Did You Know: Adam Page...

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Did You Know...The Rock
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Did You Know: Adam Page...

Post by NWK2000 » Nov 23rd, '20, 08:37

Was a high school journalism teacher before he went to New Japan and became a full time wrestler?

The 5 'Ws' and journalistic formatting were apparently, for a time, cowboy s*it.
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Re: Did You Know: Adam Page...

Post by Big Red Machine » Nov 23rd, '20, 11:29

Did not know this.

While we're on the subject of things people don't know, does anyone know why they keep calling him "hangman" when he's clearly a cowboy and not an executioner?
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Re: Did You Know: Adam Page...

Post by Thelone » Nov 23rd, '20, 15:52

I vaguely remember him trying to hang (well, strangle really) people with a noose when he joined the Bullet Club, but they dropped that very quickly (not the crappy nickname though).

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