Impact Wrestling 6.28 Review: Blanchard vs Rayne II

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Impact Wrestling 6.28 Review: Blanchard vs Rayne II

Post by cero2k » Jun 28th, '18, 16:50

Impact Wrestling
June 28, 2018
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

We're officially back in Canada, so now it makes sense to have beaten Taya last week, since she's likely missing all the tapings. However, we get a fight from Philly and one from LA.

Madison Rayne Promo - Show started with Madison Rayne coming out. She cut an ok babyface promo, she talked about how she only had come back to be commentary for the KOs and ended wrestling and now she's going for the title. She talked about telling her daughter to not be afraid of monsters, and so she will be the example and take on the monster herself. Rayne vs Kongo Kong....oh wait, the other monster. Rayne vs Yung.

Tessa Blanchard came out, she talked shit to Rayne about being a mom and saying that SHE is the best KO in Impact, she calls Madison's win a fluke. Rayne says if she needs a proof that she can beat her, she can do it again. And once again, we got that weird Su Yung laughter, which distracted Rayne and gave Blanchard the opening to take her out with one strike. Meh segment, Madison's promo skills actually got slightly worse from her old days.

Rich Swann vs Trevor Lee - 7/10
Swann is still technically doing his same 205/PWG shtick, but he shaved the front half of his head and looks like an old man. Match saw Lee work over Swann's face most of the match, he had the power advantage and so he kept cutting off Swann and tossing him around. Swann made a comeback towards the end and did a ton of flippy spots building towards the 450 for the win. Great opener and a good showing for Swann's debut.

From PCW Ultra
Pentagon Jr vs Callihan Angle - Match started towards the end with a lot of weapons already in the ring and a ref bump. OVE comes in and attacks Pentagon Jr. Callihan unmasks Pentagon. As an angle to take their feud further, this needed to happen sooner or later, but I think we could had watched a bit more of the match, it was probably good.

Grado & Katarina Skit - Katarina tells Grado that next week, she has a match. Grado didn't know Katarina and Winter were the same person.

Desi Hit Squad w/Gama Singh vs Z&E - 6/10
Gama Singh made the introductions of Rohit Raju & Gursinder Singh. Match saw Z&E dominate for a while until the power of Gursinder helped DHS to turn the match around and start working over DJZ. Everett got the hot tag and ran wild for a bit before DJZ came back into the match for some Tornado Tag spots. Finish saw Z&E hit their More Bang for Your Buck, but Gama Singh distracted the ref during the pin, and while Everett tried to get rid of Gama, Raju rolled him up for the pin.

Pentagon Jr Promo - Pentagon challenges Callihan to a Mask vs Hair match, just like we do it in Mexico! Great promo!

Moose "The Journey" Vignette - Moose talks about his childhood and getting into sports. Being drafted for the NFL. He talked about jumping to Pro Wrestling, we saw photos of Moose with Okada and Styles, wrestling in NOAH and other places, and he talked about how everyone laughed at him for wanting to become a wrestler, but now he was here.

From House of Hardcore
Eddie & Dreamer escalation - We get footage of match with Dreamer, where Eddie jumps the barricade with a Kendo Stick and starts attacking Dreamer. Eddie stabs Dreamer in the head and chokes him out. This time it was Moose confronting Eddie, but Edwards can at most say 'Leave me Alone', he probably knows Moose would kick his ass.

LAX Club House Skit - Konnan, King, Santana, and Ortiz are at the CH. Konnan keeps threatening King, but this time King bites back calling his bluff. King leaves and Konnan tells Santana and Ortiz that he has proof that King is playing dirty.

Dezmond Xavier vs "Reborn" Matt Sydal -
Match was back and forward until Sydal cut Xavier with a Dragon Screw and started working his leg. Xavier made a comeback and got close to defeating Sydal, but at the end as Dezmond is getting ready for the 450, Sydal pushes the ref to the ropes, giving Sydal the opening to bring down Xavier and hit the Chemical Imbalance II.

Post-match - Cage comes out chasing Sydal, but Kongo Kong attacks him on the way to the ring. Between Kong and Sydal, they take out Cage and Kong lands the Big Splash. Kong and Jacobs pose on top of Cage's body.

Sami Callihan's Response to Pentagon Jr - Callihan accepts the challenge. He's growing his mustache for the match. Callihan really built up his hair saying that his hair has been with him all his career, all promotions, matches, sweat, blood, tears, lost girlfriends, everything. Great promo by Callihan. The match is on!! Slammiversary just became a must watch.

Slammiversary match announcement - Josh reveals that Fenix vs Swann vs Impact vs Ishimori is booked for Slammiversary. Next week we get Fenix vs Swann!, Kross' debut, and Cage vs Kong.

Austin Aries Interview - Yes, we have a new girl, she's no McKenzie Mitchell, but we'll give her a shot. Aries' promo was good as usual, he just talked Moose down.

Tessa Blanchard vs Madison Rayne - 6.5/10
This was a back and forward match all around. Tessa brought the vicious power and Rayne played the never give up babyface. There were some spots that build around from the previous match, including a near fall to what was the finish of the previous match. Finish kinda came out of nowhere with Rayne pinning Tessa with a Crucifix Pin Bomb. I honestly didn't expect a clean finish here since Tessa is now 0-2 against Rayne, but Rayne is going for the title. The match wasn't all that great, and it was short for the main event, but given the aftermath, I can see why.

Post-match - Tessa jumps Rayne and goes to attack her with a chair, but we get Su Yung's return with all her bridesmaids. Tessa bails and Yung and co. surround the ring. They all attack Rayne. Yung is going for the Panic Switch, but Allie returns and takes out all the bridesmaids. I thought she was dead. Su Yung's entrance is pretty cool, it got a This is Awesome chant.

Ok show, felt more like a fixer show to fill in some details and angles towards Slammiversary, but there wasn't that one match that I had been waiting for all week like usual. It was definitely eventful tho with Swann and Desi Hit Squad's debuts and the Pentagon vs Callihan stuff.

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