Impact Wrestling 6.7 Review: Into the Woods

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Impact Wrestling 6.7 Review: Into the Woods

Post by cero2k » Jun 11th, '18, 12:40

Impact Wrestling
June 7th, 2018
Orlando, FL

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championship Match
Drago & Aerostar vs Z&E (C) - 8/10
Awesome match. This was two babyface teams working clean and all, they even shook hands before their fight, but the lucha style of Aerostar and Drago is sooo showy, I can see how it could come off as cocky and dickish, almost heel. Match at first felt like an exhibition, with tons of fancy looking moves by all 4 men, but as the time went on, it got more intense and it felt more like a fight as the moves got more impact-full and less showy. Finish saw Z&E defend with a ZDT + 630 Senton combination.

Josh and Callis Talk About the Main Event - They do mention that the only reason there will be a camera in this unsanctioned match is because Eddie is taking a camera person to the spot because he wants this documented so everyone can see him finally get his due back.

Dutt and Petey discussion - Secret camera sees Dutt and Petey arguing in the back, Dutt is accusing Petey about the attack, Petey argues back, and Dutt sends Petey home. Tension is brewing.

Su Yung vs Allie Video Package - Good stuff.

LAX Club House Skit - Diamante is BACK! She brings up suspicion of Konnan getting taken out and out of nowhere King returns!? King comes into the club house and there's obvious tension between King and Diamante. They're off to their fight. Diamante and King play it cool, but there's something there.

Cult of Lee vs LAX w/King - 8/10
LAX are a lot more aggressive and focused in this match. CoL eventually were able to cut off Santana and work over him for a while. Ortiz came in with the hot tag, and proceeded to go Tornado Tag. Finish saw LAX win with a version of the 5150. This was another great match, Caleb was great all match in m opinion, but overall everyone was great. Tons of great action.

Facts of Life w/E-LI-DRAKE - He says that he is done dealing with Steiner and now wants to list down the top 5 dummies in Impact.
5. The Impact Fans. DUMMY, YEAH!
4. Austin Aries. DUMMY, YEAH!
3. Impact Management. DUMMY, YEAH!
2. The Impact Fans Again. DUMMY, YEAH! At this point the fans are chanting DUMMY YEAH, so they may as well deserve it.
1. Moose. He says that everyone is saying he's on a roll, but Drake took his title shot case and now Moose is getting a No 1 Contendership match against Drake himself next week for Slammiversary's main event, and so once again, he's gonna kick his ass. This brings out Moose.

Fans react nicely to Moose, he's entrance is just contagious. Moose cuts a similar promo saying that Drake also lost this tag titles and the title shot against Pentagon, so now it seems like neither man should be getting that No 1 Contendership match at all. Drake and Moose get in a fight with Drake hitting Moose with a low blow and the Gravy Train right before dropping this Facts of Life podium on top of Moose. Good segment, but it really exposed that the No 1 contender for Slammiversary is a loser, they should have found something better to put themselves over.

Rohit Raju vs "The Machine" Brian Cage - Squash
See, now that is a guy with a winning streak worthy of a title shot, and he gets one next week against Matt Sydal. This was about a 1 minute squash.

Post-match - Sydal comes out to get face to face with Cage. He puts over Cage's physical strength, but with his third eye, he sees an inner weakness and offers his help find that inner strength, all he asks it so relinquish the title shot. Sydal kept poking the bear until the bear dropped him with a F-5. Cage with the title is really gonna bring back the whole 'No Limits" part of the X-Division and hopefully frees up Sydal for the World Title. Great segment, it doesn't happen often, but the X-Division feels like a big deal right now.

Eddie Edwards arrives at the woods - No matter what happens, Eddie asks the camera man to capture everything.

Austin Aries Interview - They did this through Skype and the Wifi connection kinda sucked, but it gave it a sense of legitimacy. Aries is taking a vacation to 'rest' from his battle with Pentagon as a Champion properly deserves. Josh asked about the Drake vs Moose match, to which Aries said Drake hasn't been able to defeat him and Moose has a career of failure, so he's not worried, but he did say that he believes Drake will win. Aries excuses his low blow on Pentagon saying that the only thing that matters is that he is the champion, and just like no one remembers how Flair won all his matches, no one will remember how he won that match, but will remember that he IS the champion. Good interview, but nothing that important either.

Slammiversary Press Conference - Johnny Impact is coming back for Slammiversary. Conference looked interesting, Gonna try to find the whole thing.

Madison Rayne Vignette - Good interview that build up Tessa and kinda helped Rayne get into a great babyface spot. She says that she once again has sights and motivation to go for the title again. She seems to be taking that veteran KO spot that Gail Kim had for a while.

Tessa Blanchard Interview - She shits on Rayne before she is interrupted with Kiera Hogan. Hogan just talks shit about Tessa's first lost, so Tessa just kicks her ass and they end up brawling a bit. Incredible that WWE hasn't hired either.

Unsanctioned Match
Eddie Edwards vs Sami Callihan w/OVE - No Rating, AWESOME segment.
This was Final Deletion style. OVE are in the woods and attack Eddie. Eddie quickly takes out Jake, choking him with a pole. Eddie goes to his car for his Kendo Stick, Dave comes out from the trunk and they fight, Psycho Eddie chokes him out too. Sami finally appears and they get into a Kendo Stick vs Baseball Bat fight. Eddie is acting like the serial killer in a movie. They're fighting with a bull's skull, choking each other, piking each other's eyes, slamming into trees, and at the end, Eddie stabs Callihan with one of the bull horns on the head. As he is about to kill Sami, Alisha and Dreamer arrive.

Alisha and Dreamer tell him to give it up and in the distraction, Callihan flees. Eddie is going crazy because Sami fled and takes it out on Dreamer before he goes out looking for Callihan into the woods.

I have the same complains that i've had for a while as in it just feels they're extending this way to much, but at the same time, the execution is not bad, this was a great great segment that really shows Eddie is his most psycho self and I'm guessing this should kick off Eddie vs Dreamer in a way. This is kinda like the Gargano vs Ciampa feud, they've hit gold with this pair, but as the violence escalates, I don't know where neither feud is going, both pairs already had an unsanctioned match, where do you go from there?

A great show by Impact, two really good tag matches, and two great 'segment' matches. There was no Grado and Parks, no KM and Bahh, this was all business tonight. Even Drake's segment built into the Moose vs Drake match for next week. Talking about next week, we get Drake vs Moose and Cage vs Sydal for the title.

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