Real Name: Philip Cartner

Born: June 20, 1984

Hometown: Mobberley, England, United Kingdom

Billed From: The Blue Side Of Manchester

Billed Height: 5 ft 6 in

Billed Weight: 145 lb

Debut: 2002

Trained by:
  • AIWF-GB Chris Curtis Mark Belton Keith Myatt
Other Gimmicks:
  • Bubblegum
  • Phil Blitz
Finishing Moves:
  • Double underhook facebuster
  • Juicy Fruit Driver (Belly-to-back wheelbarrow facebuster)
  • Thundercracker (Tornado DDT)
  • Vanilla Thrilla (Shooting star press)
Signature Moves:
  • Backbreaker rack dropped into a facebuster
  • Bubble-Go-Round (Running dragonrana)
  • Gobstopper (Sitout rear mat slam)
  • Sitout facebuster
  • Sugar Rush (Shining wizard)