Impact Wrestling 9.6 Review - Yung vs Blanchard

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Impact Wrestling 9.6 Review - Yung vs Blanchard

Post by cero2k » Sep 6th, '18, 15:51

Impact Wrestling
September 6, 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Can.

Opening recapped the X-Division post match, the LAX/OGz calls, Tessa winning the championship, and obviously, the big Moose turn.

Rich Swann vs Petey Williams - 7/10
Before the match started, Matt Sydal came out to joint commentary. The match was and all babyface encounter, lots of cool looking spots, back and forward action. Petey built momentum towards the Canadian Destroyer, but Swann came back before Petey could land it. They worked some near falls playing off spots from last week. All throughout the match, Sydal is saying that he is going to help Swann open his third eye, until Swann was about to win and Sydal decided to go 'help him', distracting Swann enough for Petey to dodge Swann and land the Destroyer for the win.

Backstage, Sydal gets to Swann to tell him he's here to help him. Swann ungratefully tells him to stay away from him.

Desi Hitn Squad w/Gama Singh vs Joe Hendry & Grado w/Katarina - 5/10
As Hendry said last week, the song was going to explain everything, and the song claims it's 'Platonic' Love, saying that he is in love with my best friends's girl...but only as a friend.

In the match, DHS tried jumping Grado and Hendry, but Grado ran wild over them and looked good until he started doing his Dusty Rhodes moves. Eventually, DHS started double teaming Grado, so they got heat on him for a while. Hendry came in with the hot tag, had some trouble, but took care of DHS, tagged in Grado, but DHS once again used double teams to take out Grado and pick up the win.

Post-match - Katarina finally snaps on Grado saying that he loses every week, and finally reveals that she doesn't love him and she loves Hendry and kisses him, BUT! BUT!! Hendry pushes Katarina away saying "What didn't you get from Platonic Love!?" Grado is my best friend!. Katarina slaps Hendry and walks away while Hendry tends for Grado in the ring. For the sake of not having a Hendry vs Grado feud, I think this was the best outcome. They walked backstage, and they're just saying sorry to each other and embracing.

GWN Match of the Week - It's Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy of the A&8s era when Bully Ray won the title.

Su Yung vs Tessa commercial - Sy Yung gets her rematch tonight against Tessa. Good stuff.

The Smoke Show - Bobo is singing to Scarlett when KM and Bahh came in saying that she helped them to win, and so they thank her, but Scarlett gets in their head again saying that she likes 'powerful men'.

Eli Drake Promo - Drake has perfectly taken Flair, Stone Cold, and The Rock's mic styles and mixed them into his own style. Drake talks about the two jobbers he killed last week, and so tonight he feels adventurous and makes an open challenge, out comes...

Stone Rockwell, some adventure guy from Twitch. He is pretty much a character take from the old Rusty Venture Boy Adventurer cartoon. He says that his last adventure was in a train, and so tonight, he's going on another train, a Gravy Train!

Eli Drake vs Stone Rockwell "Action-Adventurer" - Squash
Gravy train and that is all.

Lucha Brothers Promo - Fenix talked in English, Pentagon in Spanish. They invited Brian Cage to join them to take on OVE and break some bones, and if Cage doesn't want to, then Fenix and Pentagon can simply do it themselves because they have Cero Miedo.

Aries/Kross/Moose - They're chilling backstage thinking of new nicknames for Moose, Alicia tries to get an interview, but not yet. Now Alisha comes in and confronts Moose, Alisha has more balls than half of the roster. They just blow her off and walk out.

Impact Knockout's Championship Match
"The Undead Bride" Su Yung vs Tessa Blanchard (C) - 7/10
Yung came out by herself for once. Su Yung tried to go for the Mandible Claw early on, but Tessa avoided it. They both went for legs submissions early, until Yung used the closeness of the hold to go for the Claw again, forcing Tessa to get off and change her plan to more strikes and quick moves.

Tessa has dominant, but couldn't put down Yung, so she got frustrated and went for a chair, but the distraction gave Su the change to get back into the match and take out Tessa with a Rolling Senton from the apron into Tessa. They worked each other into the top of the ropes where Tessa dropped Yung with a cutter, but couldn't make the pin in time.

They got into a strike off that Yung won, but as Yung tried to go to the Panic Switch, Tessa reversed it and drop the Buzzsaw for the win. Pretty great match.

Post-match - The Undead Bridesmaids finally came out, with a coffin. With the distraction, Yung attacked Tessa from behind, hit the Panic Switch. Grabbed the title, dragged Tessa to the Coffin, but suddenly, it was Allie and Hogan that came out for the save. They take out Yung and save Tessa, but ungratefully tells them I don't need your help as she steps out of the coffin she was about to be buried in.

LAX and OGz Summit - Both King and Konnan are sat down against 'the Commission', three older gangsters. They bring up the G-Code "No Kids No Family" that was broken. King says that they all want to keep him down, claiming that he's being treated like that because he's the new kid in the table. They call a Cease Fire until October 14, New York City, the commission orders for Santana/Ortiz/Konnan vs Hernandez/Homicide/King in one final battle. This was a really cool way to announce the first match for Bound For Glory. I do wonder what's gonna happen until then in terms of matches. LAX will be in action next week so far.

Zachary Wentz, Ace Austin, and Trey Miguel vs OVE - Squash.
Match started fast paced, all the new kids got a bunch of spots in before OVE cut them off, killed them for a few minutes, one by one. OVE won with an assisted Doomsday Cutter. Ace Austin looked great.

Post-match - Callihan killed Austin once again. Callihan cut a promo saying they're the best trio walking the planet. During all the promo, Jake kept shadowing Callihan. Sami addresses Cage getting involved.

Austin Aries, Killer Kross, and Moose Segment - Moose is dressed all in gold and silver, total 007 Villain if he would stop smiling for a second. Aries calls him "Moose Money".

Moose explains that Eddie is out there saying that he is deranged and he is gonna expose him. Moose gives the usual explanation that he was always behind Eddie during his hard times, but Eddie wasn't there with him when Moose was in the hospital. The man that was in the hospital with him was actually Kross asking him "What does it feel to be abandoned?", the phone call that he got first was from Aries saying that he is a top athlete but he needed to focus on himself and not the fans.

Aries says that they control the top of the mountain and no one will ever take that from him. This brings out Johnny Impact!

Impact tried to talk trash to Aries and Kross, but Aries was just three steps ahead with the disses. Johnny challenges Aries to a match at BFG, but Aries says to do it now, but Impact refuses since he knows how this ususally goes when one man confronts three. Impact provokes Aries enough that Aries chases Impact instead, they fight in the ramp, which gives Impact a bit of advantage, but the numbers prevail and they take out Impact and lock a double submission.

Security comes out and Moose takes them out by himself while Kross and Aries work on Impact. They're go for the same Pillmanizer from last week.Josh mentioned that they were going to 'break his neck', so I'm guessng that explains why Eddie wasn't here.

This show did a good job following up on the big events from ReDefined, so it ended up being more storyline content than wrestling. The build towards Bound For Glory is officially in, with two big matches already set. Next week we're getting Lucha Bros vs Cult of Lee, Cage vs Kong, and LAX in action.

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