BRM Reviews wXw True Colors 2023

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BRM Reviews wXw True Colors 2023

Post by Big Red Machine » May 14th, '23, 15:13

wXw True Colors 2023 (4/22/2023)- Dresden, Germany

Vecchio picks up the big upset win over a multi-time former wXw Unified World Wrestling Champion. These two are now 1-1, but I would advise against doing a rubber match while the Tischer vs. Tihanyi best-of-five series is going on, lest things feel too same-y.

Norman is asked about the contract found in his former office giving Metehan a world title shot. Norman claims he can’t talk about that because of a non-disclosure agreement. He is then asked about the attack on Levaniel in Frankfurt. Levaniel has claimed that Norman was the one who attacked him, which is what we all assumed, except that there is no video proof… so Norman just denies it and says that it’s “a classic he-said she-said” and no one can prove anything.
The interviewer then asked Norman about facing Jurn Simmons at Fan Appreciation 2023 next month. Norman said that that is a problem for next month. He wants to talk about his match tonight against Fast Time Moodo. He says that he will take his frustrations with Jurn and Levaniel out on Moodo tonight. Norman always hits the notes perfectly, and this segment was no exception.

Norman gets an extremely needed cleanly win over Moodo to help restore some credibility before taking on Jurn next month.

Only Friends pick up the clean win. Everyone shows everyone else respect after the match.

BEST OF FIVE SERIES MATCH #2: Axel Tischer vs. Peter Tihanyi- 8/10
Tihanyi once again but up a great effort but came up short. Tischer had him beat after the Horrible Slam, but pulled him up just to finish him off with a powerbomb. Tihanyi is now down 2-0. Tihanyi REALLY needs to win this series, as wXw needs to be making more new stars. They’ve done a great job in recent years with the likes of Maggot, Ahura, Levaniel and the Frenchadors, but if the last few years should have taught wXw anything, it’s that WWE can always come calling, and they will take whoever they want.

wXw SHOTGUN TITLE MATCH: Laurance Roman(c) (w/Robert Dreissker) vs. Maggot- 6.75/10
Dreissker twice very clearly got involved by trying to pull Roman to safety but was not ejected from ringside. Both guys got their knees worked over a bit. Maggot had Roman in a Figure-Four Leg Lock when time expired. This was fine booking to set up a rematch. After the match, Maggot got on the mic and challenged Roman to a rematch in three weeks at We Love Wrestling.

Allison built up her title defense tonight and also put over Maggot in his quest to regain the Shotgun Title.

wXw WOMEN’S TITLE MATCH: Baby Allison(c) vs. Ava Everett- 6/10
Ave Everett won the belt cleanly in eleven minutes, ending Baby Allison’s reign after less than six weeks, and just one successful title defense. I don’t understand this decision at all.

wXw WORLD TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Arrows of Hungary(c) vs. Frenchadors- 7.75/10
Standard babyface-in-peril stuff. Dreissker yanked the referee at one point and wasn’t ejected from ringside. Other than that spot, there was another point where the Frenchadors seemed to have things in hand but the Arrows avoided a dive and Aigle Blanc landed on Senza instead. If that is going to lead to something (and the post-match segment suggests that it might), just let the Arrows win cleanly.

Dreissker took off Senza Volto’s mask and threw it aside, then Amboss left. As Senza recovered, Aigle grabbed his mask and offered it to him, but Senza ignored him and just headed to the back. Aigle Blanc hurried off after him. This was an excellent hook for the next show, as I very badly want to see where this goes. This feels like something that has to lead to a big change in the status quo.

This was a very good show from wXw. It wasn’t the blow-away show I’d like to see more often from wXw’s major events, but it was solid from top to bottom, moved some stories along nicely, and gave us a major development or three. The lack of certain major players (Ahura, Jurn, Levaniel, and particularly our new Unified World Wrestling Champion Shigehiro Irie) was disappointing, but it's important to be able to put on a good show with some of your bigger names unavailable.
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