Impact Wrestling 11.9 Review - Eddie Edwards vs Hijo Del Fantasma

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Impact Wrestling 11.9 Review - Eddie Edwards vs Hijo Del Fantasma

Post by cero2k » Nov 10th, '17, 10:16

Impact Wrestling
November 9, 2017
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

JB and Josh intro the show. Tonight we have Dutt vs Sydal, Edwards vs Fantasma for the GHC title, so an American vs a Mexican fighting for a Japanese Title in Canada. Plus we get all the fallout of Drake/Impact/Patron.

Eli Drake and Adonis Promo - Adonis cut a bit of a delusional promo saying claiming that Drake won fair and square without anyone's help. Drake cut an awesome promo, something in-between Rock and Flair, he addresses Patron saying pretty much that he hasn't been mistreated by the company and he's just a crybaby. At this point he starts talking shit about Canada, and so...

Petey Williams comes out, he cuts the 'you never beat me' promo and says that he's been the X-Division champion before, but never the World Champ and challenges Drake to a match. Drake claims he has the night off, but what about next week. Petey goes into the ring, takes out Adonis, and as he is about to hit the Canadian Destroyer on Drake, he runs away.

Jimmy Jacobs comes out again and joins the commentary table.

Sonjay Dutt vs "Reborn" Matt Sydal - 7/10
Babyface vs babyface match with Sydal working Dutt's leg. Dutt made a comeback and also started working on Sydal's legs, so after that, they went back and forward, with both men working hurt legs. Finish came when Sydal dodges Dutt's aerial offense and drops the SSP of his own for the win. This match got a good amount of time and the selling was good.

Post-match - ECIII of all people comes out. He talks trash to Sydal about how he always chokes when he is about to win the big one, he choked in his title shot, he choked in the x-division shot. ECIII tells him he lacks a killer instinct. Maybe in another life he'll be Reborn as winner.

Mid match Jacobs said that if JB wasn't going to pay attention to him (instead of the match), he may as well go somewhere else, and so he did.

GWN Flashback Moment of the Week - 2004, Hector Garza, Amazing Red, and Sonjay Dutt vs Team Canada. Everyone was wearing red, so it was really easy to confuse Roode with Garza.

GHC Heavyweight Championship Match
Eddie Edwards (C) vs El Hijo del Fantasma - 8/10

They announced that this was under NOAH rules as in 60 minute time limit, and 20 minute out of the ring count. The match was back and forward all around, worked liked a Japanese match, they both worked each other's heads, Eddie going for the DieHard Flowsion, Fanstama going for that Piledriver he did on BGF. They traded all their mvoes, suicide dives and all, at the end Edwards hits an ugly DHF for the win. They embrace after the match.

OVE vs Phil Atlas, Ray Steele & Marcus Burke - Squash
They're seriously following a GHC defense with a squash. Callihan definitely brings something to the team.

Post-match - LAX come out, Konnan, Santana, and Ortiz distract OVE while Homicide jumps them from behind. They take them out and Homicide is gonna hit the Gringo Killah on Callihan, but Callihan gets away. They made OVE run away like heels.

Hakim Zane Interview - Terrible interivew, as he is starting BOOM, Jonnny Impact runs, hits him, grabs the camera and says that he's looking for Patron.

From BCW
Allie vs KC Spinelli - 5.5/10

A competitive match, but nothing special. Spinelli got the heat on Allie for a while, Allie made a comeback, they went back and forward for the second half of the match, some good near falls, there were several times I thought the outsider was gonna defeat the Impact wrestler. Allie won with a Death Valley Driver of all things, wtf.

Alberto El Patron Interview - Awesome, he's just laughing off Impact wanting to kick his ass.

Allie Interview - She just promoted Gail Kim having a big announcement next week, so i'm guessing she relinquishes the title?

Alberto and Impact Brawl! - McKenzie is trying to get an interview from Patron, and out of nowhere Impact literally flies over a table and tackles Patron. They start brawling all over the backstage area, at one point Braxton Sutter tried to help Patron and Impact kicked his ass, and so they try to gang up on him, and now for some reason Konley tries to help Impact. Patron and Impact keep brawling and Sutter and Konley just fight off themselves. Patron and Impact fight to the outside, back inside, they kill some of the security. They talked some trash about the championship. At one point Patron got in the roof of the restrooms, which looked smart, but Impact is the King of Parkour. Impact climbed up there, tossed Patron off, then did a plancha from up there to the floor.

After commercial they were still brawling, but this time they fought into the ringside area where security FINALLY got things under control by holding Impact while Patron started to cut another promo on the company and Impact. Patron tells Johnny to do things proper and get int the ring, so Johnny does, and provokes Patron to get in too. They beat up security again and Patron gets an opening to take out Johnny, he hits two DDTs and locks in the armbreaker on the ropes to hint serious injury.

This was a great brawl, but I felt it went too long, at least the backstage area, but overall a good angle to get this feud going.

A really good show inside the ring and with some decent storyline development, we mostly saw things escalate rather than new stories start. Next week we get Eli Drake defendings against Petey Williams. Also, Sami Callahan & OVE face LAX. Plus, Knockouts Champion Gail Kim has a major announcement to make.

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