Dave Finlay

Real Name: David John Finlay Jr.

Born: October 20, 1958

Hometown: Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

Billed From: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Billed Height: 6 ft 0 in

Billed Weight: 233 lb

Debut: 1974

Trained by:
  • Ted Betley
Other Gimmicks:
  • Belfast Bruiser, The
  • Dave Finlay
  • Finlay
  • Fit Finlay
  • Sir Finlay
  • "The Man Who Loves To Fight"
  • "The Belfast Bruiser"
  • "The Celtic Bruiser"
  • "The Belfast Brawler"
  • "The King of Terror"
Dave Finlay
Finishing Moves:
  • Celtic Cross (Running fireman's carry over the shoulder back to belly piledriver)
  • Celtic Knot (Modified Indian deathlock)
  • Kneeling belly to belly piledriver
Championships:WWE United States Championship