Real Name: Melissa Marie Anderson

Born: August 17, 1982

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Billed From: San Francisco, California

Billed Height: 5 ft 8 in

Billed Weight: 142 lb

Debut: August 17, 1999

Trained by:
  • Christopher Daniels
  • Billy Anderson
  • Robert Thompson
  • Bryan Danielson
  • Mariko Yoshida
Other Gimmicks:
  • Alissa Flash
  • Angelica
  • Cheerleader Melissa
  • Malicia
  • Mariposa
  • Melissa Anderson
  • Miss Spartan
  • Raisha Saeed
  • Wildfire
  • "The Future Legend"
  • "The Female Terminator"
Finishing Moves:
  • Air Raid Crash (Over the shoulder back to belly piledriver)
  • Kondo Clutch (Inverted cloverleaf)
  • Kudo Driver (Back to back double underhook piledriver)
  • Sitout scoop slam piledriver
  • Fujiwara armbar
  • Damascus Drop (Elevated Boston crab dropped into a sitout position)
Signature Moves:
  • Curb Stomp (Standing inverted Indian deathlock surfboard followed into a head stomp)
  • Single Minor (Forward Russian legsweep)
  • Missile dropkick
Championships:2X SHIMMER Championship