Passion Seven

Real Name: Nanae Takahashi

Born: December 23, 1978

Hometown: Kawaguchi, Saitama

Billed From: Kawaguchi, Saitama

Billed Height: 1.67 m

Billed Weight: 64 kg

Debut: July 14, 1996

Trained by:
  • All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling (AJW)
  • Animal Hamaguchi
Other Gimmicks:
  • Nanae Takahashi
  • Passion Seven
Passion Seven
Finishing Moves:
  • Corner slingshot splash
  • Nanalock (Grounded dragon sleeper)
  • Nana☆Racka (Sitout suplex slam)
  • Nana Racka II (Muscle buster dropped into a fisherman driver)
  • One Second (Kneeling shoulderbreaker while applying a chickenwing)
  • One Second EX (Sitout side powerslam while applying a chickenwing)
  • Reizouko Bakudan (Diving splash)
Signature Moves:
  • Belly-to-back suplex
  • Elbow smash
  • Enzuigiri
  • Lariat
  • Scoop lift spun out into a stunner
  • Shining wizard
  • Shoulder block
  • Superplex
  • Wheelbarrow lifted and dropped into a spin–out powerbomb
Championships:STARDOM World of Stardom Championship