Impact Wrestling 10.11 Review: Bound For Glory Go-Home!

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Impact Wrestling 10.11 Review: Bound For Glory Go-Home!

Post by cero2k » Oct 12th, '18, 11:23

Impact Wrestling
October 11th, 2018
CDMX, Mexico

Trevor Lee vs Petey Williams vs Puma King vs Jack Evans - 6.5/10
This is the match that was built last week as all 4 man are here trying to impress Scarlett Bordeaux, this is also the debut of Puma King, who is awesome, and the return of Jack Evans, who is awesome-er. Every man had their small chance to show off and get some offense in, Puma and Evans arguably being the MVPs of the match. Finish saw everyone hit their finish, but the last was Petey who hit the Destroyer on Lee for the pin. Good opener.

Rich Swann Interview - He says he has a partner, they show a promo, and it's Willie Mack! So it's Mack/Swann vs Sydal/Page at BFG.

Grado vs Maximo -
This would had been a comedy dream match about 3-4 yrs ago when Maximo was still a big thing in CMLL and Grado in ICW. There was a lot of playing to the crowd, a lot of Grado not wanting to kiss Maximo and feeling harassed by him. No means No, Maximo!

Most of the match built towards Maximo finally snatching a kiss from Grado, except that in all the comedy, Maximo still pulls some great wrestling moves and can be somewhat hardhitting as he chops Grado. Finish saw Maximo play possum, kiss Grado, and roll him up as Grado is distracted, but the whole lead had seen Grado make a comeback and come close to winning.

Post-match - Grado kissed Maximo.

Impact, Edwards, and Bahh Backstage - They're taking on Aries/Kross/Moose tonight, but Eddie Edwards is all pissed off because Moose involved Alisha last week. Impact cut an ok promo. 3 completely different personalities here, so it was kinda cool.

LAX vs OGz Build Up Video - Awesome, it kinda told the story going back to their street fight and the drive-by. It's great how they manage to build this match without touching each other once.

GWN Match of the Week - It's Velvet Sky vs Angelina Love vs Tara vs Madison Rayne with Mickie James as ref. This was Four Corner Survival style with the tagging. In order of how i missed things: (1) The Beautiful People's theme, (2) Tara, (3) The Beautiful People's entrance, (4) Queen B Madison Rayne, (5) Angelina Love, and that's it.

Eli Drake Interview - Drake claims that last week he didn't lose, he won by DQ when La Parka grabbed the chair. He's making a NYC Open Challenge for BFG, he said you HAVE to be from NY, so I guess it won't be Jericho just yet.

Loser Must Go Back To India
Gursinder Singh vs Rohit Raju - 6/10
Desi Hit Squad collides, Gama Singh tells them both that the loser of this match will have to go back to India and leave the Desi Hit Squad. Story here is that Gama was trying to push the mean streak out of both of them, he was kinda managing both, but in the ring, neither Singh or Raju wanted to take it out on their tag partner, but as the match went on, both guys got more desperate and their moves heavier. Finish saw Raju win with a facebuster when Singh got distracted.

Match was ok, nothing special, kinda slow actually, but I think the biggest crime here is that if this stipulation will hold, they didn't make something more meaningful out of it, since they're heels, they never really made us get behind Raju and Singh's relationship as a team, so this could had been a more emotional thing, but at the end, it was just a random match with a random stipulation.

Post-match - Raju tries to console his brother, but Gama slaps him into reason, we don't console losers.

Johnny Impact, Eddie Edwards, & Fallah Bahh vs Austin Aries, Killer Kross, & Moose - 7.5/10
After an initial flurry of babyface action, the heels cut down Fallah Bahh and work over him building to Impact's hot tag. This match is building Moose vs Edwards and Aries vs Impact, so both pairs got a chance to do their thing. Last few minutes saw all men come in and out at leisure, until the end when Bahh was going to go for a top rope splash to the outside, but Aries thew him out and this left Impact and Aries alone where Impact got a clear pin after a Starship Pain. Moose spiked Eddie with an Apron Bomb, and at the end, Aries dropped Impact with the Brainbuster for the clean win.

Everyone was awesome in this match, Bahh looked great, but I think i'll give the MVP to Moose, he looked awesome. I love this AAKKM stable.

Allie meets James Mitchell!? - Allie seeks the help of Father James Mitchell, Allie wants to go to the Undead Realm. Allie says she'll do whatever it takes to save Hogan, so on Sunday, Mitchell will open the door for her, but it's up to her to come back.

Keyra vs Tessa Blanchard - 6/10
This was a hard hitting match, Keyra is more of a striker in AAA, so they pulled off moves with bigger impact (no pun intended), contrasting the usual armdrag matches that luchadors try to do when going against American wrestlers. Keyra had some great offense, but Tessa came back and hit the Buzzsaw DDT for the win. This was short, but great for what it was.

LAX & OGz Summit - King cut an awesome promo about how in his home turf, OGz will take over, how Konnan is washed up, how he has sided himself with geeks, but he has the real LAX with him. Konnan then came back with an even better promo, part Spanish to hype the crowd, then English to build up the story. Konnan said he MADE all three of them. Konnan says he got a message from the bosses to King, and that is that after breaking two of the gang rules, the cease fire is over, and they all get in a brawl before the show goes off.

Bound For Glory Promo - Awesome, Aries cuts a promo on Impact that just sells tickets.

Good show, and overall a great go-home. We touched on all the big matches going into BFG with the exception of OVE vs LB/Cage (we did get a vignette, just not worth mentioning it), but that one had their closing brawl last week. The rest was all featured here. Wrestling wise, we got some good stuff, athleticism in the opening, comedy in the Maximo match, and the hard hitting action of the Tessa match, so top to bottom, a good show going into the PPV.

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