Tom Cosati

Real Name: Steven Eugene Corino

Born: May 29, 1973

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Billed From: Sea Isle City, New Jersey

Billed Height: 6 ft 3 in

Billed Weight: 242 lb

Debut: April 6, 1994

Trained by:
  • King Kaluha
  • Mark Mest
  • Tom Brandi
Other Gimmicks:
  • Kendo Shinkiba
  • Lightning Kid (II)
  • Monster C
  • Mr. Baseball
  • Mr. Wrestling (Corino)
  • Steve Christie
  • Steve Corino
  • Tom Cosati
  • "The King of Old School"
  • "The Fucking God of Professional Wrestling"
  • "The King of Kings"
  • "The Best Independent Wrestler in the World"
  • "The Extreme Horseman"
  • "The Trouble King"
Tom Cosati
Finishing Moves:
  • Eternal Dream / Sliding C Special (Sliding lariat)
  • Old School Bomb (Scoop brainbuster)
  • Old School Expulsion (Inverted facelock neckbreaker slam)
  • Old School Kick (Superkick)
  • Old School Lariat (Lariat)
  • Island-Plex (High-angle delayed bridging German suplex)
  • ColbyKaze DDT / Old School Driver (Fireman's carry dropped into a kneeling belly to belly piledriver)
  • ColbyShock (Hammerlock reverse STO)
  • Corino Driver / Old School Slam (Sitout rear mat slam)
  • Old School Suplex (Bridging cradle)