Impact Wrestling 5.17 Review: Elgin vs Swann!

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Impact Wrestling 5.17 Review: Elgin vs Swann!

Post by cero2k » May 17th, '19, 22:32

Impact Wrestling
May 17, 2019
2300 Arena, Philly, PA

Full Recap: ... tch-284021

Opening video followed through last week’s championship implications, the build up to tonight’s Rosemary vs Su Yung match, and the return of RVD to an Impact ring. At the end, an awesome recap of the oVe vs Team Swann Street Fight.

Twitch stream was hosted by Melissa Santos, who celebrated her birthday tonight with the stream. Later in the show, Don Callis joined the stream to give his post-show analysis.

Knockout Battle Royal
“Disco Inferno” Glenn Gilbertti vs Alisha Edwards vs Ashley Vox vs Jordynne Grace vs Karissa Rivera vs Kiera Hogan vs Madison Rayne vs Scarlett Bordeaux vs Solo Darling vs Tasha Steelz vs Tessa Blanchard - 6.5/10
When the show started, half of the women were already in the ring. Disco Inferno came out at the end and cut a promo saying that when Scarlet defeated him, it was a fluke. He talked trash about women’s wrestling, saying that this should be a Bra and Panties Battle Royal. Tons of heat.

Bell sounded and all the women kicked Disco out, but he left from under the ropes and joined commentary. All match, he was an insufferable barrage of misogynist comments with Josh and Callis making fun of him. He did bring out that he was still in the match halfway through it, killing the swerve.

This was surprisingly good for a battle royal, all women in the match had a small chance to get their shit in and look good at it. They obviously eliminated all the invites early and left the roster talent in. The newly heel Kiera Hogan faced off with Jordynne Grace, with the former eliminating the latter. Taya Valkyrie ran in and attacked Madison Rayne and beat her up around the ring, tossing her back for Tessa and Scarlet to eliminate her.

The final 3 -- Hogan, Tessa, and Bordeaux are all fighting in the ring. Tessa hits a codebreaker on Hogan, only to take a powerbomb and plancha by Scarlet. Kiera Hogan clotheslined Scarlet, eliminating her from the match.

Tessa went to powerbomb Hogan out of the ring, but the both landed in the apron, where they traded strikes, ending Tessa blocking a kick and tossing her. Suddenly, Glenn Gilbertti ran back in, clotheslined Tessa and eliminated her to win the match and earn all of tonight’s available heat. If this leads up to Tessa beating the shit out of Disco, I'm going to love it soo much. The last three women going at it, while short in time, actually looked really good. I'm glad that Kiera Hogan seems to finally move into a proper feud by herself.

Post-match - Tessa returned to the ring to beat him up, but Disco ran away from her.

Last Week's Video - We got footage from last week with Elgin attacking Willie Mack in the parking lot after the show. They brawled for a bit until Elgin powerbombed Mack into a truck.

Rolando Menendez interviewed Elgin about his hit list - Elgin said that he has learned that when he wants something, he needs to take it for himself, and so he has been taking out the competition. Rich Swann walked up to Elgin in defense of Mack and got in a fight with Elgin. They got into a pull apart.

Demon Collar Match
Rosemary vs Su Yung - 4.5/10
Rosemary hit Red Wedding and picked up the win in a back and forward brawl. They did the usual collar match spots with them choking each other and pulling the chain to ram the other on to things, but this was Rosemary’s best performance since coming back from injury. Rosemary won possession of Su Yung and can now use her as a bargaining chip against James Mitchell and her father -- Kevin Sullivan.

Madison Rayne Promo - Backstage, Melissa Santos went to talk with Madison Rayne, who just said that Taya is avoiding her and hiding behind this 30-day no defense clause and when the day comes next week, she will be taking the championship.

Madman Fulton (w/Sami Callihan) vs Randy Shawn - Squash
Shawn tried attacking Fulton, but he didn’t even get the attention of the big man who was just waiting for Callihan to give him the green light. Once he did, Fulton tossed Shawn around, no sold some strikes, hit a couple of Chokeslams right from the canvas, and finally, the End of Days to win the match. Great and total squash.

RVD Interview - Santos interviewed RVD about coming back to the 2300 Arena. RVD said that him and this arena made each other famous. He said that Tommy Dreamer asked him, and so next week, they’re going one-on-one.

Brian Cage Update - Rolando Menendez interviewed the Impact medic about Brian Cage’s condition. We were told that he had a radical spinal contusion and some issues with his ciatica. Medic said that Cage is already walking, but that he can’t properly predict when, and if, he can return to action. I’m not really sure if this was a shoot update or not.

Killer Kross vs Eddie Edwards - 6.5/10
This was short, and it was one of those matches that it would be fair to rate as a segment, but it was enough of a match to rate. It was a dominant win for Kross over Eddie who would have lost anyway, but he still distracted himself with his stupid stick. Kross won with a Doomsday Saito.

Post-match - Great! Kross took out Eddie with a kick. He zip-tied Eddie on to the ropes and when he went to deliver a series of kendo stick shots, reminiscent to the Tommy Dreamer ECW angle many years ago, Kross instead broke the kendo stick in front of Eddie Edwards.

It seems like Killer Kross has taken over the angles that Eli Drake had, that could progress Eddie Edwards out of his hardcore gimmick.

The Rascalz Treehouse - Dezmond and Trey Miguel are arguing about eating. Wentz is nervous about getting a title shot against LAX coming up. Wentz and Xavier agree to go train. We then got a 90’s training montage with all three Rascalz.

Impact Plus Moment of the Week - It was Brian Cage vs Kongo Kong from the July 5th 2018 episode of Impact Wrestling. Something tells me this one wasn't voted by the Twitch fans.

The North and Moose Backstage - Josh Alexander is berating Ethan Page about refocusing on the tag titles. Ethan Page says he’s not done with RVD. Moose walked up and told them that LAX can wait, but they only have one chance to be the first to take out RVD. He said that next time, he’ll be there with them.

Rich Swann vs Michael Elgin - 8.5/10
Awesome main event. It was a back and forward speed vs power match. There were a ton of good near falls towards the end, not only protecting the X-Division champion against a heavyweight, but also making sure that Elgin kept his dominant aura.

Finish saw Swann go for a rana from the apron, but Elgin caught him and powerbombed him into the ringpost. Elgin hit a second powerbomb into the ringpost and received a warning from the referee. Elgin attacked the official and hit a third powerbomb to the ring post, getting himself disqualified.

Post-match - Elgin ran off the referee and went to attack Rich Swann in the ring with an Elgin Bomb, but Willie Mack came out and attacked Elgin. Mack hit a Samoan Drop and Moonsault, but when he went for the Cannonball, Johnny Impact came out and attacked Willie Mack and Rich Swann. Elgin and Johnny got face to face to close the show.

Great show for Impact. There was some play into ECW nostalgia that will play out in the coming shows, but the meat of the show with Swann and Elgin was top notch wrestling.

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