WAC PPV 1 'Meltdown'

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WAC PPV 1 'Meltdown'

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Opening credits roll, the words 'WAC MELTDOWN' scroll across the screen, then the camera backs up and gives a full view of the jam packed arena

Pyro goes off and "Papercut" by Linkin park plays in the background, the camera shoots over to the broadcast area by ringside

AJ: "Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Sanitarium and WAC Meltdown!! I’m AJ Cross, with me tonight is my good friend and broadcast colleague 'Magnificent' Mark Darling!!"
Mark: "Thanks AJ, tonight we will find out who really holds the cards here in WAC with all the WAC and BCW titles on the line!!"
Mark: “Oh yeah, tonight we’re joined on commentary by BCW’s Eric Rooker, when hes can actually be bothered”
Rooker: "You jerks better not forget about me, after tonight I’m gonna be in charge around here!!!"
AJ: "Well you gotta get through my buddy Shane Lynas before that will happen!!!"
Rooker: "HAHAHA no problem Cross!! I’ll crush him like a paper cup!!"
AJ: “What!? Really? You don’t think you’re at a disadvantage because you haven’t wrestled in around 3 or 4 years”
Rooker: “It’s really no problem, no ring rust here!”
Mark: "That aside guys it’s gonna be one hell of an event!!"
AJ: "Absolutely, and with that in mind, let’s get right to the action!!!"

Gridiron Greats V Freedom & Liberty

Camera shoots over to the ring where JD is standing

The national anthem of America hits as Leon Thomson and Gary Browning shows up at the top of the ramp, Thomson with the American flag held high, to a big ovation by the crowd

JD: "This, is our opening contest of WAC Meltdown!! It is a tag team match set for one fall!! Introducing first at a combined weight of 460 pounds, Leon

Thomson.......Gary Browning - FREEEEDOM AND LIBERTY!"

The crowd sing along the anthem as Freedom and Liberty walks down the ramp, both sliding into the ring and posing for the crowd. Thomson hands the flag to the referee who puts it at ringside

Rooker: "I know these guys from a few years back, they were crap then too!!"
AJ: "I’m sure they would just love to hear what you said!!"
Rooker: "Pffft!! Like I care"
AJ: “I think somebody is feeling cocky tonight”
Rooker: “Woah man, not cocky, I’m just confident tonight in the whole BCW program!”

Suddenly, the music shifts and Jason Scott and Gunnar Savage appears ontop of the ramp, the crowd still cheering

JD: "Their opponents, at a combined weight of 490 pounds, the team of Jason Scott and Gunnar Savage....... The Gridirion GREAAATS!"

The two slap hands with the crowd as they make their way down and slide into the ring, getting to the opposite corner of Freedom and Liberty

AJ: "This will be some great tag team action, Mark!"

Savage and Scott nods at eachother, Scott getting to start first, with Thomson starting in Freedom and Liberty's corner. They circle eachother around the ring before locking up, Thomson getting Scott off his feet with an armdrag and a chinlock. Scott kicks around a bit before reaching back and flipping Thomson onto his butt with a snapmare, giving him a hard kick to the back

Mark: "Nice start. That’s how to win matches here in WAC"

Scott grabs Thomson by the hair and drags him over to the corner, tagging in Gunnar. Scott whips Thomson off the ropes and hits a drop-toe hold, Gunnar doing an elbow drop on the fallen Scott. Lateral press



Mark: “Kickout by Thomson”

Gunnar wraps his arm around Thomson's neck, locking in a sleeper. Thomson fights out of it and gets to his feet, hitting a dropkick, sending Savage on his back. Thomson tags in Browning, who gets in and delivers a stiff clothesline to Gunnar

AJ: "More equal competitors, stature-like."

Browning pulls Gunnar up and sends him against the ropes, picking him up with a hard powerslam. He gets up and rebounds off the rope with an elbow drop.

Quick cover


TW- AJ: “Kickout by Savage”

Browning pulls Gunnar to Freedom & Liberty's corner, tagging Thomson in. Browning hits Savage in the face, stunning him temporarily as Thomson climbs up on the corner. Browning sends Thomson off the turnbuckle against Gunnar, plowing him down with a crossbody

Mark: "Aided crossbody! Teamwork!"
Rooker: "You’re so easily pleased!!"

Thomson wastes no time and locks in a modified armbar, pulling hard. Gunnar powers out of it, slowly standing up and lifting Thomson on his shoulders! Sitout powerbomb and a quick cover



T- Mark: “Kickout by Thomson!”

AJ: "That was close!"
Mark: "What strength by Savage!"

Savage grabs Thomson's ankle, dragging him into the Greats' corner and tagging in Scott. Scott hops in and starts kicking at Leon's knee

Mark: "The Greats has found a weak point in their game, it seems!"
Rooker: "Yeah try all of it!!"

Scott wraps Thomson's knee around the ropes and pulls for dear life as the referee counts, Scott breaks it at four and tags Gunnar in. Scott holds Thomson's leg in place as Gunnar aims a big hard stomp to it. Savage picks Thomson up and sends him against the ropes, picking Thomson up in a Fireman's carry

AJ: "Could be going for his trademark DVD!"

Savage spins Thomson around and seems to be just about to hit the Death Valley Driver, but desperation counter with a DDT by Thomson. Both men lay on the ground, a duelling chant of ''Savage! Savage! Savage!'' and ''U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!'' Savage and Thomson both crawl to their respective corners, tagging both partners. Scott and Browning charge at each other, but both thinks the same and knocks each other out with clotheslines

Mark: "Wow... That was.."
AJ: "Yes, that was something unique! All four down!"

The referee starts to count to ten as both men tries to find out where they're at. Slowly but surely both men get up at the same time, they turn around and stares eachother down. From nowhere, Gunnar comes from behind as Scott charges forward, hitting the Hut Hut Hike

Mark: "It's over! It's over!"

Gunnar rolls out of the ring as Scott covers Browning



THR- AJ: “NO, only a two count Thomson got into the ring and broke the count!”

Mark: "If Thomson would’ve taken any longer they would've lost!"

Scott sighs in frustration as he picks Browning up and lets him stand in his daze, bouncing off the ropes to hit a DDT but Browning gets renewed strength, picking Jason up and hitting a perfect spinebuster to the joy of the crowd

Mark: "Come on, Gary! Get the tag!"

Browning throws himself into his corner and tags in Thomson. Thomson runs as much as a man with an injured leg can, tackling Gunnar off the apron and turning around, handing out a kick to Scott's stomach - Piledriver

Mark: "Beautiful!"
Rooker: "Pathetic!! Man I’ve had enough of this already!! THIS IS AWFUL… THIS IS AWFUL"
AJ: "Nobody is making you stay!!"

Thomson tags in Browning, who picks up Jason Scott into a powerbomb, Thomson now up on the turnbuckle and leaps off with a senton

Mark: "Red, white and blue! This is it!"

Browning covers Scott




The bell rings as Freedom and Liberty celebrates in the middle of the ring

JD: "Here are your winners..............FRRRREEDOOMMM AAANND LIBERRRTYYYY!"

AJ: "What an opener!! I’m very impressed!!"
Mark: "Both teams deserved to win, but the American heroes pulled it off, they will both be in the mix for the tag titles!!"

Freedom & Liberty waves the flag around as they head up the ramp, the crowd singing along to the Star Spangled Banner

Camera shoots to Xander Chapman in the back

Xander: "Folks I am standing here with the very lovely Angel Dust!! Angel........tonight you have the opportunity to relieve Earth Child of the WAC Women’s

Title. Any thoughts??"

Angel: "Xander, myself and EC have fought before so we know what to expect, or at least I know what to expect!! Tonight she will receive the biggest beating of her entire life. And when I take that title from her I will finally bring the prestige and honour it so richly deserves!!"

Angel walks away, Xander looks at the camera

Xander: "Guys, back to you!!"

Camera shoots back to ringside

AJ: "Well, Angel looks and sounds ready for her match Mark!"
Mark: "Yeah, but can she pull it off?"
Rooker: "Hell no, she ain’t no match for Earth Child!!"
AJ "Well Eric let’s find out!!"

Camera shoots to JD in the ring

WAC Women's Championship Match - Earth Child(c) V Angel Dust

JD: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match, scheduled for one fall is for the WAC Womens Championship!!"

AJ: "Here we go, Women’s title match! NNTKs Queen of BPA to defend the belt again!"
Mark: "Yeah I don’t know what she sees in him he’s only got one eye for cryin’ out loud! But anyways over to JD with the introductions!"

JD: "And introducing first....the challenger, approaching the ring..........Angel Dust!"

Angel Dust walks out on the stage as her music plays and the crowd pops big for her as she walks down the ramp to the ring

JD: "And her opponent...(fans begin to boo already) from Sydney Australia.....Representing The Prophecy and The BPA, accompanied by Megan Payne and

NNTK.....she is the WAC Women’s World Champion...........Eaaarrrrrth Chiiiiiild!!!"

EC, Megan and NNTK walk out on the ramp to extreme booing from the crowd as Destroy Everything is playing loudly across the arena. ECs attire consists of a black shirt with BPA across the front in red along with red tights. They walk down the ramp to more booing, EC has the belt around her waist while NNTK has the Dynamics title over his shoulder

Mark: "We might have EC up now but later tonight were gonna see NNTK defend that Dynamics in a triple threat Singapore Cane Match!!"
AJ: "Can’t wait for that one and what a match that’s gonna be, plenty of action all night here on WAC Meltdown!!"

EC gets down at ringside and begins to shout at Dust in the ring

EC: "This is it now for you Angel Dust, last shot at the title! Just give it up now cause your only gonna lose like all the other times! You can’t beat me...be it a 2 of 3 falls...triple threat or regular singles!"

The crowd boos at her words and then EC hands the title over to Megan Payne who sets it at ringside. EC now gets in the ring and stands face to face with Angel Dust but before the bell can ring Megan rushes in from behind and drops her with a forearm to the head, EC and Megan now begin double teaming her with punches and stomps. The crowd lets out tremendous boos now at this, Megan leaves the ring now, the bell rings and EC takes advantage of what just happened and begins to stomp more at dust then drops an elbow on her

Mark: "What? Oh come on how dirty can you get?!? The match wasn’t even started yet!"
AJ: "Got Dang it!!......ridiculous but ah I don’t know man that’s the usual BPA style!"
Rooker: “It’s clever, that’s what it is”

EC now pulls her up to her feet and hits a neckbreaker dropping her down on the mat. EC now goes into the cover~


Mark: “Kickout almost immediately from Angel Dust”
AJ: "Way to early...just such arrogance from EC!!"
Mark: "Again, typical EC style.........what else is new!!"

EC pulls Dust back up again and kicks her in the gut then takes her over with a suplex then again goes for the cover.


AJ: “Kickout yet again from Dust almost immediately”
Mark: "She’s really trying to put this away early!"
AJ: "Well can’t say I blame her you’ve seen the bouts these two ladies have put on in the past for EC's Women’s title...I’ll give her credit the champion has pulled off some brutal matches to retain!"
Rooker: "Yeah she’s been a fighting champion that’s for sure like her or not and as EC said before the match they’ve faced off in numerous match types for the title and the result is always the same.............EC standing tall!"

Back in the ring, EC picks Dust back up again on her feet, picks her up with a scoop slam and drops her on the mat. EC yet again goes for another cover on Dust hooking the leg


AJ: “Dust rolls the shoulder up and kicks out again”
Mark: "Angel Dust just hasn’t been able to get back in this thing since the attack from Megan and EC before the bell!"
AJ: "Yeah that was pretty damn lowdown but hey I don’t wanna say too much about her NNTK over there is enough to handle us both BPA out here or not."
Mark: "He’s crazy."
Rooker: “Well… I can say what I like, because I’m safe! But then again I support the hard work of The Prophecy on behalf of BCW”
AJ: “And I cannot wait for BCW to come to an end tonight. Shane Lynas’s plan comes full circle, from the original purchase to this moment, here tonight, when the WAC collapses the BCW, oh and to top it all off, the Prophecy will be without jobs”
Rooker: “Not going to happen, The BPA have outsmarted Shane many time as it is, one more time is gonna be a breeze”
Mark: “I hope he kicks your ass tonight”
Rooker: “I look forward to him trying”
AJ: “Can we get back to the action in the ring now? We have a Women’s Championship match on!”
Mark: “Right you are AJ”

EC pulls her up again now and hits an elbow in the side of the head and then backs up running off the ropes but as she comes forward Dust manages to counter her with a scoop powerslam right into a cover


AJ: “Kickout from EC immediately after one”
Rooker: “Way too early to put the beautiful EC away”

Angel Dust backs off to the corner to try and regain some energy from the so far one-sided match as EC gets up. Suddenly EC runs in with a high knee in the

face on Dust in the corner and then flashes a proud smile, then brings her face first forward to the mat with a bulldog

AJ: "OH! Dust trying to recover a bit but she took too long, what a combination by EC!"
Mark: "That’s how it goes AJ take too long and your opponent will capitalize."

Cover by EC


AJ: “Kickout from Dust at one and a half”

EC picks her up and doubles her over with a knee in the gut then hits an elbow to the back of the neck. EC now pulls in by the arm, lifts her up in her arms and slams her across her knee with a backbreaker, then briefly holds her across the knee adding more pain to the move~

AJ: "Man EC is just really dominating this one, Angel Dust got a move or two so far but that’s it."
Mark: "Yeah she nearly wrenched her in half across her knee just now, she’s been on fire but can’t put her away yet."

EC now goes and grabs both of Dust's legs, locks them up between one of hers and puts in a Texas Cloverleaf pulling back really wrenching."

EC: "Ask her ref! Come on Dust give it up it’s over!"

Ref: "Do you give Angel?"

Angel: (In between shouts of pain) "No! No!"

EC continues the hold and Dust is writhing in pain reaching for the ropes, EC begins to shout again

EC: "I’m tellin’ you just quit!"

Angel: "No! Never!"

AJ: “Wow, just brutal from the “Beautiful” EC”

Dust manages to get to the ropes and hold on to them but EC doesn’t let go. The fans express their anger over the cheating with boos

Ref: "Hey! Come on break the hold EC what’s the matter with you!"



Still EC doesn’t break the hold as Dust still clutches the ropes screaming out in pain



Ref: "Look that’s it last chance break it now or ill disqualify you!"

Just before the ref can count five Megan jumps up on the apron and begins to shout and argue with the ref. The crowd boos more at this now......even beginning to chant "Megan sucks" which allows EC to hold the hold in even longer while the refs back is turned and she continues to pull back even more.

Megan finally gets down off the apron and when the ref turns back around to the ring EC has finally broken the hold

AJ: "Good God......that was just cheating plain and simple, they grab the rope you break the hold! Then Megan Payne..... WAC’s former backstage interviewer gets involved in the match yet again giving EC even more time to keep that cloverleaf locked on!!"
Mark: "Yeah how many times is that gonna happen she’s the reason Dust hasn’t really been able to get going in this match."

EC now has her hands up at the ref indicating she has broken the hold. Dust is now in the corner pulling herself up on the ropes, she comes out favouring the left leg. EC sees this and takes advantage with a running dropkick to the same leg dropping Dust to the mat quickly, she begins to roll in pain clutching the leg

AJ: "She really did a number on the left leg of Angel Dust and now she’s doing more."
Rooker: “It’s called strategy AJ”
Mark: "Unfortunately, Rooker is right, that’s just how this thing here works.....You show slight strain on a limb & your opponent will likely capitalize."

EC stomps on the left knee of Dust a couple of times, then turns her over and grabs her leg and picks her up and slams her down knee first. Dust begins to roll in pain clutching the leg again, EC pulls her up but Dust manages to fight back with rights and lefts. The crowd erupts with cheers at the sudden turn of the match, Dust continues with more shots on EC eventually sending her all the way back to the corner from all the shots. Dust now manages to stand up on the top rope over EC ,Then begins left handed blows in the face ,one by now, until eventually EC manages to reach around and hit her in the back of the left leg, stunning her long enough for EC to shove her back to the mat. EC now stands in the corner a minute......clearing the cobwebs then she turns and goes up to the top rope with her back to Dust~

AJ: "What’s she gonna do here?"

EC now flips back off the turnbuckle and lands on Dust with a moonsault

Mark: "What a moonsault.....picture perfect from the Women’s champion!"
Rooker: “Of course it is, everything she does is beautiful”

EC goes right into the cover hooking the injured leg



AJ: “Woah! Kickout from Dust after two and a half”
Rooker: “C’mon! Foul play! Slow count!”
AJ: “Get a grip Eric”

EC now gets up off of Dust breaking the cover. She rolls outside the floor, goes over to NNTK and Megan and she smiles the same proud smile at NNTK as always

Mark: "Oh let me guess.....pep talk time for EC. Please get back in the ring."
AJ: "Yeah let’s keep this match going quit screwing around!!"
Rooker: “How many more times!? It’s called strategy”
AJ: “No… this is called “Stalling””

The ref begins to count but EC stands with NNTK and Megan still




Ref: "Get in the ring EC!"



EC gets back in through the ropes after five; suddenly Dust rolls her up with a quick pin



Mark: “New Cha… NO! Wow, Kickout from EC too"
AJ: "Where'd that come from?! that was close!"
Mark: "And EC can’t believe it she almost lost just now!"
AJ: “That’s what happens when you stall and allow your opponent time to recuperate”
Rooker: “What would you know about wrestling AJ!?”
AJ: “… enough thanks…”

Both women get up......EC stands with a look of shock and anger on her face. EC swings for Dust with a clothesline but she ducks under and EC goes off the ropes, as she comes back Dust dumps her overhead with a back body drop. As EC gets back up to her feet briefly Dust grabs her and hits a fisherman suplex into a pin



Kickout from EC

AJ: "Dust able to get some more offense going but for how long?"
Mark: "Well see soon enough."
Rooker: “Come on guys, she’s a pro & she’s totally owned this match”
AJ: “By hook or by crook, yeah”
Rooker: “But you do agree she’s owned this match?”
AJ: “I concede that, yeah she has”

EC still with a not too happy look on her face gets up now as does Dust, the two begin to exchange blows...lefts, rights, rights and lefts back and forth over and over again with Dust getting the better of the exchange after a bit. The crowd ignites more now again for Angels turning the match around in her favour


Dust continues to hammer EC with punches in the middle of the ring, shot after shot but suddenly EC cuts all the momentum off with a straight kick right in the left knee, bringing Dust down to one knee

AJ: "Oh EC going back to the injured leg she’s been working over."
Mark: "And again the momentum has changed like that."

EC now jumps and drops on one knee, Dust with a sitout face buster slamming her face to the mat. EC waits for Dust to get up, as she does EC grabs her up overhead in a suplex clutch then backs up towards the ropes and the apron. EC gestures back to the ringside area with her head with a smile on her face

AJ: "NO! Dont do it! She’s gonna suplex her over to the outside!"
Mark: "Oh my, what a difference maker this could be!"
Rooker: “She’s an impact player boys!”

EC dumps her out over the ropes but somehow Dust manages to land on the apron much to the delight of the crowd. EC now turns and sees Dust on the apron but she doesn’t approach her. Instead she goes to the ringside area on the floor on the opposite side of the ring

AJ: "What is she doing? She just rolled out of the ring to the other side when she clearly has Dust a bit stunned still on the apron."
Mark: "I…I don’t know AJ, just takin’ a quick breather I guess."
Rooker: “…strategy”

The ref starts the count now




But EC’s intentions are revealed as the ref has his back to Dust who is still on the apron trying to shake the cobwebs still when Megan jumps across and clips her left leg out knocking her off the apron

AJ: "Ah come on! More interference from Megan Payne!"
Mark: "And the ref never saw it! That’s why she went out the ring like that, all part of the plan!"

EC now slides back into the ring and goes to the outside where Dust is at and picks her up and rolls her into the ring. Dust manages to roll over to her feet really favouring the leg now more than ever, EC signals with her arm making an up then down motion then points over to NNTK at ringside with a proud smile

AJ: "Oh no not this we’ve seen her use this tribute of sorts before and I think were about see it again."
Mark: "Yes Dust can’t even defend herself let alone barely stand on that left leg EC has been on all match she hits that Endless Rage like NNTK its over he could count to ten doesn’t matter."
Rooker: “Isn’t this beautiful!?”

EC lifts her hand up in the air, reaches out and grabs her around the neck, with the other hand grabbing her tights and lifts her off the ground, but before she can transition and drive her down into the mat Dust somehow counters out and jumps to side in midair

Dust quickly goes behind EC now, grabs her and pulls her down with a rollup pin




Mark” : AND THAT’S IT! Angel Dust can’t quite believe she won.....EC can’t believe she lost either but there expressions couldn’t be more different~
AJ: " She did it! She did it! New Women’s champion!!!!"
Rooker: “What!? No! I order a re-start!”
AJ: “You don’t have the authority and it was clean and fair”
Mark: "ALRIGHT ANGEL! She managed to fight through the entire match, the before the bell double team by EC and Megan, all the cheating and basically being on one leg!"


The ref hands Dust the Belt and raises her arm in victory as the crowd explodes with huge cheers and begins to chant "CONGRATULATIONS!”

But suddenly while the ref still has her arm raised EC and Megan come in from behind and attack her with a cheap shot. The crowd boos loudly

Rooker: “Good, the cheat deserves this”
Mark: "What? My God what a sore loser! You lost EC now get out of here!"
AJ: "Yeah what a poor sport but hey we can finally say this..............the FORMER Women’s champion!!"

Megan grabs and holds Angel Dust, EC goes to approach her but the ref jumps in front of them and soon several other refs come out telling the two of them to leave the ring. EC and Megan angrily leave the ring, and they walk over to NNTK at ringside, EC takes hold of NNTKS arm as they all back up the ramp, EC stares furiously at the ring and Angel Dust.....who half smiles at her as she’s helped to her feet by the refs and out the ring. On her way back to the locker she manages to hold up the WAC Women’s Title to a huge ovation

AJ "Well, that’s round one to WAC Mark!!"
Mark "Yeah, they don’t stand a chance!!"
Rooker: “I cannot believe this”
AJ: “You’d better believe it pal”

*Camera's cut to Jesse Phillips and Mike Roach backstage*

Xander: "Jesse, Roach, tonight you face a tough team - The War Party. Your thoughts?

Jesse: "The day has arrived. War Party against Distorted Society. Tonight will not be a bright day for your heroes. Some people say I have no compassion, that I have turned on everybody, that I have become cold. Let me tell you something. Coldness starts with your first breath. You gotta learn to be warm. I never learned. I stayed in the dark. But what War Party has failed to realize is they are just as cold and dark as I am. They just haven't discovered it yet, and after tonight it will be a cold day. As the darkness surrounds the light, fear not the dark, but the darkness inside of you."

*Suprisingly, the crowd cheers.*

Xander: "Erm… okay. Any words, Mike Roach?"

*Roach snatches the mic from Xander and pushes him from camera view*

Roach: "Azande. Pontiac. I hope you brothers hit that peace pipe extra hard before you step into the ring with Jesse and myself. Because any illusions you may have about leaving this match on your own two feet are sorely misled. We've only begun our path of absolute destruction. This match is gonna be more war than party for you guys. Get ready to be picked apart by the most dominant tag team since mosquitoes and malaria."

*The crowd boos*

*The camera cuts to ringside in preparation for the match*

War Party V Phillips & Roach

Camera's cut to Jesse Phillips and Mike Roach backstage

Xander: Jesse, Roach tonight you face a tough team War Party your thoughts.

Jesse: "The day has arrived War Party against Distorted Society.....tonight will not be a bright day for for your hero's. Some people say I have no compassion, that I have turned on everybody and I have become cold. Well let me tell you something - coldness starts with your first breath.. you gotta learn to be warm. I never learned i stayed in the dark but what The War Party has failed to realize is they are just as cold and dark as I am, they just haven't discovered it yet and after tonight it will be a cold day. As the darkness surrounds the light fear not the dark but the Darkness inside of you."

~Camera shoots back to the ring~

AJ: "Er.......yeah whatever Jesse Phillips!!"
Mark: "I feel that young man is on glue!"
Rooker: “He’s not your average human being…”

Weathered by Creed fills the arena

JD: "The following contest is set for one fall....introducing first at a combined weight of 620lbs, here are the team of Jesse Phillips and Mike Roach....

"Distorted Societyyyyyyy!!"

The fans boo as they enter the ring and verbally abuse the fans who boo even louder. The music cuts and The War Party's music begins, they appear to a decent pop from the crowd

JD: "Their opponents, representing The War Party here are Azande and Jay Pontiac!!!"

They reach the ring, look at each other and then both slide in underneath the bottom rope

AJ: "Look at the physique of Azande!!"
Mark: "Highly impressive!!"
Rooker: *sighs*

*Bell rings*

Jesse starts off with Pontiac, collar and elbow tie up. Jesse turns it into a headlock, then down with the drop toe hold. Jesse rolls over into a ground headlock

AJ: "Whether he's right or wrong Jesse can wrestle when it comes right down to it!"
Mark: "His morals are to be questioned but he can get the job done in the ring, we saw that he was a competitor in his very first match here in WAC!"

Pontiac works his way up and fires Jesse off the ropes. Shoulder block by Pontiac into a short elbow

AJ "You can’t take anything away from War Party they’re deadly aswell!"

Pontiac makes the tag to Azande who comes in and lifts Jesse to his feet, then takes him to the turnbuckle followed with chops to the chest. Jesse reverses with chops of his own......Pontiac grabs him by the arms and Azande knees his ribs, then tags Pontiac back in

Mark: "Smart tag team offense keeping the guy in your corner, that’s how you win matches in pro wrestling!"
Rooker: “Yeah… or you can cheat and roll them up into a ball”
Mark: “Can’t let it go eh?”
AJ: "Can you believe this crowd we are hearing a few Jesse chants!! I can't believe a BPA guy is getting cheered!!"
Rooker: “Why is that so hard to believe? We’re popular you know!”
Mark: "I’m not sure why he would get chants, must be for his ring prowess."

Jesse crawls up to the ropes pulls himself to his knees as Pontiac clubs his back. He throws Jesse off the ropes who ducks the clothesline and connects with a thrust kick to the jaw but falls to the mat right after connecting

AJ: "Jesse is spent he can't even make the pin."

Pontiac makes the tag as does Jesse, boos fills the arena as Roach comes in with a pair of clotheslines on Azande. Roach picks up Azande rakes his eyes and then follows it up with a powerslam. Roach taunts the crowd who boo even louder~

AJ: "Jesse gets cheers and Roach gets booed, this is one of the strangest situations I’ve seen a tag team in!"
Mark: "I guess even these fans have respect for the insane!!"
Rooker: “Respect for his obvious talents! And he belongs to the BPA”

Roach drops a big elbow, then covers Azande



AJ: “OH! Kick out by Azande”

Roach throws Azande off the ropes but Azande clotheslines the big man off his feet and flops down to the mat. Roach manages to tag Jesse back in.......the crowds small cheers get louder as Jesse climbs on the ropes delivering a high Crossbody into the pin~



Mark: “Kickout again”

This time Azande makes the tag to Pontiac who charges in but Jesse catches him with a thrust kick to the jaw~

AJ: "You know the Jake Brake comes next AJ!"
Mark: "It’s coming you can feel it and if he hits it, the match is over!!"

Jesse goes to the ropes but the lights go out in the arena

Mark: "What the… heck is going on here?!?!"

A man is standing at the entrance ramp dressed in black with long black hair down his back and he’s staring at Jesse. Jesse's eyes are glaring at the stranger who doesn’t take his eyes off Phillips”

Mark "What’s going on here? Who is that!? Is there any relation between these two?"
AJ "I don't know, I've never seen him before but Jesse knows him by the look on his face!!"
Rooker: “umm, he’s not someone I recognise either, he’s not BPA…”

As Jesse is distracted Jay Pontiac manages to come to his senses and sneak up behind Phillips, rolling him up




*Bell rings*

Crowd cheers.................Jesse jumps up anger in his eyes. He grabs Pontiac who has his hand raised in celebration and nails him with a DDT straight down on the mat. Azande comes in to try and stop Phillips but he grabs Azande by the head................DDT again and then as Roach enters the ring Jesse grabs his head and hits a DDT on his own partner

Rooker: “NO!”
AJ "I can't believe what I’m seeing here, Jesse has snapped!!"
Mark "What’s the story Jesse has gone crazy what’s going on here?!?!

Jesse leaves the ring to a very mixed reaction, the man has now disappeared as Phillips walks up the ramp and disappears, leaving all the carnage in the ring

Mark "When those guys realise what’s happened Jesse is in a lot of trouble!!"

Camera shoots to the back where Xander is waiting with Michael Mark Adams

Xander: "So Mr. Adams what’s your plan for tonight?"

Adams: "Beat the crap out of Titan Dividion and then go party with the Entouorage dude"

Xander: "Pretty straightforward then huh?"

Adams: "You got it Xander. Peeeeeaacccee!!"

Xander: "Oookay, great MMAKid - Thank you!!"

Camera shoots back to ringside

Titan Dividion V Michael Mark Adams

"The Shining" plays loudly to huge boos from the crowd, Titan Dividion appears from the darkness~

JD: "The following match is set for one fall, making his way to the ring, weighing 3---"

MMAKid runs out from the back and attacks Titan from behind. As Titan turns around Adams nails him with a superkick

Mark: "Whoa! Adams wants to get revenge quickly in this one!!"
AJ: "That’s what he’s gotta do to beat this monster!!"
Rooker: “Oh so when a WAC guy does it, it’s the “right thing to do”
AJ: “How else do you beat a guy like Titan Dividion!?”
Rooker: “By fair means”
AJ: “You don’t even know the meaning!”

Adams hits Titan with a combo of chops followed by a leg sweep. He climbs onto the barrier and jumps off, hitting a legdrop on the back of Dividions neck. Adams runs to the ring and reaches underneath, pulling a chair out and holding it up for the crowd to cheer. he then runs back to Titan and waffles him in the face with it. Titan drops face down into the concrete floor. Adams lets onto the crowd who cheer again, he lays the steel chair on the back of Titans head and climbs the barrier again, the fans cheer as he raises both arms then jumps feet first onto the chair, the crack sounding out across the arena, then cheers of "HOLY SHIT!!! HOLY SHIT!!! HOLY SHIT!!!" sounds out from all sides. Adams drags Titan head first to the ring and throws him in under the bottom rope. Titan bleeding on the mat as Adams climbs into the ring

AJ: "WOW!! Adams really wants to beat the crap out of Titan Dividion here tonight!!"

*Bell rings*

Adams attacks Titan once again, stomping away then lifting titan up only to nail him with a flying kick which knocks Titan back into the corner. Adams charges in and mounts the second rope, hammering away at the huge gash in Titans head. He drops back down, kicks Titan in the gut and drops him face first into the mat with a DDT. Cover from Adams



Mark: “Woah Titan throws Adams off”
AJ: "Wow I’m not sure I can believe Titan kicked out of that after all the punishment he has taken, especially so powerfully"

Adams climbs to the top rope, Titan turns around and catches Adams, then throws him into the steel post, as Adams comes back off the post Titan caches him again and delivers a back suplex

Mark: "Adams in trouble now, look at the blood coming from Titans head."
AJ: "It’s a huge cut Mark, but Titan doesn’t take any notice of blood"
Mark: “Knowing Titan, he’s loving it”

Titan picks Adams up and throws him to the ropes, Titan puts his head down and Adams hits a neckbreaker. The fans cheer again for Adams, who climbs to the top once more

Mark: "He’s goin up top again!!"

Adams dives off the top going for the headbutt but Titan moves out of the way

AJ: "OOOH!! He missed totally, I think he’s out cold!!"

Titan picks Adams up and sets him for 'The Burial', he lifts Adams up high and falls back, Adams smashing into the mat face first. Titan drags Adams to the middle of the ring and covers him




*Bell rings*

JD: "Here is your winner, Titaaan Dividioooonn!!"

"The Shining" plays, Titan leaves the ring and walks to the back. MMAKid is left laid out in the ring, only this time hes staring at Titan. Adams gets up and leaves the ring, staggering to the back. Chants of "ADAMS! ADAMS! ADAMS!" can be heard as he disappears up the ramp~

AJ: "Adams looks like he’s not finished with Titan"

Mark: "If he’s got any sense he will count himself lucky he only lost the match!!"

Jack Ingram & Viggo Dynamite V The Entourage

JD: "This Tag Team match is set for one fall, currently in the ring, representing 'The Entourage' here are Cain Mitchell and Katoshisaaan!!"

"Aint It Fun (GnR) plays loud and the fans erupt as Viggo Dynamite appears with Jack Ingram behind him, they wave to the fans as they walk to the ring. Ingram enters the ring first, Viggo stops to look at the crowd, he shakes his head as he smiles, then walks up the steps and jumps over the top landing on the second turnbuckle on the inside. He throws his towel in the usual way, then jumps down~

JD: "Their opponents, introducing first Jaaack Ingraaamm!! And his partner from Pierre South dakota, weighing 257lbs, Viggoooooo Dyyynamiiite!!!"

Fans cheers, then the music cuts

AJ "I don’t think we have seen Viggo teaming with Ingram before!"

Ingram starts off with Katoshisan, collar and elbow tie up. Both wrestlers try to get position but Katoshisan kicks Ingram in the face before he can do anything. He tags in Mitchell who comes in and clotheslines Ingram

Mark: "Fast paced stuff here from The Entourage!!"

Mitchell bodyslams Ingram and tags in Katoshisan who springboards in landing on Ingram with a splash. Cover



AJ: “Kick out from Ingram”

Katoshisan picks him up and suplexes him, then tags in Mitchell again. Cain comes in and picks up Ingram in a bearhug~

AJ: "Viggo really wants in the ring Mark but they have ciut the ring off so well Im not sure he will!"

Ingram bites Cain who let’s go, but then hits Ingram in the face with a huge boot. Cover from Mitchell



AJ: “Kick out again from Ingram”

Mitchell tags in Katoshisan, who comes in a whips Ingram to the ropes. Ingram ducks under a clothesline but is naioed on the way back with a flying kick. Katoshisan poses for the crowd who offer a mixed reaction. He climbs to the top rope, then plays at the crowd who start to boo. He gives the crowd the finger and then leaps to deliver a frog splash but Jack Ingram moves, leaving Katoshisan to land belly first~

AJ: "Ingram needs to make a tag now!!"
Mark: "Look at him crawl over to Viggo, Katoshisan is still clutching his stomach in the middle of the ring!!"

Ingram tags in Viggo to a huge roar from the crowd, Dynamite charges across the ring to hammer Cain Mitchell off the apron, he turns around to Katoshisan and nails him with a clothesline, then a bodyslam. He grabs Katoshisan by the head and goes for the Viggoplex but Katoshisan counters and whips Viggo to the ropes, Viggo off the ropes ducks under a clothesline, then a kick, as he comes back a third time Katoshisan puts his head down, Viggo sees, stops and hooks him over in the Viggoplex




*Bell rings*

JD: "Here are your winners, Viggo Dynamite and Jaaaaaaaaack Innnnngrrraaam!!"

Fans cheers as they celebrate in the ring, hands raised by the referee. "Aint It Fun(GnR)" plays and they leave the ring, slapping the fans' hands as they walk up the ramp. As they get to the ramp Viggo suddenly turns to Ingram and kicks him in the gut, then drops him head first into the hard concrete floor with a DDT

AJ: "What?!"
Mark: "I have no idea what this is about!!"

Viggo gets up and walks to the back, leaving Ingram on the floor in a pool of blood

Camera shoots to the back where Xander is waiting to get a word with Dynamite

Xander: "Viggo Dynamite!! A word maybe please?"

Viggo snatches the mic from Xanders grasp

Viggo: "You wanna know what this is about? Dammit I’m gonna tell you. See, tonight we have the tag match between The BPA and WAC's 'finest' well that’s bullsh*t because I’m not in the damn team!! The longest reigning Continental Champion in history, and you saw what I did out there tonight I won that match by myself!! I should be on that team not Johnny freakin’ Bishop!!! Well let me tell you, this is just a taste of things to come!!"

Viggo hands the mic back to Xander, then slaps him in the face before walking away

Xander: "Back to ringside"

Xander holds his face, then the camera shoots back to ringside

AJ : "WOW Mark."
Mark "Geez what an asshole!!"
Rooker: “Viggo, this is why you should be with the BPA! You wouldn’t get as held back”
AJ: “Oh really…”

Hardcore Hell Match - Chuck Voorhees V 'Big' Dan Markham

JD: "The following match is a Hardcore Hell Match!! Introducing first from Atlanta Georgia, 'Biiig' Daaaann Marrrrkhaaamm!!!!"

Markham walks out to a mixed reaction and comes down the ramp into the ring, then 'Destroy Everything' plays

JD: "And his opponent, accompanied to the ring by the BPA, from Elm Street.............Chuck Voorhees!!!!"

AJ: "That is one big guy!!"
Rooker: "Look at Chuck Voorhees!! He will steamroll through Dan Markham!!"
AJ: “I dunno, Markham is at home in Hardcore Hell”

Voorhees walks down the ramp screamin’ and hollerin’ at the fans and makin’ rude gestures towards them which only makes them boo louder~

Voorhes gets in the ring stepping over the ropes and then immidieatly attacks Markham with heavy right hands. The bell rings now and Voorhees continues the attack with an uppercut then a knee in the gut. Voorhees Irish whips him and Markham comes back with a shoulder block but Voorhees doesn’t move. Now Voorhees runs back off the ropes and takes down Markham with a big flying shoulder tackle. Voorhees picks him up but Markham fights out with a hard jab in the face. Markham runs forward with a clothesline knocking Voorhees back, then he Irish whips him off the ropes and as he returns he takes him down with a big boot in the face. Markham turns and poses to the crowd who cheer.

AJ: "Dan Markham has the upper hand now and the crowds starting to get behind him!!"
Mark: "Let’s see if he can capitalize here, both guys are huge!!"
Rooker: "Markham does not have a chance, look at Voorhees I’m tellin’ you this guy is gonna be wearing WAC gold soon!!"

Markham goes to the outside and gets a chair now and brings it back into the ring. As Voorhes gets up Markham waffles him across the back with the chair, then once on top of the head. Voorhees drops to one knee, Markham cracks him on the head again, then drops the chair as Chuck falls forward face down on the mat. Markham covers



AJ: “Kick out from Voorhees”
Rooker: "See? Three hits with a char cannot stop Chuck Voorhees!!"
Markam picks up Chuck but gets a thumb to the eye and a low blow. Voorhees grabs the chair and smacks Markham across the head. Markham falls over, Voorhees covers him



AJ: “Kickout from Markham”

Voorhees picks him up and bodyslams him down onto the chair in the ring followed by a big legdrop. Voorhes again into a cover~




AJ: “Kickout again by Markham at two and a half”

Markham gets to his feet and Voorhees grabs him up in a crushing bearhug. Markham struggles in the hold for a little bit then eventually hits Voorhees a few times breaking up the bearhug. Markham now is back on his feet, he kicks Voorhees in the gut. Voorhees fires back with a shot of his own with a left hook, both men run off the ropes and come back and collide with each other and both go back a few steps

AJ: "Both thinking the same thing there....."
Mark: "Yeah not much give from either one of them that time!"

Markham runs at Voorhees again now but Chuck counters him with an elbow in the face dropping him. Voorhees now drops an elbow in the chest of Markham

AJ: “Cover by Voorhees!!”



AJ “And a kickout”

Voorhees goes out and gets a table from outside of the ring, then he brings it in and sets it up. As he turns around though Markham nails him in the back with the chair that was in the ring, this stuns Voorhees. Markham hits him again, then again. This lays him out now, so he drops the chair. Markham goes to lift Voorhees up to put him through the table but Voorhees counters him by fighting him off and lifts him up and drives him through the table with a huge spinebuster. The table is destroyed, now Voorhees goes out and gets a trash can and brings it into the ring~

Rooker: "Go Chuck, smash his skull in!!! Do it now!!!"
AJ: “I love it when an announcer is impartial to the action”

Chuck pulls Markham from the wrecked table and grabs him and hits a two handed chokeslam down onto the can crushing it in. Voorhees pulls him up and runs at him and flattens him with the Nightmare On Elm Street, laying him out

Cover by Voorhees.




JD: "Here is your winner by pinfall............Chuuuuuck Voorheessssssss!"

Rooker: "There you have it boys, Chuck Voorhees continues his winning ways, and more importantly BPA's winning ways!!"

Destroy Everything now begins to play, Chuck lifts his arms up in the air in victory, he looks down at Dan Markham, then picks up the chair and sets Markham’s head up in the chair. He points to the turnbuckle and starts to walk over to it

Mark: "What the-"
AJ: "Ohh come one Voorhees, you won the match its time to leave the ring now!"
Rooker: "Finish him off once and for all!!"

Suddenly the lights go out

Mark: "What the hell is goin on now?"
AJ: "I don’t know Mark, it can’t be good though!!"

After a few moments the lights come back on, Chuck Voorhees is laid out in the ring, a black baseball bat is on the other side of the ring

Rooker: "What? Who the hell?"

The BPA get in the ring quickly to check on Chuck, Dan Markham uses the opportunity to escape the ring. The BPA look bemused as to what has happened. NNTK looks over at Eric Rooker who shrugs his shoulders

Mark "Hmmmm..........."

Camera shoots backstage to Xander Chapman standing with Shane Lynas, Bobby Anderson & Scott Williams are standing behind.

Xander: “Shane, tonight you’re involved quite a bit in our show, next, the two young men standing behind you Bobby Anderson & Scott Williams take part in a match to win your managerial services, and then later you take on BCW’s Eric Rooker, any thoughts?”

Lynas: “Well X-Man, firstly let’s talk about Anderson & Williams, two great young talents, but only one can have my managerial services… Anderson is quick & intense, but also a crowd pleaser, Williams is one tough cookie & I’ve a lot of hopes for him”

Xander: “Do you have a preference on who you’d manage”

Lynas: “A preference? No. Hence the match being here to begin with, but I think there is one that would fit better with me than the other”

Xander: “And what about Eric Rooker?”

Lynas: “I’m not gonna stand here and trash talk. Actions will speak louder”

Shane Lynas walks off with both Bobby Anderson & Scott Williams trailing behind.

Xander: “Back to you guys”

Bobby Anderson V Scott Williams

JD: “The following match is scheduled for one fall, the winner will receive Shane Lynas’s managerial services… Introducing at the same, accompanied by WAC

President Shane Lynas, Bobby Anderson & Scott Williams”

‘Dragonfly’ by Shaman’s Harvest hits and all three men come to the ring together.

AJ: “Well, this is unorthodox, both opponents coming out together”
Mark: “Both of these young men are somewhat unestablished here in WAC, both are fighting for a better future”
AJ: “Well, who wouldn’t want the managerial services of the veteran Shane Lynas?”

Bobby Anderson & Scott Williams line up at opposite ends of the ring and stare each other down

Anderson runs straight in & charges Williams into the turnbuckle and begins raining down shots on him

AJ: “Anderson straight outta the gate and laying into Williams”

Anderson grabs Williams and picks him up suplexes him

Mark: “Great intensity from Anderson”

Anderson places Williams in an armbar, but Williams rolls and out pushes Anderson back before charging and being met by Anderson’s boot.

AJ: “Boot to the face”

Anderson goes on the attack once more and this time hits a gutwrench powerbomb

AJ: “Cover!”



THR—AJ: “NO!.. Two count only”

Mark: “Anderson is all out of the block on this one”

Anderson picks up Williams and Irish whips him but is reversed, Williams ducks and incoming clothesline, but Anderson stops & superkicks Williams…

AJ: “DAMN! Damn near kicked his head off!”
Mark: “I think Williams is out cold”

Anderson bends over Williams, but it’s clear he’s knocked clean out.

AJ: “Wow, erm… what’s the ref going to do?”

The referee calls for the bell and declares Anderson the winner.

JD: “Here is your winner Bobby Anderson”

AJ: “Anderson has won Lynas’s services!”

Shane Lynas enters the ring shakes Bobby Anderson’s hand with a smile before checking on Williams before calling for medical support.

Mark: “Wow, looks like Scotty Williams took all of that kick”

Medical teams bring Williams round & he spits blood from his mouth, he’s clearly dazed.

AJ: “Wow, I do not want to be the next guy behind an Anderson kick”
Mark: “Incredible, he knocked Williams out with a superkick that Williams just wasn’t expecting”

Golden Ticket Triple Threat Tag Team Match - Renegadez V SwannStarr V Hardcore Psychos

The ringside area is propped with several black ladders, and a light shines down the center of the ring, with the Golden Ticket suspended fifteen feet above.

AJ: “Up next, the Golden Ticket Tag Team Triple Threat match”
Mark: “And thankfully, Eric Rooker has left the commentary table as he now has to prepare for his upcoming match with Shane Lynas”
AJ: “Normal business can now be resumed”

JD: “The following contest is the Golden Ticket Triple Threat Ladder Match! The winning tag team will earn a World Tag Team Championship opportunity at a time of their choosing”

SwannStarr’s music hits. They pop out through the curtain to a great reception and slap hands with fans down the aisle.

JD: “Introducing team number one, at a total combined weight of four hundred and twenty five pounds, Jake Swann and Kristian Starr, SWANNSTARR!”

Starr slides under the ropes and Swann flips over them, and they pose on opposite sides of the ring on the middle rope for photographs. The music changes to The Renegadez’s. They come out to another great reception.

JD: “Team number two, from Detroit, Michigan. At a total combined weight of six hundred and one pounds, John Mercer and Gordo Taurus, THE RENEGADEZ!”

Mark: “Former World Tag Team Champions, The Renegadez, they’ve been there, AJ. But you have to wonder, what business do these two behemoths have in a Ladder Match?”

AJ: “NONE! Especially with the other two teams they’re against!”

They slap hands and enter the ring, intimidating the much smaller team of SwannStarr. The music then stops and it is quiet for a moment, until “Undead” by Hollywood Undead blasts. The fans erupt!

JD: “Team number three, to be accompanied by Leah Luxon. At a total combined weight of four hundred forty pounds, “The Psychotic Luchador” Spider, and –“

Spider cuts him off: “Wait a minute, my man, wait a minute!”

Spider and Leah Luxon appear through the curtain and stand at the top of the ramp

Spider: “Now as some of you know, Robert Randall suffered from a partially collapsed lung earlier this week… And to give it to you straight, my man is not medically cleared to wrestle tonight, never mind in a ladder match…” (“BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”)

AJ: “He chickened out!”
Mark: “His lung collapsed!”

Spider: “I visited my man in the hospital the other day, and he had a tube come out of his side, breathing for him. Now what we do in the ring is hardcore, but I tell you my man, that is the most hardcore thing I have ever seen…”

The crowd applauses.

AJ: “Who’s gonna replace Randall? Is Leah gonna fight?”
Mark: “Hush, will ya?!”

Spider: “But, my man, Randall would not miss this match for the world. He’s the most hardcore man I know. So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, ROBERT RANDALL!”


The music hits again and Randall appears to a standing ovation!

Mark: “By god, he can barely walk! But he’s gonna do it!”
AJ: “There’s no way!”
Mark: “Yes there is!”

The three of them walk to the ring and they slide under the ropes. Spider headbangs on the middle rope and throws his fist in the air for the thousands of flashes from cameras, and Randall gets a kiss from Leah on the outside. Spider holds the ropes open for Randall for him to enter. He stretches and looks ready!


The three teams standoff in three different corners. They all slowly walk towards the center of the ring and all shake hands with each other.

Mark: “That’s what I like to see!”
AJ: “This is all insane… They’re supposed to be fighting, and Randall has no business being out here to fight in a ladder match only days after recovering from a collapsed lung, IN A FREAKING LADDER MATCH!”
Mark: “You gotta give it up to the guy!”
AJ: “I’ll give it up, just like his lung did!”
Mark: “Too soon…”

The six men all finish handshakes and collide in the center of the ring, exchanging right hands in one huge mess. The Renegadez overpower SwannStarr and the Hardkore Psychos by throwing all four men outside the ring. Starr goes for a ladder immediately and tries to slide it into the ring, but Mercer baseball slides it into his stomach! Mercer stays outside and begins wailing on everyone in sight.

Mark: “Wait a minute…!”

The 311 pound Gordo Taurus makes his way to the top rope, AND HITS A BIG SPLASH ON ALL FIVE MEN, CRASHING TO THE FLOOR!


AJ: “I can’t believe my eyes! He killed ‘em all!”
Mark: “That’s over three hundred pounds, crashing on top of you from about eight feet up! Oh my god!”

Spider is the first one to his feet, as he was on the outskirts of the impact. He slides the ladder into the ring, but Swann pulls his leg and keeps him from going inside. Swann whips Spider into the steel steps, but Spider jumps on them and springs off into a moonsault! Starr emerges from the rubble and both Swann and Starr catch Spider on their shoulders, and hit him with a cutter/lungblower combination!


Randall fights off Mercer and whips him into the guardrail. Meanwhile, Taurus gets to his feet and is greeted by a forearm by Swann. Swann whips him into a ladder in the corner of the ringside area, but its reversed and Swann goes flying face first into the ladder, knocking it over against the guardrail.

Mark: “Mercer goes into the guardrail, Swann flies into the ladder, I can’t even call this!”

AJ: "Unbelievable stuff here and there’s so much more to come tonight!!"

Spider is lifted up and thrown out of the ring by Taurus, who had dragged himself back into the ring. Taurus sets up a ladder but Robert Randall nails him from behind with a neckbreaker. Randall doubles over in pain, meanwhile on the outside Swann has gotten onto the apron, he runs then jumps onto the top rope and onto the ladder, the fans cheer as he nears the top, but Mercer followed him back into the ring, he grabs the ladder and shakes it, Swann holds on for a while but inevitabely falls off, cluttering into his partner as he falls to the outside. Taurus gets back to his feet and throws Randall over the top rope. Mercer motions to Taurus to set the ladder up, he does then Mercer guards as Taurus climbs. SwannStarr are still out of the ring in a heap as is Robert Randall. Spider has rolled back in the ring, but Mercer sees him and charges over to clothesline Spider but he moves out of the way and Mercer goes crashing into the turnbuckle

Mark: "My God!! The whole ring moved!! Look AJ!! Look at Spider!!"

Spider jumps up the ladder, both men have a hand on the briefcase that contains the golden ticket. The two are snatching at the case but fail to see SwannStarr both back in the ring, Swann and Starr go to them both and Powerbomb them off the ladder, the briefcase stays up above the ring.


AJ: "Did we just witness that?? Look Mark all 5 men in the ring are down..........Spiders head took a nasty bounce off the top turnbuckle, looks like he’s out cold!!"

Mark: "Mercer hasn’t moved since he went crashing into the turnbuckle!!"

Robert Randall climbs back in the ring, the crowd begin to erupt as he slowly grabs the ladder and sets it up. Randall looks out to the crowd as he begins ascending up the ladder. He gets to the summit and reaches for the case. He hesitates

AJ: "Rob!!! Get the briefcase, this is your chance!!"
Mark: "Take it Randall!! Err, AJ, What’s he doing??"
AJ "Oh no...........surely not........"
Mark "He is isn’t he?!?! Rob!! Don’t do it man!!!"

Randall is now standing on top of the ladder...the fans cheer loudly as he looks around, raises his arms and leaps off the ladder, landing on Mercer and Taurus who had just gotten up

Mark: "OH MY GOD!!! I don’t believe what Randall just did!!"
AJ "Not only has he taken Mercer and Taurus out, he’s taken himself out too!!"
Mark: “His career will be shortened with that one!”

Mercer, Taurus and Randall are all flat out. Spider is unconscious in the corner, SwannStarr realise what’s happened, look at each other and jump up. Swann charges at Starr who lifts him up, Swann lands on top of the ladder and grabs the briefcase, pulling it down. The bell rings and the fans cheer

JD: "Here are your winners, SWAANNNNSTAARRR!!!"

AJ: "Randall had the chance to win it, instead he chose to show everyone what he can really do!!"
Mark: "Honestly though it wasn’t the best move in my opinion!!"
AJ: “But nonetheless, take nothing away from SwannStarr, they earned their keep”

SwannStarr celebrate with the fans as the music starts, they look around as they get a standing ovation, they leave the ring and the carnage behind

AJ: "Let’s get to the back while the ring is cleared and the guys are checked on, Randall in particular!"

Camera shoots to the back where Xander Chapman is standing with WAC newcomer El Omen

Xander: "So.....El Omen is it? Hi, I’m Xander Chapman!!"

Omen: ".........and?" *El Omen shrugs”

Xander: "Well.....umm.......back to ringside!!"
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Re: WAC PPV 1 'Meltdown'

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WAC Dynamics Triple Threat Title Match - NNTK(c) V Maxx Damage V Raider

AJ: “Now here we go time for another title match this should be wild!”
Mark: “Yeah you ain’t kiddin a triple threat for NNTK's Dynamic Title, let’s go JD!”

JD: “The follwing match is a triple threat Singapore cane match, where the stipulation states that if a superstar can grab a cane, it’s legal to use as a weapon”

JD: “Now, introducing first, Raider!”

Raider walks out on the ramp at the top of the stage as the fans cheer and he walks down the ramp towards the ring and enters.

JD: “And secondly, Max Damage!”

Damage walks out to the top of the ramp and the fans cheer loudly for him too, he walks down and also gets in the ring, he and Raider wait and back away from each other to different sides of the ring.

JD: “And now finally-“

The fans begin to boo so loudly JD has to stop.

JD: “And now finally, From The Netherworld, Accompanied By Eric Rooker Ryan Ignatius and EC, He is the WAC Dynamics Champion, Representing the BPA and The Prophecy…. NNTK!!

AJ: “Rooker’s back”
Mark: “Ugh”

Destroy Everything begins to play in the arena.

The crowd now resumes the booing, even louder than before when the four of them step out onto the stage, EC has hold of NNTK's arm and he has the belt across his shoulder.

They walk down the ramp to constant boos and when they get to ringside NNTK hands EC the belt and she puts it over her shoulder and NNTK gets in the ring.

There is a Singapore cane attached to all four corners of the ring,the bell now rings and the match is underway.

AJ: “Now Mark for those at home who are unfamiliar with this type of match go ahead and explain it.”
Mark: “Well AJ those canes attached to the turnbuckle will become legal weapons to use if these men can get up there and get a hold of them, but that being said other than that this a standard match with DQ’s and count outs”

In the ring the three men stand looking at each other, then NNTK hits Raider in the face then Damage hits NNTK and NNTK comes back and hits back then Damage hits them both and before long they’re all swinging all ways at each other.

AJ: “Woah!”
Mark: “Yeah this things exploded from the get go!”

All three of them are still throwing punches at each other when NNTK drops them both in a row.

AJ: “Alright the first upper hand of this well see what he does with it”
Mark: “Don’t expect him to stand around waiting either, because that’s just not his style”

NNTK now stands back and waits for Damage to get back up and kicks him in the gut then drops him on his face with a DDT.

Raider now gets up as well and NNTK hits a twisting neckbreaker on him putting him back on the mat.

NNTK goes over to Damage and jumps going for a knee drop in the face but Damage rolls to the side and NNTK hits nothing but canvas, this gives Damage a chance to hit a powerslam on him.

Cover by Damage on NNTK.

NNTK kicks out immediately.

AJ: “What? First of all way too early and secondly he hasn’t even used a cane!”
Mark: “Both true statements but a pin never hurts, you never know!”

Raider comes in and knocks Damage on the back of the head then grabs him and whips him off the ropes and runs at him and takes him down with a shoulder tackle.

Damage back up and another shoulder tackle.

Damage back on his feet again and Raider runs again but not this time, Damage stops him with a clothesline.

Damage hits a heavy leg drop on Raider now the he lifts up on his feet and picks him up in a bearhug.

Damage squeezes the hold and shakes raider some, but Raider fights out with punches to the face, Raider is now back on his feet on the feet on the mat and he and Damage begin to trade big shots. This goes on for a little bit as they hit each other back and forth until NNTK comes from behind and hits Raider knocking him into Damage and they both fall to the mat.

AJ: “Oh NNTK from out of nowhere”
Mark: “And that’s a triple threat for you, you have got to know where both men are all the time”

NNTK pulls Raider up from behind and then hits a hard lariat in the back of the neck dropping him forward, NNTK now goes around to the front of him and stomps him in the back of head, then stomps him once more.

Damage now gets up on his feet and runs at NNTK but he drops him with a hard lariat as well.

NNTK lifts Damage up on his shoulders then brings him with a gutbuster across one knee.

AJ: “NNTK definitely back in this match & in control”
Mark: “Yeah but what next this match has already been pretty good, even if just a little brutal”

NNTK picks Raider up off the mat but Raider counters by shoving him back.

NNTK unphased much by this runs in at him but Raider counters with a 180 degree spinebuster.

Raider now goes over to a corner and stands up on the 2nd rope and attempts to climb the turnbuckle and grab the cane but no Damage comes in and grabs him from behind pulling him down.

AJ: “We won’t be seeing one of those canes come into play just yet”
Mark: “Get down from there! Hahaha”

Damage now climbs up and has his turn at reaching for a cane but NNTK steps thru the ropes out onto the apron and walks around to the corner and shoves him back down to the mat.

NNTK gets back in the ring and lifts up Damage and drapes him out with his legs on the top rope and drives him down to the match with a neckbreaker.

AJ: “Oh! What a vicious neckbreaker!”
Mark: “And a normal neckbreaker hurts enough but he had him across the top rope!”
AJ: “Cover by NNTK”


AJ: “Kickout from Damage at one and a half”

Raider comes back into the match now as NNTK gets up and turns around he spears him,to the delight of the fans who cheer.

Damage now is back up on his feet and Raider runs and drops him with a big boot.

Raider grabs damage as he getss back up and goes behind and hits a pump handle slam .

Raider goes up to grab a cane again but NNTK stops him by running in the corner and hiting him in the back of the leg.

EC cheers at this from ringside and looks at NNTK with a proud smile as they meet eyes, NNTK nods at her.

This causes the crowd to boo loudly.

AJ: “How lovely, showing their support”
Mark: “Yeah… very nice.”

NNTK now runs back off the ropes and drops a forearm in the face of Raider.

NNTK now stomps him in the face, then the arm, then the gut ,then the leg, other leg, around to the other arm, once more now in the face.

NNTK now jumps up and comes down with a knee in the face of Raider.

AJ: “Oh he got the knee that time, absolutely intense offense from the Dynamics Champion”
Mark: “That’s one of NNTKs favourite moves that knee drop”

Damage has now gotten back up and he runs and clotheslines NNTK off his feet.

Damage now jumps up with a big body splash on Raider.

Damage now goes over to the corner and while both men are downed temporarily he manages to take down the cane.

AJ: “He’s got a cane!”
Mark: “Uh oh i think this is about to get interesting!”

Damage cracks raider with it over the back as he’s turning around getting to his feet and then NNTK in the face as he runs toward him and NNTK falls to the mat.

Mark: “Cane shots from both of them!”
AJ: “And NNTK got it in the face too! Take that BPA!”
Mark: “Cover by Damage on NNTK”



AJ: “Kickout from NNTK and two and a half”

Damage grabs Raider now and powerbombs him and goes into cover.



Mark: “Kickout from Raider at two and a half now as well”

NNTK has now gotten back up thanks to Damage's time with Raider, As Damages turns around NNTK turns him around with a stiff lariat. Raider is up now and he charges NNTK but he’s stopped with a kick in the gut then NNTK shoves him down between his legs and hooks both arms behind his back and turns him over with a backbreaker across his knee.

NNTK now stands in the ring over both downed men and the crowd boos.

EC though cheers and shouts for him some more, causing more boos from the crowd.

AJ: “This match has been turned around again”
Mark: “Boy has it, and this has been very exciting to watch and call”

NNTK now goes over to Raider on the mat and begins choking him with both hands, then he goes to only one and slaps him in the face and lets go and gets back up.

The crowd boos more now at the dirty tactics.

Damage is back up now though and he’s gotten another cane down and he runs and nails NNTK in the back with it hard cracking it in half.

AJ: “Wow! He just broke the cane on him!”
Mark: “Oh Man!”
AJ: “Cover by Damage on NNTK”



AJ: “OOH close… kickout from NNTK at two and a half, almost had a new Champion”.

Now Raider is back up on his feet and he’s got the cane from before and he cracks damage over the back of the head with it while he’s still over NNTK, and it splinters and splits and Raider throw it out of the ring.

He now pulls Damage off NNTK and covers him.



AJ: “Kickout from Damage at two and a half”

NNTK is up now and as raider turns around he hits him hard in the face then drops his face across his shoulder with a stunner.

NNTK gets him up and slams him with a gutwrench powerbomb.

Damage is still trying to clear the cobwebs from having the cane split over his head when NNTK whips him off the ropes then comes off the ropes from the side as he comes back and absolutely levels him with a pounce.

NNTK covers Raider now.



Mark: “Kickout at two and a half”

AJ: “Ah, taking out one man, then the other before pinning one”
Mark: “Yeah that’s pretty good strategy there”

NNTK climbs over him now and begins hitting right hand after right hand, busting him open.

AJ: “UH OH! Someone’s been busted open!”
Mark: “Figured that would be sooner in this match, not only the canes, but not to mention these three men are all really rough in the ring”

NNTK now gets up off of Raider and by now Damage is back in it and he comes over and out of nowheres grabs NNTK with a tilt a whirl sideslam.

Now Damage drags NNTK over the corner and steps up on 2nd rope over him.

AJ: “Oh my, we know what this is”
Mark: “He’ll be crushed! And it being NNTK I can’t say I’d mind!”

EC knows what’s coming to and she runs around the ring over to NNTK and begins shouting at him.

EC: “No! Get out of the way! Watch it look out NNTK!”

Damage grins down at her and he jumps down backwards off the ropes to land on NNTK with
a body press but no NNTK counters by rolling out of the corner away from him .

EC smiles proudly and runs around to the side of the ring again where NNTK is.

EC: “Yes! I knew you could do it! Now kick him into next year and finish this off!”

Damage holds his gut on the matt momentarily and then gets up and turns around.

When he does NNTK runs in at him full speed and levels him with The Lifetaker Kick.

AJ: “OH! LIFETAKER KICK! The end can’t be far now!”
Mark: “Man that’s some kick and i believe EC's right he may have sent him into next year Max Damage probably thinks its 2012 right now!”

But during all this time Raider has managed to recover and he’s now on the top rope in the corner behind NNTK.

Mark: “Hey! Look at Raider!”

Raider jumps off as NNTK turns around towards him going for the Air Raid but NNTK Counters it by nailing him in the head with a Lifetaker Kick.

EC now smiles bigger than ever.

Mark: “Cover by NNTK on Raider”




The bell rings now and the crowd boos louder than they have all night.

AJ: “That’s it its over NNTK retains in one hell of a match”
Mark: “Yeah” we saw these three men get cracked over and over with those canes look around the ring there’s cracked broke canes if that doesn’t tell you something.

Destory Everything begins to play now and EC brings in the belt and hands it to NNTK and hugs him still smiling bigger than ever and laughing too.

The ref now raises the arm of NNTK.

JD: “Here is your winner and still the WAC Dynamics Champion, NNTK!”

The crowd boos loudly at this.

NNTK goes out and grabs a microphone now and then gets back into the ring and hands EC the microphone and tells her "I’ll be right back"

NNTK goes back outside the ring and reaches under it and pulls out a trash can.

AJ: What the hells he need with that can right now?
Mark: I’ve got no idea he’s probably gonna knock Damage and Raider in the face with it.

NNTK brings the can into the ring with him and sets it up in front of him and EC and takes the microphone back from her now.

NNTK: “For weeks and weeks and months and months now I have defended this Dynamics Title against all kinds of men in all kinds of matches… turning them all back as I’ve crushed them with the hand of defeat and unleashed hell on them as I unrelentlessly punished them. All of those who stepped up and tried to take this belt from me failed, they all fell.
But you see, I dont care about this belt nor do i need or want this belt, because it’s not a world title. I WILL once again become World champion soon. This crappy title means NOTHING to me!!"

NNTK now drops the belt into the garbage can.

AJ: “That’s just out of order!”

NNTK: “Now before we leave , EC do you have anything you’d like to add?”

EC takes the mic from him.

EC “:Yes as a matter of fact I do, speaking of world titles, even though i might’ve lost my title to Angel Dust earlier tonight. This is not the last time

I’ll hold Women’s Gold either, EC will be
Women’s Champion again sooner or later”

The crowd now lets out a roar of deafening boos at all this as NNTK and EC leave the ring.

Mark: “He just threw the belt in the trash!”
AJ: “Come on have some respect for the belt and the company and the fans!”
Mark: “Come on AJ remember who you’re talking about here”
AJ: “True”

Destory Everything plays now and EC takes hold of NNTKs arm and Rooker, NNTK, EC and Ignatius all leave ringside to the back up the ramp.

Shane Lynas heads down to the ring

AJ: “What on earth?”

Lynas reaches into the trash can, picks out the Championship and leaves the ringside area with it

Mark: “It looks like the WAC President has come to rescue the Dynamics Title”
AJ: “Good thing too”

Career Ending Tag Team Match - Awesome Booty V Judas Salem & Bruno Gamble

Mark: “Time for the career versus career match between Awesome Booty and Bruno Gamble and Judas Salem”

AJ: “Yes it sure is, but Judas Salem's career is NOT on the line”

JD: “The following match is a tag team set for onefall, and introducing first, BBBD and TAO… Awesome booty!”

The fans begin to cheer loudly for them as their music begins to play and they walk out onto the stage and then make their way down the ramp towards the ring.

JD: “And now introducing their opponents, representing The Prophecy and The BPA, Judas Salem and Bruno Gamble!!”

AJ: “Judas Salem is the only guy who’s career is safe here… but tonight could be the end of Bruno Gamble OR Awesome Booty”

The fans boo loudly as Destroy begins to play and Gamble and Salem walk out onto the stage and then the booing gets louder as they make their way down to the ring waving off fans and threatening them and acting like they’re going to take swings.

AJ: “You go from Awesome Booty to these two jerks, who are practically attacking the fans on the way to the ring”
Mark: “Yeah these two, they've been right along in there with the rest of their BPA teammates in attacking countless, countless, COUNTLESS, superstars around here”
AJ: “Well not to give them any credit but they said they'd make a statement and boy did they ever”

The bell rings and Salem and TAO will start off the match for their teams.

TAO locks up with Salem.

Mark: “Don't do that TAO! Salem will tear you apart in close like that”
AJ: “Yes I agree we know how well-versed he is with those rabid fire strikes of all kinds, he’ll really pick you apart with those shots”

Salem hits a knee in the gut on TAO, then another quick knee this time with the other leg, now another knee, and another and another.

Salem lets go of TAO and he falls down forwards to the mat clutching his gut out of breath.

AJ: “See look at that he kneed him in the gut so many times he’s out of air”
Mark: “Yeah I hate him as much as anyone hates all of the BPA, but you cannot deny he IS dangerous in that ring”

Salem now whips him off the ropes and when he comes back kicks him straight in the gut then he pulls him over to the corner and tags in Gamble. No fairness though from the BPA as Salem doesn't leave the ring , Gamble holds TAO as Salem then kicks him in the side of the head with a right roundhouse kick to the disdain of the fans, who boo loudly.

Salem now leaves the ring and Gamble picks up the stunned AO and lifts him overhead and tosses him across the ring with a gorilla press.

AJ: “Cover by Gamble”


AJ: “Quick kickout after one”

Gamble now jumps and hits big leg drop on the face of TAO and goes for a cover again.


AJ: “Again TAO kicks out after the one count”

Gamble now lets him get up, backing away, as TAO rises to his feet Gamble runs forward and clotheslines him.

Gamble now pulls him up again then Irish whips him off the ropes but as he comes back TAO ducks under a clothesline attempt and comes back off the opposite ropes again and hits a forearm shot in the face of Gamble knocking him over.

The crowd cheers at this, now TAO goes and tags in BBBD who enters the ring.

AJ: “He needed that tag in a big way he was getting worked over there by Gamble and Salem”

Mark: “Now the fresh BBBD comes in to see what he can do”

BBBD now goes and locks up with Gamble who has now gotten back to his feet, and Gamble easily overpowers him and shoves him backwards to the mat.

BBBD has a bit of a surprised look on his face from this, but he gets back up ad again locks up with Gamble, and again Gamble shoves him back.

BBBD this time runs and hits a spinning heel kick in the face on Gamble dropping him over.

Mark: “There we go if it doesn’t work don’t keep locking up with him go for another move”
AJ: “Well I’d have thought so...”

AJ: “Cover by BBBD”


Gamble powers out after barely a one.

Mark: “I know their jobs here are on the line but it’s just way too early”
AJ: “True but it will wear down your opponent eventually if they keep using energy and strength to kick out, and don’t forget, you never know if a three count could come out of nowhere… hit the right move and pin at the right time, it could be over with as little as a bulldog or a DDT”
Mark: “True”

BBBD runs across the ring with a neckbreaker quickly on Gamble and then goes for the pin.



AJ “Yet again Gamble kicks out”

Gamble and BBBD get to a vertical base again now, and again BBBD runs to take Gamble down but he’s stopped this time by a big boot.

AJ: “Cover this time by Gamble”


Mark: “Kickout from BBBD at one”
AJ: “A lot of pin attempts going down”

Gamble picks up BBBD with a bearhug and literally takes him to the corner and tags in Salem.

Gamble is heard saying: "Now go to work on him"

AJ: “He just set him up in the corner for Salem, uh oh, better cover up Daddy”
Mark: “You ain’t kiddin’ or he might be opened up instead”

Salem now backhand slaps BBBD on the jaw but BBBD hits back, they trade blows in the corner until Gamble grabd Daddy and headbutts him on the back of the head, he falls to a sitting position.

AJ: “You’ve gotta notice how all the members of the Prophecy have similar offenses, they come out punching, stomping & just incredibly intense”
Mark: “That’s a good point there, Salem with an offense NNTK would be proud of”

Salem now comes off the ropes and runs towards daddy and jumps and hits a dropkick straight in the face, he pulls him out of the corner and goes for the cover.


AJ: “Kickout shortly after one”

AJ: “See, watch it Daddy, you’re more clever than this... he’ll mess you up good”

Mark: “I completely agree DON’T let him in close on you”

Salem now pulls BBBD up to his feet and drops him back down with a superkick.

Now a standing moonsault by Salem onto the gut of BBBD, Salem goes right into the cover with it as well.



AJ: “Kickout from Daddy after two”
Mark: “I’m just as into this as the fans, who will be fired and who will stay?!?!”

Salem lifts him up on his feet and jumps onto his shoulders then flings him backwards with a hurricarana, Daddy lands face across the bottom rope.

Salem now leaves the ring to the outside.

The ref begins to count Salem out.




AJ: “Where’s he going? What’s he doing?”
Mark: “I don’t know AJ, You’ve heard NNTK and the rest of them they call him a snake so there’s telling with a snake”

Salem goes to deliver a flying kick to BBBD's head but he moves, Salem lands in a heap. BBBD leaps over the top and lands on Salems head with an elbow. BBBD jumps up and roars at the fans who respond with massive cheers, BBBD then picks up Salem and rams him into the post, then runs at him and connects with a neckbreaker on the floor. He gingerly gets up, picks Salem up and throws him back in the ring.

AJ: "Daddy exploded onto Salem then, who had no answer for it!!"

BBBD climbs the top rope, Salem lies in the middle of ring. As Daddy is about to leap Bruno Gamble grabs his leg causing BBBD to fall on the top rope, groin first

Mark: "OOOH NO!! He just got his knackers re-arranged!"

BBBD flops down into the ring, Salem manages to cover BBBD



AJ: “Kickout by Daddy, JUST before three somehow”
Mark: “Well I’ll be damned, you never know what you can do until your livelihood’s on the line, nice job Daddy”

TAO now has finally made it back up on the apron, Salem pulls Daddy up and hits a superkick in the mouth, busting his lip open

AJ: “OH! Blood! Daddy’s been opened up by Salem!”
Mark: “Yeah he sure has, Daddy get away from him! You’ve got to create some distance man you're playing his game now!”

Salem into the cover.



Mark: “No it’s not over TAO comes in and breaks the pin up”
AJ: “Boy did he recover at the right time”
Mark: “Lucky! ‘cause if he wasn’t on that apron then he’d be fired it was over”

Gamble comes in the ring and attacks TAO, both men start trading punches, Gamble goes for a big clothesline but TAO ducks underneath and sends Gamble out of the ring over the top rope

AJ: "My God he landed hard on the floor!!"

Mark: "He may be out AJ........he aint moving!!"

Salem waits for TAO to turn round but BBBD is there, he grabs Slame from behind and drops him with an inverted DDT. TAO climbs to the top rope and leaps, connecting with a diving corkscrew. TAO rolls out of the ring and BBBD covers Salem




AJ: “It was so sudden out of nowhere! Neither Salem nor Gamble had time to react”

The bell rings now as Salem and Gamble are livid.

They throwing chairs at ringside and kicking the ropes and everything.

AJ: “Boy are they mad & Bruno Gamble no longer has a job!”
Mark: “HAHAHHa good!”
AJ: “Awesome Booty continue in WAC!”

Awesome booty in the ring embrace each other happy they won.

Gamble though grabs a microphone and enters the ring with Salem.

Awesome Booty go to get their guard up.

Gamble: “Woah that’s not needed were not in this ring to fight with you some more, I’ve got something to say”

Daddy and TAO stand with puzzled expressions on their face as Daddy wipes the blood from his mouth.

AJ: “Something to say?”
Mark: “Hmm. Interesting, but either way he’s fired, get his ass outta here!”

Gamble: “Now look here, let’s be honest, we beat the hell out of you guys and you still managed to somehow pull out the win on us, I’m fired, I’m gone, I’m done… you’re not, despite the events of tonight’s match you guys are the better men and I respect that.

Now Booty looks doubtful and isn’t buying any of this.

Gamble: “You two won we lost I’d like to shake both of your hands on a job well done”

Unknown to them though, Now the rest of The BPA has come through the crowd behind them and is at ringside

AJ: “Wait! NO!!!! BPA! BPA!”
Mark: “DAMNIT! AND They’ve got no idea!”

Gamble now extends a hand to them, neither will take it, instead, TAO takes the mic.

TAO: “Whatever! Bull! You think were idiots Gamble? You too Judas! We know how you guys do things we’ve seen it hell we’ve FELT it! Never under any circumstances would we shake your hand! Now you say you two aren’t in this ring to fight, well you better get ready or leave the ring!”

Gamble looks slightly irritated and disappointed, he can be heard saying, "Come on Judas lets go " as they leave out the ring. Suddenly as their a little ways up the ramp they turn and rush back to the ring and get in and start attacking TAO and BBBD. Salem and Gamble begin to jump all over them, out of nowhere ,now the rest of the BPA has entered the ring from behind and they all now begin to gang attack Awesome Booty quickly putting them on the mat.

The crowd boos loudly now at this.

They continue to jump on them with stomps and kicks knees elbows and punches then let up and back off and leave the ring and begin to go up the ramp backwards. As the BPA are at the top of the ramp awesome booty make it to their feet to cheers from the fans.

TAO gets the mic again


AJ: “Awesome Booty won the match but Bruno Gamble and the BPA got the last laugh, damn that BPA, Gamble feigns a sign of respect only to set up this damn gang ass kicking!”
Mark: “Yeah that’s just absolutely crap, but you heard TAO who will have the last laugh at the end of the night?”

Camera shoots to Xander who is backstage with Awesome Booty

Xander: "Congratulations Booty you have officially kicked Bruno Gamble out of WAC & put him on the unemployment line!! I gotta say… he didn’t look best pleased either!!"

BBBD: "Well the thing is Xander we don’t give a sh*t about gamble or anyone else for that matter!!"

TAO: "Yeah we just want our title match!! And tonight were officially challenging the winners of the Tag Team Unification match!!"

BBBD: "And then finally we will wear the WAC World Tag Team gold!!!"

Xander: "Guys, I’m sure the BPA will have something to say about that, especially now Gamble is gone!! & not forgetting that earlier tonight SwannStarr got the golden ticket for a tag team title match when and wherever they want it"

TAO: "Xander we don’t care about all that, all we want is the titles!!"

BBBD: "So they better not beat each other up too bad tonight or were gonna put them out too!! Let’s go TAO we need to meet the ladies in the showers!!"

Awesome Booty walk off leaving a rather jealous looking Xander Chapman

Xander: "Back to ringside!"

Street Fight – Shane Lynas V Eric Rooker

‘Dragonfly’ by Shaman’s Harvest hits

AJ: “Oh, you know what time it is!”
Mark: “Time for Eric Rooker to get his ass kicked”
AJ: “Hopefully so”

Lynas appears on stage, Eric Rooker comes from behind and nails Lynas with a chair.

AJ: “OH! Cheap!”
Mark: “I guess, being a street fight, it doesn’t matter!”

Rooker lays into Lynas again with the steel chair

AJ: “I don’t know if Shane is going to recover from this easily”

Rooker throws down the chair… and heads toward to the ring for weapons

Lynas struggles to his feet & charges Rooker knocking him into the apron

AJ: “oooh revenge!”
Mark: “Good!”

Lynas begins laying into Rooker, again and again with right hands, before pulling out an iron pipe from below the ring.

AJ: “What’s he gonna do with that…”
Mark: “Shove it where the sun don’t shine hopefully”

Lynas takes the pipe to Rookers legs again & again.

AJ: “Woah, vicious from our President”
Mark: “No kidding, just beating at him with that pipe”

Lynas now nails Rooker several times to the head with the pipe busting Rooker open.


Lynas picks up Rooker and rolls him into the ring & follows.

*Bell Rings*

Lynas covers





JD: “Here is your winner, Shane LYYYNASSS!

AJ: “Record timing for a match!”
Mark: “Rooker got busted up”
AJ: “Just a burst of fury and a 1,2,3”
Mark: “Oh wait a minute, what’s Shane doing?”

A member of the staff runs down to the ring with a T-Shirt and hands it to Shane Lynas & Lynas puts it on & heads towards the announce desk & sits in Eric Rooker’s chair

AJ: “Well, Shane Lynas has just put a T-shirt on and he’s joining us here at ringside for commentary!”
Lynas: “Hey guys, good to be here”
Mark: “You just released a lot of frustration on Eric Rooker… I don’t know how long he’ll be out after that”
Lynas: “Well, you know, it wasn’t my longest match, it certainly wasn’t my best wrestling match, but it was a fight, a quick fight…”
AJ: “Either way, ladies & gentlemen, Shane Lynas will be with us through to the end of the show calling the action”
Lynas: “OOOH YEAH, I cannot wait for the big tag match later on…”
AJ: “But first up, we’ve got Fergal Kiley versus Ace Hunter”
Lynas: “This rivalry ends tonight inside a steel cage”

Cage Rage Match - Fergal Kiley V Ace Hunter

JD: "The following match is a CAGE RAGE match scheduled for one fall, there is no time limit in this match!"

Ace Hunter heads to the ring, receiving a tremendous ovation

JD: "Introducing first, from Manhattan, New York, weighing 235 pounds, Ace Hunter!!!"

He stops at the cage and takes in the scene. He then walks in and the arena goes dark. "Sign of Evil" plays as a lone spotlight follows a robed Heather Gilchrist. She stops at the end of the ramp, kneels, and as she lifts her arms up, a wall of flames shoots up from the stage. A robed Fergal Kiley ascends from a beam of red light, wearing an executioner's hood. He slowly makes his way to the ring...

JD: "And his opponent accompanied to the ring by 'The Lost Soul' Heather Gilchrist, from Kildare, Ireland, weighing 287 pounds, Fergal Kiley!"

Kiley stops in front of the ring and removes his hood and robe. His eyes are fixated on Ace Hunter as he steps into the ring, and slams the door shut on the cage, in Undertaker fashion. The bell rings and Hunter and Kiley engage in a stare down

AJ: "For weeks this rivalry has been brooding between them. That rematch on Zero Option's fallout show only fuelled it."
Mark: "Certainly has, but tonight it all blows over. Who will have the last word?"
Lynas: “I got a lot of respect for both these guys… both are incredible athletes who’ll go far”

Kiley slaps Hunter, who retaliates by pushing Kiley into the corner and just starts hammering away on his face, to the delight of the crowd. He then follows up with a Monkey Flip

Mark: "Well, Hunter's not wasting any time."

~He goes over to Kiley and starts dropping elbows repeatedly. After a fifth, Hunter covers~


Two... AJ: “And a kickout by Kiley”

Hunter gets up and comes off the ropes with a springboard moonsault but Kiley gets the knees up and that is all he connects with. Kiley gets up and starts driving knees into Ace, repeatedly. He scoops up Ace and plants him with a powerslam, following up with a legdrop and a cover.



T... AJ: “Kickout by Hunter”

Kiley rolls over Hunter and locks in a grounded full nelson. The crowd starts getting behind Hunter as he slowly gets to his feet. Once both are on their feet, Hunter delivers a sitout jawbreaker and goes to the ropes, Kiley slowly gets back to his feet only to be met with a dropkick from Hunter that backs him into the ropes, and Kiley comes off with a high-angle falling clothesline, dropping Hunter. Kiley picks Hunter up onto his shoulder

AJ: "Looks like trouble for Ace here!!"

Kiley rams Hunter headfirst into the cage, opening up a gash on his forehead

Mark: "Geez! It was only a matter of time before the cage finally came into play."

Kiley now whips Hunter into the turnbuckle and heads to the ropes. Hunter stumbles out and Kiley comes from behind with a running bulldog. He then walks to the corner, where Heather is waiting~

Heather: "Bleed him out!"

Mark: "What the?! What'd she give him?!"

AJ: "I dunno, but it looks like it's about to get much worse for Hunter!"
Lynas: “Really? Underhanded tactics… in front of the WAC President… I can’t call it cheating because in this match it’s as legal as a headlock, but still…”

Kiley is wrapping something around his hand, as Ace gets to his feet. Kiley turns and lays him out with a right! He holds his fist up and he's GOT A CHAIN WRAPPED AROUND IT!!! Hunter is now bleeding profusely as Kiley gets on his back and begins choking him with the chain. Hunter starts to pull the chain off his throat, clears himself of it then let’s go sending Kiley onto his back, and the chain lands next to Hunter

Mark: "Yes! Do it, Hunter!"
Lynas: “Do I pay you to be impartial?”

The crowd roars in approval as Ace now grabs the chain and whips Kiley with it. Kiley gets up, only to be whipped again, slamming his head onto the cage this time. Ace takes this opportunity to now grind Kiley's skull into the cage, busting him open. Kiley falls to the mat, as Ace wraps the chain around his hand and starts punching at Kiley's gash with it, opening him up further

AJ: "I didn't think this was going to be for the faint at heart."
Mark: "Likewise, both wrestlers now sporting the "Crimson Mask" as the late, great Gordon Solie would say."
Lynas: “It’s brutal, I did tell you guys this feud would end here tonight, blood, sweat & tears going into this one, exactly what I expect from the guys in this company”

Kiley is down as Ace goes to the top rope, comes off with a moonsault, but Kiley gets up and COUNTERS WITH A POWERSLAM!!!! Both wrestlers are down. Kiley inches over and drapes an arm across Hunter



Thr... AJ: “Kickout by Ace!!!”

Lynas: “This kid’s tough!”

Kiley gets to his knees and begins punching the mat out of anger. He then turns his attention to the ref, stalking him. As he does; Hunter, out of nowhere rolls him up



~Thr... AJ: “Kickout by Fergal”

Lynas: “Back and forth…”

Now Kiley is visibly enraged. He gets up whips Hunter to the ropes, and as he comes off the ropes at a running Hunter, Kiley HITS A SPEAR

Mark: "Wow!!! That may have broken Ace in half!!!"

Kiley gets up and grabs Ace by the head. He ducks Ace, and HITS THE STAKE

AJ: "Oh my lord! That's gotta be all! Here's the cover..."




The crowd explodes in excitement

Mark: "OH MY GOD!!! Kiley can't believe it!!!"
AJ: "And neither can I!!!"
Lynas: “Woah… These guys…”

Kiley now goes to the turnbuckle and rips the pad off. He grabs Ace and drags his head across the cage, pulling him toward the exposed turnbuckle. He then grabs Ace's head with both hands and plows him face-first into it! Ace falls over and now Kiley climbs to the top rope, possibly looking for the diving headbutt...

...but Ace gets up quickly kicks the top rope causing Kiley to crotch himself on the exposed turnbuckle!!! The crowd groans in unison as Kiley noticeably cringes

Mark: "Ugh!!! I'm all the way over here and that hurts!"
AJ: "Ack! You said it! The men here just crossed their legs after seeing that!"
Lynas: “Mine just tucked itself inside!”

Kiley falls off the turnbuckle, holding himself. Hunter crawls over, rolls him onto his back and makes a cover



Thre... AJ: “Kiley kicks out!”

Lynas: "After that, what's going to keep him down?"

The crowd lights up in excitement

Mark: "This is a cage match! You don't have to pin the guy!!"
Lynas: “Thank you Captain Obvious”
Mark: “Just sayin’”

Hunter has climbed the top turnbuckle and looks to escape from the cage. As he gets a hold of the top Kiley has recovered and climbs up after Hunter, grabs hold of Hunter's waist and HITS A GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE TOP!!! He bridges...



Thre... AJ: “Hunter kicks out!”

Mark: “My God..”

Kiley once again gets a look of exasperation, and starts pounding the mat in frustration. Hunter slowly gets to his feet, and leans against a turnbuckle as Kiley comes toward him, Ace gets a burst of energy AND CONNECTS WITH A SCISSOR KICK

Mark: "That may have taken everything Hunter had left! This has got to be all!"

Hunter drapes an arm....



Thre... AJ: “NO! Kiley kicks out!!!”

Lynas: “These two have really raised the bar here tonight!”

Ace is clearly out of it. Kiley starts to regain his bearings after a few seconds. Heather quickly calls for his attention and he crawls over to her. She whispers something to him. He nods approvingly, gets up and slashes his thumb across his throat. He picks up Hunter and, with him on his shoulder ascends to the top turnbuckle~

Mark: "Oh god what is this..."
AJ: "I don't know, but this isn't going to end well..."

Kiley jumps from the top, lowers Ace's head for a piledriver and HITS THE ETERNAL DAMNATION

Mark: "I... can't describe what I've just seen."

Kiley kneels at Ace's head, and folds Ace's arms across his chest as the referee makes the count




The bell rings and Kiley falls back in relief, his face still wearing the Crimson Mask. The crowd stands and gives both wrestlers a standing ovation, and starts a chant of "That was awesome!"

JD: "Here is your winner, Fergal Kiley!"
AJ: "Standing ovation for both competitors here."
Mark: "Well deserved, too. Kiley just proved that he's the real deal, and Hunter reminded everyone that he can without a doubt hang with the big boys."
Lynas: “No doubt! I’ve just had a killer idea”

Shane Lynas grabs a microphone.

Lynas: “Fergal, hang on… Ace & you have just put on a stellar contest, you’ve raised the WAC bar freakin’ high. Totally top notch. And as a reward for being the victor of that fantastic contest… Fergal Kiley you are in line for a shot at the WAC World Heavyweight Championship at a time of my choosing”

AJ: “Woah! What an announcement”
Mark: “Wow, So…Fergal Kiley is basically the new number one contender to the World Championship”
Lynas: “Well, kind of, he will get a shot at the World Title as soon as I see fit. But that title shot is now promised to him”

Heather & Kiley celebrate, but is shortlived as Kiley’s pain takes over.

Kiley slowly makes his way to the back, being helped by Heather and the referee. The cage is lifted, the medical crew has surrounded Ace and is affixing a neck brace on him. They strap him to a backboard and put him on a stretcher. As Hunter is rolled to the back, he gives the crowd a thumbs-up and receives the loudest cheer of the match

AJ: "Lets get the back and Xander whos had a pretty busy night!!"

Camera shoots over to Xander Chapman in the locker room area

Xander: "Thanks AJ, at this time I am here with WAC owner Tony Bastion!! Tony we have the tag team title unification match up next. Any thoughts?"

Bastion: "Well Xander, if any member of either team refuses to wrestle then both teams will be stripped of their respective titles. Those are my thoughts!!"

Bastion walks off out of shot

Xander: "Well, you heard it!! Back to you AJ!"

WAC/BCW Tag Team Title Unification Match - Sterling & Riggs V Red Dog & K9

JD: "The following tag team match is the WAC/BCW unification match and it is set for one fall!!"

Mark "Well here we go AJ, Bastion has stated that because of both teams being a part of The BPA if they refuse to fight that both teams will be stripped of

their belts!!"
AJ: "Bastion had to make some kind of call with this match, the BPA have virtually taken over WAC!!"
Lynas: “We’ve got to protect our investments, and that’s a good call from Tony”

The fans boo as Sterling and Riggs approach the ring to the sound "Destroy Everything"

JD: "Introducing first, representing the BPA........the WAC World tag Team Champions, Sterling and Riiiiiiiigsssssssssss!!!"

They enter the ring to huge boos and stand facing the ramp, belts in hand awaiting their opponents

JD "And their opponents........"

Red Dog and K9 appear to even louder boos, "Destroy Everything" bellowing out across the arena

JD: "Representing the BPA, here are the BCW World Tag Team Champions...........K9 and Red Dooooggg!!"

They enter the ring and get more boos from the fans, they hold their belts and stare at Sterling & Riggs who stare back

Mark: "Wow!"
AJ: "I wonder who’s gonna throw the first punch!!"
Lynas: “It’ll be me if they don’t hurry up!”

*Bell rings*

The referee urges the teams to hand over the belts but they refuse. The referee then bellows at the teams but Axxel Riggs grabs the referee and chokeslams him to the outside

Mark: "Oh my God AJ that could’ve broken the referees back!!"

AJ "Well I guess we all know exactly what’s happening here!!"

All four men drop the belts on the mat, then leave the ring as "Destroy Everything" plays. Tremendous boos echo throughout the arena as they all walk up the ramp and disappear to the back

AJ: "Well WAC will have new tag team champions, just neither of those teams!! They effectively gave up their respective titles!!"
Mark "In my opinion AJ neither team deserved to hold those titles. If they are just willing to abandon them that is."
Lynas: “Well it’s clear to me already the two teams who will contend for those belts”
AJ: “Care to share?”
Lynas: “Nope”

WAC Continental/BCW International Title Unification Match - Chris Everlast V Matt Driver

Destroy Everything (Hatebreed) hits the speakers with Matt Driver walking out on the ramp to a loud chorus of boos by the crowd. He lifts the BCW International belt into the air before he walks down the ring, trashtalking the crowd

JD: "On the way to the ring, from Cleveland Ohio, weighing in at 230 lbs - He is the BCW International Champion... MAAATT DRIVER!"

The ring seems to be surrounded by steel ladders, Driver cautiously eyes them before he slides inside under the ropes. He hands the belt to the referee and gets into a corner, waiting for his opponent

Attitude (GNR) booms out over the crowd, which surprisingly cheers, as Chris Everlast emerges on top of the ramp with the WAC Championship strapped around his waist.

JD: "And his opponent from Miami Florida, weighing in at 226 lbs - He is the WAC Continental Champion... CHRRRIIS EVERLAST!"

Everlast grins at the crowd proudly, wearing a purple and gold ''WAC'' shirt instead of his usual E/E shirt. He walks down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans. He stops in mid-walk, going off to the side to take a 'WAC'-sign from a person in the frontrow, proudly displaying it and handing it back. He continues his trek to the ring, walking up the stairs and onto the apron, peering out at the crowd before he hits his signature pose to the crowd, before he unstraps his belt and gets inside

Mark: "Cheers for our Continental champion. Somehow?"

Everlast hands the belt to the referee as the music cools down. The referee hangs both belts up in a rope suspended from the roof, the rope getting lifted up at least 15-20 feet. Both men stare at each other, Everlast with a smug smirk and Driver expressionless. They circle eachother at first, before they lock up in a collar and elbow, both men struggling to get a better position

AJ: "Technical start to a ladder match, that's new!"
Lynas: “I gotta admit, I never start a ladder match that way”
Mark: “I don’t think I ever started any match that way”

Driver seems to get the upperhand, giving Everlast's wrist a firm twist, but Everlast rolls through it and delivers an armdrag, and a quick kick to the spine. Everlast rebounds off the ropes and tries for a low dropkick to Driver's knees, but Driver jumps over and returns the favour of the boot to the spine. Everlast climbs to his feet and Driver bounces off the ropes against him, but Everlast catches him with a crushing powerslam~

Mark: "And Everlast with a powerslam!"

Everlast grabs Driver's wrist and twists it, before he drops his knee against Driver's shoulder. He drags him up and irish whips him against the ropes, catching the rebounding Driver with a Picture Perfect Dropkick, sending Driver out. Everlast looks around and grins at the crowd, before he climbs up on the turnbuckle and hops off with a body splash

AJ: "Perfect launch!"
Lynas: “FLY!”

But he gets caught by Driver! Driver sends him backfirst into the apron. He lifts Everlast up by the hair and sends him crashing into one of the ladders. Driver pulls Everlast up again, scooping him over his shoulder and looks to send him into another ladder, but Everlast hops off and pushes Driver to faceplant himself into the steel

AJ: "And Everlast taking the smart way out of it!"

Everlast gets right behind him, locking his arms around Driver's stomach and launches him overhead with a german suplex, sending him crashing into the earlier knocked down ladder. Everlast picks a ladder up and slides it into the ring, following after, but gets pulled out by Driver who assaults Everlast with punches to the face. Driver trashtalks the crowd, but this seems to be his first mistake as Everlast sneaks up behind and delivers a hard lowblow to the crowd's cheers

AJ: "Not that smart is the... morally right way!"
Mark: *chuckle* "Not that the BPA bastards doesn't deserve it!"
Lynas: “Woah language Maggie, this is a family show”

Everlast slams Driver into the barricade and picks another ladder up, putting one end on the apron and the other one on the security barricade. Everlast grins at the crowd, shouting ''YOU'RE VISITING MY WORLD!'' before he hoists Driver up into a reverse fireman's carry, but Driver weasels out of it and gives Everlast a kick to the shins, slamming his head into the apron

Mark: "I was really looking forward to see Driver visiting Everlast's world."
AJ: "All the fans were too!"

Driver rolls into the ring and picks up the ladder thrown in earlier by Everlast. He places it in the center and climbs up, but Everlast seems to have recuperated and has climbed up on the turnbuckle, launching off with a missile dropkick and tipping the ladder over, sending Driver onto the floor. Everlast quickly climbs up and grapples Driver, lifting him and slamming him down with a suplex onto the ladder kicked down earlier, the crowd loving the sounds of Driver's agony

Mark: "That's the way!"
Lynas: “Uh-huh-Uh-Huh WE LIKE IT!”

Everlast sends Driver out and picks up the ladder, setting it in the center, but gets cut off as he's about to start climbing by Driver, who's delivering hard shots to Everlast's back. He picks Everlast up, scooping him over his shoulder before ramming him straight down into the floor. Driver throws Everlast out and follows after, giving Everlast a kick to the gut, before he hoists another ladder into the ring. He follows the ladder inside and wedges it between the mid and top turnbuckle, before rolling out again

AJ: "And Driver's got something going on!"

Driver picks Everlast up again and throws him into the ring, following before he whips him into the wedged ladder. He puts Everlast's head between his legs, and hoists him up for a powerbomb onto the ladder but Everlast shifts his weight forward and plants Driver on the ground, delivering stiff punches to Driver's unprotected face. Everlast gets to his feet and runs against the ropes, rebounding and delivering a standing elbow drop. Everlast grins at the crowd, before he picks Driver up again, locking his arms around his back and sending him overhead into the wedged ladder with a belly-to belly suplex, crushing the ladder and perhaps Driver in the process

Mark: "Guy! Did you see that?! How the steel bent around Driver as he was suplexed into the steel?!"
Lynas: “I’m not jealous of Driver right now, that shit had to hurt”
Mark: “Hey Shane, language, family show”
Lynas: “Who’s the boss here, call the action”


Everlast grins at the crowd, before he climbs up to the top of the ladder. He looks around at the crowd, before smirking devilishly. He looks down at Driver has crawled closer to the center. Everlast hops off the ladder and kicks the ladder in midair against Driver's direction, letting him get crushed under the steel

AJ: "Innovative offense!"

Crowd: "Everlasting Envy!" *clapclap clap clapclap* "Everlasting Envy!" *clapclap clap clapclap*

Everlast landed on his back on the floor. He crawls back to sit in the corner to get his cool back. He pulls himself up by the ropes, and grins at the crowd. Driver seems to have gotten to his knees and Everlast notices, he walks up to the kneeling Driver and gives him a hard condescending slap across the cheek, shouting "HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?"

Mark: "What attitude!"
Lynas: “Sometimes attitude rocks…”

Everlast shrugs innocently at the crowd before he puts the ladder up again, climbing up and having his hands on the title belts, but Driver gets up! They have a heated exchange of blows, but Everlast rakes Driver's eyes before slowly hoisting him up over his shoulders in a reverse fireman's carry! He jumps off onto the ladder stacked between the ring and the barricade, hitting My World, the whole thing bending around the life less bodies of Everlast and Driver

AJ: "Oh my god! Both men must be dead!"
Mark: "What a gamble Everlast made!"

Crowd: "This is awesome! Holy Sh-t! This is awesome! Holy Sh-t!"

Both men lay lifeless on the ground, the ladder having broken off completely at the point of impact. After some time both men start moving, crawling seperate ways to get up. They slowly turn around and face eachother, but Driver is quicker and mows Everlast down with a spinebuster to the concrete floor! Driver looks around before slowly climbing up to the turnbuckle. He shoots off, hitting a shooting star press to the dismay of the crowd

Mark: "Oh no!"

Driver gets up and climbs in the ring, setting it up in the center and slowly moving upwards for the win

AJ: "Mark, look at the ramp!"

Out of nowhere, Tokyo Drift and Terasa Black show up, pulling Driver down from the ladder. Nitro Dude picks Driver up into a gorilla press and slams him down into a spinebuster, signaling for Nitro Boy who's up on the turnbuckle. Nitro Boy launches off into the Level 5, shooting star press

Mark: "Yes, come on, Everlast, wake up! Your friends are here!"

Nitro Dude and Nitro Boy grab both arms of Driver and holds him onto his knees, Terasa and Everlast getting into the ring, Everlast favoring his back. Everlast looks at the caught Driver before he runs against the ropes, bounces off, and delivers a hard, solid big boot to Matt's face, laying him out completely. Tokyo Drift helps Everlast up the ladder, and Everlast rips both belts down as his music hits. Everlast gets seated at the top of the ladder, reaching both belts into the air, recieving a now lukewarm reaction from the crowd

JD: "Here is your winner, the new BCW International Champion and still the WAC Continental champion.. CHRRRRRIIIS EVERLAAAAST!"

AJ: "And the WAC won, people! Not in the most honest way...."
Mark: "We still won, stop whining, AJ!"
Lynas: “Not tactics I approve of, but it is another win”

Everlast climbs down to his folks, they seem to go into a passionate group hug in the center of the ring before they get out, Everlast supporting himself on Nitro Dude, each title draped over his shoulder before they dissappear to the back

Mark "Let’s have a look at some of the highlights of Meltdown so far......."

Big screen shows some of the nights highlights so far for a few moments
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Re: WAC PPV 1 'Meltdown'

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Jmack V Tommy Hawk

JD: “The next match....is a hardcore grudge match”

Fans stands and cheer

We All Die One Day by G-Unit and Eminem comes on over the speakers

JD: “And introducting first, standing 6'1 and weighing in at 229lbs, he hails from Perth Austrailia. He is JMaaacccck!” The fans boo

JMack comes out wearing black fatigues, a bullet proof vest and a ski mask. JMack stands at the entrance and looks out over the crowd with a conceited smirk. The fans boo him again

Mark: “T-Hawk is gonna smack that smile right off his face”
AJ: “Come on now, Mark. This is no time to be biased”
Lynas: “In this situation AJ, with BCW crawling all over the place, we’ve every right to be biased”
Mark: “Anyways… Biased!? He tried to put his hands on Locahontas. Where I'm from, men don't put their hands on a lady without her permission”
Lynas: “I always get permission”
AJ - What a minute....what is that around JMacks neck???

Just then JMack flashes a stun gun that's tied around his neck

Mark: “That's freaking stun gun”!
Lynas: “What the f-“

JMack enters the ring through the top and second rope and stands in the corner furtherest from the entrance and leans against the turnbuckles.

Trail of Tears by ABK comes on over the speakers

JD: “Introducing his opponent for the evening. Standing 6'0 and weigining in at 239lbs, he hails from the Warm Springz Indian Rezervation, he is "The

Warrior" Tommy Haaawwwwk!”

The crowd stands and cheers

T-Hawk skips his usual intro and runs straight for the ring, as Loachontas follows. T-Hawk slides under the bottom rope and into the ring. He springs to his feet and begins trading blows with JMack. The ref imediately calls for the bell, as both men brawl inside the ring.

AJ: “We knew this one was gonna come down to a straight fist fight, these men hate each other with a passion”
Mark: “You got that right, AJ. T-Hawk wasted little time getting this match started”

JMack gets the upper hand with a knee to the gut of T-Hawk. T-Hawk drops to one knee as JMack reaches into his right boot and pulls out a rail road spike. He jabs T-Hawk in the forehead, opening up his stitches again.

Mark: “Those stitches are never going to heal as long as JMack is around”
AJ: “You got that right, Mark. Anytime these two men are in the same place at the same time, blood is going to get spilled”
Lynas: “You say that like it's a bad thing, AJ”

JMack slides the spike back into his boot and begans to hit him with right hands. JMack then backs up a few feet and then hits him in the face with a dropkick, blood flies across the ring. JMack slides out of the ring and digs under it, after a few moments he comes back up with a table wrapped in barbwire.the crowd claps their approval

JMack sets the table and gets up on the ring apron. T-Hawk sees him coming hits him with a running dropkick, knocking him off the apron and to the concrete floor, the stun gun falls to the apron. T-Hawk picks it up and runs at the opposite ropes and bounces and dives through the ropes and hits JMack in the neck with the stun gun. The crowd chants "Holy Sh*t Holy Sh*t Holy Sh*t"

Mark: “Oh my God! Talk about a comeback. T-Hawk caught him by surprise with that move!”
AJ: “That was unbelievable. I said it before and I'll say it again, T-Hawk is a warrior....”
Lynas: “Why do you think we hired the guy?

T-Hawk digs under the ring for a moment and then comes up with a kendo stick. He picks JMack up and rolls him onto the table covered in barbwire, then smacks him in the face with the kendo stick with a loud smack. T-Hawk climbs the apron and springboards off the second rope and hits a picture perfect moonsault onto JMack and crashes through the table.

AJ: “Good God that was amazing!”
Mark “You got that right, AJ”
Lynas: “It was ok, at best”
AJ: “WHAT!?”
Lynas: “Think of the action we’ve already seen tonight… that was okay at best compared”

T-Hawk pulls himself up using the ring apron and attempts to roll in the ring but JMack stops him with a shot from the stun gun. T-Hawk hits the ground and twitches a few times. JMack picks him up and rolls him inside the ring. JMack digs under the ring again and pulls out a chair covered in light tubes. JMack slides it in the ring and digs under the ring once more. After a few moments he comes back up with another table covered in barbwire. He slides the table in the ring and follows in. JMack climbs in the ring and sets up the table in the center of the ring, he then grabs the chair and wedges it in the corner. JMack pulls T-Hawk to his feet and shoots him into the wedged chair back first. T-Hawk collaspes to the mat from the pain, shards of glass are stuck in his back.

Lynas: “This is why I like this guy. He shows no mercy and will stop at nothing to get the job done”
AJ: “I don’t like to, but I've gotta agree with you on this one, Shane. JMack is relentless with his attack on T-Hawk”
Mark: “But I can guarantee you that this is not the end for T-Hawk. Give it some time, he'll get his second wind”

JMack drags T-Hawk away from the ropes and locks in the Koji Clutch on him. The ref asks T-Hawk if he wants to give up. T-Hawk spits blood in his face.

Mark: “I guess that means he's not giving up”
AJ: “To say the least”
Lynas: “Cause Tommy Hawk don't know how to give up”

JMack continues to hold T-Hawk in the Koji Clutch, but after a few minutes of T-Hawk not giving up, he releases the hold. JMack pulls T-Hawk to his feet and lays him on top of the table, he then reaches into his boot and pulls out the rail road spike and jabs T-Hawk in the forehead again. JMack climbs the top rope and leaps off and nails T-Hawk with the Spiral Tap through the table. JMack makes the cover.



THR- Lynas: “Hawk gets a shoulder up”

AJ: “That was a close one”
Mark: “Indeed it was”

JMack slams his fist on the mat in frustration then gets up and grabs the ref by his collar and shouts in his face, "What the hells wrong with you!? That was three!" The ref talks him down and a sures him the it was two and a half. But it only makes him more angry and JMack picks up the stun gun and shoots the ref in the chest with it. The ref hits the ground and shakes as JMack kicks him out of the ring.

The crowd boos

Just as JMack turns around T-Hawk tosses the chair at him and catches it, T-Hawk hits lands a spin kick to the chair and it smashes into the face of JMack, sending him to the mat.

The crowd erupts to their feet

Mark: “Yes, yes! BPA, if you’re watching backstage… This is the WAC! This is where the best in the world come to show case their skills”
AJ: “Amen brother. The WAC is the number one professional wrestling oragnization in the world. We're second to none. And thanks to guys like Tommy Hawk and

Vade Kruger and the rest of the boys in the back, we will remain on top”
Lynas: “Did somebody write you a cheque to say such nice things?”

T-Hawk drops the chair over the chest of the fallen JMack and runs at the opposite ropes and bounces off and lands a rolling thunder on JMack. Both men slowly get to their feet and began trading blows again. Throwing hard right hands back and forth. JMack pokes T-Hawk in the eye and goes for the rail road spike again, but T-Hawk sees it coming and shoots him in the face with the War Cry.

The crowd shouts in excitement, "Yeeeaaaah"

JMack begans throwing rights and lefts, wildly in attempt to keep T-Hawk away. JMack throws a right hand at T-Hawk but he catches it and whips him into the corner, JMack reverses it and sends T-Hawk to the corner. T-Hawk runs up the turnbuckle and leaps off with the whisper in the wind and connects it on JMack.

Both men collide and hit the mat.

Mark: “This is it, the end is near!”
AJ: “It's been a long road for these two men and this feud might be coming to an end very soon”
Lynas: “mmmmhmmm”

After a few moments of neither man moving, a ref comes running down from the back and slides into the ring. The ref gets to his feet and starts the ten count.







AJ: “It's not gonna end like this is it??”


Mark: “I sure as hell hope not”


Lynas: “Come to think of it, when was the last time two guys got counted down in a match?”


Just when the ref is about to make the ten count, both men kip up and square off.

The crowd is standing and seem to be split down the middle. "Let's Go T-Hawk" *clap clap clap* Let's Go JMack" *clap clap clap* "Let's Go T-Hawk" *clap clap

clap* "Let's Go JMack" *clap clap clap*~

Mark: “This is an intense standoff, you can feel the emotion electrifying through the crowd”
AJ: “I've got goose bumps, Mark. Both men have come a very long way and won't stop until the other man taps or is pinned”

Both men walks towards eachother in fight stance, they both pause for a second and extend their right hands and bump knuckles.

~the crowd claps and cheers~

AJ: “Now there’s something you don't see everyday”
Mark: “They hate each other but the respect is still there”
Lynas: “Oh now this is bullsh*t! C’mon Tommy, Jmack wants to see you and your family on the welfare line, don’t go bumping knuckles…”
AJ: “SHANE! Language, You’re gonna get us kicked off national television talking like that.
Lynas – “So the hell what!?”

Both men tie up and JMack grabs T-Hawk in a side headlock, T-Hawk shoves him off into the ropes. JMack bounces back and hits T-Hawk with a shoulder block. JMack leaps over T-Hawk and hits the ropes again, bounces off and drops an elbow. T-Hawk rolls out of the way. As JMack gets to his feet T-Hawk trips him, dropping him to the mat. T-Hawk attempts a flipping senton, but JMack rolls out of the way and attempts a legdrop, but T-Hawk rolls out of the way. Both men hurry to their feet and face off again.

The crowd claps and cheers their approval, "This Is Awesome" *clap clap clap* "This Is Awesome" *clap clap clap*

AJ: “Sportsmanship fellas. It's moments like this that makes me remember why I love this business”
Mark: “Couldn't have said it better myself, AJ”
Lynas: “This don't impress me, Tommy better pull this one out of the bag… this is not the night for a show of unity of respect”

JMack charges T-Hawk with Muay Tai style kicks and knees, sending him to the corner. In the corner JMack continues his assualt with a vicious knee to his head. JMack drops down and rolls out of the ring and pulls another table out from under the ring and slides it in the ring. JMack follows in the sets the table up in the center of the ring and pulls out the stun gun. JMack runs at T-Hawk with the stun gun, but T-Hawk sees it coming and stops him dead in his track with the Wounded Knee, which sends JMack flying against the table. T-Hawk rolls him onto it and picks up the stun gun and blasts JMack in the face with it. T-Hawk leaps to the top rope and cuts his thumb across his throat. T-Hawk leaps off the top rope and hits JMack with Scalp'd Em' through the table.

~the crowd shouts in excitement, "Yeah!"~

Mark: “Oh my God! Scalp'd Em, T-Hawk Scalp'd Em!”
AJ: “All he's gotta do is make the cover, make the cover damn it!”
Lynas: “Killer instinct Tommy”

T-Hawk throws a arm over JMack, the ref slides in and makes the count.




*Ding Ding Ding*

Trail of Tears by ABK comes on over the speakers

JD: “Ladies and gentlemen.... your winner, Tommy Haaawwwwwk!!!!”

Locahontas climbs in the ring and helps T-Hawk to his feet and raises his arm for the crowd to see. Azande and Jay Pontiac enter the ring and celebrate with their fellow War Party members.

AJ: “This match did not disappoint one bit. They said they was gonna beat the hell out of each other and they did just that”
Mark: “I'm glad it's over, AJ. This was a long and ugly feud, neither man should feel like they lost in this match. There’s no shame in a match this incredible.”

The War Party continue to celebrate as JMack gets to his feet and walks towards them. Azande and Jay Pontiac stand in front of T-Hawk and push JMack away.

But T-Hawk steps between them and stands face to face with JMack. Both men exchange words back and forth that the camera or the crowd can't quite make out.

After a moment both men shake hands and hug one another.

The crowd stands and cheers for both men

JMack grabs T-Hawks wrist and raises his hand in the air for the crowd to see.

AJ: “I think it's safe to say that this feud ended on a good note”
Mark: “That's a good thing, AJ. These men go way back and are old friends. They shouldn't be fighting like this”
Lynas: “I sure as hell don’t get it… What kinda enemys hug after such a brutal match?”
Mark: “The kind that grew up as brothers. And from the looks of it, they still are brothers”

The War Party and JMack exit the ring together and disappear through the curtains and into the back.

WAC/BCW World Title Unification Match - Ryan Ignatius V 'The Scorpion' Vade Kruger

AJ: "Here we go Mark, it’s time for the big one!!"
Mark: "I sincerely hope Kruger gives this Ryan Ignatius a wrestling lesson he never forgets!!!"
AJ: "So does each and every member of the WAC Galaxy!!"
Lynas: “WAC Galaxy? Really?... Really? That’s what you guys out here call it? Sheesh…”

JD: "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the WAC/BCW World Heavyweight Championship Unification match!!"

Fans cheer, then "Slither" begins to play and they erupt as Kruger appears

JD: "Introducing first, from Warrington, England weighing in at 258lbs, the WAC World Heavyweight Champion........"The Scorpion" Vaaaaaaaaade


Mark: "Here he is, and look at the shape he is in!!
AJ: "Dont forget though, Ignatius has a win over Kruger under his belt!!"
Lynas: “Mmm…”

Kruger reaches the ring after the usual pyro and smoke, he gets in the ring and raises both arms out to the side and yells to the crowd. They respond with huge cheers as he lifts the World Title above his head

AJ: "That title is the heart and soul of WAC. Surely Vade will win tonight and become the BCW Champion once again?!"
Mark: "Anything else would be-WHAT THE HELL?!?!"

Ryan Ignatius has come through the crowd and attacked Vade from behind, hammering away at the back of his head. He applies 'The Foreone Conclusion' before the bell, the referee tries to get Ignatius off

AJ: "Didn’t you just know it?? Ryan knows he can’t beat Vade without cheating!!”
Mark: "Ref get him off!! The match hasn’t started yet!!"
Lynas: “Dirty tactics from Rooker’s boys, what else would you expect? As ‘Top Dog’, Vade should have seen that coming”

Ryan finally lets go of Kruger who drops face down to the mat. Ryan gets a huge boo from the crowd as he jumps up and smirks. Kruger tries to get up but Ryan sees and kicks him down again. The referee checks on Vade who signals that he can start the match

*Bell rings*

Ryan stalks Vade as he gets up, and then drops him with a neckbreaker and an elbow drop. Cover by Ryan




Vade rolls a shoulder, Ryan snatches Vade’ head and applies a rear naked choke

Mark: "Kruger is in serious trouble here!!"

Kruger struggles to get out of the hold, Ryan applies more pressure but Kruger powers out of the choke and throws Ryan over the top, but Ignatius holds onto the top rope and slingshots back with a crossbody onto Vade who rolls through for the cover



Lynas: “OH! Kick out from Ryan”

Vade falls back and Ryan gets up, then delivers a huge kick to the head of Vade. Ignatius stands up and lets onto the fans who boo. Kruger immediately stands up and turns to Ryan, shaking off the effects of the kick~

Mark: "Oh crap Ryan you’re in trouble now!!"
Lynas: “C’mon Vade, get your head in the game”

Vade grabs Ryan in a full nelson, then lifts him up and slams him down to the mat. Kruger then lifts him up again, high up in a gorilla press, then drops him

down into a powerslam

AJ: "The Heartstop!!! Awesome!!"

The fans go crazy as Vade waits in the corner for Ignatius to get up. As Ryan gets to his feet Kruger charges across the ring and nails Ryan with the Spear

Lynas: “GORE!!! GORE!!! GORE!!!...Oh right, wrong guy”
Mark: “Are you always this comical”
Lynas: “…always”

Vade covers Ryan




AJ: “ And Ryan rolls a shoulder out”
Mark: "Nearly!! Come on Vade!!"

Kruger grabs Ryan by the head and lifts him up high, then drops him down in the Krugenator but Ryan bounces out of the ring. Vade follows him out and tries to lift his carcass into the ring. The referee begins counting as Vade wrestles with Ignatius, scrambling to get him back in the ring. Vade finally gets Ryan back in the ring at the count of eight, he goes for the cover




AJ: “Again Ryan rolls a shoulder just before the three count”
Mark: "I dont believe it!! he kicked out!!"
AJ: "He had sufficient time to kick out because he was outside for a short while”
Lynas: “Vade should have capitalised… what the hell is wrong with this guy tonight, small errors cannot be afforded with what’s at stake… c’mon Kruger!”

Vade stand up and looks to the fans, he signals for one more and picks up Ignatius. He lifts up Ryan but is rolled up by Ignatius



Mark: “Kick out from Kruger”
AJ: "Another near fall!!"

Ryan pokes vade in the eye

Mark: "Oooh thatll slow the champ down!!"
Lynas: “It’s hardly a kick in the shin is it… it reduces the eyesight not the speed… sheesh, who employed you as an announcer”
Mark: “Errrrm… You”
Lynas: “Regrettably”
AJ "Either way, dirty tactics Ignatius!!"

Vade goes back into the corner holding his face, Ryan charges in but Kruger moves, as Ryan hits the corner Vade shakes his head just before dropping Ignatius with 'The Sting'

AJ: "Oh he nailed that one!!"
Mark: "It’s over!!"

Vade shakes his head again after looking out at the fans. He then climbs to the top turnbuckle

Mark: "Vade is going up top!!"
AJ: "Not a place Kruger uses a lot these days!!"
Lynas: “This isn’t his usual offense, like I said, his head isn’t in the game, he needs to ground Ignatius and keep him there”

~Vade dives off the top but Ignatius gets the foot up in the groin area of Kruger who collapses in a heap in the ring~

AJ: "That’s a DQ surely?!"
Mark: "I don’t think Ignatius meant it AJ, hard to believe I know"
Lynas: “Either way, another error from Kruger…”

Both men struggle to get up, Ryan manages to beat Vade and nails him with a flying elbow. Ignatius drags Kruger to the middle of the ring and goes to hook on the 'Foregone Conclusion' again but Vade blocks

AJ: "If he hits that move now then Vade has no chance!!"
Mark: "Come on Kruger get up dammit!!"

Vade rolls out of Ignatius' clutches, but Ryan dropkicks Vade right in the mouth. Ignatius covers




Lynas: “Kick out again from Kruger”

Suddenly the BPA come out to the ring led by NNTK. Ignatius looks at them and nods, but as he turns around Kruger nails him with a spear, then jumps up and screams right before leaping over the top onto the BPA

AJ: "WHOA!!!! Kruger took them all out!!"
Mark: "He’s gotta take advantage right now!!"

Vade gets back in the ring and lifts Ryan back up, high in the air and then drops him down in The Krugenator

Mark: "He hit it again!!"

Vade covers Ryan




*Bell rings*

Lynas: “YESS! OUTSTMARTED! NNTK you failed again”

The fans erupt as the bell rings, "Slither" bellows out and the referee hands Vade both WAC and BCW Heavyweight title belts

JD: "Here is your winner, still the WAC World Heavyweight Champion....and neeeeeeeew BCW World Heavyweight Champion......"The Scorpion" Vaaaaaaaaade Kruuuuuuuuuuugeeeeerrrrrrrr!!"

AJ: "Well he did it mark!!"
Mark: "Yeah, not the best match!! Unfortunately I think both men were holding their best out for the main event!! That’s where all the marbles are because if

BCW win they get part control of this company and God knows what will happen then!!"
AJ: "For now Mark, I reckon the WAC Galaxy are quite happy right now!!"
Lynas: “Seriously... ‘Galaxy’… again? But seriously, Kruger has got to eliminate his little errors if he’s to steer WAC to victory”

Vade leaves the ring after holding both belts up high for all to see, then he walks by the BPA who all stare at Kruger as he smiles, walking up the ramp

Camera shoots to the back, Xander is waiting for Vade

Xander: "Vade!! You did it!!"

Vade: "Sure did Xander, now I’d be careful there’s a group of very angry men following me."

Xander: "Yeah thanks man and congratulations!!"

Camera shoots back over to ringside

Shane Lynas gets up from the announcer’s desk and heads backstage, in the meantime fans are treated to a montage of the BPA/WAC.

Backstage we see the BPA locker room, Eric Rooker, is sat, still look worse for wear.

Eric Rooker: “What Shane did to me is unacceptable, what the WAC wants to do to you, is unacceptable. Tonight is your night to prove though we may be the smaller company, we have the higher power. We’re better than this lot & you full well know it. I don’t want to see any remorse, I don’t want to see any you even hesitate to take any member of the WAC out tonight. This is our chance, to make our names, our chance to earn our stripes & prove our worth. Nobody is to cock this up. Do you understand…”


Rooker: “Now, get out there and destroy them”

The BPA’s chosen 5 leave the room as the locker room chants them on

We switch now to the WAC locker room, Shane Lynas is leaned against a table.

Shane Lynas: “Tonight, 5 of you hold the destiny & future of this company in your hands, 5 of you have been chosen to represent this company against its biggest ever threat. I stand before you a man whose life is in this company, I stand before a bunch of guys whose own lives are in this company, every man here has a family & has a love for this business. Many of you have stepped up tonight and performed the necessary asked of you. Several of you fell short, but there’s honour in walking out there and getting your ass kicked, hell at least you tried, there’s no honour in backing down or showing weakness, because they will not show any to you. This, is the moment, THIS is your moment. Now many of us have never seen eye to eye, but we’ve united where it matters… and tonight that’s what we need, unbreakable unity. Now… Get out there & make this company & it’s fans proud.

4 of WAC’s chosen 5 leave the room as the locker room chants them on


Ten Man Elimination Tag Team Match

Team WAC V Team BPA

JD: "Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is your WAC Meltdown main event of the evening!!! Its is a special Ten Man Elimination match!!"

"Destroy Everything" bellows out of the speakers across the crowd who boo loudly~

JD: "Introducing first, representing the BPA, here are the WAC Dynamics Champion N...N...T...K, Ryan Ignatius, Matt Driver, and the Undisputed WAC Tag Team Champions..........Sterling aaaaaaaannnnnnndd Riiiiiiggssss!!!"

AJ: "What a force, Team WAC are gonna really have their hands full with this lot tonight!!"
Mark: "True AJ but we all have to get behind them or were all done for!!!"

The BPA enter the ring and taunt the fans, then 'Destroy Everything' stops playing. The crowd are relentlessly booing the BPA as they stand in the ring awaiting their opponents

JD: "And their opponents............"

"Slither" begins to play and the fans erupt~

Mark: "Here they come AJ!!"

The 4 members of Team WAC minus Johnny Bishop appear at the same time at the top of the ramp being led by Shane Lynas, the fans cheering~

JD: ".......representing WAC, being led by WAC President Shane Lynas............here is the team of Awesome Booty, WAC Continational Champion Chris Everlast, Johnny Bishop and the WAC Undisputed World Heavyweight Champioooonnn........'The Scorpion' Vaaaaaaaaaaade Kruuuuuuuuuugeeeerrrrrrrrrrr!!!"

AJ: "I wonder where Johnny Bishop is?!?!"
Mark: "Surely he hasnt had second thoughts"
AJ: "Man I hope not Mark!!"

Team WAC walk down the ramp and to the ring, the BPA dont move as WAC enter. Kruger signals for a microphone, the music cuts

Vade: "As you can see, we’re a man short. I felt it appropriate we introduce our partner seperately"
AJ: "What? So could the rumours be true… it’s Bishop then?"
Mark: "Shut up AJ and listen to the man!!"

Vade "Ladies and Gentlemen it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you our tag team partner, making his return to WAC............Johnny


Vade drops the mic

The fans wait with anticipation

Suddenly "It’s Not War" by Manic Street Preachers plays, the fans cheer and after a few short moments, Johnny Bishop appears to a huge ovation from the crowd. He is now sporting long dark hair, stubble and new black trunk shorts with black and white boots. He waves at the crowd and then makes his way to the ring, stopping at the bottom of the ramp as pyro goes off. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and the BPA attack Team WAC. Fists are flying, kicks, chops and headbutts. Vade and Ignatius are going at it tooth and nail, BBBD and Riggs, TAO and Sterling, Everlast and Driver and Bishop and NNTK are brawling. The bell finally rings, but the referee has lost control already

Lynas walks round and re-joins the announcing table

Mark: “Welcome back Shane”
Lynas: “Thank you”
AJ: "We expected this, I’m sure if Rooker was here then he would be bigging up the BPA!!"
Mark: "Yeah but unfortunately for him he’s on his way to the hospital haha!!"
AJ: “Well we just watched his emotional speech to the BPA… he looked in bad shape”
Lynas: “Well, he shouldn’t have been such an ass”

After a few more moments of brawling the referee manages to get order, ushering both teams back to their corners

AJ: "I really do not envy the referee in this one!!"
Mark: "Oh me neither AJ! He is one brave dude!!"

TAO and Ignatius begin, they square up to each other, NNTK comes in from behind and attacks TAO, knocking him to the ground. The ref shouts at NNTK to get him out, when his back is turned, Sterling and Riggs come in and hit TAO with the double chokeslam. Ignatius covers TAO

AJ: "No!!"

Referee counts




*Bell rings*

JD: "TAO has been eliminated!!!"
Mark: "Thats total bullcrap AJ!!"
AJ: "It is, but the referee didnt see it and theres nothing we can do about it, Team WAC still have a chance!!"
Lynas: “A man down? Already!? What the hell did I just say to these guys…”
AJ: “It’s not totally his fault!”

Ignatius taunts Everlast to get in the ring, Chris puts one leg in the ring but then changes his mind. Johnny Bishop enters to a tremendous cheer from the crowd

AJ: "Look at the size and shape of Bishop!!"
Mark: "You’re right, looks like he’s been doing some tremendous training!!"
Lynas: “He’s been out a long time, he does look good though”

Bishop and Ignatius lock up, Ignatius with a headlock, then into a wristlock. Bishop reverses but gets a knee to the gut from Ryan. Ignatius whips Bishop to the ropes and drops down, Bishop over the top and off the other side.........Bishop ducks under a clothesline and hits Ryan with a cross body



Lynas: “Ooooh Kick out from Ignatius”

Bishop grabs him in a headlock and drags him to the ground, the crowd dheer again for Bishop

AJ: "Wow, looks like he’s never been away from the ring!!"

Ignatius manages to get to his feet, Bishop still has the headlock applied. Ryan pulls Johnny by the hair back into his corner, the BPA attack Bishop, clubbing him in the corner. Bishop falls in the corner, Team WAC run across the ring but the ref stops them. NNTK is pulling back on Bishops head while Sterling and Rigss are stomping him. Ignatius and Driver both have an ankle lock on Bishop, the crowd are booing loudly

Mark: "Referee!! Get them the hell off Bishop!!"

The BPA all let go and stop attacking Bishop, Ignatius grabs him and drags him to the middle of the ring then covers him




Lynas: “Phew, Kick out from Bishop”

Bishop rolls onto his stomach

Mark: "Oh what great ring awareness there from Johnny Bishop!!"
Lynas: “He looks as fresh as ever, just how we need him, I knew this was a good choice”

Ignatius tags in Riggs, then stomps Bishop on his way out. Riggs slaps Bishop across the face, then stomps him on the head. Bishop rolls over again, he manages to grab the middle rope. As Riggs approaches him, he kicks Riggs in the gut then chops him across the chest. Riggs goes for a double axehandle but Bishop moves and nails him with a kick in the ribs. Riggs staggers back a little but comes back to Bishop, grabbing him by the head and lifting him up, then throws him back to BPA corner. Sterling grabs Bishop around the throat from the outside, while Riggs kicks away at Bishops mid-section. Riggs tags in Matt Driver who jumps over the top into the ring and hits Bishop with a clothesline. Driver with a cover




Mark: “Kick out again by Bishop”

AJ: "Another near fall there, Bishop needs to make the tag and quickly!!"
Lynas: “He’s looked good, but a rest is needed”

Driver tags in NNTK who comes in and sets up the 'Endless Rage' but Bishop rolls him up



AJ: “OH, A kick out from NNTK”

NNTK jumps up and stomps away angrily on Bishop. He lifts Johnny up and slams him down, then comes off the ropes and hits an elbow. NNTK tags in Sterling who immediately grabs Bishop and Powerbombs him to the mat. Cover by Sterling~




AJ: “Another kick out from Bishop”
Mark: "Oh man this guy just will not stay down!!"
Lynas: “GOOD!”

Sterling picks up Bishop again and applies a huge bearhug. Vade Kruger rushes in the ring and nails Sterling with a forearm to the back of the head, Sterling lets go, the crowd cheers and Kruger leaves the ring

Mark: "Thats more like it!! The captain of Team WAC takes matters into his own hands!!"

Bishop crawls towards his corner, Sterling manages to tag in Matt Driver who rushes over and cuts off Bishop before he can tag. Driver picks up Bishop and

whips him to the corner, then charges in and monkey flips Bishop

Mark: "Oh what great execution there from Driver!!"

Driver goes over and lifts up Bishop again, whips him to the opposite corner and rushes in for another monkey flip but Bishop blocks it, the crowd cheers

AJ: "Come on Johnny!! You can do it!!"

Bishop lifts Driver out of the corner and runs acros the ring, then dumps Driver flat on his back with a huge Spinebuster

Mark: "Oooh yeah Johnny Bishop!!! Now you gotta get up and make the tag!!"
Lynas: “You’re damn right he does!”

The fans stamp their feet and clap their hands as Bishop begins to crawl towards his corner. Team WAC are stretching out their hands, all except Everlast. Driver has crawled over to his corner and tagged in Sterling, but Bishop jumps and tags in Everlast

AJ: "Chris Everlast about to enter the match!!"
Lynas: “YESS!! One of the best this one”

Everlast slips into the ring between the ropes, Sterling rushes him but Everlast moves out of the way. Sterling turns around and gets a dropkick in the mouth from Everlast, Sterling is still on his feet, Everlast runs past him and tags in Vade. Vade comes in and bulldogs Sterling, then drops a big elbow. Vade leaps up and runs to the BPA corner, throwing punches at them all. Sterling gets to his feet but Vade turns around and hits him with a running neckbreaker

AJ: "Oh the champ is on fire!!"
Mark: "Just what Team WAC needed, Vade to take control of this one!!"
Lynas: “Couldn’t agree more, looks like his head is back in the game”

Sterling rolls out of the ring, Riggs comes in and Kruger nails him with a clothesline, Driver comes in and Vade lifts him up high in a military press, then drops him down into the 'Heartstop'

Mark: "Devastating!! But Sterling is the legal man!!"

Vade runs to the ropes, over the top and hits a suicide dive on Sterling on the outside. Vade jumps up and screams to the crowd, then he gets back in the ring as the fans cheer loudly. Sterling gets back to his feet slowly and climbs back in the ring under the bottom rope. Kruger grabs him and throws him to the mat, then tags in BBBD. Daddy comes in and drops a leg across Sterlings neck, then goes for the cover



AJ: “Oh no, Kick out from Sterling”

BBBD goes for another elbow but Sterling moves, BBBD gets up immediately and grabs Sterling who pulls BBBD onto the ropes, throat first. BBBD falls back onto the mat grabbing his throat in pain as Sterling manages to tag in NNTK who comes in and nails BBBD with a kneedrop, then picks up BBBD and throws him to the ropes, hitting him across the throat with a clothesline and knocking him for a flip

Mark: "The tide of this match has turned again, and BBBD is in trouble now."
Lynas: “That one man disadvantage is catching up with us”

NNTK tags in Sterling who nails BBBD with a big boot. Sterling comes back in and grabs BBBD while Riggs comes off the ropes and hits BBBD with a huge elbow. Sterling leaves the ring, Riggs grabs BBBD and Powerslams him. Cover by Riggs



Riggs grabs BBBD's head and pulls him up, the crowd boo as he taunts them and shouts "NOT YET!!" but as he grabs BBBD he is hit from behind by Johnny Bishop,

BBBD rolls him up

Lynas: “My God, they’re taunting us”




*Bell rings*

JD: "Axxel Riggs has been eliminated!!"

AJ: "YEAH!!! Go Daddy go!!"
Mark: "That’s one of half of the tag champs gone!!!"
Lynas: “That’s what you get for fucking around!”
Mark: “Woah language!”
Lynas: “Screw language, this is the future of our jobs & livelihoods”

Sterling comes in the ring and beats BBBD down, then climbs to the top rope. He leaps but BBBD moves out of the way, Sterling hits the mat face first

AJ: "Sterling was going for a headbutt, I think he’s knocked himself out!!"
Lynas: “HAHA”

Chris Everlast reaches for the tag and gets it from BBBD. Everlast quickly enters the ring and covers Sterling




*Bell rings*

JD: "Brooklyn Sterling has been eliminated!!"

AJ: "Everlast took advantage of the situation there Mark!!"
Mark: "Yeah Sterling knocked himself out cold then!!"
Lynas: “And now it’s us, the WAC With the advantage!”

Ignatius enters the ring, he and Everlast size each other up but Everlast backs off and tags a battered BBBD back in

Mark: "What??"
AJ: "I dont think Everlast wanted any part of Ignatius!! Pity because it would be a great match up!"

BBBD gets into the ring slowly, Kruger screams for a tag but BBBD refuses

AJ: "Vade wants in but there is no way BBBD is a coward like Everlast!!"
Lynas: “What the hell was Chris playing at!?”

BBBD and Ignatius lock up, Ryan goes behind and hits a release German Suplex. Ignatius then tags in Driver who leaps to the top then onto BBBD with a moonsault. Driver tags in NNTK who comes in and waits for BBBD to get up, when he does he rushes across the ring and hits the 'Lifetaker' kick to BBBD

Mark: "Oh crap AJ. BBBD ain’t moving after that one."

~NNTK lets onto the crowd who boo, then he goes for the cover~




Lynas: “YES! Kick out from BBBD”
AJ: "I don’t believe it!! What courage from Daddy!!"
Mark "That takes some guts to kick out after those three moves!!"

NNTK picks BBBD up and throws him back to the BPA corner. Then he tags in Ignatius who comes in and spits at the WAC corner. Vade and Bishop rush into the ring but the referee stops them, in the meantime a chair is passed to Ignatius and he waffles BBBD across the head with it, as BBBD falls Ignatius applies the 'Foregone Conclusion' and BBBD isn’t moving

AJ: "He hit him with a chair!!! Ignatius has that hold applied in the middle of the ring!!"
Mark: "I think, AJ, that BBBD is out cold!!"

The referee turns around and checks BBBD who is non-responsive. He calls for the bell

*Bell rings*

JD: "BBBD has been eliminated!!"

AJ: "Ahh bullsh*t!!"
Lynas: “What the hell…”

Vade tells Everlast to enter the ring, he refuses so Kruger throws him into the ring to the delight of Johnny Bishop and the fans at ringside. Everlast is furious with Kruger and shouts at him while Ryan Ignatius is waiting behind him, as Everlast turns around Ignatius grabs him and slaps the 'Foregone Conclusion' on him, Everlast manages to get a foot under the rope, the ref makes Ignatius let go. Everlast rolls out of the ring, grabs his belt and leaves ringside to a chorus of boos, the referee begins to count


AJ: "What is Everlast doing??"
Lynas: “What the…”


Mark: "He’s gettin outta here AJ!!"
Lynas: “F*cking coward”
Mark: “Language Shane”
Lynas: “Who gives a sh*t, this is our jobs, this is our lives, this is our families…”




AJ: "But he’s a part of WAC!!"



Everlast looks at his title belt, then at the crowd


He looks at the ring


Everlast slides back into the ring before the ten count to a tremendous ovation. Ignatius attacks him from behind and throws him to the mat. Ryan snap mares

him and applies a reverse chinlock, then goes behind and rolls Everlast up

Lynas: “Chris is on thin ice with me right now, he better prove something and quick”



Kick out from Everlast, Ignatius whips him to the corner but Everlast goes over the top of Ignatius as he runs in, then delivers a neckbreaker followed by a standing moonsault. Everlast lets onto the crowd who cheer him loudly, he drags Ignatius over to the WAC corner and tags in Vade, they nod at each other as Vade comes in. Ignatius grabs Kruger’s ankle and slaps an ankle lock on. Vade rolls out of it but Ignatius manages to re-apply it

Mark: "What a wrestler this Ryan Ignatius is, he might have lost the BCW title to Vade tonight but he can beat anyone on any night!!"
AJ: "Yeah, such wrestling ability, shame about his attitude!!"
Lynas: “Great wrestler, wrong side of the war”

Vade kicks Ignatius off and kips up only to be caught with a perfect dropkick from Ryan. Cover by Ignatius



AJ: “Kick out from Vade”

Ryan picks Kruger up and snap suplexes him across the ring, then jumps up and taunts the fans. Vade gets up and the fans go wild, Ryan thinks theyre cheering for him but he turns around and runs right into a Vadernator~

AJ: "He hit it!!! Ignatius is out!!"

Cover by Kruger



THRE-Ignatius rolls a shoulder

Mark: "I can’t believe it!! He kicked out of The Vadernator!!!"

Vade picks up Ryan and charges but Ryan moves, Vade appears to nail Everlast, knocking him off the apron

AJ: "Did Kruger even touch Everlast then?"
Mark: "Well Chris is on the floor, he looks to be in some pain AJ!"

Everlast rolls around holding his mid section, Vade gets up and looks, with his hands out at his side. The referee looks over at Everlast, looking a little perplexed. Ignatius nails Kruger with a low blow, Vade falls to the mat. Ignatius takes a moment, then gets up and tags in Matt Driver. Driver comes in and grabs Kruger for a suplex but Vade reverses and nails a Krugenator!!!

Mark: "Oh!!! Vade nailed it!!"
AJ: "Krugenator!! Krugenator!! Krugenator!!"

Vade covers Driver




*Bell rings*

JD: "Matt Driver has been eliminated!!"

AJ: "Now Mark, its, well three on two!!
Lynas: “Advantage WAC”
Mark: "Everlast still looks to be in some pain AJ"

NNTK slowly makes his way into the ring..........Vade is waiting, the fans go crazy as the two square up in the ring

AJ: "Oh old foes facing each other again, World Champ against Dynamics Champ!!"
Lynas: “Former Dynamics Champion, he relinquished his claim to the belt when he binned it”
Mark "That aside, they have traded wins here in WAC, let’s see how this one finishes!!"

NNTK slaps Vade, Vade returns with a slap of his own, NNTK then grabs Kruger by the throat and chokeslams him. He raises his arms in victory, but Vade gets up, NNTK sees this and hits Kruger with a 'Lifetaker' kick. The fans boo loudly as NNTK smirks and goes for the cover, but Johnny Bishop breaks up the count. NNTK charges at Bishop and punches him in the head, meanwhile Everlast is still on the floor outside but he has manages to get a steel chair and slides it into the ring before falling to the ground again in apparent agony

Mark: "What is Everlast doing?? Are you sure he’s really hurt AJ?"
AJ: "No! I don tthink Kruger made contact with him at all!! Hes scared!!"

Bishop is trying to get in the ring but the referee is stopping him, Vade comes back around and sees the steel chair, NNTK turns around to Vade holding the chair.................Kruger hits the mat with the chair, throws the chair to NNTK who catches it and then Kruger lies down just before the referee turns around

Mark: "The referee thinks NNTK waffled Kruger with the Chair!!"
Lynas: “Shades of the late great Eddie Guerrero! Haha, Vade’s head is in the game! That was smart!”

Referee calls for the bell, he then whispers in JD's ear, NNTK looks on in disgust as JD makes the announcement. Vade is still on the mat

JD: "Ladies and Gentlemen, due to use of a foreign object NNTK has been disqualified and therefore eliminated!!!"

AJ: "Well how about that Mark!! Kruger got rid of NNTK with a move right out of his own book!!"
Mark: "I like it AJ!!"
Lynas: “Revenge best served cold”

Ryan Ignatius gets in the ring as Vade gets up, he smiles at Ryan then nails him with a clothesline, then another and another. NNTK is on the outside, he is totally lost for words as he walks up the ramp. Just before he goes to the back he turns around, gets booed and disappears to the back

AJ: "Well well well, Ryan Ignatius is all alone!!!"

Vade grabs Ignatius and delivers a belly to belly overhead release suplex

Mark: "Perfect execution as always!!"

Kruger picks up Ignatius and hits the 'Sting' then stands up, Everlast suddenly jumps up onto the apron, reaches in and tags himself in the match. He smirks as he enters the ring, recieves a huge boo from the crowd and then covers Ignatius




Ignatius rolls a shoulder. Everlast can’t believe it, Kruger smiles at Everlast. Chris gets up and shouts "Everlasting Envy!" but Ignatius manages to apply 'The Foregone Conclusion'.............Chris Everlast immediately taps out and the bell rings to a cheer from the crowd~

JD: "Chris Everlast has been eliminated!!"

Crowd cheers

Mark: "How resourceful is Ryan Ignatius?!"
AJ: "Yeah, he still has to get past Kruger and Bishop though!!"

Vade puts a leg through the ropes to get in but Everlast kicks the rope up into Vades groin, Ignatius rolls up Kruger with a handful of tights and a foot on the ropes




*Bell rings*

AJ: "No!!! Everlast cost the champ!!"
Mark: "What a scumbag Everlast is!!!"
AJ: "I cannot believe it and look, Vade Kruger is seething!!"

Vade chases a laughing Everlast up the ramp and to the back, in the ring Ignatius has attacked Bishop and dragged him in the ring by his hair, he whips Bishop to the ropes but put his head down, Bishop goes over the top with a Sunset Flip but Ignatius sits down and hooks Bishops legs over for the cover




Bishop just kicks out

Mark: "Damn AJ that was close!!"

Suddenly Chuck Voorhees walks down the ramp

AJ: "What the hell is he doing here??"
Lynas: “Oh for God’s sake”
Mark: "Isnt it obvious?? Hes here to screw Johnny Bishop and WAC over!!"

~Ignatius looks at Voorhees, then kicks Bishop in the gut. He goes for a piledriver but Bishop manages to flip him over, Voorhees climbs onto the apron and the referee goes over to him, Ignatius rolls out of the ring for a steel chair, he throws it back in under the bottom rope and gets back in the ring, Bishop turns around from throwing punches at Voorhees just as Ignatius swings the chair at him but he kicks the chair back into the face of Ignatius, the chair goes flying out of the ring, Bishop pushes the referee away from Voorhees and whips Ignatius into Voorhees, knocking Voorhees off and into the steel railing. Ignatius turns around and Bishop grabs him up onto his shoulder, he Powerslams Ignatius and immediately applies a Dragon Sleeper~

AJ: "He’s got it hooked in!!! 'Bishopsgate' Ignatius has nowhere to go!!"

Vade Kruger rushes back to the ring and screams at Ignatius to tap...........the referee asks Ryan if he wants to give up but before he answers, Kruger grabs Johnny Bishop by the head and drops him with a Vadernator

Mark: "What the hell was that?!?!"
AJ: "Mark that was The Vadernator!!"
Mark: "Why???"
Lynas: “F*ck no, it isn’t going down like this!”

Vade smirks at the crowd who begin to boo him. He drags Ryan Ignatius over and puts his arm across Bishops chest




*Bell rings*

AJ: "WHAT!?!?! Vade Kruger betrays WAC!!"
Mark: "What a scumbag!!"
Lynas: “Motherf*cker”

"Destroy Everything" plays and the entire BPA enter the ring. Vade stares at NNTK...........they shake hands

Lynas: “I can’t stand by and watch this”

Shane Lynas stands up and slides into the ring and begins to attack Vade Kruger, but is quickly torn away and beaten down by the BPA lefts, rights and stomps all over Lynas from the BPA… Kruger finishes it with a Vadernator.............Vade then stands up............then looking down on Lynas he spits on his former friend.

Mark: “Oh my God Shane!”
AJ: "Oh dear God!! What the hell is gonna happen next in WAC?!"
Mark: "AJ, let’s get the hell outta here right now!!"
AJ: “This is ridiculous, what an asshole”

End credits appear and the final shot is Vade and NNTK with their hands raised whilst smirking at the WAC Galaxy who are throwing litter in the ring

*End of PPV*
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