Impact Wrestling 7.12 Review: Pentagon/Fenix/Swann vs Ohio Versus Everything

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Impact Wrestling 7.12 Review: Pentagon/Fenix/Swann vs Ohio Versus Everything

Post by cero2k » Jul 14th, '18, 22:01

Impact Wrestling
July 12th, 2018
Ontario, Canada

After last weeks' big Homicide and Hernandez return, show starts today with a recap of the whole LAX Saga.

The OGs w/King vs Two Local Jobbers - Squash
King's LAX is now going as OGs. this was an all in squash, all of the old school LAX moves. LAX pinned jobber #1 after a Border Toss.

Post-match - King cuts a promo explaining why he decided to take out Konnan and why he recruited Hernandez and Homicide. He challenges Konnan's LAX to a 5150 Street Fight. I haven't been a fan of Hernandez for a while, but seeing him along with Homicide again, it changes a lot.

Shotzi Blackheart Interview - She got herself a match tonight after the RISE tryouts. She cut a great promo, lots of rhymes, good delivery.

OVE Promo - Ok promo, OVE claims that trios matches are their specialty and thus tonight, they're winning. And then he'll take Pentagon's mask.

Shotzi Blackheart vs Allie - 6.5/10
Shotzi has a great look, total Pixie Manic Dream Girl with a hint of Tank Girl. Wrestlingwise, she looks good, her moves are well executed, but going against Allie, I don't think she was able to show off that much. Match saw both women go back and forward, Shotzi mostly seemed as the dominant one, but Allie had several comebacks that kinda evened out the match. We had some decent near falls. Finish saw Shotzi go for a top rope move, but Allie dodged it and hit the Codebreaker for the win. if anything else, I want more Shotzi on Impact.

Post-match -
As Allie is making her way to the back, Tessa Blanchard comes out and jumps Allie and beats up Allie with a Hammer Lock DDT.

Grado introduces Eli Drake to Katarina and Joe Hendry - Drake tries to hit on Katarina. Grado challenges to a fight. Drake and Hendry kinda face off a bit.

Tessa Blanchard Interview - She says that she is gonna run over the KO locker room until she gets the KO's Championship, and Allie decided to get involve between Tessa's and Rayne's business. So now Tessa is gonna teach Allie a lesson.

Eddie vs Dreamer Saga Recap - God, they're facing off at the PPV.

New Knockout Vignette - Awesome visuals, looks like a sexy iPod Coca Cola commercial. I still don't know who it is.

Austin Aries Promo - He talks shit about Moose being gone training and sending D'Angelo Williams to update on Moose's progress.

GWN Match of the Week - It was the Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrel Last Woman Standing match that ended in that awesome cutter from the ramp into the floor.

D'Angelo Williams Talks About Moose - Big intro for D'Angelo by Josh Matthews. He immediately puts over Moose and calls Aries 'Trash'. We got some footage of Moose training, gym videos have to be the most boring part of wrestling, especially when with editing. Anyway, Williams says that he believes that Moose is definitely winning the title at Slammiversary. All this trash talk obviously brings out Aries.

Aries talks shit about D'Angelo's choice of clothing and talks shit about Angelo not being signed this year in the NFL and 'forced' to retire. Aries perfectly shits on both D'Angelo and Moose about being losers and trying to use wrestling to get over because they both sucked at football. Aries then sends a message to Moose via beating the shit out of Williams. When Aries goes for a chair, D'Angelo makes a comeback, but Aries low blows him for good measure and delivers the leftover chair shot he owed Williams. Perfect segment.

KM, Bahh, and Desi Hit Squad meet - After last week's attack by Kross, KM and Bahh are back together. DHS comes in and tells him that they're coming for the tag division, KM says bring it. Awesome diss by Sighn saying one can't control what goes into his mouth, and the other can't control what comes out.

Eli Drake vs Grado w/Katarina & Joe Hendry - Squash
Hendry is coming is as the 'Prestigious One' and there is definitely something between Hendry and Katarina going on. Grado had some offense in the match, but Drake just ran over him like a train. After the match, Drake tried to hit on Katarina again, but Hendry came for the save and Drake immediately figured out that Hendry and Katarina are fucking.

Slammiversary Commercial - Focused on Moose vs Aries. Good stuff, but when trying to build Moose, I find myself more behind Aries, just for being a wrestling fan.

Killer Kross Promo - He's pissed at Petey for getting involved in his business, so next week

Matt Sydal Interview - New girl asks Sydal about the match being mismatched, and Sydal turns it around saying that muscles mean nothing in wrestling and that the mismatch is between Sydal's superior mental and intelligence proficiency over the meat head Machine. This was in a way an amazing pro-loving-you-body promo.

Tessa vs Allie is made official for Slammiversary.

Moose Answer Promo - This was via phone, so awesome touch. Moose says that next week, he's back to the Impact Zone and let's see if Aries has the balls to do the same.

Madison Rayne Sit-down Interview - She was cutting the same promo she's been cutting for weeks, but mid sentence she got distracted by noises. She went around to look for them and when she came back, new interview girl was gone and Su Yung had left a message with blood. Rayne, looking incredibly hot by the way, went to pursue Yung, only to be trapped and played with. Dumb skit, but Rayne looked freaking hot.

OVE vs Pentagon Jr, Fenix, & Rich Swann - 8.5/10
We got lucha tag rules. The person that told Swann that he could dance should be shot in the kneecaps. It's still so weird seeing Pentagon and Fenix have storylines on Impact.

This was about as close as you'll get from getting a PWG style match on Impact. Tons of spots from the get go, tons of dives, superkicks, and whatnot. There was no babyface on peril or cutting of the ring, it was more of a tornado tag than lucha rules match. As the match progressed, everyone hit some big spots until Pentagon and Callihan took center stage and got into a strike off, ending with a near fall on a Penta Driver, which was sold as a big deal. Then we got another 'everyone' hits cutters spot, ending with an incredible one from Jake on Swann, each of them jumping from different sides of the ring. We got another crazy near fall after the Lucha Bros' version of the Meltzer Driver. Penta took out Jake with a Fear Factor on the apron, and finally, the final two inside the ring were Swann and Callihan with pinning Swann after a Double Underhook Shoulder Breaker. Awesome match for what it needed to be.

There was a David Kooresh and Jim Jones reference in this match. I popped for that .

Madison Rayne Horror Movie Continues - She opened a door and came out to some woods, she walked out and got stalked by the Undead Brides. She got ganged up and then they all disappeared and Su finally made her appearance, likely attacking Rayne. Weird shit but good production and Rayne looked freaking hot.

Maybe not the newsworthy Impact of last week, but a great follow up. The in-ring stuff was either short and productive, or long and enjoyable. Storylines at this point are all set for the PPV, we're just throwing gas to the fire at this point.

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