BRM Reviews the 8/5/2022 Rampage

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BRM Reviews the 8/5/2022 Rampage

Post by Big Red Machine » Aug 8th, '22, 00:47

He likes fighting, not wrestling or flips. He came off like a cartoon. Moxley does a much more believable version of this gimmick.

AEW INTERIM WORLD TITLE ELIMINATOR MATCH: AEW Interim World Champion Jon Moxley vs. Mance Warner- 4.5/10
These AEW “Eliminator” matches continue to be the dumbest-named matches in wrestling history, as the name not only has absolutely nothing to do with the stipulation, but actually implies something else (that if the challenger loses, he/she/they can’t get another title shot).
Schiavone says “I can’t imagine fighting somebody like the Southern Psychopath Mance Warner.” I’ll be that’s because Schiavone has never seen Warner before.
They ignored the rules and the referee did jack sh*t to enforce them. I’m sure the wrestlers booked in the main event Street Fight are thrilled with this. If a wrestler grabs a weapon, the referee tells him not to use it, and the wrestler responds to this by shoving the referee out of the way, there is no way that shouldn’t be an immediate disqualification.
Moxley forearmed a chair, so he sold his arm a bit. He got the win after a bunch of stuff that looked like overkill, but the stoppage from Warner just going out made that part of the finish work.

The Factory have another guy now. He was barely commented on and not named. That pretty much buries him right away. Apparently the Factory are now doing the APA gimmick of offering protection for money. Aaron Solow apparently used to be Starks’ tag team partner. They exchanged words.
This was an angle to stall giving us Starks vs. Hobbs, but it fails at that for me because there is no logical reason why this match will get booked before that one when that one is clearly the bigger issue. It’s not like Hobbs is some kind of cowardly heel who is resisting facing Starks at all costs, at which point booking this match becomes an alternative that Tony Khan can temporarily placate Starks with while he negotiates with Hobbs.

KONOSUKE TAKESHITA vs. RYAN NEMETH (w/Peter Avalon)- squash
Takeshita is given a win over a jobber to give him some “credibility” before he gets the ROH World Title match he did nothing to earn.

Peter Avalon attacked Takeshita from behind for no reason. Takeshita quickly disposed of him.

Do the people in AEW not understand that “last Wednesday” referees to the Wednesday in last week, not the Wednesday in the current week, even if that Wednesday has already happened? If the footage is from Wednesday two days ago, you just put “Wednesday” on the screen. People will know that you don’t mean the footage is from next Wednesday because next Wednesday hasn’t happened yet.

The Goof Patrol decide that they want to be one of the teams to not make the finals of the Trios Titles tournament (because we all know what the finals will be already). If that had been all that happened here, I would have been fine, but then f*cking Danhausen had to show up and be a clown. The fact that Danhausen is currently employed in the wrestling business but Gabe Sapolsky isn’t really pisses me off.

MADISON RAYNE vs. LAYLA GREY (w/Stokely Hathaway)- 4.25/10
They talked about- but didn’t bother showing- some sort of angle involving Jade Cargill that supposedly got Madison to come back into active competition when she had previously just been the “head coach of the women’s division.” What does that mean, exactly? Pro wrestling is not a team sport.
Layla Gray loses again.

Jade Cargill came out and cut a promo telling us that she has yet another open challenge for her TBS Title coming up, making the top contenders rankings once again pointless. Kiera Hogan tries to jump Madison from behind but Madison gets the better of her.
What happened to Athena? Wasn’t she feuding with Jade? Did she run over Tony Khan’s cat or something?

LUCHA BROS. VS. LFI VIDEO PACKAGE/PROMOS- good… but also confusing.
Excalibur said that the match was going to be a Tornado match, but in the promo, the challenge was for a Lucha rules match. Those are very different. Which one is it?


Jim Ross guaranteed us that Claudio vs. Takeshita would be the “Match of the Year.” Has he not seen either of the FTR vs. Briscoes matches?
We were told that Jade vs. Madison Rayne for the TNT Title was “just signed by Tony Khan,” and that “the open challenge is official.” Tony has to sign off on the challenger of an open challenge? Doesn’t that make it not an “open” challenge?

STREET FIGHT: Swerve in Our Glory vs. Tony Nese & Josh Woods (w/Mark Sterling)- 7.75/10
Lots of great action, but the outcome was never in doubt. I really could have done without Nese being a clown with the protein powder early on, though.

This was an okay episode of Rampage. The main event was good, but everything else was meh at best.
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