Impact Wrestling 5.19 Review: Elgin vs Callihan

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Impact Wrestling 5.19 Review: Elgin vs Callihan

Post by cero2k » May 20th, '20, 11:00

Impact Wrestling
May 19th, 2020
Nashville, TN

World Championship #1 contender first round match
Ace Austin vs Rhino - 6.5/10
Ace Austin is replacing Ken Shamrock, who was taken out last week by Michael Elgin. This was good, Rhino looked great as a big dude and Ace played the heel perfectly, stalling and getting advantage out of his speed, and then being 1000% cocky about it.
Finish saw some shenanigans with a chair that the referee distracted himself removing it from the match, allowing Ace to use his Gambit stick and hit The Fold for the win. Ace is right now, my guy to win the whole thing, assuming that Elgin vs Shamrock becomes a thing. I wouldn't mind a Trey vs Ace finals rather than a Hernandez vs Elgin.

Moose Interview - We got an interview between Josh Matthews and Moose, where the former asked the latter when he’ll end his delusions of being the TNA World Champion. Moose said that when he loses the title, he will let it go. Moose brought up the referee making it an official title match when he raised it over his head.

Matthews brought up that Suicide had a visual pin over him. Moose said Suicide didn’t win. Moose said that he’ll give Suicide a rematch to show that he’s a fighting champion.

Steelz and Hogan Meet - Tasha Steelz was backstage when she was approached by Kiera Hogan. She told Steelz that she was impressed and offered to guide Steelz, who agreed to partner up.

Crazzy Steve vs Dave Crist w/ oVe - 4/10
Dave worked on Steve all match, eventually, Crazzy Steve got an opening to hit a jumping DDT from the second rope to pick up the win. This was like a reverse squash; Dave did all the work, then lost to one move. Sucks, but it was part of the aftermath angle.

Post-match - Fulton berated Dave Crist. Jake tried to stop him. Madman Fulton said he was done with oVe. Jake Crist tried to stop him, but Fulton choked both men and ripped apart his oVe shirt.

Rosemary skit - This is getting weird. Out in the bar, Rosemary was talking to Mr. Mundo when John E. Bravo approached them. Rosemary hit on Bravo, but he was disgusted and weirded out.

Fallah Bahh & TJP vs XXXL (Acey Romero & Larry D) - 7.5/10
This was really good, Bahh vs either Romero or Larry was a hoss fight with a taste of X-Division since Bahh has lost tons of weight, and then TJP was a David vs Goliath match, but David is a submission specialist. With neither team being heel, they traded a bit of babyface in peril spots, and both teams are arguably, set to become contenders for the tag titles.
Finish saw Bahh and TJP isolate Larry D, hit a Samoan Drop & Mamba Splash for the win. Larry D is seriously underrated, I wanna see him more.

TNA World Championship Match
Moose (C) vs Suicide - 7.5/10
Once again, Moose forced ring announcer David Penzer to make the proper title match introductions.
Good match, but not as good as their match from last week. This match had a more dominant Moose, especially those 7 or so minutes with Moose whipping Suicide from corner to corner to corner. Suicide showed a LOT of personality and fired in this match, like he was screaming like Daichi Hashimoto all of the sudden.
Finish saw Suicide go for a top rope Crossbody, but Moose rolled over and pinned him.

Michael Elgin Promo - He talked trash about people waiting for their participation trophies while he puts in the work, then talked about being hated for being the best, like Ali and McGregor once were. But in due time, everyone will appreciate Elgin’s greatness.

Backstage, Chris Bey approached Swinger and told him that if he can’t win, he may as well take out Mack and consider that as a win. Swinger was sure he was winning tonight.

X-Division Championship Match
Willie Mack (C) vs Johnny Swinger - 5/10
This was a quick squash, but Swinger did get some offense early on when he jumped Mack. At the end, Mack won with the Samoan Drop and Moonsault combo, so not even either of his finishers.

Post-match - Swinger wouldn’t let go of the title, so Mack had to rip it apart from his hands. Swinger afterwards jumped Mack from behind. He was joined by Chris Bey as both of them laid out Mack.

The North Promo - We got a promo by The North from the Battlearts Academy. Page said he rented the dojo for a month, but Alexander wasn’t excited for another match. Page said there was no more competition when suddenly Cody Deaner walked in and told them he wanted a title shot. Deaner made the challenge for a match at the Deaner compound. Deaner has a mystery partner for that match.

The mystery person is someone 'Wheeler'.

World Championship #1 contender first round match
Michael Elgin vs Sami Callihan - 8/10
This is a main event in any arena. Callihan walked in limping after the work that Shamrock did on his ankle at Rebellion.
Great match, this felt like a Japanese match, if Callihan had worked like this when he went to NJPW, maybe they would had brought him back, or at least NOAH would have.

With Callihan's ankle injured, Elgin went for it all match, doing a lot of submissions, ring post smashing, and what not. Callihan on the other hand, could only rely on striking and going after the Cactus Special over and over again. Callihan, pretty much a babyface now, was fired up, but just couldn't keep up with Elgin's destruction path. Elgin delivered two backfists, a Deadlift Buckle Bomb, and eventually, an Elgin Bomb to finally pin Callihan.

Good show by Impact, it was heavily focused on in-ring action. Three matches that are worth going out of your way to check out.

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