Impact Wrestling 8.3 Review: Lucha Brothers vs Crist Brothers

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Impact Wrestling 8.3 Review: Lucha Brothers vs Crist Brothers

Post by cero2k » Aug 5th, '18, 18:27

Impact Wrestling
August 3rd, 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Su Yung & The Undead Bridesmaids vs Allie & Kiera Hogan - 4.5/10
Kiera and Allie take out most the bridesmaids at the start with some dives, then Kiera and Allie double teamed Su Yung, and for all the hate Allie had last week, they're surely joyful today. Only the Maid of Honor is in the apron, but I think all other bridesmaids are legal too.

After some distraction, the Bridesmaids took control on Kiera. Allie came in with the hot tag and took on Yung. Finish saw Maid of Honor take out Allie, Kiera took her out, then Su Yung hit the Panic Switch on Hogan, and then Allie returned and hit the Codebreaker for the win. I guess Allie gets a rematch.

Post-match - Tessa comes out, takes out Allie with the Hammerlock DDT.

Tessa Blanchard Promo - She says that she won't allow Allie to get a title shot before she does.

The Outlaw Gs w/King vs Nathan Smokes and Ray Chills - Squash
3 Moves and it was over, Cide pinned one of them with the Gringo Killah, it looked sick.

Post-match - King cuts a promo just talking shit to LAX until Santana and Ortiz come out for a fight. LAX rid the ring of the OGs, take them out with a Tope con Giro, Ortiz pretends that he's gonna attack Cide with a freaking Axe before security comes out to stop them, giving OGs a chance to escape. LAX wanted to chase OGs, but Konnan stopped them. He tells them that this was just a drive by, they need to be smart when the actual battle comes.

LAX vs Young Bucks announced for the Jericho Cruise here.

GWN Match of the Week - Jyushin Thunder Liger vs Petey Williams from Sacrifice 06. This is C.T.U. Liger! Out with Liger was a young Hirooki Goto, who low blowed Petey giving Liger the win.

OVE Promo - They're getting their revenge tonight at the main event.

There was an Impact Wrestling Tapings commercial, where for the first time probably since 09ish that they were able to use actual fan chants as soundtrack, fans of 'Impact Wrestling' and 'This is Impact'.

Desi Hit Squad w/Gama Singh vs KM & Fallah Bahh - 5/10
Bahh and KM had control until Gama distracted Bahh and Raju took out Bahh's leg and thus started the heel's control. KM got the hot tag and the babyfaces did their rolling shtick. Then they poked the heel's eyes out, but in a distraction with the ref, DHS took out KM and got the pin. Match was good up until the end were the finish felt over-complicated.

Anthony Carelli and student Pep-Talk - Carelli pep talks his boy towards the title shot with Aries. Great pep talk.

Johnny Impact Interview - Kongo is not around, but Impact will keep looking. Jimmy Jacobs comes up to screen (sans Kongo), and before he can start talking, Johnny socks him out and tells him to bring the monster.

Impact World Championship
Dustin Cameron w/Anthony Carelli vs Austin Aries (C) -
Aries came out in street clothes and a banana. Aries manhandled this kid until Aries got extra cocky and Cameron had a hope spot with some Judo throws, but then Aries just landed a Discus Elbow and Brainbuster for a near fall, when Aries himself broke the pin and forced Carelli to throw in the towel for Cameron.

Post-match - Aries locked in the Last Chancery on Cameron, forcing Carelli to get in the ring, but as much as Austin provoked Carelli, he wouldn't get in a fight, he did however, low blowed Aries.

Aries and Carelli had a stare off, allowing Eddie Edwards to sneak up behind Aries and once again attack him with the Kendo Stick. Aries ran away while Crazy Eddie did snow angels on the ramp. Aries vs Edwards happens next week.

Alisha Edwards Interview - She says that she wants to get back in the ring. Eddie Edwards comes to screen and says that everything is going back to normal again soon, but when Alisha asks if it's back to normal between them, Eddie says no, I'm becoming a World Champion next week! Alisha walks out.

"The Smokeshow" Scarlett Bordeaux - God damn! She is interviewed by this bold geek that started sweating once Scarlett came out. He acted perfectly. Scarlett cut a good sexy promo about everyone being jealous of her and how she won't be Hot Shamed and she's here to make Wrestling Sexy Again.

Is Scarlett the hottest female in televised wrestling?

Grado/Henry/Katarina confront Drake - Grado challenges Drake to a tag team match between him and Henry. Grado says that Drake doesn't have friends and so they've already won! Drake simply drags Caleb Konley and Trevor to the screen and tells them, you're on! Didn't work out for Grado.

Grado & "The Prestigious One" Joe Hendry vs Eli Drake & Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley - 3/10, but a good segment.
Before the match, both Trevor and Caleb attacked Grado, so it took me a while figuring out who was going to be the tag team partner, also because Trevor and Caleb kept changing spots in the apron. Not to mentioned, neither ever tagged in.

Match was Drake kicking Grado's ass for a while until Grado managed to make comeback, but before being able to tag out, Caleb pull off Hendry from the ring. Katarina goes after them, but Hendry stops her by putting his arms around her, so Grado obviously tuns to look exactly at that point to see them technically hugging. Distraction allowed Drake to hit Gravy Train for the win. Not a good match, but a good segment.

Desi Hit Squad Promo - Guys talk about going for the tag team titles, Gama comes out, talks in Hindi (I think, don't judge me), and slaps them. They need more seasoning before chasing the titles in my opinion, but once the whole stable debuts, they should become good contenders.

Matt Sydal Interview - He says that after losing twice to Cage, he accepts that the X-Division Championship chose him, and that he only lost a material thing, but he is beyond material things and that he has learned a lesson that he still has a lot to learn, and that he has a new path for knowledge. Awesome promo, and if this leads to him chasing bigger titles, or writing him off with an open door, either way, this was a perfect junction for Sydal and Impact.

OVE w/Sami Callihan vs Pentagon Jr & Fenix - 6.5/10
Callihan still has the arm in a sling. They botched the very first spot and so they re-did it, but at least it wasn't THAT obvious and since it was barely started, it didn't kill any momentum.

Match didn't have much of a story. They brawled outside, they did dives, babyfaces showed off their stuff, and the heels worked over Fenix for a bit. The action was all great, tons of Lucha Bros double team moves which are always a pleasure to watch. Towards the end, OVE tied both Bros by their masks, they looked like two dogs post-coitus, while getting kicked by OVE. Finish saw Fenix and Penta make a comeback, hit the Spike Piledriver for a near fall. Then another on Dave for the win. It was like the same spot twice, so maybe they botched it too. Really up and down match, they changed the pace a lot and after the first time they brought it down, it just felt long.

At one point, Crists went for Fenix's mask, and while Pentagon was really mad, he just casually stayed in the corner hoping the ref would do his job.

Killer Kross Promo - Ok promo, but then he reveals he has taken out Anthony Carelli.

Ok show for Impact, the wrestling wasn't all that good and the storyline developments were all wood for the fire, but no gas. Enjoyable is the most I could say for this episode.

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