Real Name: William Posada

Born: October 10, 1983

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Billed From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Billed Height: 5 ft 11 in

Billed Weight: 190 lb

Debut: April 1, 2000

Trained by:
  • Jon Dahmer
  • Mike Quackenbush
Other Gimmicks:
  • Colt Cabunny
  • Insayashi
  • Joker
  • "The Cambodian Axe Murderer"
Finishing Moves:
  • Joker Driver (Electric chair driver)
  • Magnitude Bomb (Elevated powerbomb)
Signature Moves:
  • Arm trap compression chokehold
  • Cannonball senton
  • Diving double foot stomp
  • Diving headbutt
  • Exploder suplex
  • Joker-Plex (Three-quarter facelock leg hook belly to back suplex)
  • Kinky Elbow (Running crooked arm lariat)
  • Kneeling belly to belly piledriver

Tournaments or Cups:2007 CZW Best of the Best