Impact Wrestling 10.3 Review: Austin Aries Promo of the Year Contender

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Impact Wrestling 10.3 Review: Austin Aries Promo of the Year Contender

Post by cero2k » Oct 7th, '18, 12:33

Impact Wrestling
October 3, 2018
CDMX, Mex.

Rich Swann vs "Reborn" Matt Sydal - 6.5/10
They were having a good slow match until Ethan Page made his return attacking Rich Swann with a powerbomb, leaving an opening for Sydal to finish off Swann for the win. Match was pretty well wrestled, but it was somewhat slowed down, so the crowd was kinda quiet. Swann was coming close to finishing off when Page came in.

Page was never addressed as the former Parks.

OVE Promo - Dave is freaked out because Pentagon and Fenix have magical powers. Callihan tries to bring him to reality saying they don't have powers. Callihan calls them out to the ring.

Eddie Edwards v Moose - Moose calls Eddie using Alisha's phone, implying that he has kidnapped her. Eddie sounded completely reasonable. Moose told Eddie to me at the old mall that got closed down back in 2014 in Mexico City, remember? Well, for some reason Moose and Eddie know pretty well about this mall.

Scarlett Bordeaux joins the commentary booth. Callis was awesome. She says she's scouting for the next champion. So Eli Drake I guess.

Eli Drake Open Challenge
Eli Drake vs La Parka - Dud
Before the match, Drake cut a promo to make the open challenge, he called out all Tecnicos and Rudos. La Parka came out and talked trash as all the crowd is chanting for the real legend L.A. Park. Parka had some offense in, but Eli Drake quickly turned it around, went for a chair, but Parka made a comeback and went to hit Drake with the chair, but Eli Drake left the ring and took the countout loss.

LAX vs OGz at the Club House - OGz mess with LAX, steal their things, trying to provoke Konnan to break the cease fire. I would imagine that stealing stuff and spitting tequila on Konnan would be considered as an offense.

Matt Sydal and Ethan Page Interview - Sydal introduces Page saying he has his third eye open and he can see the truth. At BFG, they're calling out Swann to a tag match between them and Swann and however he can find.

Murder Clown w/Katarina vs Joe Hendry w/Grado - 4.5/10
Before the match, Hendry premiered his latest song, about a love affair between Katarina and Murder Clown, making fun of Paul Burchill and saying that Murder Clown is going to kill Katarina eventually. It was ok, but I still don't really know if this gets over outside of ICW.

Murder controlled most of the match except for a small hope spot by Hendry. Finish saw Murder Clown drop a top rope plancha for the win. This would had been a squash if not for that hope spot. I'm actually surprised that Murder got this level of win, I wonder if they'll bring him out to the NYC and Vegas tapings.

Post-Match - Murder Clown brought out a table. Grado tried to plea for Hendry, but Katarina low blowed Katarina. Murder Clown hit another top rope plancha on Hendry through the table.

Eddie v Moose at that closed mall from 2014 - Alisha is not exactly kidnapped, but she's not exactly here because she wants to. Moose brings up that Eddie wasn't there for him when he needed them as he showed up when Eddie needed him. Eddie tries to reason with him about Kross and Aries not being his friends. Eddie calls Moose by his real name and this makes Moose go all crazy, so in the distraction, Alisha throws a glass with water at Moose's face, giving Eddie the opening to fight him.

Out of nowhere, Kross comes out and is about to take Eddie out when Alisha throws Kenny The Kendo Stick at Eddie, he hits Kross with it and Eddie and Alisha run away. Once outside the building, Eddie calls Johnny Impact telling him that Aries is on his own, right about now. This whole feud feels like we will eventually get Eddie vs Kross/Moose in a tag match, and if the rumors are real for 2019, we may get the return of the Wolves!

Back from commercial, Impact is looking for Aries all over the place. This was interesting since there is a lot of people backstage, but they're legit Mexican workers, so none of them speak English nor know this is an act. At another point, he finds McKenzie Mitchell, Impact says

Impact: "McKenzie! Glad to have you back!"
McKenzie: "I never left...."

Impact continues his search and heads to the ring, calls out Aries who comes out with his arm on a sling. Aries claims that after last week's belt shot, he suffered a concussions and several injuries backstage due to that concussion.

Impact says he respects Aries for coming out and coming out alone, he challenges Aries to do the same at BFG. Aries says that he has already beaten Impact before without any help and at Bound For Glory, he will do it again. Aries cuts an amazing promo on Impact's multiple personas saying he Impact throws all types of eggs to all types of baskets, and never makes it. Aries has one basket, the Pro Wrestling basket, and he puts all eggs there and he IS the World Champion. He says that come BGF, he doesn't need the million dollar coat and the lights, he will come out with black trunks and no music and beat his ass because it doesn't matter what man you look like when you come to the ring, but what man you become once inside the ring. Aries offers Impact to relinquish the title shot and kneel to him.

Impact cut a promo afterwards, but it just wasn't at the level. He obvioysly didn't accept the offer and he threw a bunch of Mexican sweat words for the cheap pop. After that Aries attacked Impact, but Impact turned it around and took out Aries. Posed with the title. Aries' promo was great, kinda shootty, it reminded me of Punk's 'Your arms are just too short to box with God" promo, which I mean, it wasn't as good as Punk's, but still the same feeling.

Seriously, check out this promo:
This whole thing, combined with the Eddie stuff, it was all really good.

Brian Cage Promo - He says that tonight, he's coming out to the ring accepting their challenge and he's gonna take them out.

Desi Hit Squad Backstage - They're arguing about losing the shot at the tag titles last week. Gama Singh punish them with the broom stick and puts them on a match with each other to find who the weak link is. Maybe this finally leads to the debut of the rest of Desi Hit Squad.

GWN Match of the Week - It was Hogan vs Sting with the living legend Garrett Bischoff as ref. This one I fast forwarded through.

Scarlett Bordeaux's Smoke Show - Jack Evans tries to impress her with back flips. She then meets Puma King, full attire, she calls him kinky. She then meets Petey Williams and Trevor Lee. They're all trying to impress her. Petey even offers the secret at performing the Canadian Destroyer, I don't know if he was trying to teach her, of just get his head between Scarlett's legs. She pushes them all into fighting to impress her on a 4-way match.

Lucha Brothers Promo - They accept OVE's challenge, they'll see them later tonight at the ring. They both cut the same promo with different words, which was pretty much "OVE, are you stupid challenging the Lucha Bros in Mexico!?"

Kiera Hogan w/Allie vs Su Yung w/The Undead Maid of Honor - 4.5/10
Yung tried to jump Hogan, but Kiera got the best of her and seemed like she was gonna get control early, but Yung did cut her off after all. They fought off some more, Yung on top until Hogan made a comeback and was going for the finish, but the UDMOH got involved, leaving Hogan opened for the Panic Switch.

Post-match - The rest of the bridesmaids brought out the coffin, but Allie made the save. Allie got ganged up by Yung and her Maid of Honor, and it was Allie who was about to end up in the coffin, but Hogan made the save for her and as the one that ended up inside the coffin. Allie failed to keep her promise to not allow anyone else to get buried, and this time she failed with her young protege. Perfect storytelling.

Taya vs Tessa Build Up Video - Good promo by Taya.

OVE vs Lucha Bros/Cage - Dud, but for a good reason.
OVE come out first, they don't want to wait for BFG, so they call out a ref and they want to do it right now. Lucha Brothers and Cage come out, they do the whole run to the ring spot and the brawl starts. So this is supposed to be BFG's match, and while doing the usual "let's not wait" shtick, they actually went ahead and started the match with a ref and all, so understandably, OVE got themselves DQd early on in order to not spoil the PPV.

Post-match - Now the real meat of the segment, they all kept brawling all over the place, Cage did a deadlift suplex from inside the ring to the outside. Fenix hit a Tornillo from the crowd barrier onto everyone, and as they brawled, the show went off the air.

Two duds, an almost squash, and a slow match makes this a kinda bad show inside the ring, but the storyline developments we got in this show were pretty good. I loved the Austin Aries promo, loved the Allie/Hogan/Yung angle, and liked the Eddie/Moose stuff and the Smoke Show stuff. so it was a pleasurable show to watch.

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