Impact Wrestling 10.25 Review: Impact vs Fenix!

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Impact Wrestling 10.25 Review: Impact vs Fenix!

Post by cero2k » Oct 26th, '18, 10:36

Impact Wrestling
October 25, 2018
Mellrose Ballroom, NYC

Scarlett Bordeaux's is out to scout talent for the next match

Trevor Lee vs Sami Callihan w/OVE - 6.5/10
Commentary is still building the story that Lee is in a losing streak and needs to get a win, so with Callihan jumping Trevor Lee at the start of the match, I can take it he's either going babyface, or joining Sydal soon, or Bordeaux if she had him.

Match saw Callihan have control most of the match, except for Lee having some hope spots into a comeback, up until when Callihan locked in a Crossface and Lee powered himself out, only to be cut out by Callihan again. Callihan then looked at the camera and said "Time to send a message", obviously talking to Cage, but Dave Crist that has been focused on Scarlett all match, was distracted and didn't give Callihan the bat quickly enough, so Trevor got a roll up near fall. Lee finally made his comeback and took out both Crist brothers, took out Calihan with the running footstomp, but as he was about to finish the job, Jake threw him from the top rope, leaving him ready for Callihan to drop him with a Wedgie Piledriver. Good match and opener, I'm ready to get behind a babyface Trevor Lee again.

Post-match - Cage came out, beat both Crists. Blocked Callihan's bat shot, but then gave the bat back and told Callihan to give him his best shot, which he countered into an F-5. Crists saved Callihan from further hurt. Good upper hand for Cage.

King & The OGz - King is pissed that he can't cross the line and touch Konnan, but as he goes crazy, he figures a way to get back at LAX. I guess this ain't over until someone literally dies or something.

Gama Singh Training - Gama is getting ready for their match while his opponent Raju, is massaging him. Raju asks Gama how does this help him, Gama just berates him and tells him to believe in his teachings.

Eli Drake Joins Commentary - Callis and Josh are presenting tonight's card. Eli Drake comes out and joins them, Callis confirms that Drake has indeed sued Impact for the unsafe workspace thing. Drake tells him that lawsuits are not personal, but if Callis wants to make them, he can. Callis leaves and it will be Drake & Josh doing commentary for the next match.

Heavenly Bodies vs LAX w/Konnan -
Gigolo Dustin and Desirable Dustin in Impact! Drake is here because LAX vs OGz match is one of his arguments that Impact is allowing teams to fight without padding instead of Impact being the ones to moderate their feud.

Match saw LAX completely dominate the HB with a lot of cool looking double team moves. Eventually, after playing to the crowd too much, Bodies cut them off and they cut the ring on Ortiz for a short whiel. Santana came in with a strong hot tag, then Ortiz came in and hit a few more double team moves. Last few minutes saw all men in the ring, Heavenly Bodies got a super close near fall. Finish saw the HB go for a Double Superplex on Santana, but Ortiz saves him, takes one out and prep the 5150 for the win.

Taya and Tessa Talk Trash Backstage - Tessa confronts Taya about her comments. Tessa tells her she doesn't need shortcuts against her and she is willing to put the title on the line again next week to prove it. Tessa got tricked into another title shot.

LAX meet their new Challenge? - LAX are coming to the back when they meet Sydal and Page. Sydal cuts a promo talking leader to leader to Konnan, comparing his teachings to his. Konnan blows them off saying they're high on peyote or something. Santana and Ortiz blow them off again.

Moose and Kross Interview - Moose is wearing what looks like a mask-less bondage suit. Million Dollars this guy! Tonight they're going against KM and Bahh (Finally!). Moose's promo wasn't that good, he made a terrible joke. Kross was amazing, comparing them with a dog, except he is not a car, he's a train that is gonna run them over.

Fenix Vignette - This was like a sitdown interview with cuts of his wrestling. He talked about putting on his first mask, he talked about being discovered in Lucha Underground, about what Konnan did for them, about what Pentagon means to him, saying he is his hero. He says he wants to be the best and so tonight, he is going to win the title.

Swann and Mack get drunk - They're drinking whisky backstage, celebrating BFG, pushing Cage to the limit. Mack is making his single debut and challenges Swann to it next week. Swann vs Mack!

Gama Singh vs Rohit Raju - No Rating, Interesting Segment
They actually had footage of Gama wrestling back in Stampede Wrestling. Before the match, Gama introduced himself, listing all his wins he had on Bret Hart, Bulldog, Owen Hart, Abdullah, Dynamite Kid, and many more. Rohit doesn't want to fight his teacher, but Gama pushes him and Rohit eventually does, and gets schooled by Gama!

Gama is wrestling completely dressed and using old school dirty tactics on Rohit, but eventually Rohit just overpowers hi, but doesn't have the guts to actually strike Gama. Rohit eventually did get fed up, but suddenly, a new protege comes out, takes out Rohit with a Gutbuster, so Rohit wins by DQ.

After the match, the new guy helps Rohit up, Gama embraces Rohit, and the all leave together. Seems like Rohit passed the test. I don't really recognize this new guy from the older Desi Hit Squad roster.

Johnny Impact Interview - Impact says that Fenix is family, but tonight, he can't take it easy and he is motivated to give it his all and keep his Impact World Title.

Scarlett Bordeaux Is taking a bath - She is watching all the entries to her talent search. She shared some of the entries. They were all obviously cringe-worthy, one day was just showing his coffee making skills. One dude did karate in his room. Some dude was dressed as Ashley Remington. Coffee one did seemed staged, but I'd vote for him. This is getting interesting.

KM & Fallah Bahh vs Moose & Killer Kross - 8/10
KM actually started the match all fired up against Moose, like takedown and punches type of brawl. Moose tagged Kross in, and one again, KM overpowered him and tagged in Bahh. They got enough offense that they started playing a bit with them, but kept control. Eventually, Kross started getting more pissed and in a small distraction by Moose on Bahh, Kross turned the whole match around, and took out Bahh, cutting him away from KM.

Bahh had some good comebacks, but he couldn't get the pin to KM. Kross mocked KM locing an armbar just in front of KM, but Bahh made it to the ropes. Commentary made a great point that Bahh is not only being punished, but his cardio is not at the level of Moose and Kross, so he needs to make the tag, not just to save himself, but to get his breath back. After several intents, Bahh lands a big Samoan Drop on Kross and is finally reaching KM when Eddie comes out and secretly dragged Moose to the back behind everyone's back. Bahh got the tag to KM, but Kross dodged him and locked in the Sleeper for the submission win. This was a great match up until the finish. I really wish Eddie would go away long enough to allow these teams to get into a real feud.

Post-match - Kross didn't celebrate, he went straight for Moose and Eddie. Moose and Eddie are brawling on the roof of the Ballroom. Moose has control after hitting Eddie with 'Kenny'. Moose teases throwing Eddie from the roof to street level, but Eddie gets his hands back on the kendo stick and gets revenge, but Moose runs and locks Eddie out in the roof. Eddie goes crazy.

GWN Match of the Week - Joe/Styles vs Nash/Sting. This is Main Event Mafia era, but I can't remember this venue for the life of me. All MEM beat up AJ and Joe. Seems the decision to make these shorted is staying.

Jordynne Grace Vignette - She is shown lifting weights. She is coming soon. Tessa vs Grace should be awesome when it happens.

Eddie and Alisha Marriage Problems - Eddie is talking to his stick and Alisha finds them. She doesn't even asks if Eddie is ok, she straight asks "WERE YOU JUST TALKING TO YOURSELF!?" to which Eddie answers saying he was almost thrown off the roof, to which Alisha responds by berating him and blaming him for almost being throw off the roof. Eddie kisses Alisha and tells her she drives him crazy. That was awesome.

Kiera Hogan w/Allie vs Su Yung - 6.5/10
Hogan meets Yung at the ring to start the fight. Hogan ran wild until Yung cut her off, hit a draping neck-breaker and tried to go for the Mandible Claw. Hogan came back and fought it off until they found themselves in the ramp, where Yung was about to hit the Panic Switch from the ramp to the floor, but Allie interfered and saved Hogan.

Psycho Bunny was all fire, but Yung stared her down and suddenly Allie backed away, completely afraid ran off. Yung then hit a draping Pedigree and the Panic Switch for the win. Probably one of the better Hogan matches we've seen, even with Allie's interference. Allie's development was also interesting, I wonder is losing her soul means that Yung can control her, or if she doesn't have the 'spirit' to stand up against her fears.

Impact Wrestling World Championship Match
Fenix vs Johnny Impact (C) - 8.5/10
This is the third time they introduce Fenix by different names, he was Fenix, The Mexican Fenix, and now it was The MexiKing Fenix, announcer dude, get your shit straight. I do like the MexiKing Fenix, plays into the Rey Fenix name. Crowd is completely cut in the middle with dueling chants.

Match started with them measuring up, a lot of that Jr Heavyweight opening action that leads into a standoff. Both men are coming up really equal, constantly dodging and countering, but Fenix is landing the big moves, slowly chipping on Impact who is favoring the knee after Fenix kicked it out. Johnny starts making small comebacks here and there, but keeps playing to the crowd, giving Fenix time to recover and either dodge or counter, but good for Johnny, Fenix is also getting hurt more and more, so he's getting slower to recover.

They keep going back and forward. Fenix gets into kicking mode, and starts landing kick after kick, chasing his Fenix Driver, but Impact reverses it into a DDT, setting up Fenix for the Startship Pain and the 1-2-3 pin. This was an awesome match, great first defense for Impact, if he can keep this up for a while, this could be a really promising title reign.

Post-match - After Impact and Fenix celebrate, OGz come out and attack Fenix. Homicide has a fork, baiting Konnan and LAX to come out and cross the line, but Pentagon comes out and makes the save running off King and the OGz. Hernandez and Homicide vs Lucha Bros!

Kross Talks To... - We see Korss somewhere backstage talking to someone, telling him that 'he' things he can change things, but HE is change. He walks away and the camera pans down to see Impact has been taken out. Impact vs Kross!

A great show by Impact, we're kicking off an all new season of feuds and stories. I'm incredibly excited about most of the new pairings. Impact vs Kross, OGz vs Lucha Bros, Sydal/Page vs LAX, and a new rise of Trevor Lee all sound exciting. Wrestling wise this was a good show too, that main event was great, hopefully a glimpse of things to come.

Next week we get LAX vs Sydal/Page, Swann vs Mack, and Tessa vs Taya for the title.

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