Impact Wrestling 5.14 Review: Machine vs Reborn

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Impact Wrestling 5.14 Review: Machine vs Reborn

Post by cero2k » Jun 20th, '18, 10:56

Impact Wrestling
June 14, 2018
Orlando, FL

Grado w/Katarina vs ...

During Grado's entrance, Eddie gets in the ring and attacks Grado, runs off Katarina

Eddie Edwards Promo - Edwards blames Tommy Dreamer for stopping him last week and not letting him kill Callihan. He calls his 'fatass' out. They do the usual shtick of Dreamer saying "I've been there, you don't want to be there, my friends can't walk...blah blah"

Through play of words, Eddie starts suspecting that Tommy is having an affair with Eddie's wife and pushes him enough to the limit that Tommy finally pushes back. Tommy is still trying to help Eddie who is having a break down, but Eddie rather just attacks Tommy with a kendo stick.

Backstage Tommy shouted to D'Amore that he isn't even part of the roster and he has to be dealing with this shit.

Rebel vs Taya Valkyrie - 4.5/10
She's not good, but I'm always happy to see Rebel('s) back. Josh actually brought up Rebel's origin with The Menagerie. Rebel was pretty bad at what she did in this match, but fortunately for us, Taya had control on the match for about 90% of the match. Taya won with the Road To Valhalla. This was more of a squash, but Rebel did get a comeback.

Backstage we saw images of Su Yung watching this match, so I guess Yung vs Taya is coming up next now that Allie and Rosemary are dead.

Post-match - Taya cut a promo talking shit to Madison Rayne and reminded the Queen B that Impact is HER kingdom.

GWN Match of the Week - It was the Unbreakable 3-way. Yeah, you know the one. Fucking Awesome.

Matt Sydal Interview - McKenzie, we'll miss you. Anyway, Sydal said that Cage's strength is just a facade and that the inner strength is where it's at and Cage lacks in it.

OVE Promo - Callihan just kinda said that he may be injured, but he won the war because Eddie has lost his mind. They turn their attention to El Hijo del Fantasma.

The Cult of Lee vs KM and Fallah Bahh - No rating, ok segment.
Lots of comedy until the end when CoL blind Bahh and Bahh accidentally Samoa Drops KM, leaving an easy pick for CoL to come in and pin KM for the win. After the match, Bahh is sorry, KM pushes Bahh off and breaks up the team, but Bahh at least looked pissed off, so hopefully we do get a pissed off Bahh.

LAX Club House Promo - King got the team a tag title shot for next week. Diamante is still antagonizing King. Everyone takes off and King is left alone in the clubhouse, he simply sits down in what used to be Konnan's chair and says 'The World Is Mine'.

From House of Hardcore
Impact World Championship No 1 Contendership Match
Eli Drake vs Moose - 7.5/10
Match was back and forward, lots of counters for both men. Both men worked over each other's heads, and as the match went on, Drake seemed to be getting closer to the finish as he dropped Moose with a Superplex that looked more like a Super Brainbuster, but Moose made a comeback and landed the Spear to finally pin Drake for the win. Moose vs Aries for Slammiversary. Good match.

No DQs Match
Tessa Blanchard vs Kiera Hogan - 7.5/10
Kiera came in hot (no pun intended) and was beating up Tessa until Tessa was able to turn it around outside the ring and get control of the match. Tessa worked Hogan with some short hand lariats and slams. Tessa got the offense back and while under control, she still went for a chair.

Tessa kept the strong offense and the ref started to pull her off for excessive violence, ref kept getting in there so much that Tessa straight up pushed him off and told him, what are you gonna do, DQ me!? This unfortunately gave Kiera the opening to hit Tessa with the chair and start a comeback. Kiera hit Tessa with a bulldog onto the chair for a near fall. Tessa then hit Hogan with what looked like Dunne's Bitter End into the chair for the win. This was short, but an awesome match for the time it got. These two are really good, I'd love to see this match with more time and some gold on the line.

X-Men Vignette - Small recap of the attacks, we now see a silhouette of a man, short hair. It actually looks like Petey Williams who they're trying to make it seem is behind it all. The silhouette of the man has deer horns. King Cuerno!?

Jake Crist w/Dave Crist vs El Hijo del Fantasma - 6/10
Nothing match really, Jake had control for a while, Fantasma made a comeback, and while Jake was about to get control back, Fantasma rolled him up for the win. This was short.

Post-match - This was the real meat of the segment. OVE all gang up on Fantasma. Callihan is about to unmask Fantasma when the lights go off and Pentagon comes down for the save. Pentagon takes out the Crists and gets face to face with Callihan, but Sami runs away. I've never seen Pentagon come down for a save, I marked out.

I was kinda worried how they would follow up Pentagon after losing the title and Moose getting the title shot for Slammiversary, but I think this is a good way to do it. I would just had this segment happen a week ago when we didn't know he wasn't even involved in the main event anymore.

Impact Wrestling X-Division Championship Match
"The Machine" Brian Cage vs "Reborn" Matt Sydal (C) - Dud!
Cage started the match with all offense. After like 4 minutes in. Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong came out and distracted Cage, enough for Sydal to turn the match around. Kong and Jacobs just watched the match while Sydal worked over Cage.

Cage eventually got to his feet and went back to his strong offense over Sydal. At one point, the match spilled outside where Cage faced off with Kongo Kong, and while we fought that would be all, Kongo slammed Cage into the stairs, but the ref didn't see it. He did however continue his 10 count and Cage got his first loss via count out. God, if Sydal and Jacobs start working together I'm gonna cream myself.

Unfortunately, we didn't get the advertised match (hence the dud), but in hindsight, it was more about setting up Monster vs Machine.

Post-show - We see Petey holding the X-Men tag and Bahh killed in the floor, and unfortunately for him, Dutt discovers him like this. Dutt gets Petey arrested. As he gets taken to the back, he officer attacks Petey Williams with the nightstick and chokes him out. Dude takes off his shirt and has the horn's tattoo and puts another X-Men tag on Petey. The police officer's identity is "KILLER" Kevin Fucking Kross! This was an interesting way to reveal a mystery attacker, I wonder if there will be more coming with Kross.

Not much inside the ring (that Tessa vs Hogan tho!) but really packed storyline wise, I think we've set up most of the match ups going into their next especial or all the way to Slammiversary.

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