Impact Wrestling 7.18 Review: Slammiversary XVI Go Home Show

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Impact Wrestling 7.18 Review: Slammiversary XVI Go Home Show

Post by cero2k » Jul 20th, '18, 11:05

Impact Wrestling
July 22, 2018
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Petey Williams vs Killer Kross - Squash
This was a great vicious big man vs the never give up small guy. Kross dominated most of the match, Petey had a small comeback towards the Canadian Destroyer, but then Kross got back up, hit the Doomsday Saito and locked the Kross Jacket for the choke out, but he lets it go, tells Petey "go ahead, hit me with the Destroyer", but Petey is powerless, Kross drops him with an Alabama Slam and the Kross Jacket for the choke out win. Not the debut, but a great showing for Kross. Kross's dominance was soo much that I'm definitely calling it a squash regardless of the comeback.

Madison Rayne "In My Words" Promo - Meh, more mom stuff. Good babyface tho.

Hendry and Katarina...and Grado take pics - Grado is kinda concerned about Drake's comment about Hendry and Katarina. Joe tells him there's nothing to worry about, but we can all see there is.

Desi Hit Squad w/Gama Singh vs Fallah Bahh & KM - 5/10
Match started with Bahh overpowering Rohit, but soon after, both DHS got the heat on Bahh until KM came in with the hot tag, ran wild, KM and Bahh did their Panda Rolls for some easy pops, and then Gama distracted the ref so that DHS rolled up Bahh with their feet on the ropes for the win. It feels like forever since I've seen a feet on the ropes pin. Not a good match, but I guess it was ok fun.

Konnan's LAX vs LAX OGs Build-up Video - AWESOME! Good promo, footage from the old LAX days, and appropriate music. I'm so excited for this match!

King "In My Words" Promo - Good stuff. I really hope this isn't it for King after the PPV.

Eli Drake vs 'The Prestigious One" Joe Hendry w/Katarina ...and Grado - 6.5/10
Hendry came in with his awesome entrance theme. Before the match, Hendry showed a video singing to Drake, apparently Drake is a weird cosplayer and drag on his off time. Drake then jumped Hendry and kicked his ass for a while until Hendry managed to make a comeback. Drake went for the Gravy Train, but Hendry used the momentum and rolled up Drake for the upset win. Hendry and Katarina celebrated together. Grado's acting throughout this whole thing was great.

Ortiz 'In My Words' Promo - Good stuff too.

Andrew Everett vs Dezmond Xavier - Dud
Eddie Edwards jumps the ring before the match can start and assaults the ref with a kendo stick.

Eddie cuts a promo on Dreamer saying all the things he's gonna do to him. Fans kept chanting 'We Want Tommy' over his promo making it feel a lot less serious than this was supposed to be, but if anything else, they've managed to make Eddie a crazy heel and booed by the fans.

Madison Rayne's Horror Movie Continues - She wakes up (looking increadibly hot) in a funeral home, with tons of pictures of here all around and a coffin. She opens the coffin and she sees herself, laying there, super hot. She starts freaking out and like The Devil's Advocate, she starts seeing people with the Undead Bride's facepaint. Little creepy girls and all.

She faints and wakes up back in the woods, where she is soaked in blood, surrounded by the bridesmaids. None of this makes sense but it's awesome, and when i say it doesn't make sense it's because it hasn't really been addressed by Rayne in her promos since she only talks about being a mom. WWE should watch this and learn how to make movies.

Pentagon Jr vs Sami Callihan Build-up Video - Awesome!

Sami Callihan w/OVE vs Greg Osborne - Squash, good segment.
Sami kicked this kid's ass for a big and he placed Pentagon's mask on him. He kept cutting a promo on Pentagon like if this kid was Pentagon. He then hit the Get Out Of Here for the pin. Afterwards, OVE ganged up on the kid. Callihan sold the PPV and Pentagon appeared on the tron to cut a meh promo.

Homicide "In My Words" Promo - Good history lesson by Homicide and great explanation why Homicide decided to turn on Konnan.

Allie Promo - She's cutting the promo from some hallway stairs, it's a nice change of look. She talked about Tessa. Kiera Hogan came in and they left for their match.

Tessa vs Allie Build-up Video - Good stuff, great promo by Tessa.

Shotzi Blackheart & Tessa Blanchard vs Allie & Kiera Hogan - 7/10
Great match by the Knockouts, all four women did great. The evil girls worked over Kiera for a while, Allie with the hot tag, and then Shotzi was the one inside the ring for her team, she stared to get he ass kicked and so Tessa got pissed enough that she left her high and dry and so Shotzi ended up taking a Codebreaker for the loss.

OVE Skit - They're roaming around the halls looking for Penta and out of nowhere, the Crists Bros disappear. Maybe this is how we go around the Crists not being there during the PPV match?

New Knockout Vignette - IT'S SCARLETT BORDEAUX!!! FUCK YESSS!!! She debuts next week.

Johnny Impact Promo - Good stuff, he sells his return match vs Swann, Fenix, and Ishimori.

Sydal vs Cage Build-up Video - Good stuff.

Santana "In My Words" - Santana was great, good babyface fired up promo. All these guys know how to cut a promo and make it feel like gang warfare.

Moose and Austin Aries Confrontation - Great! Moose cut a super Attitude Era promo just pissed off saying he's gonna stick Aries' banana up his [Aries] ass. Moose calls out Aries, but Aries only appears on the tron. As Moose watches the video and Aries is saying that he'll have to wait til sunday, Double A-hole sneaks behind Moose, low blows him, hits him with a chair, but as the chants of Moose rise, Moose gets back to his feet and takes out Aries with the Go To Hell into the turnbuckle and as he is going for the chair shot, Aries runs away. It's Moose's time! I'm hyped!

Final Slammiversary Promo - This will be Sunday's cold open promo, and it's awesome! On sunday, we get:

Moose vs Aries for the World Title
Su Yung vs Madison Rayne for the KO's World Title
Konnan's LAX vs LAX OGs, 5150 Street Fight for the Tag Team Titles
Matt Sydal vs Brian Cage for the X-Division Championship
Hair vs Mask, Sami Callihan vs Pentagon Jr
House of Hardcore Match, Eddie Edwards vs Tommy Dreamer
Bone Soldier Taiji Ishimori vs Fenix vs Johnny Impact vs Rich Swann
Tessa Blanchard vs Allie

Great and perfectly executed go home show, all feuds were touched upon and while this show was promo heavy, the squashes and KOs match were good and useful.

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