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Cero Reviews Impact Wrestling Homecoming

Post by cero2k » Jan 8th, '19, 22:16

Impact Wrestling Homecoming
January 6th, 2018
Nashville, TN

Ultimate X Match for the Vacant X-Division Championship
Rich Swann vs Jake Crist vs Trey Miguel vs "All Ego" Ethan Page - 7/10
Good opener, spotty as expected. Page played power and base to pretty much all the spots in the match. Trey Miguel was easily the MVP of the match, to the point where I wasn't sure if Swann winning was a botch. There was all the typical big spots that you expect.

Brian Cage Interview - Lots of fire, felt like an old WWF promo. He says that all his sacrifices come to fruition tonight.

Jordynne Grace & Kiera Hogan vs Su Yung & "Dark" Allie - 5.5/10
Arguably the worst match of the night, mostly because of the Hogan vs Yung parts of it. The rest was for ok for the position of the card and time it got. Jordynne was great. It's nice that Kiera Hogan never really became the superheroe of the story, at least up to now.

Post-match - Allie and Yung attacked Hogan and Yung brought called her Bridesmaids who brought out a coffin, but when it opened, Rosemary made her return, she took out the Bridesmaids, took out Yung, and when she went to befriend Allie, she ran away leaving Rosemary alone in the ring.

Falls Count Anywhere
Eddie Edwards vs Moose - 8/10
Great brawl and hardcore match, the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation didn't really come up since there was only one pin during the whole match. At one point Alisha Edwards came out and joined Eddie on the attack as she took the kendo stick and hit Moose a couple of times right before the finish. This feels like the end to this story, or at least a point where Eddie and Alisha are back in sync.

Sami Callihan Promo - Sami Callhan cut a promo on Willie Mack, telling him to not get in the way of oVe's business, and thus tonight, Mack will learn to listen to Rich Swann's warnings.

Sami Callihan w/Dave Crist vs Willie Mack - 6.5/10
Good match, but nothing out of this world, this felt more like setting up Callihan for a bigger thing as he takes this win. Mack looked great in defeat, especially fending off two men.

Eli Drake Promo - He mostly talked about going hardcore tonight to teach Abyss a lesson. Drake is a great promo and it sounds soo natural, even with the over-Rock-ing it.

Monster's Ball Match
Abyss vs Eli Drake - 6.5/10
This was really violent with spots that we've seen be less violent before, but overall a good short weapons match. The finish was botched in the sense that Abyss was going to be tied up with zip ties, but Abyss accidentally broke them, so Drake just took a chair and hit about 20 chair shots and followed by breaking a wooden boat paddle on top of Abyss' head. There was a spot where Abyss brought out the tumbtacks and hit a big chokeslam on to the tacks, Eli Drake's back was silver.

Killer Kross Promo - He says that tonight, people won't be talking of Option C, but rather, Option X (Option Kross, get it!?)

Impact World Tag Team Championship Match
LAX (C) vs Lucha Bros! - 9/10
Awesome match, easily the match of the night so far, worth going out of your way to watch. The big story going in is that Konnan is not here with LAX, and we've seen LAX choke before, when Konnan was not with them. I was kinda surprised that LAX won, but with the story out there of Konnan not being here and LAX really needing to step up and get out of his shadow, they really needed the win, and it's not like the Lucha Bros did the job or anything, it was a really competitive match.

Post-match - Konnan came out admitting that these two teams were able to have a fight and give it their all, but never let gold get between the brotherhood. He put both teams over.

Impact Knockout's Championship Match, Special Guest Referee: Gail Kim
Tessa Blanchard (C) vs Taya Valkyrie - 7/10
Taya has changed her look for this match, attire looks great. This was a great back and forward match, but there was a lot of stuff going on with Gail Kim at the end in order to protect Tessa in defeat that may put off some fans.

Josh Matthews announced that Impact Wrestling is going to start simulcasting on both Pursuit Channel and Twitch starting next Friday. Josh pushed for fans to subscribe to Twitch.

Johnny Impact Interview - Johnny said that he wasn't expecting a friendly fight tonight. Johnny said that tonight he proves that he is a fighting champion.

Impact World Championship Match
Johnny Impact vs "The Machine" Brian Cage - 8/10
Brian Cage came out wearing cyborg gear, a lot better than Kenny Omega's if you ask me. This got the big match introduction that Impact world title matches usually get. I didn't get a name on the announcer, but he did a good job. Crowd seems to be mostly behind Cage tonight.

Story here is that Cage is straight up dominant, Johnny had his ability working for him and manage to really hurt Cage at points, but towards the end, you can see how Cage is totally in control and Johnny's win was all about taking the roll up pin when he had a chance. This really leaves it open to Johnny's reign being questions, Cage getting a second match, even Johnny going heel since he and Taya are champs and won in somewhat controversial ways.

Post-match - Cage leaves in disgust, Taya and Impact celebreate, out of nowhere, even after the closing graphics had appeared on the screen, Killer Kross came out and took Johnny out, Taya tried to defend him, but ended up getting powerbombed from the ramp into the crowd. You gotta appreciate Kross not interfering during the match.

Overall a really good show by Impact. All matches felt like they had enough time to tell their stories, good wrestling top to bottom. We did get a lot of ref bumps here and there for some matches, which will most likely annoy some fans, but seeing past that, the show delivered.

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