Cero Reviews Impact Wrestling Rebellion Night Two

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Cero Reviews Impact Wrestling Rebellion Night Two

Post by cero2k » Apr 28th, '20, 22:39

Impact Wrestling Rebellion, Night Two
April 28, 2020

Full Recap - https://www.f4wonline.com/wwe-news/impa ... ded-309876

Cold open was a video package talking about reinventing oneself. It recapped the happenings of night one, and made special focus towards Michael Elgin’s threat.

Chris Bey vs Suicide vs Trey Miguel vs Rohit Raju - 7/10
Really good spots opener match, but it suffered from the empty arena, this is the type of match that excels when the crowd goes crazy for it. Chris Bey won by stealing the pin from both Trey and Rohit, and now it seems to be building to challenge Willie Mack.

Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne walked us through the recap of last week’s Rebellion, and ran down tonight’s card.

Tessa Blanchard Interview - Josh Matthews Facetimed Tessa Blanchard. He asked about not being able to compete. Tessa said that she was torn that she couldn’t be there, but that she was training everyday to come back stronger. Josh asked about Elgin’s threat, to which Tessa said that she’d love to shut him up, so unless he comes to Mexico, she won’t be walking out of Champion.

We got a video package for #CancelCulture vs The Deaners.

Joseph P. Ryan vs Cousin Jake - 7/10
Pretty good match, especially for Cousin Jake, since he got a chance to shine without Cody there, and in a one-on-one match. The story here was really basic, Jake accidentally went shoulder first into the ring post and Ryan worked over that shoulder the whole match until the comeback. Ryan lost to Cody Deaner two weeks ago, so now he defeated the other Deaner.

Rosemary and Taya Skit - Fun. Rosemary was at a bar talking about having to be in the Full Metal Mayhem match instead of Taya. She was facetiming Taya, who said that she was going crazy and had started wearing sweatpants. Taya started ranting until Rosemary stopped her.

Rosemary told her that Grace was replaced by Havok, so Taya could fight her, but Taya refused. Taya told Rosemary that they should go to Las Vegas once she’s done with Havok. Bar Rosemary is the most interesting she’s been for a while.

Havok vs Rosemary Video Package - Good. We got a video package with both Rosemary and Havok, recapping their history together, trying to make sense of this match that improvised. They said that even if Havok helped them get out of the Undead Wastelands, their story was to continue with violence, not peace.

Full Metal Mayhem match
Rosemary vs Havok - 6/10
Both women had new looks for this fight. Rosemary cut a promo early before the match, telling Havok that they didn’t need to do this, she could chase after Su Yung, and she could go chase after Jordynne Grace. Havok rejected the idea.

Match was the quintessential weapons match that these women have had in the last years. Tons of staples, chairs, a chain, and a foam pipe. This was another match that suffered from the lack of crowd, as the wrestling wasn’t particularly good, and the weapon spots are usually meant to get live pops.

At one point, we saw Neveah standing close to the ramp, watching the match. Josh Matthews was insufferable in this match as soon as Neveah came out, he kept asking Madison Rayne about her, but Rayne can't really spoil the story, or may had not known, but even after she said she couldn't tell, Matthews kept asking and asking, totally throwing her under the bus.

Rosemary won by hitting Havok with the foam pipe. The pipe looked good, but when thrown around, you could totally tell it was foam.

Willie Mack Interview - Gia Miller interviewed Willie Mack and Rich Swann about his win last week. Mack said he always looked up to the X-Division champions of the past, and so he was really happy to now be part of that group. Swann told Mack that he had all that he needed to be the champion. Johnny Swinger interrupted them and asked for his promised title shot.

Michael Elgin Interview - Miller tried to ask Elgin again about the championship. Elgin repeated what he said last week and said that it was unfortunate Tessa and Eddie were not there so he could send them to the hospital. He said that results won’t change and he’s still walking out the champion tonight.

Michael Elgin Video Package - We got a video package for Michael Elgin, from his debut, and through his chase of the World Championship. Great stuff.

Michael Elgin addresses the World Title - Michael Elgin came down to the ring, wearing his ring gear and mic in hand. Elgin cut a promo saying that it was Rebellion when he made his debut and promised to become the World champion. And that for the last year, his sights had not changed.

He called out Tessa and Eddie for being scared of him, and thus neither had shown up to their title match. Elgin brought out a referee and told him to declare him the winner by forfeit. Instead, he started bullying David Penzer. Before the referee could raise his hand, Moose interrupted him. He had the old TNA World Championship belt.

Moose took a mic and told Elgin that he understood the pain of working through and not having an opponent for tonight. They agreed that Tessa was holding the title hostage.

Moose said that it was wrong to say there was no World champion right now, because he now had the TNA World Championship.

Elgin cut him off and, in a babyface promo, said that for the last months, Moose had been running over the initials of TNA, but Elgin understood that while TNA was long past, those letters were now Impact.

Moose said that while Elgin was out there trading wins with Eddie, he was there defeating every competitor in front of him. Moose said that if he wanted a shot at him, he just needed to ask. Elgin was about to attack, but instead, Hernandez of all people interrupted them.

Hernandez said that Moose has never beaten him. He ended up inserting himself into the match.

TNA World Championship Match ??
Moose vs Michael Elgin vs Hernandez - 6/10
To start things off, I don't really know if the TNA World Championship was on the line or not, I don't think that Elgin was fighting for it, and Hernandez was just there for fuck knows why, but when Moose won, he was declared the TNA World Champion.

Anyway, this started off as a great Impact match, but as soon as Hernandez gassed out, the match felt like it was honoring the championship on the line, becoming a slow and boring match that ended with a ton of unnecessary overbooking. Elgin was the MVP of the match, no question about it.

After the match, Moose proclaimed himself the TNA World Champion, establishing him as the interim champion until Tessa can come back. I really don't mind this idea as a replacement for a World Champion. Moose did have a storyline all year about defeating TNA originals, so there was a delusional reason in his head to snatch the belt and proclaim himself the champ. No one needs to acknowledge it and make it official, but he can now run his mouth all two months or so until Tessa returns and they can have the unification match. Furthermore, you can have people challenging Moose for the title for the sake of shutting him up.

Bad show by Impact. The first hour was fun, but then it all went downhill. With half of the original card not taking place, the replacement matches all felt like filler, and the main event was really hurt by the addition of Hernandez.

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