Somebody Help Me Out With Roderick Strong...

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Somebody Help Me Out With Roderick Strong...

Post by Bob-O » May 27th, '18, 14:12

I was unfamiliar with Roddy before he came to WWE. I'd seen some of his ROH stuff, but mostly because I was watching other people who happened to be wrestling him. But since signing with NXT i can't stand him. I don't think he's that great in the ring and feel like he's an awkward promo. As a "hot prospect indie darling newcomer" I thought he underwhelmed (understandable considering the other recent signees at the time), as an underdog I never had that urge to see him win, and now as a heel with UE I'm finding him still unbearable. Maybe it's because I didn't care about him as a babyface so the turn didn't kayfabe "upset" me, maybe the turn was done wrong (he's a completely different character now, because he wanted to win a title?)...

I don't know. Y'all helped me out with Kyle O Reilly, I friggin love him now, playin his belt like a guitar, amazing in the ring. Y'all helped me out with Mauro Ranallo, I think he's the best play by play man they've had in a very long time, he's over the top in a way nobody else is.

Sell me on Roddy. Why does he belong in WWE... or anywhere...?


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Re: Somebody Help Me Out With Roderick Strong...

Post by Big Red Machine » May 27th, '18, 14:58

He's... he's just Roderick Strong. An awesome wrestler whose matches always have excellent psychology, whether he is working over the back or the opponent is avoiding his chops or he's a pissed-off babyface. Promos have never been his strong suit aside from some of his later heel stuff in ROH and PWG where he's just a douchy turd. Really all there is to say about Roddy is that he's an awesome wrestler.
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Re: Somebody Help Me Out With Roderick Strong...

Post by KILLdozer » May 27th, '18, 21:27

He's also a son of a bitch that's known for having a thousand different ways to hit 'em with a backbreaker of some sort...even I know that
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