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BRM Reviews the 10/23/2019 Dynamite

Post by Big Red Machine » Oct 23rd, '19, 22:51

They started the show with both teams already in the ring and getting official introductions. This was one of those things that feels like something that should have bothered me but didn’t, and I can’t quite put my finger on why.
Solid action. Lucha Bros. winning here pretty much gives away the result of the other semifinal. I really would have liked to see Private Party make it to the finals and lose, just to up the Cinderella story factor.

WARDLOW IS COMING- He was lifting weights. At this point he appears to be Brian Cage minus the flips, and I really can’t get excited for Mason Ryan.

THE ANNOUNCERS UPDATE US ON CHRISTOPHER DANIELS’ CONDITION- He is expected to be out for 6-8 weeks, but he is mobile, and the fact that he is coming back at all is good news. I really hope they keep it consistent that a piledriver on the ramp is an automatic month and a half on the shelf (at least). It’d be really nice to have something like that in a promotion nowadays.

DARK ORDER VIDEO PACKAGE- pointless. This didn’t tell us anything we didn’t know before, which is that they have minions and magical powers.

AEW TAG TEAM TITLE TOURNAMENT SEMIFINAL MATCH: SCU (Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian) vs. the Dark Order (w/the Creepers)- 6/10
They did flips.
There was a point where heels got a visual pinfall but the referee was distracted checking on the other two wrestlers after a big dive to the outside. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not. If it wasn’t then it’s unfortunate that they have accidentally made their babyfaces’ win in the tournament semifinals seem invalid. If it was intentional then props to them for the wonderful job they did on the execution.

During this match they showed the Inner Circle arriving, and made a point of telling us that they “were not scheduled to be here” but it was okay because they “have tickets.” So are wrestlers who aren’t booked on the show not allowed to be backstage. I don’t think this is consistent with what we’ve seen so far in AEW, and if there was some sort policy change announced between this week and last then the announcers should have told us about it at the top of the show.
They had cameras in place to follow the Inner Circle into a private box and kept cutting away from the ring to show us them standing around and eating popcorn. This was bad for several reasons. First of all, it made the match look unimportant. Secondly, sending them through the crowd predictably made the fans cheer, which is not a reaction you want to show your top heels getting.
Also, seemingly in an effort to drive me mad, we had one of those spots where one member of a team has a submission on his opponent and the other one is holding the opponent’s partner at bay but the partner starts to gain momentum and is pushing the guy holding him back towards the submission… and AEW decided to cut to a random smiling fan, so we missed the big spot where the submission is broken up because the one guy pushes the opponent into the opponent’s partner to break up a submission on his teammate. If I don’t see an article on Meltzer or Keller’s website by tomorrow morning stating that the director has been fired, I will lose any hope I have for this company.

They showed highlights of Omega vs. Janela from Dark a few weeks ago that have convinced me to go watch that match at some point.

So they had a big unsanctioned weapons match and now they’re doing a regular match as the return? I thought this was awesome, but it definitely didn’t seem as cool as the weapons match they just showed me clips off. They cut away from this match several times to see the Inner Circle mockingly clapping from their box.

The Inner Circle tried to interrupt Cody from their box with airhorns. He ignored them, like an adult. Eventually he couldn’t ignore them because Jericho had a working mic. Cody then had the nerve to tell me that “this isn’t like the other company we came from,” in the same sentence that he tried to get me to believe that the Inner Circle were here just as fans even though they were provided with a microphone hooked up to the arena’s sound system. F*ck off, Space Clown.
Cody threatened to go up there and beat them up. Jericho called him a coward and an “entitled Millennial little bitch,” so Cody went to go into the crowd to fight them. Jericho pointed out that it was four against one so Dustin came out. Jericho noted that it was still 4 vs. 2, so MJF came out. Jericho made fun of people who wear scarves and then pointed out that they still had the numbers advantage, so out came DDP.
The babyfaces went into the crowd but Jericho’s group retreated into a luxury box and locked the door. Cody (with MJF’s scarf wrapped around his fist) punched through the (thank G-d) clearly gimmicked door and reached in to unlock it, allowed for the brawl (props to the heels for ducking away from the glass, creating a reason for them not to kick Cody’s ass the moment he came through the door). A brawl broke out that was a PERFECT mixture of feeling authentic and out of control while still feeling tame so that they actually have something to give us at the PPV.
Then the police came CODY was ordered to leave the building because Jericho and pals have tickets. That’s absolutely moronic. A ticket does not immunize you from getting punished for your douchy behavior! If an opposing manager can get a mascot ejected from a game, then surely a fan can get ejected for being disruptive. In fact, it happens at sporting events all the time. And doubly so if it wasn’t a fan but rather a member of the opposing team who was in the press box due to injury or suspension or being a healthy scratch.
As I said, this segment is a microcosm of what I expected AEW to be. Their presentation would feel much more authentic than WWE’s (or ROH’s or TNA’s, for that matter), attention to certain details for the coolness and reality of the presentation would be good, and there would certainly be a lot of creativity, but when it came to logic and consistency they would make the exact same kinds of mistakes that WWE makes, and those mistakes would be born out of the same combination of carelessness (thinking your segment is a cool idea but not thinking about it hard enough to make sure that everything makes sense and is consistent with what has so far been established) and arrogance (thinking that getting those details right or making things consistent doesn’t matter because no one “should-” and thus isn’t going to- take it seriously enough to think about it on that level).

YOUNG BUCKS vs. BEST FRIENDS (w/Orange Cassidy)- 8/10
Dumb Orange Cassidy sh*t happened before the match. Other that, the match was awesome. The Bucks then accepted LAX’s challenge to a match at the PPV.

BRITT BAKER VIDEO PACKAGE- In addition to being a dentist, we also learned that she is from Pittsburgh, which we already knew because she is introduced as being from there every time she wrestles. Unless, of course, they have already started billing her as hailing from dental school.

This match went on WAY too long for my patience, especially with the outcome never being in doubt. Tony Schiavone pointed out to us that Britt now has a winning record in singles competition, which I assume was the point of this.


JON MOXLEY vs. PAC- 7.75/10
PAC attacked Moxley from behind with a chair before the match, then choked him with a jacket. Moxley fought back valiantly and hit his finisher but Pac kicked out and then time expired. Moxley got angry and attacked the referee.

This was mostly a very good show from AEW, but the cracks are pretty evident as well. We’ll see how NXT stacks up.

1. Tony Schiavone told us that “Kazarian and Sky have tagged together only fourteen times in the last two years.”
This statement is only true if you ignore any time they teamed together in six-man (or more) tags, which is ridiculous to do because they still develop chemistry, countering Tony’s point out this SCU combination being less experience than Kaz and Daniels. Yes, Kaz and Daniels have teamed together more, but there is absolutely a point of diminishing returns on these things.
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Re: BRM Reviews the 10/23/2019 Dynamite

Post by KILLdozer » Oct 24th, '19, 13:12

Robert-O evidently went to this...
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Re: BRM Reviews the 10/23/2019 Dynamite

Post by Bob-O » Oct 26th, '19, 11:47

KILLdozer wrote: Oct 24th, '19, 13:12 Robert-O evidently went to this...
Indeed I did! I haven't watched the broadcast yet though...

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