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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 7

Post by Chris Everlast » Aug 5th, '11, 19:03

AJ "Well theres only one thing left to do this evening and thats get the main event underway!! So lets get to JD whos waiting in the ring!!!"

~Camera shoots to the ring~

JD "Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for the WWR Vortex Main event of the evening!!"

~Fans cheer loudly~

Kirby "Lets see if Chris Everlast really is as good as he says he is!!"

AJ "But this kind of match is highly unpredictable and dangerous, a hardkore ladder match?? Wow!!"

~Suddenly the fans erupt as '' plays by GnR, a few short moments later fireworkd shoot from the floor and Chris Everlast appears, wearing the WWR Continental Titla around his waist. He strus his way to the ring looking confident, even slapping a few fans' hands as he approaches thwe ring~

Kirby "What a show pony!!"

AJ "Hes one of the top talents in this business today hes got every right to be confident!!"

Kirby "I guess so he is the Continental Champion!!"

~Everlast gets a massive ovation as he climbs the steps and holds his Continental title up for all to see, then he springs into the weapon littered ring over the top rope and again holds up the strap. Then the music cuts and he sits on the turnbuckle with his title draped over his shoulder~

AJ "Ooozing confidence!! What a wrestler this youngster is!!"

Kirby "Aj, dude, is it dark up there?"

AJ "Huh? Where?"

Kirby "Everlasts a**!!"

AJ "Funny."

~Then, the lights dim. A white mist consumes the entrance and aisle area. Then fireworks explode as 'Cold' by Static X plays, rockets shoots up and turn into sparks, that in turn with more white sparks showering the emerging Vade Kruger for a moment, then they disappear suddenly leaving Kruger standing there holding the WWR title. He begins walking to the ring, a somewhat mixed reaction but leaning more to booing reverberates around the arena as he shakes his head and approaches the ring~

AJ "Whats this goof shaking his head at? Hes in the wrong and the fans, well most of them know it!!"#

~As Kruger passes the camera he says 'These people are just playing into his hands!! F**k 'em!!' and then he walks up the steps and into the ring. He walks towards Everlast and shoves the world title belt right in front of him, then snatches it away and holds it up for all to see. The fans boo again and he smiles while shaking his head. Vade hands the belt to a ringside operative who hooks it onto a wire which has been dangling down to him, then it is lifted up and set into place. The music cuts and the combatants await the introductions~

JD "Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is a Hardkore Ladder match for the World Wrestling Revolution Heavyweight title!!!"

~Fans cheer~

JD "Introducing first the challenger.........from Miami Florida weighing in at lbs, here is the current WWR Continental Champion.....Chrriiisss EVERRLAAASSST!!"

~Everlast raises one hand as the fans cheer for him louder than before~

Kirby "Wow, thats some ovation there!!"

~The fans settle down as JD puts the mic to his mouth~

JD "And his opponent..........."

~Fans fill the arena with boos, blocking out the few cheers that were heard before~

JD ".....From Warrington - England, weighing 263lbs, here is the current reigning and defending WWR Heavyweight Champion of the WOOORRRLLLD................'The Instrument of Destruction - VAAAAAAAAAADEEE KRUUUUUGEEERRRR!!!!"

~Kruger nods and then shakes his head at the fans who boo even loude than the last time. Vade loosens up and smiles again as a plastic bottle hits him in the face. The ring is cleared of all people not involved in the match. Everlast suddenly grabs a Singapore Cane and charges at Kruger, smashing him in the face with it. The fans go crazy, Everlast pummels Kruger with it until it breaks, then he holds it up to the fans, then throws it into the fans at ringside who fight for posession~

AJ "Thatll be on eBay tomorrow morning!!!"

Kirby "Are you kidding? The match hasnt even started yet!!"

~The referee shouts at Everlast who is waiting with a trashcan, then the bell rings and Everlast waffles a stumbling Kruger on the head with it. Vade falls to the mat with a thud. Everlast lays the trashcan on top of Vade and runs to the ropes, he comes off and dropkicks the trashcan into the side of Krugers ribs to the fans delight~

AJ "Oh my! Everlast using his quickness and brains to try and put vade away early!!"

~Everlast slides out of the ring and grabs one ladder, then throws it into the ring. Then he grabs another and slides that one in the ring underneath the bottom rope before climbing back in. Kruger has pulled himself to the corner, Everlast looks to the crowd and they cheer loudly, he looks around and finds s spraycan. Picking it up he realises its not empty and sprays the contents in Krugers face. Vade tries to shrug it all off but the solvent is too much for him and he succumbs, falling flat on his face~

Kirby "Everlast is absolutely on fire!!! Wait a second, Kruger might be on fire soon!!"

AJ "Everlast no!!!"

~Everlast pulls out a lighter from his pocket and lights vade Krugers head!!! Kruger rolls around the ring and manages to get to his feet, but Chris Everlast nails him with a superkick which sends him out of the ring, over the top rope to the floor. The fans are going absolutely crazy as Everlast grabs one of the ladders in the middle of the ring~

AJ "Do it kid!!! Climb that ladder and grab the title!! Finish this Origin crap NOW!!! Save the WWR from the plague of Vade and his cronies!!!"

~As Chris Everlast begins climbing the ladder the fabs cheer uncontrolably, Everlast lapping it all up and he reaches the summit of the ladder~

Kirby "AJ!! Look!!"

AJ "Look at what?!"

Kirby "Kruger!!"

~AJ looks at Vade Kruger who is outside the ring, the fire is gone, his face is crimson red with his own blood, swollen in parts and charred slightly from the fire. He is staring at Everlast who is reaching to the title and playing to the crowd. Kruger darts into the ring and spears the ladder which Everlast is at the top of, Everlat goes crashing out of the ring, miles over the top and he lands half on the steel guard rail and half in the crowd~

AJ "Oh my God!! Holy crap Kirby, Everlast could be dead!!!! What impact!!"

Kirby "Did you see the look on Vades face?? After that opening punishment, hes had his face smashed in and burnt, then kicked off and just got up!!"

AJ "Yeah but hes down again now, it took it out of him, was just a rush of blood that kept him alive in this one!!"

Kirby "Hes a bloody mess but yeah he is still in the match and still world champion!!"

~Everlast hasnt moved, paramedics are there checking on him, then heis pulled off the guard rail and back onto the side where the ring is. Everlast is visibly coughing up blood, Kruger is on his knees in the ring holding a two by four, daring Everlast to get back in the ring. Everlast locks eyes with vade and finds a weapon - another trashcan. He climbs into the ring, holding his ribs and coughing up more blood. Vade attacks the trashcan with the piece of wood, knocking it out of Everlasts hands. Kruger then throws the wood down and jumps onto Everlast, hammering him with lefts and rights, followed by a headbutt. Everlast gouges Vade in the eyes and headbutts him back, forcing Kruger off him. Everlast gets up and sets a chair flat on the mat, then grabs Vade and goes for a belly to belly suplex but Kruger counters and hits one of his own, smashing Everlast onto the chair. Both men are down after the impact~

AJ "What a bloody mess Vade is. Everlast having coughed up blood needs medical attention, he could have internal bleeding!!"

Kirby "Hes got to try and get the strap, if anyone can, Everlast can!!"

~Vade gets up after a few short moments and stumbles around the ring. He notices Tony Bastion and Sassafras Roach who have come from the back and are both watching, arms folded, both wearing 'WWR' branded clothing. The fans cheer when they realise who it is, Kruger goes crazy and shouts obsene words at them, in the meantime Everlast has gotten up, he sneaks up behind Vade with a chair in hand and cracks Kruger across the back, Vade winces in pain as the crowd shout 'OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH' then Everlast cracks Vade again across the back~

AJ "Hes still on his feet!!"

Kirby "Knock him down Everlast!!!!"

~Everlast gets cheered from the crowd as he lifts up the chair again, then he stops. He then sets up the chair in the middle of the ring and goews to vade, chopping away at him then whipping him to the rope, as Kruger comes off Everlast sprints to the chair and jumps off it looking for an aerial attack but Kruger realises and catches Everlast in mid air with a massive spear which makes Everlast spit out a mouthful of blood~

AJ "Oh holy crap Kirby!!"

~The fans chant 'THIS IS AWESOME!!!' then clap over and over again. Both men are down again, but Vade soon drags himself to his feet and looks out to the crowd. He sets up a ladder while the fans boo and he starts to climb~

Kirby "Hes goin for it AJ!!"

AJ "Get up Chris!!! For the entire WWR Galaxy get up!!!"

~As Vade slowly climbs up the ladder, Everlast beings to stir. Mike Roach is seen on camera clapping for Everlast to get up, Everlast grabs a baseball bat and from a kneeling position he throws it at Kruger, a perfect shot right between the legs of vade who grabs his private parts and falls off the ladder, landing flat on a steel chair and a trashcan. Everlast gets up and sees a barbed wire baseball bat to his right. His eyes light up. The fans cheer as he walks over to it and grabs the weapon. He stumbles over to Kruger with the weapon and looks at the fans who cheer~


~Everlast lifts the barbed wire bat up and strikes Vade in the back with it, Vade rolls around in pain as Everlast throws the ballbat out of the ring. Everlast stomps away at vade who is bleeding from his face, head and back. Everlast spits his own blood onto Vades chest before setting up a table in the middle of the ring and pouring lighter fluid on it. He walks back over to Vade and drop his leg across Vades neck. Then Everlast gets back up and walks back over to the table, taking his lighter out he sets the table on fire, the blazing light makes the fans at ringside jump. Everlast drags Kruger to the nearest corner and sets him up, sitting him on the top turnbuckle. Everlast punches vade in the face before climbing up with vade on the top and hooking him up for a suplex. Everlast lifts Kruger high up and slams him through the firey table, the fire goes out as vades body cuts off the oxygen supply to the fire. The fans are flabbergastered as Chris Everlast gets up and points to the WWR world title. He gets one of the ladders and sets it up then starts climbing~

Kirby "That has got ot be it!! Here we go folks a new WWR World Champion!!"

~As Everlast reaches the top of the ladder e puts one hand on the gold, but Vade Kruger again just stands up and looks up~

Kirby "Oh sh*t he's up again!!! Everlast dammit hurry up!!"

~Vade runs to the ladder and scrambles up every rung in less than a second, he grabs Everlasts hand and punches him in the face. Kruger reaches inside his attire and pulls out a fork, then starts gauging away at Everlasts face and forehead. Everlast fights back by punching Vade but Everlast keeps stabbing at Everlast with the fork~

AJ "Theyre gonna kill each other!!!"

~Everlast knocks the fork out of Jrugers hand and kicks him in the head but vade holds on. Everlast grabs Kruger by the head and drags him to the very top of the ladder. He sets Vade up for a suplex~

Kirby "Fasten your seatbelt Kruger!!! You're goin for a ride!!"

AJ "This is awesome!!"

~As Everlast lifts up vade for the suplex, Kruger reverses and gets his feet back onto the ladder. Vade gets an arm free and hammers Everlast in the wounded ribs. Vade lifts up Everlast high above the ladder, and both men fall towards the mat, Vade grabbing Everlasts head and delivering a sickening Krugenator off the top of the ladder!!!~

Kirby "Oh holy crap as you would say AJ!!"

AJ "Thats evern more awesome than the double Krugenator we saw at the Marcus Shields memorial match!!!"

~The fans cheer for the devastating move, Chris Everlast is totally unconscious. Vade sits up and shakes his head. The fans are still cheering as he stands up and looks over at Sassafras Roach and Bastion who look startled and shocked. The fans are caught between booing and cheering as Kruger starts climbing up the ladder. Vade reaches the top and unhooks the world title as he stares over at Sassafras and Bastion.~

AJ "He did it!!"

Kirby "Unbelievable!!"

#Bell rings#

#The fans are in two minds as Vade sits on the ladder with the title held aloft to the sound of 'Cold' playing. Bastion and Sassafras disappear back to the locker area. Vade puts the belt on his shoulder and shakes his head, then looks at the hurt Everlast on the mat getting medical attention. Vade climbs down the ladder and again looks at Everlast. Kruger looks to the camera and says 'So thats how much Bastion cares about his talent - he just turns his back when theyre down!!' then vade leaves the ring, walks up the aisle and the music cuts~

AJ "Wow."

Kirby "Dya think maybe he has a point?"

AJ "Nah, Bastion knows these guys are tough, and look Everlast is getting all the medical attention he needs."

~The camera shoots to the back where Tony Bastion is seen in the background having heated words with Sassafras Roach, then Bastion climbs in his limo and is driven off. Sassafras is left with his hands on his hips~



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