Conrad Borne

Real Name: Justin T Carnes

Born: February 5, 1977

Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut

Billed From: Greenwich, Connecticut

Billed Height: 6 ft 1 in

Billed Weight: 235 lb

Debut: May 2000

Trained by:
  • Joe Legend
  • Scott D'Amore
Other Gimmicks:
  • Conrad Borne
  • Conrad Carr
  • Conrad Kennedy III
  • Krimson
  • "CK3"
  • "The Border City Baron"
  • "The Embodiment of Evil"
  • "The Greenwich Samurai"
  • "Lights Out"
  • "The Man with Talent on Loan from God"
  • "The Professor of Precision"
  • "The Rajah of Resilience"
  • "The Symbol of Excellence"
  • "The Technical Excellence From a Time Forgotten"
Conrad Borne
Finishing Moves:
  • Chump Change (Overdrive)
  • Chump Change '00 (Hammerlock inverted overdrive)
  • Connecticut Destroyer (Front flip piledriver)
  • Witches' Wheel (Rolling cutter)
Signature Moves:
  • Breaker Fall (Cut–throat backbreaker rack drop)
  • Ode to Tully (Slingshot suplex)
  • Kenne-Klaw (Head vice)
  • CK3 Spinebuster (Spinning Spinebuster)
  • Reverse STO