Dezmond Xavier

Real Name: Dezmond Xavier

Born: November 2, ????

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

Billed From: Dayton, Ohio

Billed Height: 5 ft 9 in

Billed Weight: 183 lbs

Debut: 2011

Trained by:
  • Earl The Pearl
  • Rich Myers
  • Ronnie Zukko
Other Gimmicks:
  • Dezmond Xavier
  • "The Kardiak Kid"
  • "The Livewire"
Dezmond Xavier
Finishing Moves:
  • Final Flash (Corkscrew Senton Bomb)
  • Back handspring followed by a backflip kick
Signature Moves:
  • X-19 (Tiger feint kick from ringpost)
  • Standing corkscrew moonsault
  • Suicide dive
  • Standing dragonrana
  • Multiple punches and a shoot kick followed by a jumping cutter
Championships:PWG World Tag Team Championship