its next PPV: Take No Prisoners 2009. Stay tuned to for an announcement of the main event of that show on Monday morning!

Many Happy Returns (3/20/2009)- Elizabeth, PA

Ernie wins clean in seven minutes

The DVD will start off with a backstage promo with Jimmy Jacobs and Rain of the Age of the Fall. Jimmy cut a promo about what a big weekend this will be for the AOTF. He says that this weekend he will win the ROH World Title and they will vanquish all of their enemies: Tyler Black, Necro Butcher, Austin Aries- Jacobs then goes off on a mad tangent about how he will make Aries pay for preventing him from spending more time with Lacey, who isn’t here tonight because she won’t support seeing Aries and Jacobs fight each other. Rain, Lacey’s best friend and former tag team partner, tries to calm Jimmy down by assuring him that Lacey still loves him. Jacobs rounds on her and tells her that part of the Age of the Fall destroying their enemies this weekend includes Rain taking out Daizee Haze, with Jacobs telling Rain that “this Delirious thing is becoming too much of a distraction for me and for him. I want her out of my hair. For good.”

SIX MAN SCRAMBLE: Jerry Lynn vs. Matt Cross vs. Brent Albright vs. “Sugarfoot” Alex Payne vs. Grizzly Redwood vs. Kevin Steen (w/El Generico)-
Steen wins clean in nine fast-paced minutes, pinning Sugarfoot with a Package Piledriver.

Sal puts up a good fight but Claudio wins clean in eight minutes. After the match Claudio gives Sal a Ricola Bomb through a table, with Jerry Lynn coming out too late to make the save, half-dressed and very wet to explain that he didn’t come out sooner because he didn’t know what was happening because he was in the shower but came out as soon as someone told him (the announcers will explain this on the DVD as well).

Rave is back and thus so is Nana, returning to manage “the crown jewel” of The Embassy. Rave wins clean with the heel hook in ten minutes.

Rain is very aggressive in going after Daizee and wins clean in ten minutes. After the match she tries to attack Daizee some more but security pulls her off. Delirious comes out after the match, with Jacobs chasing after him shouting “NO!” Security runs over to intercept Delirious as well, thinking that he might be looking to aid in Rain’s assault on the defeated Daizee. Jacobs drags Delirious to the back.

THE YRR (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) (w/random hot chicks) vs. SWEET N’ SOUR INC. (Adam Pearce & Shane Hagadorn) (w/Larry Sweeney)-
The hot chicks leave in disgust when Sweeney literally tries to treat them like prostitutes by offering them money to have sex with him and the various members of SnS. Pearce & Hagadorn win in nine minutes when Pearce knocks Kenny King out with brass knuckles and pins him.
POST-MATCH SEGMENT- SnS beat the YRR down after the match until the No Remorse Corps all run out to make the save. Roddy grabs a mic and says that he is in a fighting mood now so he wants the Briscoes to come out so they can have their match right now. The Briscoes, never ones to back down from a fight, come out and we get…

THE BRISCOES vs. THE NO REMORSE CORPS (Roderick Strong & Erick Stevens) (w/Brent Albright)-
They try to make up for all of the short matches so far by having a twenty-two minute slugfest to send us into intermission. NRC win when Stevens pins Jay after a Doctor Bomb. Handshakes all around, both before and after.
(During intermission on the DVD we get a promo from Jerry Lynn calling Claudio both a bully and a coward)

D’Lo’s Code of Honor handshake is very overdone, to the point of seeming insincere. D’Lo wins clean in nine minutes with the Sky High and cuts a promo saying he is going to dominate everyone in ROH. After cutting this promo he heads to the back, but right before he gets to the curtain he turns around, heads back to the ring and makes a big show of shaking Xion’s hand again.

Nigel pins Generico clean in twenty minutes with a Jawbreaker Lariat.

RELAX RULES MATCH: Tyler Black, Austin Aries, & Necro Butcher vs. The Age of the Fall (Jimmy Jacobs, Delirious, & Brodie Lee)-
Fifteen minutes of wild brawling with some weapon use. Aries taunts Jacobs about Lacey’s lack of presence at ringside as a sign that Lacey really doesn’t love him and that she will come back to Aries eventually. Jacobs eventually pins Necro Butcher after a Contra Code, then tells Tyler he’s coming for the belt tomorrow and when he gets his hands on it, he’s going to destroy it because it’s a symbol of the system that the AOTF stands against- and that Tyler has sold out to- just like what Tyler should have done when he won the belt at Final Battle.

They change up the pace from the previous match with twenty minutes of good, clean, technical wrestling, with Cabana going over clean with the Colt .45. Cabana cuts a promo talking about how happy he is to be back in ROH.

BRYAN DANIELSON & KENTA vs. THE AMERICAN WOLVES (w/Larry Sweeney, Adam Pearce, & Shane Hagadorn)-
Dragon & KENTA win clean in thirty minutes.

We get a segment taped for the DVD where Cabana is cutting a backstage promo about how happy he is to be back in ROH when his opponent for tomorrow night, D’Lo Brown, shows up. D’Lo puts Cabana over and says that he knew how good Colt was the moment he first laid eyes on him in WWE, and says that he thinks he and Colt could for a very successful tag team. Colt says he thinks it’d be really cool to team with D’Lo and they decide that they will take it to the powers that be.
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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Re: BRM Books ROH After Gabe

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7th Anniversary Show (3/21/2009)- New York, NY
Bobby Cruise announces a change to tonight’s card: Last night Prince Nana approached ROH officials and told them that he wanted a match to showcase the glory of his new Embassy, while D’Lo Brown & Colt Cabana approached ROH officials last night and told them they would rather team up than face each other, so rather than the originally scheduled D’Lo Brown vs. Colt Cabana match, the teams of Brown & Cabana and The Embassy have now been added to the Briscoes vs. King & Titus match to make it a Four Corner Survival match.

Claudio wins clean in fourteen minutes. After the match he sets up to put Omega through a table but Jerry Lynn comes out to make the save.

(On the DVD we get promos from both the Briscoes and ANX saying that they don’t care who they have to fight tonight: as long as they have a match they have an opportunity to move towards a shot at the ROH World Tag Team Titles.)

Delirious comes out flanked by his Age of the Fall stablemates Brodie Lee and Jimmy Jacobs, though as Delirious and Brodie head towards the ring, Jacobs says by the curtain, trying to encourage Lacey to come out with him. Lacey pokes her head out and tells Jimmy that she can’t stand to see the two men she has loved fighting each other because of her and thus she refuses to be at ringside when she knows that at some point one of them will do something to cause them to start fighting. From the ring Aries taunts Jimmy by saying that this is just Lacey’s way of showing Jimmy that she really doesn’t love him anymore, but Lacey tells Jimmy to ignore him. Jimmy asks Lacey if she will still be at ringside with him for his ROH World Title shot in tonight’s main event and she says yes. Jimmy says that’s all he needs to know and starts to head towards the ring while Lacey slips backstage, but Jimmy pauses at the end of the aisle, gives it a long think, then turns around and heads backstage to be with Lacey rather than be out here and risk upsetting Lacey by fighting with Aries.
A few minutes in we get some spot where Brodie trips Aries up to allow Delirious to get the heat, but this also has the unintended effect of bringing Necro Butcher out to ringside to counteract Brodie. Stuff happens and the match eventually spills to the outside. Brodie tries to hit Aries with a chair but Necro pushes Aries out of the way and takes the chairshot himself. Sinclair sees this and orders Necro and Brodie to the back right away or else they’ll both be fined. Necro complies immediately because he can’t afford to be fined because he needs to feed his family. Brodie also eventually complies. Aries winds up picking up the win in twelve minutes with the Last Chancery rolled into the repeated knees to the head for the victory by referee stoppage. Daizee Haze runs out to check on Delirious.

BISON SMITH vs. BRENT ALBRIGHT (w/the No Remorse Corps)-
Bison wins clean in ten minutes, though Albright gets a few big spots in where he becomes the first guy in ROH to successfully throw Bison around. Roddy walks to the back immediately after Albright is pinned and shouts “AGAIN?” in an annoyed manner. Stevens, to contrast, goes to check on Albright to make sure he is okay.

TAG TEAM FOUR CORNER SURVIVAL: The Briscoes vs. Colt Cabana & D’Lo Brown vs. The YRR (Kenny King & Rhett Titus) (w/Random Hot Chicks) vs. The Embassy (Jimmy Rave & Ernie Osiris) (w/Prince Nana)-
Ernie becomes the Embassy’s new footstool. D’Lo’s Code of Honor handshaking seems overdone to the point of insincerity, though Cabana does the same thing, thinking it’s kind of funny. Rave refuses to shake hands, ordering Ernie to do it for him.
They go for about twelve minutes before the Briscoes take out both the YRR and the Embassy with a series of big moves but Cabana & D’Lo then come in and Cabana hits Jay with the Colt .45 and then locks him in the Billy Goat’s Curse. Mark tries to break it up but D’Lo intercepts him with a Sky High and Jay is soon forced to tap out. After the match Cabana gives a little return speech, putting over the other teams and the very high level of competition in ROH. D’Lo grabs a mic and says that Cabana is just being nice. In reality, he and Cabana “are going to tear through this company like tissue paper.”

THE AMERICAN WOLVES (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.) vs. THE NO REMORSE CORPS (Erick Stevens & Roderick Strong) (w/Brent Albright)-
NRC win clean in twenty-five minutes when Roddy pins Eddie. After the match Roddy turns to Albright and shouts “that how it’s done!”
(On the DVD we get a promo from Jimmy Jacobs in the Age of the Fall locker room, talking about how he is going to win the ROH World Title tonight and destroy it. He then starts to talk about the other remaining AOTF matches tonight: Brodie Lee vs. Necro Butcher and the women’s tag match. He orders Delirious to stay in the back for the women’s tag match and once again reiterates that Delirious is to stay away from Daizee Haze.
Lacey pipes up and opines that Jimmy let Delirious be at ringside with everyone else, suggesting that maybe Delirious could be used to convert Daizee to their cause. Jimmy clearly doesn’t like this idea and reminds Lacey that Daizee Haze is her mortal enemy. Lacey says that she knows that but Daizee is a good wrestler who could help them win many championships and gain more power and thus demand more promo time to spread their message, and thus she would be willing to put their past aside for the good of the cause. Jimmy clearly still doesn’t like this idea but also doesn’t want to do something that might upset Lacey and so he relents.)

Sweet N’ Sour Inc. come out and Sweeney dismisses the Wolves’ loss before intermission as being irrelevant. He says that things are about to get right back on track as we will now all have the privilege of seeing Sara Del Rey prove her superiority over every other female wrestler in the world when she defeats the unified front of the Age of the Fall and pins SHIMMER Champion MsChif despite the terrible handicap of having a loser like Daizee Haze as her tag team partner. This brings out Daizee who tries to get in Sweeney’s face but Sara steps between them and Daizee decides that not starting a fight with her tag partner is more important than retorting to Sweeney’s taunts.

DAIZEE HAZE & SARA DEL REY (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.) vs. THE AGE OF THE FALL (MsChif & Rain) (w/the Age of the Fall)-
As the Age of the Fall come out Jimmy Jacobs slips away from Lacey for a moment to tell Brodie Lee to keep a close eye on Delirious. Daizee does indeed try to make nice to Delirious whenever she isn’t the legal woman, inviting him to stand in her corner, although Sweet N’ Sour Inc. do their best to shut that down. Daizee winds up as the babyface in peril so that we can get some good shots of Delirious being worried and cheering her on and so forth. Eventually a miscue between Rain and MsChif allows Daizee to make the tag to Del Rey. Things progress from there, until another AOTF miscue results in Rain accidentally taking out MsChif. Haze then nails Rain with the Mind Trip and goes for the pin but Del Rey break it up with a vicious axe kick to the head. Del Rey drags Haze back to their corner, tags herself in, then hits MsChif with the Royal Butterfly for the pin. Rain and MsChif argue after the match while Delirious goes over to check on Daizee Haze. Jimmy Jacobs angrily orders the entire AOTF crew to the back.

Larry Sweeney cuts a promo about how everything is going right for Sweet N’ Sour Inc. right now so he wants to continue the hot streak. He demands that Jerry Lynn & Sal Rinauro come out for their match against Pearce & Hagadorn right now. They oblige, so we start…

JERRY LYNN & SAL RINAURO (w/Kenny Omega) vs. SWEET N’ SOUR INC. (Adam Pearce & Shane Hagadorn) (w/Sweet N’ Sour Inc.)-
Despite having his ribs taped up from being put through a table by Claudio last night, Sal Rinauro fights valiantly and he and Lynn pick up the victory when Jerry Lynn pins Hagadorn after a Cradle Piledriver. As the babyfaces are headed through the curtain, Claudio nails Lynn with a sucker-bicycle kick and then runs away. Omega and Rinauro check on Lynn.

Brodie enters first and the rest of the Age of the Fall comes out with him but Tod Sinclair immediately sends them to the back after what happened earlier tonight in the Aries vs. Delirious match. They have a brawl and we eventually get a ref bump. Delirious comes out to make it two-on-one and they beat Necro down. They smash Necro’s bare foot between a chair and the ringpost and a few times. The whole time the announcers are screaming for Aries to come out and help Necro but he doesn’t show. Sinclair starts to stir so Delirious runs to the back. Necro keeps trying to fight on but it is impossible for him to do so with his foot so badly damaged that he can’t put any weight on it, and Sinclair declares Brodie the winner by referee stoppage, despite Necro’s protests that he can’t afford to lose another match because he needs to feed his family.

(On the DVD we get a backstage promo from Bryan Danielson saying that tonight is the night that he will do the one thing he has been unable to do in ROH: win the ROH World Tag Team Titles.

Nigel wins clean in twenty minutes

ROH WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Kevin Steen & El Generico(c) vs. Bryan Danielson & KENTA-
Generico is the babyface in peril to create lots of nearfalls to push the idea of Dragon possibly finally winning the tag titles. Steen & Generico win clean in twenty-five minutes when Steen pins KENTA. After the match the Briscoes show up and lay out and exhausted Steen and Generico.

ROH WORLD TITLE MATCH: Tyler Black(c) vs. Jimmy Jacobs (w/Lacey)-
The other AOTF members come out with Jacobs as well but Sinclair orders them all to the back. Tyler tells Sinclair that it’s okay if Lacey stays, which shocks Jacobs so much that he temporarily drops his look of hatred towards Tyler. Sinclair agrees to let her stay, but warns her that she should be on her absolute best behavior or else he will not hesitate to disqualify Jimmy.
Despite the hatred between them, we do get a handshake at the beginning of the match, which is, even more surprisingly, initiated by Jacobs. He looks Tyler right in the eye and says “thank you for letter Lacey stay,” then immediately kicks him in the gut and tries to lock on the End Times. Tyler powers up and hits the Buckle Bomb into the superkick but Jacobs kicks out, and just like that we’re off to an extremely hot start. There is a lot of brawling, with Tyler also working in some power moves. Lacey is on her best behavior the whole time and does nothing illegal whatsoever. Tyler wins clean in eighteen minutes with the Paroxysm. Jimmy is very sad after the match, and Lacey consoles him.

(This DVD will also contain a short video wire of things that happened after the show that will be released on Tuesday- see below)

On Monday the ROH website makes its promised announcement of the main event for the 4/10 Undeniable 2009 PPV. It starts off by reminding us that Katsuhiko Nakajima will challenge Tyler Black for the ROH World Title at Supercard of Honor IV. It then notes that by managing to both not get pinned this past weekend and picking up at least one victory, Austin Aries has earned the shot at the ROH World Title the next night at International Showcase against the winner of the Black vs. Nakajima match. The winner of Black/Nakajima vs. Aries will then go on to main event Undeniable 2009 the next week when Nigel McGuinness get the rematch for the ROH World Title he deserves after his sixty-minute time limit draw against Tyler Black at Pushing The Limit.
In other Aries-related WrestleMania weekend news, his match for the previous night has also been signed, as he will team up with his on-again, off-again tag team partner Bryan Danielson to take on his hated rivals Jimmy Jacobs & Delirious of the Age of the Fall.
- And speaking of tag team action- and going back to the subjects of Nigel McGuinness and championships, we can also now announce that at Supercard of Honor IV McGuinness will team up with KENTA to challenge Kevin Steen & El Generico for the ROH World Tag Team Titles. Be sure to check back at tomorrow to see the raw footage of how that match developed in a special VideoWire of the fallout from the 7th Anniversary Show… including an explanation from the Briscoes as to why they attacked Steen & Generico after their match.
Hold #712: ARM BAR!

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