Impact Wrestling 9.13 Review: Aries vs Bahh!

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Impact Wrestling 9.13 Review: Aries vs Bahh!

Post by cero2k » Sep 20th, '18, 12:13

Impact Wrestling
September 9th, 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Can.

Aries, Moose, and Kross Lounge - All men come out, looking dapper, they have a lounge in the middle of the ring. Aries says that no one can take on them. They talk shit about Eddie and Impact, and out of nowhere, the least likely team to make a stand, KM and Bahh come out. Aries runs them down with some cheap 'Fat shaming' heat.

KM said that with his little motivation from Scarlett, they're here to speak their mind. KM stumbled a bit, but cut a good bayface promo against Moose. They all got face to face. Aries offers Bahh a shot at the Impact World Championship tonight. They shake on it and it's on. I was really hoping that we get Moose/Kross vs KM/Bahh to build both teams, especially since KM really stood to the occasion, this is a KM that I could really get behind.

Lucha Bros vs Cult of Lee - 6.5/10
Good spotty match. Lucha Bros had the offense to start the match, CoL got the upper hand due to double teaming Fenix and they worked on him for a while. Fenix made a comeback with the double Lethal Injection, and gets the tag to Pentagon. Penta and Fenix do several double team moves to clear the ring so Penta can work on Caleb. Lee and Caleb hit a Doomsday Foot-stomp thing for a near fall. Penta turnbuckle Lawnblower for another near fall. Finish was the Foot stomp Fear Factor combo for the win on Trevor Lee.

Josh mentioned in this match that Lucha Bros has something that the rest of the teams don't, and that is that they can call moves in spanish and CoL can't understand it. I thought that was a nice touch.

Post-match - OVE appeared on the screen. They talked about being the biggest trio in the world, they challenged Lucha Bros and Cage to a 6-man match for BFG. Jake kept imitating Sami, Dave kept wondering what the fuck is his brother doing.

Bahh and KM Backstage - Bahh is worried about the match tonight, since, well, it's an obvious trap. KM hypes him up and KM says that they need advice from a former champion, so they go looking for Eli Drake (this made me laugh). Eli blows them off and he says that next week, in Mexico, he's calling out all the tontos. Only thing he says is to get himself a cup.

GWN Match of the Week - This was that match when the Von Erichs had a match in Slammiversary. Whatever happened to these guys?

Allie and Hogan Interview - Allie says she doesn't like Tessa, but she won't allow Su Yung to be buried as she promised, she wouldn't allow anyone to get buried. C'mon, this HAS to lead to Hogan getting buried before Allie and Su Yung go into their final deathmatch.

Tessa Interview - She says that she didn't need Allie, she had it handled. Unnecessary interview.

Alisha vs Katarina - No rating, funny segment.
After being dumped by Hendry and having really been here as a wrestler, I don't know if Katarina wrestling out of nowhere is the best way to follow up, but at the same time, if everything else fails, it does kinda make sense that she needs to get back to basics.

Oh and there you go, before the match can start, Grado and Hendry come out. Hendry has a music video about Katarina. The song was all about rejecting Katarina and he even brought up the idea of incest with her Pirate Brother. Behind her, Alisha rolled Katarina up for the quick win. Katarina needs to get herself a muscle to take them out now.

The Smoke Show - KM and Bahh are still planning for the match. Scarlett appears under the smoke and gives Bahh the motivation he needed to take on Aries. It was nothing, but it was also like 3 minutes, so I won't complain.

Johnny Impact Interview - This was done with Skype, so it looked weird, both him and Josh were waay to close to the camera. Impact said his neck and leg are damaged, but he'll come back. He says that he unfortunately has to plan ahead for Moose and Kross when he finally gets in at it with Aries.

The Fraternity vs LAX w/Konnan - 6.5/10
The Fraternity are Trent Gibson and Channing Decker. They got a great showing in this match, they got tons of offense on LAX with some big spots. They had control of the match initially, but Santana turned it around and they won with the 51510. This was short, but great.

Post-match - King and the OGz came out and cut a promo on Konnan, they provoked LAX to break the cease fire and get themselves fucked. King pushed it saying that he regrets not killing that Richie kid, which triggers Konnan, further provoking them to break the treaty.

Aries and Co. Interview - He says that he's happy tonight and that tonight, Bahh's dreams are ending like always, in defeat. He then talks about BFG saying that Eddie and Impact are gone, he has no challengers for BFG.

Kongo Kong vs "The Machine" Brian Cage - 6/10
Jimmy Jacobs is absent. This was arguably good, considering Kong was here, he at one point even pulled off an Ushirogoshi. They tried to do a lot of spots instead of just doing a hoss fight, so some of Kong's spots seemed slow, but given his size, some of them seemed good, and for Cage's size, Kong was a great base. Before the finish, Kong took a nasty fall on his head as he flipped to sell a lariat. Cage won with an F-5.

Post-match - Cage accepts Sami Callihan's challenge.

Bahh walks to the ring - A bunch of babyfaces greet Bahh as he walks down to the ring. They have really built this underdog challenger in one night. We know he won't win, but you can't deny that for one night, Bahh felt like a challenger.

Impact World Championship Match
Austin Aries (C) w/Moose and Killer Kross vs Fallah Bahh w/KM - 8.5/10
This was exactly what it needed to be, whoever put together this show/match, deserves a promotion. The match started with the fact that Aries is in far better shape then Bahh, so Aries initially tired out Bahh, and started showing off, built all his confidence that this was a walk in the park, but thanks to the fan's support and being double the size of Aries, Bahh managed to slow down Aries and catch him, and once he did, he took control for a while. Aries later regained control and started chasing the Brainbuster, but realized that he couldn't lift Bahh, so he had to change his attacks towards the legs to bring Bahh down and lock in the Last Chancery; meanwhile, Bahh is starting to literally put all his weight on his moves in order to take out Aries. We got a bunch of near falls from both sides, some great babyface fire from Bahh, and at the end, a clean win for Aries as he locks in the Last Chancery for a second time in the middle of the ring and Bahh can't escape anymore. This wasn't a classic in the ring, but it was a great story.

Post-match - Aries takes out the ref and goes back to attack Bahh. KM tries to save his friend, but Kross and Moose take out KM. They do the same Pillmanizer on KM.

I loved this show, they started setting up a random match, something that should had been just a quick squash, and throughout the show, they took this comedy jobber and made him a good underdog challenger, and when it came to the match, it was exactly what it needed to be.

The rest of the show was building storylines towards BFG, as we now have Lucha Bros/Cage vs OVE confirmed, along with LAX vs OGz.

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