Impact Wrestling 7.26 Review: Slammiversary Fallout

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Impact Wrestling 7.26 Review: Slammiversary Fallout

Post by cero2k » Jul 29th, '18, 22:49

Impact Wrestling
July 26, 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Show starts with a recap of Slammiversary. It really was a great show.

Austin Aries Champion's Address - Aries puts over Slammiversary and talent saying they had a great PPV and that every match overcame the quality of the previous one, ending with him and Moose. He talked about being the best for going country to country, promotion to promotion, outside of the conform zone. He said that he'll take on all challengers, and made an Open Challenge.

Behind him, out came Eddie Edwards and newly acquired Kendo Stick, he attacks Aries and poses with the championship. OMF'nG Edwards vs Aries!! Given that he made the open challenge to anyone from any promotion, it be awesome to use that and bring someone new, maybe a top contender from another promotion.

Petey Williams vs "Bone Soldier" Taiji Ishimori - 6.5/10
Good back and forward action, match started really fast paced, then it slowed down for a while during Ishimori's heat run, but as soon as Petey made a comeback, it picked up again. Ishimori hit the facecrusher for a near fall. Finish came when Ishimori reversed Sharpshooter to a roll up for a near fall, but then hit Telaraña for the win.

Post-match - Petey and Ishimori hug and raise each other's hands, from behind Desi Hit Squad come out and lay both of them out.

Anthony Corelli Interview - It's the former Santino Marella, he's here to promote their new Impact show. He introduces one of his proteges that is having a tryout match. Austin Aries comes into screen and tells him that he's not having a good day, Corelli and Aries go back and forward and bit ending with Aries challenging Corelli to get in the ring, but he's injured. Aries then challenges Corelli's student, who accepts.

Rebel vs Tessa Blanchard - Squash
Rebel pulled out some good moves, but you can tell they're all highly rehearsed. Rebel managed throughout the match to dodge and reverse a lot of Tessa's offense, but then Tessa just hit a hanging DDT and the Hammerlock DDT for the win. Arguably a squash, Rebel had a lot of offense, but all weak and it only took Tessa getting a hold of her to take her out and pin her. Tessa is starting to look a lot like Chyna, buff and big jaw.

Scarlett Bordeaux Debut - She is calling herself "The Smokeshow". She is interviewed and says she's here to empower woman and be an inspiration to little girls. She's here to be remembered as the Greatest Woman's Activist of all Time, like Marilyn Monroe and she will not be 'hot shamed'.

"Shut up five, a ten is talking". The Smokeshow is here to make wrestling sexy again. Perfect Heel! Bordeaux vs Rayne or Allie just writes itself.

Matt Sydal Promo - Emotional promo about losing the title, but he still believes that his third eye is still the key and that tonight, he'll regain his championship.

Pentagon Jr Promo - He kinda puts Callihan over for their battle, but at the end, he rejoices over his new trophy. Callihan's hair. Nothing really to this, but a good closing video to the feud.

Trevor Lee w/Caleb Konley vs Johnny Impact - 7/10
Impact kicked Lee's ass for a while until Konley tripped Johnny and gave Trevor Lee the opening to gain the upper hand and bring down Impact a notch. Lee worked on Impact until Johnny made a comeback. They had some back and forward towards the end with some good action. We had some good near falls and more interference from Caleb, but Impact fought them off. Impact at one point hit the Countdown from the top rope into the floor and it looked like he had a bad landing, but he was ok afterwards. One Starship Pain later, Impact gets the win. Great match.

Post-match - Johnny cuts a promo saying he's happy he's back and says that he's back to his chase for the title, but before that, he has unfinished business with one Kongo Kong.

Su Yung's Path of Destruction Video - Awesome recap of people Yung has taken out.

Allie Interview - After losing to Tessa, Allie says that she still has unfinished business with Su Yung. She made this more emotional than it really needed to be.She vows that no one else will buried under Su Yung while she's here. Kiera Hogan comes out and says that she has Allie's back.

GWN Match of the Week - It was MCMGs vs Generation Me, a couple of young bucks. This was the No Surrender 2010 title match they had after Gen Me had pinned the Guns on their debut.This was arguably the peak of the Machine's. Great match.

Eli Drake Gives Grado and co a gift - Grado opens the gift and it's a picture of Katarina and Hendry, nothing bad, just a picture, but Grado is finally starting to get it and Katarina and Hendry keep trying to hide it.

KM and Fallah Bahh Talk - KM says that he wants to push Bahh into finding his mean streak as a compliment to their team. KM was a dick to a ton of people to try and show Bahh how to do it. It was funny if anything else.

Killer Kross Promo - These vignettes have a great look, and Kross has a great delivery, but his motives are still to 'hurt people'.

Outlaw Gs Promo - King says that he really expected more out of Konnan and LAX. He says that LAX may had won a battle, but the war is far from over. He says that they still have the title and LAX haven't even tried coming to get them back.

OVE Promo - Sami is talking to the mirror calling himself stupid. He looks great bald and is still wearing an arm brace. They literally piss on a dude and beat him up because Sami thought he was looking at his hair. They shaved that poor dude's hair. "Call Me Pretty" Sami Callihan could be really interesting.

Impact X-Division Championship Match
"Reborn" Matt Sydal vs "The Machine" Brian Cage (C) - 8/10
A lot harder fought match, this time Cage was ramming Sydal into the ring posts and Sydal hitting a Meterora into the ramp, all within the first minutes. Sydal worked over Cage's leg, while Cage just tossed Sydal around and hit a bunch of his flippy spots like the 619. There were a bunch of moves that Cage would overpower himself out of, but then Sydal would reverse Cage's moves.

Towards the end, we got some good near falls after Cage his Sydal with an F5. Finish was a Mutant Clothesline and Drill Claw combo by Cage for the pin victory. Really good match, nice way to close out the show.

Good show, went by quick. I liked that it wasn't the overly packed show with debuts and twists and turns that old Impact used to do, this was straight up all about addressing the aftermath of some wrestlers from the PPV and building up some new rivalries.

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