WWR Vortex - Show 3

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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 3

Post by VadeKruger » Feb 18th, '11, 06:30

AJ "Ladies and Gentlemen I have just been informed of another match at the upcoming WWR PPV Path To Glory.............which pits Ace Hunter taking on newcomer "The Rage" Alex Bourne!"

Mike "Now THAT will be a test for Bourne, Hunter craves success and Im sure he will take much pleasure in stopping the human freight train!!"
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Re: WWR Vortex - Show 3

Post by VadeKruger » Feb 18th, '11, 06:40

AJ "So nothing left to do now but await the main event Mike!"

Mike "Yeah, Kruger has no idea of who hes facing!!"

AJ "Neither do we Mike!"

Mike "Yeah, i was just-?"

~Shock begins to play over the loudspeaker. The crowd begins to boo as smoke slowly starts to disappear as the tempo of the song picks up. Once the smoke dissipates, a figured clad in black is seen kneeling, head bowed. Slowly the figure rises, keeping his head towards the ground. A spotlight shines on the figure and he slowly lifts his head to face the ring, showing the figure is clad in black loose fitting pants and boots. His upper torso is powerfully built, supple as a panther, his iron muscles rippling under smooth skin. A mask adorning his head, keeping his identity a secret~

AJ "What the..."

Mike "Why in the hell is he here?!"

~Sinister now begins to slowly walk towards the ring. He stops a few feet away from the ring, his head drifting down slightly as if measuring something. The camera comes up behind him and begins to zoom in just as his head turns slightly to the left. A seemingly icy stare comes from underneath the mesh eye coverings of the mask as he looks into the eyes of the viewers at home and in the arena. As 'Shock' continues to play, he slowly makes his way around the ring and towards the announcer's table. Mike stands up and gives Sinister an icy glare~

AJ "Well fans it uhhh...appears we will be joined by Sinister for this match"

Mike "What are you doing here?"

~Sinister ignores Mike and grabs a chair. He steps behind the announcer's table and steps in between where Mike and AJ now sit. Both of them move away to give Sin room as he puts the chair down and puts a headset on. In a smooth, menacing voice he replies : ~

Sin "I want to see what the world champion has to offer.."

JD "Ladies and gentlemen this match is the WWR Vortex main event of the evening!!"

~Fans cheer~

AJ "Time to find out who the champions mystery opponent is"

Mike "Sure is"

~Slither begins to play, the lights dim and the fans erupt into a chorus of boos. At the top of the ramp the usual sparks engulf the entrance, after a few seconds a figure enters........then the sparks stop and fireworks shoot up as Vade Kruger appears.

Mike "That entrance gets better every week, I dont care what hes done!!"

Sin "Impressive...."

~Kruger ignores all the fans as he approaches the ring, hair over his face and WWR World title in his hand. He climbs onto the apron and then into the ring, fireworks go off as he waits in the middle of the ring staring at the ramp awaiting his opponent~

JD "Introducing first from Warrington, England weighing 259lbs, here is the WWR World Heavyweight Champion...............'The Scorpion' Vaaaaaaaade Krruuuuuuugeeerrr!!!!"

AJ "Well come on, who is it?"

JD "And his opponent......."

~The fans wait patiently.....then suddenly "Boiler" erupts and a man appears at the top of the ramp........when the fans realise who it is they explode~


Mike "Oh holy crap.........Kruger is in deep trouble!!!"

Sin ~Scoffs~

JD "From Austin Texas weighing 245lbs......Ryaaaan Ignaaatiiuusss!!!"

~Ryan makes his way to the ring, pointing at Kruger who is still staring him down. Ryan walks up the steps and into the ring~

AJ "A rematch of the world title match at 'Meltdown' Mike, unreal!!

Mike "This guy can go with anyone and reverse any move!!!"

~The music cuts, and just as the bell is about to be called for by the referee........."Sad But True" plays and Tony Bastion swiftly appears holding a microphone~

Bastion "Now then look who we have people.....RYAN IGNATIUS!!!"

~Fans cheer~

Bastion "BUT thats not all!! This match is a triple threat match!! Thats right Kruger.....Ive got an even BIGGER surprise for you!!! Ladies and Gentlemen I give you..............N...N...T...K!!!!!!!"

AJ "WHAT!?!?"

Mike "No way!!"


~NNTK appears next to Bastion and points at the ring, he nods at Bastion and hits the ring at speed.........Vade quickly gets out of the ring as both NNTK and Ignatius beg him to get back into the ring. The fans are cheering for the pair who let onto them........Kruger continues to back off~

Sin "Now things will be more interesting"

Bastion "Kruger if you leave the ringside area you will be stripped of the title......so get in the ring now!!!"

~Vade glares at Bastion who stands there smirking, then disappears to the back. Kruger goes to get in the ring but backs away again. Ignatius sits on the rope and holds them open for him but Kruger declines~

AJ "Damn coward!!"

Sin "I'd wager that's genius on his part. It gives him time to study his opponents"

~Kruger puts his belt down and slides in the ring......the bell rings and Ignatius slaps a crossface on Vade in the middle of the ring~

Mike "Tap you son of a bitch, tap!!!"

Sin ~Laughs~ "Sounds like you are being biased....for someone posing as a broadcast journalist"

Mike "Watch your mouth man!"

Sin ~Glares~ "I will say any damn thing I want"

~NNTK watches on as Ignatius wrenches back on Kruger's neck but Vade will not give up~

AJ "Hes gonna pass out if he doesnt tap!!!"

~Just as Kruger is about to tap, NNTK hits the 'Lifetaker' kick in Ignatius' face~

AJ "what?!"

Mike "I knew it AJ, that piece of crap!!!"

Sin "The tables appear to have turned now"

~Vade gets up and shakes off the effects of the crossface, then looks at NNTK who looks back at him. They nod and shake hands~

AJ "So.......they must have been in it together from the start!! Sickening!!"

Sin "Sickening? Sounds more like survival of the fittest. Once again Vade has proven he has a sharp mind and is working the angles to his advantage!"

~NNTK picks up Ignatius and sets him up for Vade who grabs him and lifts him up high in a suplex clutch, then drops him down chin first onto Vades shoulder~

Mike "Theres that move.........'The Krugenator' and its devastating"

~Vade covers Ignatius~




#Bell rings#

JD "Here is your winner...........the WWR World Heavyweight Champion, Vaade Krruuugeerrr!!!"

Sin "Job well done!" ~Stands up and begins to clap while fans boo loudly~

~As 'Slither' plays, the fans boo. Kruger gets his hand raised by NNTK, then gets his belt from JD. Vade grabs a mic~

Vade "So as you see.........I.........am the new untouchable........the darkness truly has taken over 'The Sanitorium..........................."

AJ "Jerk!"

Sin "Excellent show Vade...you have truly shown why you are the WWR Champion!"

~They leave the ring, Vade stops and glares at Sinister who nods in approval, then Vade and NNTK approach Viggo Dynamite and The Renegadez who have appeared at the top of the ramp. Litter, rolled up paper and empty beer bottles are thrown into the ring and at the five superstars. They turn to the fans and raise their arms in victory~

Mike "Id say were done for this show AJ!!"

AJ "Yeah, thanks for umm watching guys. See you next time for the final WWR Vortex before the 'Path To Glory' PPV. So long WWR Galaxy!!!"

Factions are overrated.


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