Cero Reviews STARDOM Champions Around The World 2017: Nagoya

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Cero Reviews STARDOM Champions Around The World 2017: Nagoya

Post by cero2k » Feb 5th, '18, 14:38

STARDOM Champions Around The World 2017: Nagoya
March 5, 2017
Nagoya, Japan

Arisu Nanase vs AZM - 4.5/10
A back and forward match with a clear cut babyface and heel. AZM's mean streak forcing Nanase to bring out her own mean streak in order to get the upper hand on AZM. AZM won with a bridged-over pin. Good opener. There was a liontamer where Nanase almost became a circle.

Deonna Purrazzo, Zoe Lucas, & Christi Jaynes vs Mayu Iwatani, Konami, & Natsuko Tora - 5.5/10
In a change of pace, the Japanese jumped the gaijins this time, but Jaynes got the match back in control quickly over Tora, who the gaijins cut the ring on for a while. Konami came in with the hot tag and mostly worked with Purrazzo before getting Iwatani in, who fought off Zoe, and by fought I mean, Mayu stiffed the fuck out of Zoe until the German Suplex pin that gave Mayu's team the win.

Stardom High Speed Championship 3-Way Match
Kris Wolf (C) vs HZK vs Hiromi Mimura - 6.5/10
Kris Wolf on her pre-match promo: "I'm #13 to win this, and you know what that means? I'm lucky as Fuck!" How can you not get behind that? A small decent story of HZK and Wolf underestimating Mimura and some great looking 3-way sequences. They were playing it really close with the near falls, that some of them looked like the ref had to stop counting before the girls reacted. Finish saw Wolf flip HZK's pin and roll both of them to win, similar to her win over Iwatani and Kagetsu. HZK was great.

SWA Championship Match
Toni Storm (C) vs Shayna Baszler - 8/10
This match was a lot more technical that I expected at first. Match was slow and polite for a long while but at one point Storm figured with was a good idea to mock Baszler and piss her off, and at that point Baszler fought back with strikes and amped her torture on Storm's legs. Storm worked on Baszler's head towards the piledriver. At one point there was a ref bump where Baszler had Storm on a leg lock and got a clear submission, when trying to revive the ref, Storm hit Baszler with the belt for a near fall. Finish saw Baszler once again lock the same submission, but this time Storm was able to get out of it and reverse it to the piledriver for the win. Really good match.

World of Stardom Championship Match
Io Shirai (C) vs Kagetsu w/Kris Wolf - 8.5/10
I believe this is Kagetsu's big first test as the new leader of Oedo Tai, she may not get a win, but she needs a good showing tonight, and she really went for that. The moves these two did on this match (at least) looked stiff as fuck. Both traded control on several occasions during the match, Kagetsu mostly was able to turn the match every time Wolf would come for the distraction. Kagetsu did use several weapons during the match, breaking a chair on Shirai's head and a latter DVD on top of the gas containers, but as much as she had to show-off, she is also a heel and you don't want to make your top heel end up getting love for fighting clean. Finish saw Io defend with a German Suplex pin.

Goddess of Stardom Championship Match
B.Y. Ho (C) vs Jungle Kyona & Hiroyo Matsumoto - 8.5/10
Jungle and Matsumoto acme out with a new song and animal masks, which as we know, is the thing you need to have in order to win championships in Stardom. Jungle being the local girl, got tons of flowers before the match by a dude trying to get himself over.

This match felt really chaotic. From the get go everyone ran all over the place, constant interference without tagging, they should have just booked a tornado tag. Most of the story was the babyface in peril run of Jungle Kyona, which had to have lasted about 15 minutes. Matsumoto got the hot tag and she did pretty good against both champs, never really coming close to winning or anything, but almost taking out Hojo. As the match came closer to the finish, Jungle and Hojo were going at it, with Jungle getting some near falls, but she just couldn't put Hojo down for the 3-count. They went for the same finish as their previous single's match, but this time, Jungle defended against the backfists and with the help of Matsumoto, Jungle was able to defeat Hojo at the end. Wait, so you're telling me other promotions do give the hometown heroes their local win?

The one thing I'll say about the chaos here is that there were several spots that while looking completely random and improvised, added so much to the match and looked awesome.

Post-match - Jungle thanks the fans saying how happy she is to finally win a title in both Stardom and Nagoya, and hopes she has made everyone proud. She thanks Matsumoto, who was really the catalyst in Jungle turning her run around. Team Jungle is officially born.

Another pretty good show for Stardom, I originally watched it to check out the birth of Team Jungle, but it ended up being a great show top to bottom. That Kagetsu vs Shirai match was particularly good.

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