Cero Reviews AEW Dark 12.3: Proud n Powerful vs Jurassic Express

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Cero Reviews AEW Dark 12.3: Proud n Powerful vs Jurassic Express

Post by cero2k » Dec 4th, '19, 09:56

AEW Dark
December 3rd, 2019
Chicago, IL

Show opened with a recap of MJF vs Page. If the name 'Double Cross' stays for MJF's finisher, I'll never doubt JR again.

We also got footage of Nyla Rose attacking Shanna at the Meet and Greet from last week, and thus Shanna won't be able to be on commentary this week, but rather Rose herself.

Brandon Cutler vs Jimmy Havoc - 7/10
Cutler came out with a dorky yet awesome new robe made by his wife, he's becoming Skinny D&D Kratos. Looks too similar to Grayson from the Dark Order IMO. Excalibur brought up Havoc's fine for the staple gun. Fans started chanting 'We Want Staples" and Havoc apparently said "I can't afford it".

Story of the match was that Cutler had the better of Havoc wrestling wise, that provoked Havoc bringing out the stapler. The ref took the stapler away, but it was the opening for Havoc to low blow Cutler and turn the match around. Cutler had a small comeback but Jimmy won clean with the Acid Rainmaker.

Post-match - Havoc stapled a $10,000 check on Cutler's forehead. Well, at least we know that AEW wrestlers earn good money.

Backstage, Havoc was confronted about the staple. Havoc said that when they signed Havoc, they new what liability it was.

Dark Order Vignette - Same awesome one from last week. I'm loving where this is going. This went from nothing to intriguing in two weeks.

The Butcher & The Blade Debut Recap - They cut JR's awkward 'WHO?"s The Butcher, The Blade, The Bunny. They could use a Villain maybe? or a Hangman ? Anyway, I just hope they get to use their Blackcraft Wrestling theme.

Shawn Spears w/Tully Blanchard vs Sonny Kiss - 5/10
Ok match, nothing special, Sonny Kiss twerked, made Spears do something with his butt cheeks, then Spears powered through and defeated Kiss.

Post-match - Spears kept attacking Kiss and hit the Spike Piledriver along with Tully.

Dustin/Bucks vs TIC Recap - Ok

Lucha Brothers Interivew - They said they had zero fear when Daniels attacked Pentagon and got into a pull apart, which prompted tomorrow's Pentagon vs Daniels match.

Moxley Promo/Jericho Challenge Recap - Ok too.

Jurassic Planet Skit - It's a BBC style vignette for Jungle Boy, Marko Stunt, and Luchasaurus. this was great. I'm thinking that the day Jungle Boy finally speaks, it'll be great.

Pround & Powerful vs Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt) - 8/10
Great match. JE were perfect underdogs while PnP looked totally dominant, making Jungle Boy's hot tag look like a million bucks. Match was mostly PnP working over Stunt with complete dominance, hot tag by Jungle Boy, some near falls for JE, and then PnP won with a big combo on Stunt.

Post-match - Sammy Guevara came out to celebrate with PnP. They attacked Jungle Boy and Stunt until Luchasaurus came out for the save. You can tell he can't move well yet, but he still kicked everyone off. Hager came out and faced off with Luchasaurus. Hager and Luchasaurus exchanged strikes, but neither buckled. Luchasaurus came close to chokeslamming Hager, but the numbers game was too much. Bucks came out for the save and took out PnP.

Jurassic Express hit the most amazing and innovating Destroyer I've seen today.

Was kind of a week show until the main event that I really liked.

Nyla on commentary was a mix of hilarity and being too antagonizing to Excalibur, she was playing heel too hard sometimes.

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