wXw's Tassilo Jung Interview: wXw/WWE Relationship, Bad Bones Update

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wXw's Tassilo Jung Interview: wXw/WWE Relationship, Bad Bones Update

Post by cero2k » Oct 8th, '18, 16:22

Source: f4wonline.com

Before the night 1 of wXw's World Tag Team League, some members of the European wrestling media had the chance to talk to Tassilo Jung, wXw's head of talent relations and media for some insights on the current developments in wXw:

On the wXw/WWE relationship:

Tas said that he could only talk about things that only happened such as the Robbie Brookside training session at the wXw Academy. From what Avalanche (Robert Dreissker) stated, it was about three hours of drills and basics and he said that it was probably one of the most exhausting things he had done in quite some time. Jung indicated that there were ongoing talks, but that he would like not to comment on them right now. He said that they were in contact to get permission to air the Pete Dunne/WALTER match a few months ago and that he expects to be able to use other WWE UK performers in the future if they asked for that, stating that they regularly have Killer Kelly on their shows, who is a contracted WWE UK talent. What he did state though is that as of right now, there is no deal in place like WWE has with PROGRESS or ICW.

Bad Bones update

He went a bit more into detail with the Bad Bones John Klinger situation as they surprisingly suspended him in April while he was tag team champion and part of one of their main storylines. He said that Klinger and he remain friends, he talks to him regularly and that they would go hiking together in Switzerland (where Jung lives) next week. He said that Bones "made a grave mistake" and that's why they decided to suspend him, but that the door to working together in the future is not closed forever and that, whatever happened, could be remedied at some point.

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