Badd Boyz, The

Badd Boyz, The
Debut: November 22, 2019
Nick Names:
  • "The Most Professional Tag Team in Wrestling"
  • "The Sultans of Smirk"
Also Known As:
  • 2.0
  • 3.0
  • Badd Boyz, The
Team Members
Team Moves
  • Sweet Taste of Professionalism (Wheelbarrow facebuster (Matthews) / double knee gutbuster (Jagged/Parker) combination)
  • Badd Decapitation (Backbreaker hold (Brad) / diving elbow drop (Chad) combination)
  • Double double underhook DDT
  • Double STO
  • Flapjack by Jagged/Parker into a spear by Matthews
  • Samoan drop (Matthews) / diving neckbreaker (Jagged/Parker) combination