Impact Wrestling 10.18 Review: The Era of Impact Begins

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Impact Wrestling 10.18 Review: The Era of Impact Begins

Post by cero2k » Oct 19th, '18, 16:29

Impact Wrestling
October 18, 2018
Mellrose Center, NYC

Show opening recapped Bound For Glory. They made a big deal about Cage's defeat, about LAX winning the war vs OGz, about Tessa's dominance, about Eddie Edwards being taken out, and about Impact winning the title, but they didn't show any of the 'shoot' stuff.

Johnny Impact Opening - Impact opens the show and indeed, this is Impact's first world championship, as the LU one is not 'world'. Fans chanted 'You Deserve it'. He cut a good babyface promo about always going for what he wants and always wanting to be a champion as a kid, and he finally achieved it. He got a little shooty with Aries again, and he said that he'll give anyone deserving a title shot, this brings out....FENIX!!

Fenix got in Impact's face, he congratulated him. Fenix, sounding like Tony Montana, said he's been winning championships all over the world, but he still hasn't captured one in Impact Wrestling, so he asks Johnny for a title shot next week. Impact accepts, and he tells that next week, he better bring it. In another shooty comment, Impact says that if Fenix wins, he'll stand up and shake his hand. Impact vs Fenix next week!

Tommy Dreamer Interview - He talks about how Moose could be great, but rather takes 'sidecuts'. Dreamer said that he'll take revenge on Moose for what they did to Eddie at the end of their match. He issues a challenge and says that maybe just maybe, he'll take a chair and concuss Moose.

Moose/Kross Interview - This was done in the street, Moose looks amazing. Kross says that it won't be Moose who accept his challenge, but rather 'we'. This was great, both guys are gold.

Katarina vs Taya Valkyrie - 5/10
I really miss Taya dressing up as a queen, she looked so imposing when she debuted, and now she just looks like another random wrestler.

Match saw Katarina strong the match with offense, attacking and mocking Taya at every opportunity. Taya made a come back while Katarina played to the fans, but Katarina came back with a DDT. Taya made a second comeback and hit a Meteora to the ropes for a near fall. Katarina made another attempt to get back on control, but Taya blocked it and hit the Road To Valhalla for the win.

Post-match - Taya got an in-ring interview. McKenzie brings up the controversy with the ref, but Taya says that the problem is not the ref, but Tessa, being one of the best of the world, and so resorting to that, made her lose her respect on Tessa. She acted like her feelings were hurt.

Matt Sydal and Etha Page Talk - Sydal brings up losing at BFG, and they accept their loss. Page says that before meeting Sydal, he suffered a lot more. Tonight Page takes on Trevor Lee and he'll make him suffer too. Seems like Page doesn't fully understand the whole Spiritual side of Sydal.

Gama Singh punishes Raju - He hits him while Raju is meditating. Gama says that Raju passed the first test, but he has another one, and that test is Gama himself. So I take it we get Gama vs Raju?

"All Ego" Ethan Page w/Matt Sydal vs Trevor Lee - 6.5/10
Kinda weird since they're both heels, so they kinda traded control, but I guess Lee worked more of a babyface part having to deal with Sydal and Page being considerably more intense than Lee, who was also doing more spotty moves liek a moonsault to a standing Page for a near fall. Page picked up the win with a huge Book End. Throughout the match we saw Sydal trying to recruit Lee to his side.

Rich Swann & Willie Mack Interview - Swann is getting an X-Division title shot tonight for the main event, he says that first Sunday, now tonight, he'll win. Mack says that he has his back, but tonight ain't no tag team match, so he'll be waiting for him at the back. Swann the closed the interview saying that tonight, Cage gets the fight of his life.

Impact Knockout's Vignette/Recap - This started as a commercial about the KOs, but then transitioned to a recap of the Allie/Yung/Hogan/Rosemary thing on BFG.

Allie & Hogan meet backstage - Allie is acting normal again, she has a match tonight and asks Hogan to be her second.

GWN Match of the Week - It's the Eric Young vs Nick Aldis match where Eric Young won the championship. This lasted about 2 minutes, this is as long as these recaps should be unless it's a kickass match.

Petey Williams hits on Scarlett Bordeaux - Petey asks Scarlett when will she announce the end of the search if she already got him. Scarlett leads him on, just to crush him down as she tells him that the Open Search is now open to everyone, including fans, and they should all send videos. This is gonna get nasty.

Killer Kross w/Moose vs Tommy Dreamer - 4.5/10
So Kross's 'we' is him and his voice that speaks inside of him I guess. Moose looks like a million dollars. Dreamer looks like about $9.99.

Match was all Kross killing Dreamer, attacking him outside the ring, tossing him around inside the ring with several Sambo Suplexes, Clotheslines, Moose getting cheap shots here and there, and even a side Cravat. Dreamer had some hope spots with a Superplex that got an ECW chant and a cutter, at this point Dreamer should rename himself ECW. As Dreamer got some momentum, Dreamer hit a low blow on Kross and hit a DDT and a neckbreaker on Moose who tried to interfere. Using the momentum, Dreamer went for the Singapore Cane, but Kross hit two Doomsday Saitos and the ref stopped the match saying that Dreamer's neck was injured. They kept attacking him afterwards, but no one came out to save him.

Abyss Hall of Fame Ceremony Recap - It was nice. I liked that he mentioned that he was the first HOF that is an actual TNA Original and homegrown talent.

Eli Drake Interview - He says that everyone is out to get him, claiming that the company was ok with La Parka coming out with a chair, that the company was ok with Abyss coming out after he had already won and he was put through a table. He's doing the 'unsafe work environment' angle.

LAX Celebration - All the boys are celebrating in a bar, no Richies this time. OGz come in, all busted. King has a message from the bosses saying that LAX gets to keep one side of NYC, LAX gets the other side. This most likely seals the end of this story and the end of the OGz in Impact at least for a while. I'd vote this as a Story of the Year Contender.

Allie w/Kiera Hogan vs Alisha - No rating, ok segment.
Match started with both of them having an ok face vs face match, but as Alisha started to gain more and more control, Allie turned into Soulless Allie and killed Alisha. Soulless Allie just sticks her tongue out a lot. The turn happened exactly during a 'We Love Kiera' chant, it happened perfectly so that if they ever wanted to do Soulless Allie vs Hogan, you have a good thing here.

Post-match - Allie attacked Alisha again until Hogan stopped and got her out of her trance. Chants of 'Psycho-bunny', fans just made a t-shirt for Allie.

Jordynne Grace Is Coming Soon.

Impact Wrestling X-Division Championship Match
Rich Swann vs 'The Machine' Brian Cage (C) - 7.5/10
Power vs Speed. Swann targeted the head as Callis perfectly put it, he's adding to those 27 kicks from Sunday's match. Cage on the other hand, was overpowering and tossing Swann around with ease. As the match went on, Swann's kicks started having more and more effect on Cage, getting some near falls out of it. Cage kept the strong offense, but Swann kept kicking out. .Swann hit 2 cutters and go for the 450 for a near fall. Swann missed a Phoenix Splash, Cage got him, hit a Buckle Bomb and Weapon X for the win.

Good match, I liked it. Liked that they played out on Cage's defeat by Superkick execution.

Post-match - Callihan came out by himself and made a challenge for the X-Division title, showing the pin from Sunday on the tron. This was really similar to a NJPW challenge except for for when Callihan attacked Cage with the help of the Crists and Cage killed Jake.

Good fallout show, it touched on all the matches from last sunday, closed out the feuds that are done and started the flame on some of the new direction with guys like Cage, Impact, Allie, or Scarlett Bordeaux. Mostly short matches, but good wrestling.

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