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Cero Reviews Impact Wrestling Final Hour

Post by cero2k » Nov 9th, '18, 15:03

Impact Wrestling Final Hour
November 8th, 2018
Melrose Ballroom, NYC

Cold Opening - Killer Kross is creeping in to my Top 3 Mic Skills of the Year. Johnny sold him as a really dangerous person, enough that I hope we get a dirty finish tonight.

OGz w/King vs Lucha Brothers - 6.5/0
Match went chaotic really early, Pentagon and Homicide brawled outside, forks made their presence felt, they brawled into the ramp and eventually, a hurt Pentagon was brought inside for Hernandez to punish. Meanwhile, Fenix had to take on Hernandez, who straight up overpowered Fenix and took it out on him.

After Dez worked over Pentagon for a bit, he managed to get the tag on Fenix, and we got a high flying hot tag, taking out Cide and King, only to then be taken out by a flying Hernandez. Back in the ring, OGz controlled Pentagon and hit him with several double team moves. Fenix tried to make the save only to be handled by OGz too. I can't remember the last time I saw the Lucha Bros get manhandled like this.

Lucha Bros eventually superkicked themselves into a comeback and got themselves the first near fall of the match after an assisted flying elbow. King tried to get the slapjack into the match, but Fenix caught Homicide in the face with a superkick before he could do anything with it. They hit a Tree of Woe Footstomp and a Swanton on Hernandez, a superkick on King, and after the bodyscissors flip they pinned Hernandez. After how strong the OGz looked tonight, i wouldn't have minded if they had take the win after the slapjack came in. This was the best Hernandez I've seen since their last LAX run.

Lucha Bros Meet LAX - Konnan congratulated Penta and Fenix. This gave me a feeling that LAX and Lucha Bros will feud soon, with Konnan's loyalty to LAX being questioned.

Josh and Callis ran the card for tonight.

Jordynne Grace vs Katarina - 3/10
Don Callis said that Grace reminded him of Rhyno, in the sense that she is full of power held in a small package, saying she could be the Rhyno of the women's division. Katarina got some early control due to playing dirty, and while Jordynne started to slowly slow her down, she kept control for longer than she should have. Eventually, Grace powered herself up when Katarina got distracted, locked in a bear hug, and submitted Katarina. Bad debut in my opinion, Katarina got way too much offense against someone who is supposed to be a powerhouse, this was supposed to be a squash.

The Machine drives a Machine to Rockstar Pro - Cage arrived at Rockstar Pro, took out a bunch of people outside, including the Crist brothers. He asked for Callihan and made his way into the ring. Everyone hated Cage and he made no fans calling Ohio a shithole. Callihan came out with his fake X-Division title he made with tape.

From Rockstar Pro
Impact Wrestling X-Division Championship Match
"The Machine" Brian Cage (C) vs Sami Callihan - No rating, great angle.
Cage controlled the match from the get go, fans love Callihan so much, that Cage threw him into them. Eventually back in the ring, Callihan raked the eyes to try and get control, but Cage just overpowered himself out of the piledriver. Soon after, Jake and Dave came out and attacked Cage for the DQ.

Post-match - 4 more men came out and Cage took them out, but eventually all 7 men attacked Cage and they barely controlled him after a belt shot. The all stomped Cage and between them all, they started hitting some finishers on Cage once he was knocked out. Callihan hit the last shot with a piledriver and posed with the X-Division title. If you ask me, let Callihan steal the title and Cage break every one of those geeks one by one until he gets his hands on Callihan again at the January PPV in a Cage! Pun Intended!

Taya Promo - She says that she has proven to everyone that Tessa is a cheat and spoiled. She says that she is called La Guera Loca for doing whatever it takes to get what she wants and challengs Tessa to a no DQ, a Tijuana Street fight, or even a Parking Lot Match, whatever Tessa wants

GWN Match - It's MCMG vs Masato Yoshino and Naruki Doi! It was just the finishing sequence tho.

Kross and Moose Interview - Moose is fighting Eddie tonight, so he says that tonight, he will hurt Eddie and stop his meddling. Kross cut another great promo saying he's completely calm and ready to eliminate Johnny Impact and rip the championship from his hands.Tick Tock!

Smoke Show Submission's - We got a dude with Argenis' mask, and one with Shark Boy's mask. I think it was the real Shark Boy. We then got Bahh and KM walking to Scarlett saying they should be on the front of the line since all they've done for her. Scarlett tells them that they were close, but they lost their title shot and the match against Kross and Moose. Scarlett tells them that next week, from Las Vegas, they should go and 'win her something'. Could they finally get some gold around them?

Moose vs Eddie Edwards - 8.5/10
Before the bell even rang, Eddie went straight for the brawl, he took it to Moose around the ring, throwing everything the fans gave him into Moose, but he got distracted enough that Moose caught him with a dropkick and started attacking him around the ring too. Also grabbing stuff from the fans.

Eventually after about 10 minutes of brawling, they got into the ring the match officially started. Moose had control at first, but Eddie turned it around and worked over Moose a bit, at one point getting him caught in the ring corner and hurting Moose's leg while he attacked him on the head. Moose hit a top rope Go To Hell for a near fall. Eddie hit a Spear and Tiger Driver for a near fall. They got into a strike off, first with punches, later with Knife Edge chops, they both brought out their inner Kobashi, they probably chopped each other about 50 times in that single spot before Eddie took out Moose with a Western Lariat.

Eddie went for a Top Rope something that Moose caught him and just power bombed him from the ring into the ramp, looked sick as fuck. Alisha came out to check on Eddie after this spot. Moose ran off Alisha, which kinda gave Eddie enough time to wake up from that Bomb, but Moose was stalking him now, and as he finally makes it up, Moose goes for a spear that Eddie manages to dodge, but not the second, and Moose pins Eddie Edwards clean in the middle of the ring. Huge win for Moose. Great match, it slowed down at the end, but with great drama.

Allie and Kiera Hogan Talk - They're planning how to retrieve Allie's soul, but Sinister Minister James Mitchell comes across them and tells Allie he won't give her soul back, they had a deal. Mitchell kinda tells Allie that she will become like him and offers her help in the sense that he'll help her fill that emptiness. They made this weird thing that Su Yung appeared next to Mitchell as Allie left with them. Allie's eyes turned black as Kiera Hogan was left alone. I really like that they somehow found a way to bring back James Mitchell, but I have no idea where this will lead, if Psycho Bunny will be a thing, then they need to build another babyface out there. Worth mentioning that Kross never came out.

Eddie Edwards and the doctor - Eddie may have a concussion. He wants to find Moose, Alisha stops him.

Eli Drake and Joseph Park Promo - Drake says he's the last of a dying breed. He blames people like Abyss that all the new kids come in and want to have hardcore matches with tables and thumbtacks and Impact Wrestling promotes this behavior. Drake got Park to come and explain Drake's lawsuit against Impact LLC. His wording put over Abyss, but said that some people backstage actually want to get into the lawsuit, and brings them out, but before they come out, Drake lowblows Park and berates Park for putting over Abyss and it seems Drake is the only one who hasn't forgotten that Park and Abyss are the same. Drake brings out a chair and takes out Joseph Park with multiple chairshots.

I've seen this 'Last of a Dying Breed' angle with a bunch of people, but Drake vs Hardcore Wrestling could be a nice alternative depending on who they bring out to face him before the inevitable Drake vs Abyss match. Drake choked out Park even after the refs came out to check on Park.

Johnny Impact Interview - Impact kinda complains that he gave Fenix a shot when he asked for it, so why does Kross have to attack him if he could just ask instead.

Impact Wrestling World Championship Match
Killer Kross w/Moose vs Johnny Impact (C) - 7.5/10
Moose got involved really early on in the match, getting himself sent to the back. Impact went for a quick submission with an armbar, Kross got up and hit him with an Alabama Slam, and that was just a hint of what was to come. They went back and forward most of the match, Kross working the leg while Impact worked the head. We saw Kross hit a Dragon Screw and lock a Kneebar, while Impact landed a Shinning Wizard, a piledriver, and a DDT early on himself.

They brawled into the ramp and Kross hit a Razor's Edge from the ramp INTO the ring, he was probably watching that Moose vs Eddie match. Back inside, Kross locked in a Liontamer for a near submission, but Impact made it to the ropes. Kross went at it again, but Impact this time rolled him over for a pin. Impact hit a second Shinning Wizard and hang up Kross to hit a footstomp a la Tree of Woe. Impact hit the Countdown to Impact for a near fall. Kross came back and went all Sambo Psycho on Impact, landing several tosses and a powerbomb before Impact came back to life with some kicks to make some space, only pissing Kross even more. Finish finally came with Impact hitting a Hurricanrana setting up Kross for Starship Pain and the pin.

Great match and a great clean win for Impact. I'm not super excited to see Kross take the pin like this (and I think it was the first), but I'm hopeful Kross will come back bigger and angrier.

Good show by Impact, 3 matches that were good to great, and several segments that were great angles going forward into the new set of tapings in Las Vegas. In a weird way, this felt like the calm before the storm, like we saw some babyfaces win and nothing to drastic happening, but it feels like shit is about to hit the fan as they start building towards 2019.

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