Impact Wrestling 9.20 Review: LAX's Farewell Match

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Impact Wrestling 9.20 Review: LAX's Farewell Match

Post by cero2k » Sep 20th, '19, 22:32

Impact Wrestling
September 20, 2019

Full Recap: ... tch-292901

Tonight’s episode is being sold as LAX’s appreciation night, as this is their final show. Opening video was a retroactive look at LAX’s time in Impact Wrestling, their beginning, their feuds, and the legacy they leave behind. Tonight, LAX has their final match for Impact Wrestling.

Street Fight
Tessa Blanchard, Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, & Rhino vs oVe - 7/10
Opening the show with a strong match, a main event any other night. Finish saw Rhino hit Jake with a Gore through the table, followed by a 5-star Frog Splash, and finally, it was Tessa Blanchard with a Crossface tapping out the X-Division champion. Tessa had a bloody nose at the end. The match was good for what it was -- a sprint, given the amount of people in the ring and the time given.

Given the finish, I expect my idea of Tessa getting the X-Division going forward.

Ace Austin/Alisha skit - Backstage, Ace Austin is in a wheelchair all injured after last week’s match with Eddie Edwards. Alisha is checking in on him. Ace says that it’s all because of her husband, but that he’ll be there for her if she needs him. At this point we have to assume he’s faking it all.

LAX Flashback Moment of the night - LAX winning the tag team titles against Decay, and Laredo Kid & Hector Garza Jr.

The North interview - Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs interviewed The North, who are celebrating that LAX is leaving Impact Wrestling. They’re wearing ridiculous party hats, but they’re mocking LAX. Page said they’re going to look for people and have themselves a Fiesta.

Taya Valkyrie (w/John E. Bravo) vs Alisha Edwards - Squash, ok segment
Total squash, but the meat of this was that Ace Austin got rolled down the ramp and left at ringside. At one point when Alisha came close to pinning Taya, Bravo pulled her off, provoking Ace to leave the wheelchair and take him out, which could be seen as a babyface thing, but he revealed that he's ok and just faking the injuries to get to Alisha.

Taya hit the Road To Valhalla for the win.

Post-match - Ace pretended to be injured again and made himself a victim for Alisha to care for.

The North Skit - They were backstage recruiting people for their party. They bullied some people until they reached RVD and Rhino. RVD was down to party, Rhino got tired of Ethan Page and destroyed their piñata.

Mahabali Shera (w/Gama Singh & The Desi Hit Squad) vs Cody Deaner (w/Cousin Jake) - Squash
Shera going heel and being managed by Gama is the best thing that could happen to him and us, no more Shera Shake for now and maybe it will give the team a push.

Shera destroyed Cody from the get go. He immediately tackled Deaner to the corner, tossed him around to the other, and dropped him. Cody tried to make a comeback, but Shera hit a big Front-facing Suplex. Deaner hoped for another comeback, hitting a dive on the rest of the Desi Hit Squad, went for a move from the top rope, but Shera caught him with a big Chokeslam, followed with Mark Henry style Powerslam for the win. Shera looked impressive size-wise. This concept has potential.

LAX Flashback Moment of the night - LAX vs The OGz gang brawl in the streets of NYC. This was the ‘Final Deletion’ style climax to these team’s feud.

The Rascalz vs Australian Suicide, Arez, & Toxin - 7/10
Rascalz started the match with a triple moonsault on all their opponents, followed by a triple dive to the outside. It's gonna a crazy match. We had tons of dives, big moves, all fast paced because they got just a short time. Dezmond and Wentz hit a Hot Fire Flame on Suicide for the win.

Moose fights people in CDMX - Moose was walking around Mexico City cutting a promo on Ken Shamrock. He was out there trying to pick a fight to prove that he was tougher than Shamrock. He beat up some people hanging out in a corner.

Cage's Bachelor's Party - We got footage from Dreamer, Swann, and Brian Cage talking about Cage’s Bachelor’s party.

Tenille Dashwood Sitdown Interview - She had a sit-down interview with Jimmy Jacobs. She said that she came to Impact because she wanted to face off against the Knockouts, who she hadn’t fought before. She said that she wanted to fight Madison Rayne and Tessa Blanchard, but her primary focus was Taya and the Knockout’s Championship. Tenille brought up that she was Taya’s first ever match, and that she recognized that Taya has grown a lot, but she has too. Good stuff.

No DQs Match
Havok vs Su Yung - 5/10
Ok weapons match, nothing special aside from a spot where Su Yung used a staple gun on Havok's vagina. Yes. Vagina. NOPE. Havok won with a Tombstone Piledriver. I'm surprised by how much offense they give Yung in these matches, and it all looks credible.

Post-match - Yung came back and locked in the Claw. Yung brought in another chair to the ring and tossed it at Havok sending her to the floor. They fought up the ramp where they traded forearms and then started making their way to the back, brawling in the halls and stairways. Eventually, Havok tied a rope around Yung’s neck and straight up hung her from the stairs. I think the Undead Bride is deader now.

Melissa Santos' Bachelorette Party - We got footage from Melissa Santo’s Bachelorette party. A lot of champagne, but no bubbly jokes. Taya makes a toast to herself for being the longest reigning champion ever. Suddenly, Cop Stripper Joey Ryan enters the room for the main event. Between the banter of the ladies and Joey Ryan, this was great.

On Cage’s party however, Brian Cage is cheating, but on his diet, eating a ton of pastries. Swann and Dreamer leave out of boredom and disappointment.

LAX Flashback Moment of the night - Barbwire Massacre III was the third installment of LAX’s farewell flashback of the night.

Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs LAX w/Konnan - 7.5/10
Great match, a proper ending to LAX's Impact run, at least considering that the Lucha Bros were not available. They got to put over who seem to be getting groomed as the big tag team to chase The North for Bound For Glory.

Match saw Ortiz get worked over, tons of moves after the hot tag, they kicked out of some big moves towards the end, but Swann and Mack still won decisively. It took a Stunner, Phoenix Splash, and Frog Splash on Santana to seal the deal for Swann and Mack.

Post-match - The fans tossed money into the ring, the locker room emptied out to pay their respects to LAX and give them their goodbyes.

Su Yung Update - Show closed with an update on Su Yung in the emergency room where she flatlines. The medics fail to bring her back, but then she comes back to life, or undead life, whatever that means.

Good and fun show for Impact. It felt like a big deal with the build up to LAX’s farewell match, but it didn’t take away from the rest that was good inside the ring. Nothing came out of The North's skits, but I take it they quit after Rhino tore up their piñata.

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