Impact Wrestling 9.26 Review: Blanchard vs Apache

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Impact Wrestling 9.26 Review: Blanchard vs Apache

Post by cero2k » Sep 28th, '18, 10:05

Impact Wrestling
September 26, 2018
Mexico City, Mexico

Impact Wrestling KO's Championship Match
Tessa Blanchard (C) vs Faby Apache - 6.5/10
This time around, they made a bigger mention of Faby being the AAA Reina de Reinas Champion. She's still getting booed by the crowd. This was a good clash of styles. Match saw Faby out-wrestle Tessa until Tessa managed to take out Faby's leg and ground her. Faby had to rely on counters and submissions to make a comeback, Faby eventually got an Angel's Wings for a near fall. Tessa got a near fall with the Magnum, her version of MX. Tessa then followed with the Buzzsaw DDT for the win. This turned out a lot better than I expected it.

By the end of the match, Faby had won the crowd back. If Impact would make the effort, they should bring Faby for another run and get her to match up with everyone and get the KOs the experience.

Post-match - Tessa kinda cut the same promo as Aries saying that she defeated the KOs locker room and now she defeated the Best in Mexico, so now it's officially the best. In the Tron, Taya came up, wearing her Perra del Mal attire, she cut a small promo in Spanish and then challenged Tessa for the title at Bound For Glory. Taya hasn't done anything on Impact for a while, but this being Mexico, it does help that she has many credentials here to get a pop.

Alisha and Eddie Backstage - Alisha keeps shouting at Eddie for everything. They make a nice couple. Impact says that they'll need all the help they can get tonight as they team against Moose and Kross. The Kendo stick is now called "Kenny".

OVE Promo - Callihan cuts the promo saying that BFG sold out thanks to them. Jake continues with his shtick. Callihan makes Jake vs Cage for tonight and suddenly Jake Crist stops with the whole shtick. Jake is a perfect cult follower.

Eli Drake Out in the Town - Drake is just cutting a promo outside the venue, but it does seem like he's all over the city. He talks with the locals and says that next week, he's making a challenge to all luchadors.

Jake Crist w/OVE vs Brian Cage - 4/10
Crist actually held his own against Cage for a while, but as the match went on, he just couldn't put down Cage and Jake was getting hurt, so Cage eventually killed him with the Drill Claw. Too much offense by Crist to call it a squash, but too short to give it a high rate.

Post-match - Callihan immediately attacked Cage until the lights went out and Dave Crist disappeared. In the tron, we saw that Pentagon and Fenix had taken Dave Crist and they attacked him with sticks and superkicks. This made me feel bad for Callihan and Jake. Back inside the ring, Cage took both guys out.

Aries/Moose/Kross Interview - Aries talks shit to McKenzie and Texano. Moose says that Eddie is getting on his nerves and tonight he's gonna take him out. Kross said that Impact is a virus and he takes over every company he touches, so tonight, he's gonna stop him. All three men's promos were fantastic.

GWN Match of the Week - it's Daniels/Styles vs LAX for the tag titles at Lockdown. It's an awesome match.

Grado/Hendry/Katarina Backstage - Katarina tries to get back with Grado, they reject her, but Katarina says that she got a gift for Grado tonight. She introduces Murder Clown from the Psycho Circus. Next week Hendry goes against Murder Clown.

Scarlett Bordeaux Special Announcement - She's lists her accomplishments after debuting (her show, trending on twitter, and taking Bahh to an inch away from winning the world title), so tonight she is starting a global talent search for someone that will get her complete attention. Sounds like a good way to intro someone new and should culminate at BFG.

Desi Hit Squad w/Gama Singh vs LAX w/Konnan - 6.5/10
LAX had control at first, but DHS cheated themselves into control, they cut the ring on Ortiz for a while until Santana came in and took them out. They went tornado tag towards the end, ending with some near falls and the 5150 by LAX for the win.

Post-match - OGz are on the screen. King cuts a promo talking about Konnan's past, how he was the top of the Hispanic totem pole, and how far he fell, how he lost his mask, how he leeched on Eddie and Mysterio and many others to stay alive, and how he's now leeching on Santana and Ortiz. King says that he is going to end Konnan at BFG and then proceeds to burn Konnan's mask. Lots of heat from the crowd.

Fallah Bahh and KM - Bahh is tending for the broken KM. As he lays on his 'death bed', KM tells Bahh that he needs to take revenge not just for him, but for the both of them.

Tessa Interview - Tessa trash talks Taya saying she is trying to steal the spotlight. She officially accepts Taya's challenge.

Kiera Hogan & Allie vs Su Yung & Undead Maid of Honor - 4.5/10
The dead girls worked over Allie for a while they kept Hogan at bay. Kiera eventually got in and got a good roll going with her hot tag. Su Yung went for the Claw, but Allie saved Hogan and took out the UDMH, leaving Yung ready to be taken out by Hogan. Hogan wins the pin over Yung, this surely leads to a singles match. A nothing match, but I'm hoping that finish leads to something.

Matt Sydal and Swann Talk - Sydal is meditating in the middle of the street, but Swann interrupts him and calls him out for Sydal booking that tag match last week, so next week, they're going one on one.

Johnny Impact & Eddie Edwards vs Moose & Killer Kross w/Austin Aries - 7/10
Kross and Moose look great as a team, please please oh pretty please push them as tag champs! Match had the same formula we've seen today with the babyfaces having good momentum at first, then the heels take over the match and control Eddie Edwards for a while until Impact gets in there and goes crazy, and at the end, all 4 men go tornado tag leading to the finish. At one point, we got some Johnny Impact parkour as he was brawling with Kross outside the ring. Finish saw all 4 men down, and Aries out of furstration, comes in and tries to take out Impact, but Johnny turns it around and takes out Aries, but he opens himself up for a Doomsday Saito by Kross, how is taken out by Eddie's Kenny, and at the end, Moose spears Eddie for the pin. Heels reign supreme.

The big story of the match was that Moose kept dodging Eddie all match, he kept tagging out when Eddie was in there, so if this continues, we may be seeing a cage match at BFG.

An ok show for Impact, mostly small build towards Bound For Glory, but nothing that felt like filler. Main event and the LAX match were good, but that's about it, but I think we got too many tag matches with the same formula in this show, they all served a purpose, but a little mods could have kept things fresh.

Next week we get Sydal vs Swann, Murder Clown vs Hendry, Drake's open challenge, and indeed Yung vs Hogan.

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