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Cero Reviews Impact Wrestling Victory Road 2020

Post by cero2k » Oct 5th, '20, 18:41

Impact Wrestling Victory Road 2020
October 3rd, 2020
Nashville, TN

Full Recap: https://www.f4wonline.com/tna-results/i ... hes-321676

XXXL vs. The Rascalz - 7/10
Good opener, both teams looked great in what they did. The Rascalz got the win with Xavier hitting D with a moonsault kick and final flash for the win. This felt like filler because we know that at least until after BFG, neither team is likely to do anything worth wild.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Myers - 6.5/10
This was far better than it had any reason to be, I honestly expected crap and got a decent turd instead. The highlight of the match was Dreamer hitting a Sky High for a two count and saying "I worked for D’Lo for years."

Moose seeking ECIII - Moose approaches D'Amore asking why he is given a match when he needs to focus on ECIII. D'Amore told him he hasn't wrestled in weeks and needs to earn his paycheck.

Impact X-Division Title Match
Rohit Raju (c) vs. Willie Mack - 4.5/10
I am three months away now from voting for Mack as my 'Get off my TV' award, I'm just so tired of him, he does the same shit all the time, his acting is bottom of the barrel, and at this point, it's just annoying that he won't put people over. Match saw him dominate until Rohit took a loss by countout to retain.

Callihan & Shamrock Interview - Gia Miller interviewed them about their attack on Eddie Edwards last week. Callihan said that after losing their shot for the tag titles, Shamrock needed to be reminded why he was the most dangerous man and thus, he convinced him to make an impact. Callihan said that he was there to support Shamrock, but that this wasn’t his battle.

Tenille Dashwood (w/Kaleb with a K) vs. Jordynne Grace - 7/10
I was surprised this match took place here, it's already their 3rd since Tenille's return. I originally figured they'd go for a BFG match, but they either make it a Best-of-5 at this point, ending at BFG, or a weapons match that really has nothing to do with their feud.

Match was a slight combo of their two previous matches, Grace doing hoss force, while Tenille was being sneaky. They traded momentum a couple of times, many of those thanks to Kaleb distractions. At the end, Grace was chasing the Grace Driver, but Tenille caught her with the Spotlight Kick for the win.

MCMG Interview - They were asked about defending in a 4-way at BFG. They said that it was perfect to be done with all three teams at the same time and ASAP.

Unsanctioned Tag Team Match
Heath & Rhino vs. Reno SCUM - 7/10
Another match that was better than I originally expected. Heath looked pretty good here to be honest, not amazing, but he was a great babyface in peril, his moves and selling looked solid, and Reno Scum are a great team to put people over. Heath got the win with a Wake Up Call on Thornstowe.

Post-match - D'Amore told Heath that he was impressed and told him to show up on Tuesday so they could have a proper negotiation meeting.

Trey Miguel vs. Moose - 4/10
I hated the finish of this match that even though I should give it a squash rating, i'm gonna give it a 4 because a squash hides how bad it was. Moose controlled the whole match, Trey had some hope spots here and there, but nothing particularly strong, and when Moose was ready to win, ECIII's logo distracted him, Trey rolled him up for the win.

Post-match - Moose didn’t care about the loss and rushed to the production truck where he got locked in and attacked. Moose ran out and found the TNA title belt, but unfortunately, ECIII jumped him from behind and told him that the TNA title belt dies on Tuesday.

This whole thing was way too long to just end up with a cheap win for Miguel and a loss that didn’t even bother Moose.

Alex Shelley (w/Chris Sabin) vs. Karl Anderson (w/Luke Gallows) vs. Josh Alexander (w/Ethan Page) vs. Ace Austin (w/Madman Fulton) - 8/10
The show really picked up at this point. This match was great, this was IMO the best combo of wrestlers that we could get from the eight. MAYBE Sabin for Shelley for some, but there is no arguing that Ace, Anderson, and Alexander are the better of their teams.

There was a slight story here of Ace being the one that got his ass handed to the most by everyone, but no one could get the win over him because of the rest of the people around. Shelley and Anderson antagonized each other the most during the match, it's clear that the Good Brothers are getting the titles and likely doing some GB vs MCMG matches later on. But having said all that, Josh Alexander was the MVP of the match, that man is just fucking great.

Finish saw Shelley hit sliced bread on Anderson, but Alexander hit a double underhook driver on Shelley to get the win.

Dreamer and Myers must continue - Backstage, Dreamer approached Myers and thanked him for the match. Myers didn’t shake Dreamer’s hand and said that he was disappointed he had to fight a sad old man and not the innovator of violence. Dreamer told him that maybe he’ll see him on Tuesday.

Impact Knockouts Title Match
Deonna Purrazzo (w/Kimber Lee) (c) vs. Susie (w/Kylie Rae) - 7/10
I honestly can't remember the last time that Susie (or Su Yung for that matter) had such a good match by herself. This had a great story of Purrazzo not taking Susie seriously for being, well, Susie, and because of that, being surprised by how easy Susie was finding herself out of Purrazzo's submission. On Susie's side, we've been seeing more and more Su Yung come out of Susie, so we saw a couple of Su Yung's moves come out, building towards Susie almost getting the win with the Panic Switch.

Purrazzo worked over Susie's arm, while Susie mostly had some flurries of offense, mostly using palm strikes and ranas. Finish saw Susie verbally submit to a double Fujiwara Armbar.

Post-match - Great! Purrazzo and Kimber Lee attacked Kylie Rae while Susie was down. Then they made Rae watch as Purrazzo Pillmanized Susie's arm, followed by the Pentagon Arm Breaker. Great heat that we don't usually get with the Knockout's.

Impact World Title Match
Eric Young (c) vs. Eddie Edwards - 8.75/10
This was great, I don't usually say it, but this would had been great with a crowd going crazy over how much of a heat magnet EY is and how close Eddie came to regaining the title.

This was a total Japanese formulated match. There was a lot of heat between them, so they went straight for the brawl outside the ring for a while. Back in the ring, they worked over each other's heads until Eddie started to come close to the win, but then suddenly, EY took out Eddie's busted leg (from Shamrock's attack), and turned his focus on the leg. He worked the leg over and over and Eddie made comebacks and kept getting closer to the win, even hitting the BKP at one point, but at the end, EY locked in a vicious leg lock and submitted Eddie

Post-match - EY went to break Eddie's leg for good, but Rich Swann came down for the save and run off EY.

A lot of this show felt like anything you would see on a weekly Impact episode, but the last three matches were definitely top level performances, especially the main event.

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