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Cero Reviews Impact Wrestling Rebellion

Post by cero2k » Apr 28th, '19, 21:55

Impact Wrestling Rebellion
April 28, 2019
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Full Recap: https://www.f4wonline.com/tna-results/i ... age-282601

6-Pack Scramble
Ace Austin vs Petey Williams vs Jake Crist vs Aiden Prince vs Eddie Edwards vs Cousin Jake - 7/10
Great actioned packed opener, all men had a small chance to shine. Cousin Jake was towering over everyone. Placing Eddie Edwards here makes me think that they had a big plan for him and Eli Drake facing each other and instead they had to add him here. The match was the usual spotty match, but it had the small story going that Ace Austin has started a rivalry with Petey Williams due to his dislike with Aiden Prince who was also here.

Finish saw Petey came in and hit the Destroyer on Cousin Jake, but as he went for the pin, Ace Austin jumped in and rolled Petey Williams for the surprise win.

Impact+ Commercial - Josh Matthews and Don Callis introduced Impact+, which seems to be the evolution of the GWN network with live streaming, independent promotions, and the Impact library.

Sami Callihan Promo - He cut a promo on Rich Swann. He told Swann that tonight he is getting all Swann deserves for betraying the family and that he got oVe rules for tonight’s match.

Scarlett Bordeaux w/Fallah Bahh vs Rohit Raju w/Gama Singh & Raj Singh - 6/10
This match is replacing Scarlett’s live Smoke Show after they had an interaction on Twitter that escalated to this match. It was better than anyone could fairly expect from this pairing. This was a far different match from their Impact match, this time, Rohit Raju didn’t avoid wrestling a woman, this time he went straight to take her out. Scarlet hit Rohit with the Dudebuster and pin him 1-2-3.

Moose & The North vs The Rascalz - 7/10
Great match, some spots looked mispositioned, but overall great. The tag team work in this match was top notch, the way that both The Rascalz and The North work along within their partnerships is something to behold. Moose and The North were shown completely dominant and powerful, while The Rascalz, even in defeat, looked strong, especially when working together as a team.

Johnny Impact & Co. Interview - Melissa Santos interviewed Johnny Impact & Taya Valkyrie. Johnny Bravo was there too. They talked trash to Melissa. Johnny cut a promo on Cage saying that he doesn’t know what being a champion is like and that he is not worried about Lance Storm. He hinted having a secret up his sleeve.

Taya cut a promo on Jordynne Grace, saying that Grace’s streak ends tonight.

Impact Knockout's Championship Match
Taya Valkrye (C) vs Jordynne Grace - 6.5/10
This was a lot better than I expected going in. Taya worked Jordynne's arm throughout the match, with Jordynne’s selling being great. The last few minutes were pretty exciting, with Jordynne getting and kicking out of great near falls. Taya won clean with the Road to Valhalla to retain the title and give Jordynne her first 1-on-1 loss.

Gail Kim Interview - Melissa Santos interviewed Gail Kim. Santos asked about how she decided to return to the ring after retiring. Gail answered that she doesn’t miss wrestling, but she needs to teach Tessa a lesson in respect.

X-Division Championship oVe Rules Match
Rich Swann vs Sami Callihan - 8/10
Callihan came out with Madman Fulton, but sent him to the back for the match. Swann came out all serious, no dancing, no smiling, completely focused on Callihan.

The match was your quintessential weapons match, but given that the main event is a Full Metal Mayhem, they instead went for weapons that are not likely to be used at the end like the stapler, cooking pans, signs, legos, and a barbed wire bat. The story of the match was that Swann brought out the violent side of himself for this match, going down to Callihan’s level, which comes to the climax with the finish with Swann going after the Callihan's groin and using the bat to submit Callihan.

We got the commercial for Impact's return to New York City.

Tessa Blanchard Interview - Melissa Santos interviewed Tessa Blanchard, who said that she knows about respect and that she has earned it, her family has earned respect, and while she used to look up to Gail Kim, it was respect that she has lost for her. It will be Tessa teaching Kim a lesson tonight. Tully Blanchard walked up and congratulated Tessa for her match tonight and cut a promo hyping her up. Well now i'm completely behind Tessa after Tully's words.

Tessa Blanchard vs Gail Kim - 8/10
Robert Irvine and Tully Blanchard are both ringside. I loved this match top to bottom, this was a sprint, which helped to tell the story that Tessa is on her prime and the floating question whether Gail Kim has ring rust. They went back and forward all match, but there was a slight dominance to Tessa's offense, while not taking anything away from Gail who looked great and had some great offense.

Climax came when Gail started chasing Eat Defeat, but Tessa countered as they started brawling in the ramp. Tessa hit a huge Bitter End from the ramp to the floor. Gail made the count. Tessa went for the Buzzsaw DDT, but Gail escaped and hit Eat Defeat for a two count. Gail went to the top rope, but Tessa stopped her, where Tessa hit a Military Slam from the rope and hit Magnum for a huge near fall, but Tessa transitioned into an modified Anaconda Vice for the submission win. Dominant win for Tessa, she is no doubt the top woman in the promotion.

Post-match - Tessa and Tully embraced. Tessa returned to the ring and with tears in her eyes, offered Gail Kim her hand, only to have Kim hug her and put her over. Great heartfelt ending.

Tessa left the ring for Gail, who got “Thank You Gail” chants. This was a far better farewell match for Gail Kim.

Brian Cage Promo - Cage cut a promo backstage telling Johnny that he knows he is the deserving champion, that their friendship is over, and that there is no escape for him and tonight, the Age of Cage begins. Seems like Full Metal Mayhem is closing the show tonight.

Impact World Championship Match. Special Guest Referee Lance Storm
“The Machine” Brian Cage vs Johnny Impact w/Taya Valkyrie & Johnny Bravo - 7.5/10
Good, but not great match, I don’t know if someone was hurt or if there was an audible, but there was a lot of visible communication between Cage and Johnny. Story was that Cage came in focused and was kicking ass until Johnny used dirty tactics. Cage dominated earlier in the match until the fought to the ramp and Johnny hit a Spanish Fly from the ramp into the floor! Cage was busted open.

The big shenanigan was Johnny and Taya taking out Lance Storm and having Johnny Bravo, so I guess is still technically a ref even thought he hasn't been given matches since, reveal his ref shirt and go for the count after a title shot to Cage's head. Lance Storm returned and took out Bravo and was going for the DQ, but Cage stopped him, hit a superkick and the Drill Claw to capture the championship.

Post-match - Suddenly, Michael Elgin came out! He and Cage got face to face as Elgin made her intentions known that he wants a shot for the title. Elgin hit a Backfist, knocking out Cage. Elgin Bomb and visible 3-count before posing the with the championship over Cage’s body.

We got the commercial for Impact’s Slammiversary from Dallas, Texas on July 7th. G1 Climax weekend just got better, but now I have to change my flight.

Impact Tag Team Championship Full Metal Mayhem Match
LAX w/Konnan vs Lucha Bros! (C) - 8.5/10
This match kinda had to parts to it, it started as more of a wrestling match, all tornado tag action, great action, and then it became a weapons match that proceeded to set up a spot, do it, and so on. My only real complain was that once we got into that second part of the match, some spots took a bit too much to set up, and so you find yourself waiting a lot seeing men sell.

The match saw tables, chair, ladders, forks, thumbtacks, and some big spots. Biggest one of them all I'd say was Fenix walking the ropes, catching Ortiz and hitting a Spanish Fly from the middle of the top rope on to tables AND landing on his own head in a scary spot.

Finish saw Pentagon set up a set of tables next to the ladder, and to top it off, thumbtacks on the table. He gave Santana enough time to recover and counter. Both men climbed to the top of the ladder where they exchanged strikes, but Ortiz came out and powerbombed Pentagon on the tables after Santana had stabbed Pentagon with a fork. Ortiz pinned Pentagon to recapture the championships.

This definitely felt like the end of their feud and rivalry, and to be honest, this felt like it could be the end of the Lucha Bros run with Impact now that they're heading into AEW.

Post-match - Konnan and LAX made peace with the Lucha Bros as they all embraced in the middle of the ring. The entire Impact locker room came out to celebrate with both teams. Former Knockout’s champion Taylor Wilde made a special cameo around the group.

Impact Wrestling had a lot of eyes on them tonight and they delivered with a solid, worth watching show. Arguably, one of the better shows they’ve had so far since their new management team came in.

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