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Cero Reviews Impact Wrestling Uncaged

Post by cero2k » Feb 15th, '19, 22:46

Impact Wrestling Uncaged
February 15, 2019
Fronton Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

F4WOnline Recap: https://www.f4wonline.com/news/impact-w ... act-277106

Tonight’s Twitch stream was hosted by “Disco Inferno” Glenn Gilberti and Melissa Santos live from the Las Vegas tapings. They answered questions, interviewed several wrestlers throughout the show, plus some of the people involved with the NFL Alumni affiliation. After the show, they featured each of the main event’s competitors doing post-match thoughts. Impact is really making great use of Twitch, having an open timeslot and having first hand live contact with fans.

Impact Knockout’s Championship Street Fight
Taya Valkyrie (C) vs Tessa Blanchard - 7.5/10
Tessa came out wearing, according to Don Callis, an original Four Horsemen t-shirt from one of Tully’s street fight. Taya came out with a Perros del Mal t-shirt and sporting face paint that looked more like Rey Bucanero than anything else.There is a huge board in the ring with Wera Loca vs Diamond spray painted on it.

This was straight up a fight, all the spots looked brutal, more than they usually look in other street fights. The spots against the spray painted board there brutal since the board didn't break against Tessa's spear, so after rebounding for a second time, they just went for the near fall instead. Taya won with a foot stomp on Tessa through a table for the pin.

GWN Flashback Moment of the Week - As voted by the Twitch fans, it is Taiji Ishimori vs Dez from the Super X Cup finals at Destination X 2017. Fun match.

Team Impact Interview - They were interviewed by Melissa Santos. Sami Callihan self proclaimed himself as the leader of the team until Fallah Bahh did some comedy and Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan almost restarted their rivalry. Eli Drake cut a great promo actually hyping up the team and getting them all together.

Willie Mack vs Ethan Page - 5/10
This was a slow, ok match, nothing special to it. Mack hit the Stunner and got the win.

Killer Kross Promo - Kross cut a promo telling Johnny Impact that he will need a miracle to win tonight, because if he’s not focused, Kross will take him out and take his championship. Great short promo. The camera turned, and we saw Mack walk to the locker room. Dave and Jake Crist followed him in and closed the door.

Team AAA Interview - Team AAA was interviewed by Melissa Santos. Psycho Clown cut a promo hyping up the team, saying that this is their territory and they will win tonight. Puma King said that this goes beyond AAA, this one goes for Mexico.

Sami Callihan Calls out Rich Swann - Sami Callihan came out to the ring. Callihan cut a promo, addressing Rich Swann. He said that everything that Swann said in the last week’s interview was ‘fake news’. Callihan said that for the last few weeks, he’s been offering Swann to join the group, but he gets rejected over and over, and so calls out Rich Swann. He tells Swann that if their relationship means anything to Swann, he will come out and accept the offer.

Rich Swann came out and rejected once again. Callihan attacked Swann with the microphone. Swann made a small comeback and hit a Phoenix Splash to the outside. They brawled around ringside, up to the ramp where Callihan dropped Swann with a piledriver, and then tossed him off the ramp on to a table. Good angle, this is surely going all the way to Impact’s Rebellion PPV in April.

8-man Elimination match to win the World Cup
Team AAA (Psycho Clown, Hijo del Vikingo, Puma King, & Aerostar) vs Team Impact (Sami Callihan, Eli Drake, Eddie Edwards, & Fallah Bahh) - 6/10
The match had some good parts with Puma King and Hijo del Vikingo, but it’s one of those where the eliminations just happen one after the other because there’s not enough time to properly build any of them. Story of the match was that Team AAA was working perfectly as a team, but Team Impact had way to many issues between each other. Eddie vs Callihan, Eddie vs Drake, Callihan vs Everyone, and Bahh being Bahh.

Final two are Eddie Edwards vs Psycho Clown. Eli Drake came out again with Eddie’s kendo stick and hit Eddie with it, giving Psycho the opening to pin Eddie with La Magistral for Team AAA’s win. I had hoped that Drake and Eddie would actually become a team, but I guess we're on to the feud now.

Reno Scum returns in two weeks.

LAX Skit - We got a video recapping the saga between Lucha Bros and LAX, all the way to the title change from last week. We then got a skit from LAX’s clubhouse with Konnan yelling at Santana and Ortiz for losing the titles. Konnan tells them that he is going to get them a rematch, but it’s the last time they face each other, win, draw, or lose.

Allie and Su Yung Skip - They are talking from somewhere in the basement. Allie’s voice has changed, she said that Rosemary is playing mind games. Rosemary creeped around the shadows and then disappeared.

Scarlett Bordeaux Promo - She cut a promo from her hotel room where she was barely waking up. I’m just going to assume the camera had just been standing there, recording Scarlett while she slept.

Impact World Championship
Johnny Impact (C) vs "The Machine" Brian Cage vs "Money" Moose vs Killer Kross - 7/10
Overall a good main event, it was really action packed. The last minutes of the match were really good. Cage, and especially Kross, looked like beasts out there. Moose looked great, and maybe due to storyline, but Johnny once again looked like the undeserving champion next to these guys. Finish saw Johnny hit the Starship Pain on one corner on Moose, while Cage hit the Drill Claw on Kross on the other corner of the ring, Johnny went for the pin first, so when the ref counted three, Johnny got the win instead of Cage.

Good show, these special episodes are usually good inside the ring. This show felt like a mid-season finale heading into the Rebellion PPV, with several storylines escalating into proper feuds, and potentially ending the Tessa Blanchard vs Taya Valkyrie program.

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