Impact Wrestling 8.16 Review: LAX vs OGz Street Fight

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Impact Wrestling 8.16 Review: LAX vs OGz Street Fight

Post by cero2k » Aug 17th, '18, 11:14

Impact Wrestling
August 16, 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

While I was abobut to submit last week's review, I lost my internet connection and I lost the review. But we have a great Sydal vs Pentagon match, a good Eddie vs Aries match with a bad finish, and a lot of storyline developments for tonight. Oh, and Konnan called King a Walking Talking Glory Hole.

Sami Callihan w/OVE vs Fenix - 8/10
Great opener. Fenix started strong doing a lot of his moves, taking on Callihan and fending off against the Crists that would come in and out, but soon enough, he was cut off and Callihan worked on him for a while. When Fenix made his comeback, he pulled off some awesome moves, given the elevated ramp on Impact, he ran the ramp, sprung on the second rope into the ring landing with a Twisting freaking Cutter! They went back and forward at the end. Finish saw the Crists try to interfere, but Pentagon came out to even out the odds, Fenix dropped Callihan with something like a Muscle Buster Blue Thunder Michinoku Driver if that makes sense.

LAX vs OGz Vignette - Good stuff, they have a street fight tonight.

Fenix Promo - He is getting an X-Division title shot after tonight's performance. He says that Cage hasn't face the real animo of Lucha Libre before. Cage comes to screen and they face off.

GWN Moment of the Week - It was one of those huge riots during the Main Event Mafia/World Elite/British Invasion days. It was bad, but it's one of those things you just can't stop watching.

Allie & Kiera Hogan Interview - She says that tonight, she won't have distractions, no Tessa, no title, and Hogan has her back against the Undead Bridesmaids. Tonight she's gonna take out Su Yung. This was really dramatic. Allie has come a long way to make her promos sound serious.

Jimmy Jacobs vs Johnny Impact - No Rating, good segment
Jimmy Jacobs wrestling on TV! Before the match, Jacobs cut a promo saying that just because he's small doesn't mean he ain't a monster. Kongo Kong come out quick and try to take out Impact, but Impact took out Kong and killed Jacobs with the steel steps in an eye for an eye vendetta.

KM & Bahh skit - They both thing they're gonna score with Bordeaux, they fight on who gets to see her and the they're hypnotized when she shows up.

Scarlett Bordeaux presents The Smoke Show - I take it KM and Bahh are the first guests to The Smoke Show. KM and Bahh keep arguing about their issues. Scarlett suggests KM should maybe follow Bahh's ideas for once. Scarlett once again hypnotizes KM into listening to Bahh. This power over men gimmick has soo much potential.

Austin Aries & Killer Kross Promo - Aries puts over Kross and says that Kross can speak for himself about why he and Aries joined forces. I like that he wasn't diminished to a bodyguard. Kross says that this partnership is about hurt and that anyone who wants to touch the championship must pay the Killer Kross Toll. Aries then pretty much made an open challenge to anyone in the industry to step up.

Eddie Edwards came out with his new Kendo Stick friend. Eddie tries to take on Kross with the stick, which doesn't work, but drops him with a cutter. As Eddie is about to take out Aries, Kross tackles him and Aries hits him the with the belt. Kross chokes out Eddie as they both pose on top of him. I liked that Kross sold Eddie's attacks, but he was able to get back up easily enough.

There was ONE incredibly annoying fan solo chanting WHAT all the promo. I wanted to slap him myself.

Eli Drake w/The Cult of Lee vs "The Prestigious One" Joe Hendry w/Grado & Katarina - 6.5/10
Hendry came out with a new Eli Drake song. it was good. Match was back and forward and it really showcased Hendry. Finish came when Grado and Lee got in the apron, and due to confusion, Drake pushed Hendry into Grado, knocking Grado off, and Drake Okada Rolled Joe for the pin. After the match, Hendry and Katarina kinda blamed Grado for the loss.

"Reborn" Matt Sydal Vignette - He is meditating in a beach, thinking about his loss to Cage, getting mad and thinking of babies and plants. He opens his third eye and it was freaky.

OVE Promo - Callihan keeps losing and he is pissed off. He blames everything on Pentagon Jr. He challenges Pentagon to a Mexican Deathmatch.

Allie w/Kiera Hogan vs "The Undead Bride" Su Yung w/The Undead Bridesmaids - 4.5/10
So that thing that Allie said she wouldn't do, she did. She kept getting distracted by the Bridesmaids over and over and every time, Su Yung would take the advantage. Eventually, Allie did kinda focused and had an offense run. At the end, The Maid of Honor took out Hogan, but Allie was still focused and about to take out Yung when Tessa came out and attacked Allie for the DQ.

Post-match - Tessa is taking out Allie, but Yung locks in the Mandible Claw on Tessa, and Allie takes out both of them. Ladies and Gentlemen, we got ourselves a 3-way feud!

Impact presents Re-Defined Announcement - New Special coming in two weeks. Already announced is Cage vs Fenix fo the title.

Street Fight
Latin American Xchange vs Original Gz - No Rating, Awesome segment
This was taped Final Deletion style, they're in the streets and both gangs (with more people than usual) come face to face. Konnan explains that this is gonna get done old school style with each crew picking their champions, and as expected, it's Santana and Ortiz vs Homicide and Hernandez.

They brawl for a while, they use weapons and tease stabbing each other. Some of the other people in each crew gets involved. Big stuff happens when King throws his soapsock to Homicide, at this point OGz come close to finally killing off LAX, but Homicide gets taken out first by Ortiz. Hernandez chokes out Ortiz, then before he can stab him, Santana makes the save and uses the soapsock to take him out and finally reclaim their title belts.

After that, King faces with Konnan telling him that he doesn't have the guts to take him out. King kneels challenging Konnan to take him out. Konnan simply answers. "It will be a pleasure" and strikes him down as Impact goes off.

This was a great fight and if it ends up being how OGz are written off, I won't complain. I do hope that they all come back in the future, because King is amazing and H&H is a great heel team.

Good show for Impact, good wrestling top to bottom, the opening match was great and the ending fight was a cool way to do it. We have this ReDefined show coming up, so we got a place to build up to now and given tonight's storyline developments, we should be getting some good stuff there. Next week we get Pentagon vs Callihan in a Mexican Deathmatch on TV!

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